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With the fading of summer heat into brisk winds on a chilly night, we welcome the colors of autumn and the harvest that it brings. Please join the Alliance of High Elven Society as we celebrate the changing of the seasons in Ta'Vaalor for our first annual Autumnal Glory Festival, the last weekend of Imaerasta (September 28 - 30).

If you are interested in hosting an event, please complete a Registration Form no later than September 15.

2018 Schedule of Events

All times Eastern

Time Event Host(s) Venue Description
Day of the Huntress (Friday), 28th
9:30 pm Opening Prayer and Offering to Imaera Alliance of High Elven Society Imaera's Altar
Rambling Meadows
The Alliance of High Elven Society welcomes Lady Siierra Imaera'O'Leigha to offer prayers and offerings to Imaera prior to the opening ceremonies of the Autumnal Glory Festival.
10 pm Opening Ceremonies and Parade Argent Aspis Outside Dancing Dahcre Join House Aspis and a slew of others as we kick off the Autumnal Glory Festival with a celebratory parade around Ta'Vaalor.
11 pm TBD House Paupers TBD
Feastday (Saturday), 29th
12 pm Autumn Brunch Alliance of High Elven Society Garden of Ancients Join the Alliance of High Elven Society as we host a brunch in the Garden of Ancients. Food, drink, and other refreshments will be offered, as well as friendly conversation.
2 pm OPEN
4 pm Vaalorian Scavenger Hunt Alliance of High Elven Society Amaranth Court Cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances.
Special thanks to Rohese who originated this form of scavenger hunt.
6 pm OPEN
8 pm OPEN
10 pm Visions of Prophets Order of the Sphere and Scythe Amaranth Court Join the Seers of The Order of the Sphere and Scythe, during the Autumnal Glory Festival, as they provide glimpses of past, present, and future for individuals who seek answers on Feastday, Imaerasta 29th at 10 P.M. (Saturday, September 29th). Come out to the Festival at Amaranth Court in Ta'Vaalor and enjoy refreshments and spiritual awakenings.
12 am OPEN
Restday (Sunday), 30th
12 pm OPEN
2 pm Strike a Pose Wyvern's Honor Ilynov Manor The Wyvern's Honor will be hosting a game of elimination. Test your fighting skills against a training dummy. Do well and you proceed to the next round. Do poorly and you're out of the game. Survive til the end to receive the ultimate prize.
(OOC NOTE: No training in combat is actually required, or will it aid you. The training dummies are based off a roll and not skills. Everyone is on equal footing for this).
4 pm OPEN
6 pm Hook & Cook Fishing Derby Argent Aspis Ta'Vaalor, Fishing Dock Team up with your favorite angler to catch five fish and race around Ta'Vaalor to fillet and fry them before the other teams beat you to it! Bring your luckiest bait and tackle, or use ours!
8 pm OPEN
10 pm Costumed Cotillion Alliance of High Elven Society Amaranth Court An annual tradition to celebrate fall! Join the Alliance of High Elven Society inside the tent at Amaranth Court for a magical evening of drinks, dancing, and of course, costumes. Prizes will be awarded for best dressed and most in line with this year's theme of Elemental Fury.

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