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Assault skills are a skill type managed by the Player System Manager. They are similar to focused MSTRIKE, but the damage is done over multiple rounds. They also apply a buff upon completion, as well as per-round defensive modifications. Assault skills can be stopped using the syntax STOP ASSAULT.

Assaults are learned automatically at certain rank thresholds of the various weapon skills and are natively available to Squares and Semis.

"* PSM Assaults have been updated to use (1 + (MoC Skill / 50)) for determining the number of swings. At 200 ranks, it's possible to hit 7 total swings. The hard cap on swings for a single assault is 7."[1]

Assault RT = Weapon Base RT - agidex + (swings * encum_mod) + (swings * armor_mod) + swing count[2]

List of Assault Skills

Name Warrior Rogue Monk Ranger Bard Paladin Weapon Skill Description
Barrage [barrage] X X X X X X Ranged Weapons Rapidly fire at a target.
Flurry [flurry] X X X X X X Edged Weapons Rapidly slash a target.
Fury [fury] X X X X X X Brawling Rapidly bash a target.
Guardant Thrusts [gthrusts] X X X X X X Polearm Weapons Rapidly thrust at a target.
Pummel [pummel] X X X X X X Blunt Weapons Rapidly pummel a target.
Thrash [thrash] X X X X X X Two-Handed Weapons Rapidly beat a target.


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