Autumnal Glory Festival/2017 schedule

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All times Eastern

Date Time Event Host(s) Venue Description
Day of the Huntress (Friday), 6th 7pm Opening Ceremonies and Parade Argent Aspis Outside Dancing Dahcre Join us as we kick off the Autumnal Glory Festival with a celebratory parade around Ta'Vaalor.
9pm Wheel of Prizes Fenog's Regulars TBD 1000 silvers buys your chance at great prizes. Everyone wins something!
11pm Ales and Tales House Paupers King's Court
Kai's Statue
Drinking and storytelling - a perfect combination! Participants will have 30 minutes to create a short tale about a subject to be announced at the event start.
Feastday (Saturday), 7th 1pm Autumn Weaves House Sovyn Rambling Meadows
Ever wanted to learn how to weave? Well House Sovyn will help you in this interactive weaving class. House Sovyn will walk you through the basics of weaving while helping everyone try and create some simple, autumn themed items. Extra weaving supplies will be available. Those wishing to attend can either go directly to the Shrine in the Rambling Meadows, or meet just inside Victory Gate where we will head out to the Meadows.
4pm Greedy Gremlins House Sylvanfair Garden of Ancients House Sylvanfair's regular game of Greedy Gremlins that tests knowledge of Elanthian lore.
6pm Blind Date Auction Argent Aspis
Alliance of High Elven Society
Amaranth Court Not your traditional date auction! If you need an escort to the Costumed Cotillion and don't have one at the ready, feel free to place a bid on one of our lovely bachelors or bachelorettes. There is a slight catch, however, as your bid is blind and you'll receive the identity of your escort the following night at the Cotillion (no take backs)!
If you wish to be the one on the auction block, please fill out the form found here
Disclaimer: Any activities must be agreed upon by both parties, however this is in no way meant as a means to solicit untoward activities. Participants (on either side) are fully encouraged to exercise their right to say no to any questionable or unwelcome requests.
8pm Brief Review of Elven Divination and Readings Order of the Sphere and Scythe King's Court
Statue of Kai
The Order of the Sphere and Scythe will do a lecture on what Elves use to divinate and, if time permits, will offer readings/divinations for attendees. Look for Silvergate Inn's tent one south of King's Court.
10pm Strike a Pose Wyvern's Honor Ilynov Manor The Wyvern's Honor will be hosting a game of elimination. Test your fighting skills against a training dummy. Do well and you proceed to the next round. Do poorly and you're out of the game. Survive til the end to receive the ultimate prize.
(OOC NOTE: No training in combat is actually required, or will it aid you. The training dummies are based off a roll and not skills. Everyone is on equal footing for this).
Restday (Sunday), 8th 12pm Tailoring Alliance of High Elven Society Amaranth Court Come join us as we host a master tailor to get you prepared for tonight's Costumed Cotillion.
2pm Creating a Fall Fashion Folio The Looking Glass Garden of Ancients A relaxing hour of creating a fall fashion folio in the autumn sunshine.
4pm A Harvest for the Arts Order of the Shadow Garden of Ancients Join the Order of the Shadow for a celebration of Autumn and the Arts! We will be discussing the recreation of various elements for use in composition or theater, various harvesting methods, as well as offering artistic services for any who wish.
6pm Costumed Cotillion Alliance of High Elven Society Amaranth Court Celebrate the closing of the festival with the Alliance's second annual Costumed Cotillion. This year's theme: Ghoulish Glamour.
8:30pm Glorious Fall Feast Argent Aspis Amaranth Court A traditional feast to celebrate the end of summer harvests, and to share the bounty in camaderie and fun.