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Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 4
Author: GS3-WARDEN from PLAY.NET
Date: Mar 30, 2002 at 12:44
Subject: Song of Unravelling Changes

Song of Unravelling has been revised as follows:

  1. Self-cast Unravelling has a TD reduction.
  2. Unravelling another player or a creature in a sanctuary will only work with Targetted Unravels, and then only if the spell is an offensive or harmful spell. A bard can Unravel a nasty effect from a friend, but can't strip the defenses from a foe while in the sanctuary.
  3. When Unravelling a magical item, the bard can attune himself to the item with a Loresong before initiating the Unravelling. Attuning will reduce the initial mana cost of the spellsong.
  4. The mana cost for *initiating* untargetted Unravelling is now based on the spell being Unravelled, if applicable.
  5. Players may now Unravel an E-blade, Edge, or Bless from a weapon. No mana is recovered for these types of Unravels.


Sonic Equipment

Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 6
Date: Apr 18, 2002 at 20:52
Subject: Call Wind (912)

An update to Call Wind has been released. It should no longer cause sonic weapon, sonic armor, or sonic shield to fail.

From your friendly neighborhood wizards.

GM Altiron

Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 7
Author: GS3-WARDEN from PLAY.NET
Date: May 18, 2002 at 10:32
Subject: Song Updates

Several changes to a few songs were implemented today, including Song of Holding, Eonak's Glory, and Sonic Armor. The majority of these changes should be invisible to players, but a few are noticeable:

The previously insignificant instrument modifier for Song of Holding has been revised to an additional 5 to 15 DS, depending on the bard's proficiency with the instrument.

The elemental resistance for Sonic Armor has been improved at the low end to provide a minimum of 1 rank reduction vs cold, heat, and electrical criticals.


Category: (Unknown)
Message #: 9993
Author: GS4-SOLLI
Date: on 11/16/2003 4:30:10 AM
Subject: Re: Nice bonus to sonic armor...

>I believe it was stated--I don't recall by whom or when, but it was a GM name--that Sonic Armor is either 1/3 or 2/3 of the normal weight. I think it's 2/3, but I'm not positive on my recollection.

1/4, actually - I'd always thought that it was 1/3, but I just looked at the code, and it's just 25% of the base weight for that armor.

>(The weapon and shield are, so far as I recall, one pound apiece... which means that the biggest "weight benefit" goes to those who swing the heaviest weapons: lances, greatswords, battleaxes, suchlike.)

They weigh nothin' at all, actually.

GM Solli Squares / Semis / Breakage


Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 8
Author: GS3-WARDEN from PLAY.NET
Date: May 25, 2002 at 12:58
Subject: Song of Rage Update

A major revision to Song of Rage was implemented today, resolving numerous bugs and updating the song to current standards.

In addition, Rage is now useful when manually renewed (it was previously renewable, but did nothing other than charge a bard 4 mana). Renewing the song on a target is an automatic success resulting in an immediate response, anywhere from making the target perturbed to causing the target to collapse in agony. All renew results will assess RT to the target with the magnitude of RT based on the degree of rage.

While not yet set in stone, the RT from multiple Rage renewals will currently stack.



Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 15
Author: GS3-WARDEN from PLAY.NET
Date: Dec 9, 2002 at 21:11
Subject: Lullabye Changes

The success determination formula for Lullabye will be changing within the coming week. With these changes, results will be more varied against like-level targets than the current spellsong. A fourth success result has been added, between the "mesmerized" and "flutter" results.

The factors involved in determining success have not changed, and they include level differential, Charisma bonus, and Bard songs known.


Category: Bards
Topic: Bard Magic, Spells, and Spellsongs
Message #: 410
Author: GS4-Estild
Date: 07/01/2015 02:32 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Another Question (1005)
Well back to basics. 1005... level difference, influence bonus, spellsong ranks, and targets discipline bonus?
This feels like one of the 'knowns' but the whole reliable sources for the wiki thing and it is one of the more core songs for younger bards.

For the bard, it takes their ((level * 5) + bard spell ranks + Influence bonus + d150), then subtracts the target's ((level * 5) + (level / 2) + Discipline bonus + 25 from Self Control (613) + 25 from Strength of Will (1119) + 30 for undead or demonic creatures). If the end result is >= 0, it's successful. There are 4 success tiers, which is determined by the ((end result / 40) + 1) (min. 1, max. 4), with undead and demonic creatures also adding 1 (for rounding), but then reducing the result by half.

GameMaster Estild


Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 11
Author: GS3-WARDEN from PLAY.NET
Date: Jun 27, 2002 at 21:06
Subject: Bard Song Duration, Cost, and Renewal Changes


The Bard Guild would like to announce a few tremendous advances in the art and science of spellsinging.

Spellsong duration is no longer capped at six minutes, nor is it based solely on level of training. The singer's vital statistics come into play, and elder bards should see a significant improvement. In addition, the multi-song mana penalty has been revised. Based now on song training and statistics, the penalty for singing several songs at once will be easier for all bards to bear. And finally, songs lost due to temporary incapacitation can now be renewed by those who are able to come to their senses quickly enough.

Bard song duration has been changed from the straight level-based formula, capped at 6 minutes, to an uncapped, diminishing returns formula that takes Charisma, Logic, and bard level into account.

The increased cost for controlling multiple songs has been changed to a new formula that considers the number of songs sung, songs known, Discipline, and Logic statistics.

Bards are also now able to renew songs if they still linger after a failed renewal. This will not affect songs that end immediately on a renewal failure, but will allow a bard to maintain most songs if the auto-renew fails due to an untimely interruption. For example, if the bard is stunned when the auto-renew attempt is made, and then recovers from the stun, the bard may quickly RENEW ALL and recover his songs.


Category: Professions
Topic: Bard
Message #: 1947858
Author: GS4-MERAKI
Date: Feb 8, 2022
Subject: Player Song Debuff Duration Fix

Holding Song (1001), Lullabye (1005), and Song of Depression (1015) have been updated to now have a maximum duration of 30 seconds versus player targets. The duration versus non player targets remains unchanged. No other changes to these songs have been made in this update.

- Meraki