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This is the page for Ghost Family creatures. Ghosts are the soul or spirit of a dead person and can vary between being wispy shapes to lifelike forms. They are known by many names, including spectre, shade, apparition, and more. For this classification, they are non-corporeal humanoid creatures.

Creature Level Location
Ghost 2 Wehnimer's Landing
Lesser frost shade 2 Icemule Trace
Lesser shade 2 Wehnimer's Landing
Moaning phantom 2 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Phantom 2 Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing
Revenant 4 Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing
Dark apparition 5 Icemule Trace, Ta'Vaalor
Spectral fisherman 6 Vornavis, Wehnimer's Landing
Snow spectre 9 Icemule Trace
Shadowy spectre 14 Ta'Vaalor
Spectre 14 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Ghostly warrior 18 Wehnimer's Landing
Nedum vereri 18 Icemule Trace, Wehnmimer's Landing
Niirsha 23 Ta'Vaalor
Sacristan spirit 25 Ta'Vaalor
Darken 28 Ta'Illistim
Moaning spirit 28 Wehnimer's Landing
Ghostly mara 32 Ta'Illistim
Luminous spectre 34 River's Rest
Spectral warrior 34 River's Rest
Spectral shade 35 Solhaven
Spectral woodsman 35 Icemule Trace
Spectral lord 36 Ta'Illistim
Spectral miner 40 Wehnimer's Landing
Phantasma 42 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing
Gaunt spectral servant 44 River's Rest
Bog spectre 47 Ta'Vaalor
Warrior shade 48 Ta'Vaalor
Banshee 50 Teras Isle, Wehnimer's Landing
Ethereal mage apprentice 54 River's Rest
Phantasmal bestial swordsman 62 River's Rest
Magna vereri 72 Icemule Trace, Den of Rot
Naisirc 75 The Rift, Plane 1
Seraceris 78 The Rift, Plane 1
Lost soul 91 The Rift, Plane 5
Fallen crusader 97 The Rift, Plane 4