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Dirvy Aerilithren Britbane
Dirvy gencraft image.jpg
Portrait of Dirvy Aerilithren Britbane created by Dirvy's player using Gencraft (5123)
Race Sylvankind
Culture Lassaran D'ahranal
Class Empath
Profession Master Physician
Religion Loyal Follower of Imaera
Affiliation(s) House Sovyn, ICICLE
In-a-Word helpful
Disposition Lawful Good
Demeanor warm
Primary Trait extreme helpfulness
Secondary Trait generous
Flaw stubbornness
Greatest Strength Zailon Britbane Faendryl, fierce loyalty
Greatest Weakness Zailon Britbane Faendryl, those in need, anything pumpkin
Habits always busy doing something, firing people
Hobbies baking, planning and executing events, shopping for others
Soft Spots kittens, pretty much any animal, Tylayli
Likes snow, silly things, breakfast, all things pumpkin, kittens
Dislikes injustice, discrimination, bullying, anything pink
Fears not getting her way
Loyalties Icemule Trace
Best Friend Thailmore, many others
Spouse Zailon Britbane Faendryl
Loved One all of her children

Dirvy Aerilithren Britbane is a Sylvankind Empath who lives in the town of Icemule Trace. She was born on Eorgaen 12, 4936, the only child of Dirlane and Silvy Aerilithren. She is the wife of Zailon Britbane Faendryl and Matriarch of the Britbane Family, the Executrix of House Sovyn and the Chairwoman of ICICLE.


Portrait of Dirvy Aerilithren Britbane by Stormyrain. Permission to use portrait was granted by Stormyrain. (Eorgaen 5117)
Portrait of Dirvy Aerilithren Britbane by Flimbo. Permission to use portrait was granted by Flimbo. (5118)

You see Executrix Dirvy Britbane the Master Physician.
She appears to be a Sylvankind of the Lassaran D'ahranal.
She is of a slight height and has an hourglass figure. She appears to be young and sprightly. She has sparkling acantha green eyes and flawless snowy white skin. She has ankle-length, white blonde hair styled in an ombre of varying shades of red, with blood red-tipped bangs swept to one side. She has a pert, daintily upturned nose and delicate fae-like features with small, sharply tapered ears belying her Sylvan heritage, and petal pink, bow-shaped lips. She is wearing an icy blue battle standard bearing the burrows of Icemule Trace that juts over her shoulder.

She has a tiny pair of silvery clasped hands set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a tiny faenor sovyn clove in her left nostril, a series of tattooed tally marks on her neck, a blushing fairy tattoo on her arm, a silvery clasped-hands tattoo on her wrist, a vividly inked chipmunk tattoo riding in a dwarven mining cart on her wrist, an inked bushy-tailed chipmunk on her ankle, a pitch-black crow tattoo perched upon a twisted branch on her ankle, and a tattooed symbol of Imaera on her ankle.

Notable Tattoos

a vividly inked chipmunk tattoo riding in a dwarven mining cart

Description: Scrolling letters are inked beneath the mining cart that read "Lumnea 26, 5116"

an inked bushy-tailed chipmunk

Descripton: The bushy-tailed chipmunk is inked in a deep sienna with vivid black lines. He is covered in spots resembling grease, and is peeking through the bars of a jail cell. Above the cell door is a plaque that reads, "Zul Logoth's Most Wanted".

a blushing fairy tattoo

Description: As you look upon the fairy tattoo, it shifts its gaze to meet your own in an almost accusational manner. It currently appears to be in an agitated state, milling around its area of skin restlessly.

a silvery clasped-hands tattoo

Description: Outlining the clasped-hands tattoo in green and white ink script are the words: "Head, Hands, and Heart".

a tattoo of an amber-eyed tawny brown doe on your ankle

Description: The doe is masterfully inked with delicate black lines and a rich, tawny brown color. It has perked black-tufted ears, small, alert amber-hued eyes, and a white tail with a bold black stripe down the middle. A sigil of Imaera is carefully inked in silver on each of its hooves.

a pitch-black crow tattoo perched upon a twisted branch

Description: Cresting the crow in script-like lettering is the name Britbane. The crow itself is outlined and heavily shaded with pitch-black ink, small accents of white give the crow's shape the perception of depth. Clutched between its claws is a twisted and gnarled brown branch, cross-hatched beneath the crow's talons from repeated perches. Encompassing the underside of the branch are the words, "Este Magra Ullume".


Dirvy Aerilithren Britbane is the only child of Dirlane and Silvy Aerilithren. Dirlane Aerilithren is a full-blooded Sylph, and his wife, Silvy Braegen, is purported to have Fae in her bloodline. It is rumored that Dirvy has a half-sister from a dalliance her father had with a human woman he met in one of the towns their D'ahranal visited. Dirvy has been known to travel with the young priestess who claims to be her sister, though Dirvy has never publicly acknowledged their relation.


Nolofinwe Aracano

Very shortly after moving to Icemule, Dirvy met a half-Sylvan Ranger named Nolofinwe Aracano who became enamored with her, though she was not aware of his affection at first. It wasn't until the chime of the new year in 5116, when Nolofinwe kissed her, that she finally saw it.

Nolofinwe was always an impatient man. He had sent for an engagement ring to be delivered to him so he could propose to Dirvy. However, he was too impatient to wait for its arrival, and bought an engagement ring from the local jeweler and proposed to Dirvy on Fashanos 10, 5116. Once the engagement ring arrived that he had ordered, he proposed to her again.

But, being the impatient man he was, he was unable to wait to make her his wife, so he conspired with five friends and married Dirvy on Fashanos 21, 5116. The civil ceremony was held in the Cleric Guild in Icemule and conducted by Kethore. It was witnessed by Nolofinwe's best man Xecnephias, and Dirvy's Maid of Honor Trinaindae, as well as Khambria and Brokkrsten. The couple kept their marriage a secret from their friends and family in Icemule for two weeks, due to the swiftness of their union.

However, in Ivastaen 5116, it was made public that Nolofinwe had been unfaithful to Dirvy. The two parted ways and Dirvy left Icemule for a month. It was at this time that she swore she would never marry again.

Zailon Britbane Faendryl

A portrait of Zailon Britbane Faendryl by Flimbo. Permission to use portrait was granted by Flimbo and Zailon.

One of the first people Dirvy met in Icemule was Zailon Britbane Faendryl, a very quiet, mysterious Dark Elven Sorcerer, who rarely spoke aloud, but was often seen whispering to her long into the night in Icemule's Town Center.

In Olaesta 5116, Zailon and Dirvy, who had become very close friends by then, suffered a rift in their friendship when Zailon became engaged to a ranger named Eldanari. Though Eldanari had been a friend to both Dirvy and Nolofinwe, Dirvy had warned Zailon that she felt his betrothed was not a good match for him, and she feared Eldanari would hurt him.

Sometime in Phoenatos 5116, word quickly spread that Eldanari had cancelled their wedding. Because of this, Dirvy sought out Zailon to repair their friendship and help console him. It helped that they were both frequently on Teras at the time, and it was not long before the two were close once more.

In Lumnea 5117, Zailon and Dirvy's relationship changed and they began discussing their future together. This was made difficult, because both of them were with other people at the time. They decided to end their relationships, but kept their romance out of the public eye until the anger of their former lovers abated. On Koaratos 20, 5117, Zailon planned an event with Rovvigen called Tales of First Loves, under the guise of a typical Order of the Sphere and Scythe event, but it was actually a public announcement of his and Dirvy's relationship.

On Phoenatos 2, 5117, Zailon proposed to Dirvy.

On Eoantos 17, 5117, they were married in a forest glade with more than 80 friends and family in attendance. The ceremony was performed by Brokkrsten and witnessed by Zailon's best man Rovvigen, and Dirvy's best man Mikalmas. The wedding included the Sylvan and Faendryl tradition of planting a pair of trees, their own vows, and their kittens served as ringbearers.


Neianna Aerilithren

In Imaerasta 5116, Dirvy met a young priestess by the name of Neianna, who had just arrived in Icemule. She took this girl under her wing, and helped her learn the town. Dirvy also introduced her to some clerical friends who helped her learn her craft. Dirvy also arranged for this girl to be inducted as a member into House Sovyn. So grateful for the attention and care, Neianna asked Dirvy if she would adopt her. Dirvy, having not been married long enough to even consider having children, immediately agreed.

Neianna Aerilithren is currently traveling abroad.

Tylayli Britbane

Early in Eorgaen 5117, Dirvy met a young Dwarven Monk named Tylayli ForgedFury in the town of Kharam Dzu. What was at first an offhanded remark about Dirvy adopting him, turned into a serious discussion between Zailon, Dirvy and Tylayli. The Britbanes agreed to accept Tylayli as their ward for the time being.

On Fashanos 25, 5118, Tylali was officially adopted into the Britbane Family.

Forest Children


a bushy-tailed chipmunk

This chipmunk was a gift from a fallen patient that Dirvy attempted to help when she was very young in Icemule. The patient had died in the forests of Pinefar, and Dirvy attempted to reach her to bind her soul until more competent help could arrive. Dirvy died on the way. The patient felt bad about Dirvy's death, and gave her the chipmunk. The patient stated that he was trouble and she was glad to be rid of him, so Dirvy named him Rashwe, which means "trouble" in Elven. He has lived up to his name.

He is also known as "Zul Logoth's Most Wanted".


a pumpkin orange tabby kitten

Description: The fluffy kitten is a bright pumpkin orange-hued tabby with rich sienna striping. Her long, fluffy tail is striped from base to tip, resembling that of a lemur. Her sharply pointed ears are tufted and her paws appear larger than normal. The kitten's emerald green eyes are vigilant, as if looking for trouble. A silver collar etched with the runes of a summoning circle adorns her neck, bearing a tiny silver acantha leaf-shaped tag that reads, "Punkin".

Punkin was a gift for Thrakmas 5116 from Dirvy's close friend, Thailmore. That year, Dirvy wanted nothing more than a kitten, but after many failed attempts at trying to win one, Thailmore traded something of value for a black-on-brown tabby kitten, and presented it to her for Thrakmas. Dirvy later went to a groomer who specialized in the magical dyeing of animal fur, and had her kitten dyed a pumpkin orange to fit the name she gave her, Punkin.


an inky black kitten

Description: The mischievous kitten's fur is primarily a deep, inky ebon taking on an ethereal green hue as light sheens off her. The tips of her ears have wispy violet tufts that twitch as she constantly gazes about with a curious demeanor. A filigreed kelyn collar suspends a sleek pentacle pendant, and etched delicately on the back in a fine script reads, "Rumbles."

Rumbles was originally Zailon's kitten, but became an official furry family member when Zailon and Dirvy were married. Rumbles is very much a typical sorcerer kitty, sometimes feisty, sometimes aloof.


a red-eyed sewer rat

Dirvy gave Mota to Zailon as a gift, sometime after their marriage in 5117. She thought it was a suitable creature for a Necromantic Reaper.


a tiny snub-nosed hedgehog

Though similar to a porcupine, the hedgehog is smaller and its spines are no where near as dangerous. The spines are a mottled white and black, and completely cover the top and sides. You can see the soft white fur on its underside and four little pink feet underneath the protective spines. The ears aren't much more than tufts of fur, and its face is surrounded in white, save for two small black eyes and a little snout with whiskers that ends with a black nose.

Zailon gave this tiny hedgehog to Dirvy as a gift in the summer of 5122.


a compact light brown doe

Description: Standing approximately 38 inches high at the top of the shoulder, she has a slender face and tapered ears. Her compact body is covered in a thin, light brown coat, and she has a short, beige tail. She has muscular legs that culminate in cloven hooves.

Dirvy traded a pile of silvers to a friend of hers for this little beauty in Koaratos 5123.


a relatively small piranha

This little fellow was acquired at Ebon Gate 5119.



a chubby honey blonde puppy with shaggy fur

Description: Plump and chubby, this puppy's otherwise rotund frame is enhanced by copious amounts of plush, shaggy fur. Most of his thick coat is colored a pale honey blonde, the golden color deepening to dark amber in places. Wide and floppy ears frame his round face and warm brown eyes, giving him a perpetually friendly expression. Feathery curtains of fur cover his long tail, the adornments making it difficult to miss when his tail is in motion. A knitted silver-shot ice blue paeline bandana is worn around his neck, the paeline secured in place by a knot.


an ice blue nebulous puppy veiled by a flurry of ethereal snowflakes

Description: A flurry of ethereal snowflakes constantly swirls about this puppy's aeriform body. Ambient shifts in the air currents cause his pellucid ice blue fur to undulate slightly in the spectral snowfall. Luminous white eyes, framed by transparent floppy ears, burn brightly through the wintry veil. The puppy's diaphanous tail is almost imperceptible except for the glowing tip that seemingly draws designs with light when in motion. A knitted silver-shot ice blue paeline bandana is worn around his neck, the paeline secured in place by a knot. Despite the nebulous puppy's transparent pellucid ice blue fur, the bandana seems to stay in place.

This curious little guy was a 5th wedding anniversary gift for Dirvy from Zailon in Jastatos 5122.


Icemule Trace (12/5115 to 7/5116)

Dirvy made her way to Icemule in mid-Eorgaen 5115, after completing her studies. She was sent to the frozen town because of their desperate need for healers. When she arrived in Icemule, she did not realize that there were rarely any healers available, so she definitely had her work cut out for her. She had been taught to ask patients to use healing herbs to heal wounds she was unable to heal, so she did just that. Some patients thought this was odd at first, until she explained her inexperience, and that she was there to help them, if they could help her. Not a single patient ever refused to eat herbs, in order to let Dirvy learn from the experience. And she happily healed the townspeople this way, and it wasn't long before she was finally able to take all of their wounds.

That was until Sasathi died. Sasathi was fond of hunting in grimswarm camps, and the first time he died and Dirvy went to heal him... she nearly killed herself in the process. Sasathi was nothing but a stump. No legs, no arms, no eyes, no head, holes in his chest and abdomen. Dirvy had no idea where to begin. So, she did what she thought any healer would do. She took all of his wounds at once. What she didn't realize was, in the process of trying to heal down all of the bleeding wounds, she was actively bleeding out. That first time was a struggle, and a valuable lesson she never forgot. The next time she healed Sasathi, she was ready. She had figured out that the neck bleeds more than any other wound, so healing that first was imperative. Then the chest, then the abdomen. Next would be to heal down the limbs, intermittently curing her blood loss. But she only healed the limb wounds, not the scars. She did the same for her missing eyes. She was prepared for this. Before healing Sasathi, Dirvy had placed a sovyn clove on the ground. Once her limb wounds were healed, she knelt and ate the sovyn clove, restoring her right arm. She then got more sovyn cloves from her medic's kit and proceeded to restore her other arm and both legs. Afterwards, she got bur-clover elixir from her medic's kit and restored her missing eyes. And then resumed healing her wounds and scars as normal. She would jokingly call it her "Sasathi Survival Kit", but it worked on other patients as well, including those who died from being voided in the rift and those who set off an explosive box trap. By healing this way, she saved herself a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of mana, which was huge deal when she was still so inexperienced.

It was about her 25th season, that she was able to put the herbs away and was finally able to heal patients, like Sasathi, like a proper healer.

The Mining Cart

Around 11:30pm Elven on Lumnea 25, 5116, Dirvy traveled towards Zul Logoth to answer the call of a rogue named Kyal. He was in need of healing, in order to continue his journey from Zul Logoth, so she met him just outside of the town. They traveled back to Zul Logoth so the man could rest, and they spent some time talking and having a drink at the local inn.

Sometime around 2am Elven on the morning of Lumnea 26, 5116, as they were saying their goodbyes near the mining cart that led through the tunnels towards Wehnimer's Landing, the mine cart operator informed them that the mining cart was malfunctioning. Travel was shut down for many hours, while the Dwarves of Zul Logoth worked to repair the malfunction. So the pair returned to the Landing by other means and went their separate ways.

Later that day, Dirvy had traveled to River's Rest with Dattawey, to do some hunting in the Marsh Keep. While resting, a messenger came to her and asked if she had taken the mining cart. She scoffed at this foolishness, informing him that there was no need to take the mining cart in Zul Logoth from Solhaven to River's Rest, and the messenger left. Shortly after, the messenger returned and informed her that she was in possession of the mining cart. Obviously, at first, Dirvy thought this man suffered from a lack of control of his mental faculties. After a bit of explanation, this is what had happened...

At 2am Elven the morning Dirvy and Kyal were saying their goodbyes, Dirvy's chipmunk, Rashwe, had somehow absconded with the mining cart and stowed it in his nest. This was unknown to everyone at the time, as confusion soon set in over why the mining cart was not operating.

To this day, nobody has figured out how a tiny chipmunk was able to move a mining cart, shrink its size, and stow it in its nest in Dirvy's cloak. As a side note, Dirvy was not allowed to keep the mining cart.

Wehnimer's Landing

[Section will be completed when Dirvy has more free time.]

Kharam Dzu

[Section will be completed when Dirvy isn't so lazy.]

Icemule Trace (9/5117 to Present)

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House Sovyn

Dirvy was inducted in Lormesta 12, 5116 by Eruheran. Around Koaratos 5116, Dirvy was appointed to the Co-Secretary Position, and served in that role for about a year, before she was appointed Co-Chairperson in mid-5117.

Order of the Sphere and Scythe

The Order of the Sphere and Scythe was formed in Jastatos 5116. Dirvy was made a member and an officer at their very first event. At the time, she held the role as Sentinel Advisor, until her promotion to Elder Sentinel Advisor in early 5117. Dirvy worked tirelessly to help the Order achieve Tier 3 status in 8 months since they were originally formed.

Dirvy resigned from her officer position as Elder Sentinel Advisor on Fashanos 27, 5118, in order to focus on her responsibilities with ICICLE.

She rejoined The Order in Jastatos 5123.


Dirvy was appointed to ICICLE, as were all the original members, by a random draw on Eorgaen 4, 5117. On Eorgaen 7, 5117, she was appointed as Chairwoman.

ICICLE was granted official MHO status on Charlatos 9, 5118.


The following series of couples portraits were painted for an event for House Sovyn's Voaris and Laethe Day Celebration on Fashanos 14, 5118.

Butter-soft leather was used for the canvas, that is divided down the center by broad brushstrokes that separate the left side in stark darkness and the right in pristine white.  Two hazy figures stand facing each other.  The figure on the left is shrouded in a blinding white robe, a pair of bright blue eyes gaze out from the heavy cowl.  One hand reaches toward the cowl of the nightmare black-robed figure on the right, revealing a pair of deep hazel eyes.

"Love's Nightmare 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
Rich, dark colors cover the canvas, creating a hazy backdrop of book-lined shelves.  In the foreground of the portrait is a Sylvan Mage, who is seated in a crimson leather chair.  His blonde hair is delicately painted so that it nearly obscures his gaze; his crystal blues eyes betray his fatigue.  He lovingly cradles a Faendryl Cleric in his arms, who is curled up on his lap.  The Faendryl's silver hair is more disheveled than usual; a wistful smile curls the corners of his lips as he sleeps.

"Love's Embrace 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
Stark white brushstrokes cover the canvas, creating a snowy backdrop that accentuates the cream-colored stucco well that is painted on the right. A dark-haired Human Rogue leans against the well; a mischievous smile curls the corners of her lips. The fingers of one hand are buried in the fabric of an Elven Mage's longcloak, drawing him close. The Mage's wind-blown, platinum blonde hair nearly obscures his face, leaving only a soft smile painting his lips as they hover close to hers.

"Love's Kiss 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
The background of the canvas is painted mostly in hues of reds and oranges that bleed into blues and greens. A hazy sunset that sits low on the horizon. A wooden dock stands out in the foreground; a Half-Elf sits on the edge, his silver hair is painted in wisps, so it appears moving with the breeze. His arm is wrapped around the waist of an Aelotoi, holding her close as they watch the setting sun. Her glimmering wings are fully extended, providing the couple some privacy.

"Love's Sunset 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
A smoky haze fills the background of the portrait. Sickly green wisps cut through the smoke, giving substance to a pair of tentacles. Five conjoined circles of red, blue, black, green, and white are held aloft by the tentacles. An Illistim Elf, her bright grey gaze is soft and loving, as she rests her hand on a Nalfein Elf's shoulder. The Nalfein's piercing crystal blue eyes returns his lover's gaze, as he cradles her chin, drawing her mouth towards his.

"Love's Seduction 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
The background of the black canvas is an intricately painted silvery spiderweb. In the right corner, a menacing fiery red spider is overlooking a couple of Half-Elves who are caught in its web. The bottom of the canvas looks slightly charred, as bright crimson painted flames lick at the bottom of the web. One Half-Elf with sultry dark eyes looks upon her lover, whose piercing stormy grey eyes return her gaze. The pair seem oblivious of the danger that lurks nearby, wrapped in each other's arms.

"Love's Prey 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
The portrait is dominated by a fully rigged, three mast galley ship. The open sea is painted in blues and greens with streaks of white to give it a choppy feel. The vessel's name, "The Crimson Shark", is painted at the bottom of the portrait, nearly obscured by the edge of the canvas. A Sylph stands at the helm, her red hair caught in the brisk breeze. A Half-Elf stands behind her, his arms are wrapped loosely around her waist. His narrowed grey gaze scans the horizon, as his Lady Captain steers them home.

"Love's Vessel 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
Richly-hued reds, greens and browns fill the background of the canvas, giving definition to the rows of bottles that line the shelves. A Dark Dwarven Cleric, a formidable figure despite his stature, stands behind a low back leather chair. One hand rests on the chair back, the other rests on the shoulder of an Elven Mage, his stormy gaze fixes on her. The Mage's long, golden hair is lovely and wild, tucked behind one ear with a carnelian blood lily. She lovingly cradles a blue-eyed calico cat in her lap.

"Love's Family 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
The Human Master Rogue leans against the side of an expansive lit fireplace, adorned with a large white on black and red checker shield embossed with a prowling lion. His jet black hair falls around his shoulders, as he gazes down at the Elven Healer, his arms wrapped about her waist as she leans into his embrace. Her head is tilted back, meeting his blue-grey gaze with her sultry jade green eyes, causing her ringleted copper locks to spill across her shoulder. 

"Love's Fire 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane
The canvas is painted with a sleepy town center at night; a couple hazy folks mill about in the background. An Aelotoi Gypsy bends over a patient, her sapphire blue wings are folded against her back to avoid blocking what light shines from a nearby lamppost. A Sylvan Rogue sits at her side, her jade green eyes are soft as she watches the Gypsy work.  Her hands rest on the Gypsy's shoulders, reassuring her while she tends her patient.

"Love's Twilight 02145118" -- by Dirvy Britbane

Other Paintings

The canvas is covered in white, depicting a snowy background on Penguin Hill, where a wintry picnic is taking place. In the foreground, a penguin chick is sleeping, and a small family is sharing a meal. A Faendryl Necromancer hands a Dwarven Monk an intricately carved dagger. The two are depicted in discussion, as a Sylvan Master Physician watches them, while sipping from a black glass goblet. A pair of kittens gambole around the area, while a bushy-tailed chipmunk watches warily.

"Britbanes' Newest Member 22518" -- by Dirvy Britbane

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