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The campfire system was introduced by GameMaster Retser in March 2020 in order to provide protection to adventurers in cold climates.


Special flint, tinder, and wood is located in Icemule in the ancient burrow at the arch off the Patio. This system does not work with any existing woods and will only work with the wood purchased from the store. There are seven different fragrant woods and one base wood.

In order to build the campfire, place the wood, then the tinder, and then light the fire. Any steel or iron item such as a steel dagger will work with the flint to create the spark. Casting Fire Spirit (111), Minor Fire (906), or Major Fire (908) at the fire to light it once built. If no one is present, the fire will die out.

There will be a special survival tote available that can store these new wares and bring them back out again in a fashionable way. The wood stored this way is also weightless. OTS has a limit of 1 tinder, 1 flint, and 1 wood weightless.

You glance down to see a handful of tinder in your right hand and a bundle of oak wood in your left hand.

You carefully unbundle your oak wood and angle the logs together upright.

You break your tinder in half and stuff the tinder into the openings beneath the makeshift campfire.

You glance down to see some flint in your right hand and a steel dagger in your left hand.

You lean close to the makeshift campfire and strike your flint against your dagger repeatedly. A collection of sparks fly toward the makeshift campfire which you quickly blow on, creating a small budding flame.

Fragrant smoke from the burning campfire swirls around you and fills your nostrils with the scent of smoldering oaken firewood.

>sniff retser
You smell like smoldered, oaken firewood.

[Glatoph, Glacier]
You also see a burning campfire.

Without warning, the winds intensify, howling as they rush through the area. Snow and sleet ride violently upon them, raking across your face! The warmth from the burning campfire keeps the cold at bay.

Mechanic Benefit

These new campfires are special in nature. They will provide protection in the room the character resides to the cold weather. It will also slowly decrease the amount of exposure to the elements accumulated. After removing most of the cold weather exposure, the campfire will start to build up protection against the exposure effects.

The duration of the campfire is determined by the survival skill of the person placing it. The bonus minutes of protection and total minutes of protection are based on each character's survival skill. Higher survival builds more protection from cold, faster. There is also a ceiling of protection based on survival skill.. The default rate is 2 minutes per 1 minute spent by the fire. Note: The ceiling of the exposure isn't a literal 30/20/15/10 minutes. If the character stays still in the harsher environments that protection will burn away faster and faster the longer the character remains.

Impact of Survival on Campfires
Survival Skill

(greater than or equal to)

Minutes Fire Lasts Bonus Minutes of Protection

per Minute of Campfire Exposure

Total Minutes of Cold Weather Protection Possible
50 20 3 30
25 15 2 20
10 10 1 15
0 5 0 10