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Retired August 2019

Verified: 4/23/16, 8/19/17, 2/20/18, 6/21/18, 12/19/18

The weapons on the hooks have the following properties:
Knife (knife) - 1x, no flares
Backslasher (short sword) - 5x, disintegrate
Xiphos (broadsword) - 5x, disruption
Shamshir (scimitar) - 5x, plasma
Sidesword (backsword) - 5x, unbalance, T1
Cresset sword (bastard sword) - 5x, grapple, T1
Alfange (dagger) - 5x, acid, T1
Handaxe (handaxe) - 5x, steam, T1

The weapons on the stand are all 5x and have the following properties:

Skull-piercer (crowbill) - disintegrate
Fang (warhammer) - disruption
Spikestar (morning star) - unbalance, T1
Cestus (cestus) - grapple
Sabiet (hook-knife) - acid, T1

The weapons on the rack are all 5x and have the following properties:

War club (cudgel) - steam
Greataxe (battle axe) - plasma, T1
Korseke (awl-pike) - grapple
Glaive (halberd) - unbalance, T1
Longhammer (Hammer of Kai) - disintegrate, T1
Nagimaki (jeddart-axe) - acid

The weapons in the case are fully unlocked and have the following properties:

Badelaire (falchion) - 6x, unbalance
Tetsubo (maul) - 6x, grapple
Crook (runestaff) - 5x, acuity (3x)
Bulawa (mace) - 6x, steam

*-* Fana, Owner *-*

Fana weapons

On the weapon rack you see:

a dark-bladed nagimaki with an ebony haft 5x, acid jeddart-axe 2250
an onyx-handled vultite longhammer 5x, disintegrate, T1 hammer of Kai 2500
a steel-tipped glaive with a glyph-etched haft 5x, unbalance, T1 halberd 2250
a wyrwood-shafted black mithglin korseke 5x, grapple awl-pike 2250
a bear skin-wrapped dark mithril greataxe 5x, plasma, T1 battle axe 2500
a steel-studded mithglin war club 5x, steam cudgel 2250

On the black marble stand you see:

a carved sabiet with a high-sheened blade 5x, acid, T1 hook-knife 2500
a tanned rolaren-bladed cestus 5x, grapple cestus 2250
a black mithril spikestar 5x, unbalance, T1 morning star 2500
a dual-headed golvern fang capped with steel claws 5x, disruption war hammer 2250
a crimson vultite skull-piercer 5x, disintegrate crowbill 2250

On the mithril hooks you see:

a kakore-hafted mithril handaxe 5x, steam, T1 handaxe 2500
a curved ora shamshir with a vruul skin hilt 5x, plasma scimitar 2250
an ebon alfange with a deep sapphire pommel 5x, acid, T1 dagger 2500
a ruby-hilted dark vultite sidesword 5x, unbalance, T1 backsword 2250
an emerald-imbedded faenor cresset sword 5x, grapple, T1 bastard sword 2500
a tapered black mithril xiphos 5x, disruption broadsword 2250
a blackened vultite backslasher 5x, disintegrate short sword 2250
an obsidian-hilted mithril knife 1x, no flares dagger 50

In the glass case you see:

a dark iron-spiked rolaren bulawa 6x, steam mace 10000
a ruby-sheened glowbark crook 5x, acuity (3x) runestaff 10000
an eahnor tetsubo with a wrapped leather haft 6x, grapple maul 10000
a slender veil iron badelaire 6x, unbalance falchion 10000