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Malwith Inn is a food shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is one of two local inns and can be found slightly west of King's Court. Citizens get a discount when purchasing food and beverages.

The ground level of the inn has food and drink for sale, and offers six tables for patrons to sit at. Recent additions to the ground floor include Casu's Cafe for those who wish to brew their own coffee or tea and the Retired Airship Officer Tedrik.

Upstairs the inn boasts a conference room, a balcony, and four latchable rooms for those wishing privacy.

[Malwith Inn, Bar]
A long bar, highly polished, fills one corner of the room. Leather barstools span the outer length of the bar. Shelves behind the bar hold a wide array of sparkling glasses and exotic liquors. Candles atop a pair of brass chandeliers illuminate the room.


The Malwith Inn bar is located north and east from the entrance.The barkeeper will place the drink on the bar upon receiving payment.

Item Flavors Price
a stein of dark elven ale The chocolate roast aroma is mixed with a light scent of currants.
Roast malts give it a complex flavor, carefully balanced by a light use of hops.
a mug of dark beer Dark roasted grains and malts stand out as you savor the drink.
The creamy, full-bodied texture supports a sweet molasses taste.
a flute of crystal clear water It is cool and soothing to the throat.
You can feel the chill as it goes down.
a glass of elven white wine Trailing across the tongue, it leaves a hint of mellow apricots followed by a clean citrus flavor.
The mellow taste finishes with a slight, tangy crispness at the back of the mouth.
a glass of elven red wine A pleasurable elegance imbues the fine wine's flavor, including just a hint of bitterness from the new oak in which it was stored.
Dry, smoky plum flavors roll over your palate, accompanied by a lingering tannin aftertaste.
a stein of honey mead The sweet honey taste is smooth and warm.
There is a flowery nectar aroma to this smooth, honeyed drink.
a glass of warm bourbon Nose shows significant peat, heavy deep vanilla, and hints of cedar.
Very smooth and dignified, the peat and charcoal last far into the fabulous finish.
a glass of diamonddraught Your face flushes and your eyes water.
That's strong stuff!
a shot of elven absinthe The brilliant green hue of the absinthe is like a fine, clear emerald, and the pungent herbal flavor is just as precious.
The dazzling green color of the absinthe is beautifully paired with a palette of flavorful herbs. Hints of anise, hyssop, lemon balm, angelica, and wormwood are very prominent in every sip.


The Malwith Inn buffet is located one room north and two rooms east from the entrance.

[Malwith Inn, Buffet]
A long buffet table dominates the room. Various foods are spread along its top, all freshly prepared. Candles in wall sconces throw their light across the table, while creating flickering shadows elsewhere in the room.
Item Flavors Price
a honey-covered bun Plump, juicy raisins dot the sweet pastry, giving a burst of flavor with each bite.
You take a bite of your honey-covered bun. Swirls of sticky honey top this bun, giving it a lovely glaze.
a cinnamon bun The doughy bun contains a rich cinnamon flavor.
A gooey honey glaze coats your lips.
a cheese-covered breadstick Surprisingly satisfying, the light breadstick fills your mouth with a nutty flavor.
Light and crisp, each delicate bite breaks off with a satisfying crunch.
a garlic breadstick Surprisingly satisfying, the light breadstick fills your mouth with a nutty flavor.
Light and crisp, each delicate bite breaks off with a satisfying crunch.
a loaf of dark bread The rich grainy flavor of the brown bread lingers on the tongue.
With a crunchy crust, the bread has a dry, dense, yet flavorful texture.
a honey-covered roll The bread is rich and grainy, with a slight roasted taste
The roasted, yeasty flavor is quite satisfying.
a warm buttered roll The bread is rich and grainy, with a slight roasted taste
The roasted, yeasty flavor is quite satisfying.
a blueberry muffin Cakey and tender, the muffin bursts with blueberry flavor.
The slightly caramelized muffin top provides a crunchy counterpoint to the soft center.
a cinnamon twist A gooey honey glaze coats your lips.
The doughy twist contains a rich cinnamon flavor.
a buttered bread twist With a rich scent of wheat, it carries an almost sweet flavor.
The slightly grainy interior has a subtle buttery flavor.
a bowl of vegetable soup The mix of vegetables and tender meat has a slightly spicy flavor.
The rich taste of the mutton blends with the mellower, earthy flavors of the roots and tubers in this thick, hearty broth.
a slice of roast beef The browned edge provides a sharp charcoal taste that perfectly offsets the richness of the meat.
The juicy center of the cut practically melts in your mouth.
a slice of baked cockatrice Tender enough to fall apart when sliced, the cockatrice almost melts in your mouth.
The thick, creamy garlic sauce is a perfect complement to the tender cockatrice, which has been stuffed with chopped black olives and aromatic sage.
a chunk of roasted rolton The smoky barbeque sauce provides a piquant accent to the roast meat.
Delicious. Isn't it great being a carnivore?
a baked potato The buttery filling complements the earthy potato taste.
Biting through the crunchy skin reveals a hot, buttered interior.
a braised carrot Tangy, light, and refreshing, with a nice crunchy texture.
A zingy hint of tangerine juice flavors the braised carrot.


Malwith is the Malwith Inn's innkeeper.

>ask Malwith about silver
With a sly smile Malwith says, "Silver is a grand thing indeed.  I like the amount I have of it."

>ask Malwith about woodwork
Malwith absently runs his hand along the expertly crafted counter and says, "Grand isn't it?  I did most of the woodwork in the inn myself."

>ask Malwith about inn
Malwith says, "This is my inn, built most of it myself one hundred years ago."

>ask Malwith about Venler
Malwith says, "Archer Venler, a hero to all good elves.  I wish we had more like him."

>ask Malwith about food
Malwith says, "I'm glad you asked, we have an excellent dining room here.  Just head east through the bar to get there."

>ask Malwith about bar
Malwith says, "Personally, I think our bar here is the best in the city-states.  Just head east to give it a try."

>ask Malwith about Faendryl
Malwith gives you a cold stare, but says nothing.


Malwith glances around the room, appraising each patron in turn.

Malwith glances towards a stairway then back to the room.  He sighs slightly before resuming work on a logbook at the front desk.

Malwith glances towards the entry way with a concerned look.  Dismissing whatever concerned him, he turns back to watch the room for new arrivals.

Malwith shifts his weight.

Malwith yawns slightly as he dusts the wooden counter.

Ta'Vaalor New Player Jobs

Malwith does not have any jobs for low-level characters, but he will send them to Sassion when they ask about work.