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Casu's Coffee is a food shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located within the Malwith Inn, one room north, three rooms east, and one room south from the entrance. The coffee shop is located down the stairway from the Cafe. The cafe contains a stove for coffee and tea brewing, and the shop sells all required accessories.

[Malwith Inn, Casu's Coffee]
Warmly lit, the shop is cozy and smells of fresh coffee. Several mugs sit atop a wood stove, that fills one corner, its metal black as night. A mistwood counter is filled with a wide assortment of flavorings and accessories. A shelf, fitted with small bins, holds several packets of coffee. You also see Proprietor Casu Vaalor, a door and a steep stairway.


Item Information Price
1. a sugar cube coffee/tea flavoring 47
2. a bottle of honey coffee/tea flavoring 9500
3. a jar of cinnamon coffee/tea flavoring 9500
4. a bottle of cream coffee/tea flavoring 9500
5. a bottle of hazelnut syrup coffee/tea flavoring 9500
6. a bottle of vanilla syrup coffee/tea flavoring 9500
7. a small gold-plated teaspoon 4750
8. a crimson coffee mug coffee/tea mug 950
9. a gold-edged brown paper packet Sweet Caraway 190
10. a gold-edged dark paper packet Chocolate and Chestnut 190
11. a gold-edged two-toned paper packet Four Seasons 190
12. a gold-edged tan paper packet Almond Dream 190
13. a gold-edged black paper packet Bittersweet 190
14. a mug of peppermint cocoa It's minty and refreshing.
You feel energized by the minty taste.
15. a mug of cinnamon-spiced cocoa Spicy overtones enhance the taste.
Aromatic hints of spice tease your nose.
16. a mug of foamy chocolate coffee Sweet chocolate and bitter coffee mingle deliciously.
A bit of foam clings to your upper lip after you savor the rich mocha flavor.
17. a cup of lightly creamed coffee The hot milk smooths out all roughness from the coffee.
The rich, mellow flavors of the coffee blend satisfyingly with the sweet milk.

Casu Vaalor

Casu is the propietor of Casu's Cafe, the coffee and tea shop that can be found in Malwith Inn.


Casu has alert blue eyes and a grin that splits his delicate face in two. He is tall and slender, with short auburn hair and slightly rounded ears. He is wearing a ruddy, bib-style apron with dark stains across the front over a white long-sleeved shirt and beige trousers.


ask Casu Vaalor about coffee

Casu replies, "Ahh yes, it is the drink of the gods.  If you see something you like, just ORDER."

>ask Casu Vaalor about packets

Casu nods slowly, "Yes, they hold small doses of coffee for use with the stove upstairs."

>ask Casu Vaalor about flavorings

Casu sighs and says, "For those who want thier coffee to taste like something other than coffee," as he shrugs and turns away.

>ask Casu Vaalor about mugs

Casu grins, "They are coffee mugs.  What do you think they are for?"

>ask Casu Vaalor about backroom

With a flat stare, Casu states, "Where do you suppose that is, behind the stove?"


Casu deftly opens the stove, tosses a log in, and slams it closed.

Casu busily straightens a row of flavored syrups on the counter.

Casu sits for a moment on a small stool behind the counter while he surveys his shop with a keen eye.

Casu glances around furtively before producing a steaming mug of coffee from behind the counter.  He takes a small sip and places it under the counter with a smile.

Casu says, "Is it cold in here?"