Brotherhood of Rooks

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The Brotherhood of Rooks were born in the imperial protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing in the year 5112. Their benefactor at the original time was a mystery, and they seemingly sprung up overnight, first appearing as hooded figures wearing dark bird masks with razor-sharp silver beaks. For many months these Rooks terrorized shopkeepers in Wehnimer's Landing, using intimidation to get them to sign up for protection or face risking their shops and livelihood or even their lives. It was later discovered that the Rooks were merely using magical items to maintain their bird-like visage and help them to move quickly and unseen throughout the town.

The Rooks have primarily been self-contained to Wehnimer's Landing, but in recent years, have had some small incursions into Solhaven where they conducted a number of bank heists, attacked ships from Vornavis bringing supplies to the Landing, and were even involved in a smuggling operation arming krolvin warships with weapons and armor to raid imperial towns along the Western Sea.

The Brotherhood operates on various levels of secrecy, and many times, fellow members are even unaware of the identity of those who serve alongside them. It is said the ranks of the Rooks are filled with the likes of merchants, tradesmen and commoners, all the way to pirates, bandits, and thieves.

It has since been learned that the Brotherhood of Rooks has had connections to many imperial criminals, such as Elithain Cross, Drangell, and Stephos DeArchon. Because of their criminal activities within the Empire, even on a small scale, and their proximity to imperial lands being based out of Wehnimer's Landing, they are deemed an unlawful organization in the eyes of the Sun Throne.

Their former leader was a man who called himself Rysus. He died during the events of The Rone Resurgence, poisoned by a substance provided by Praxopius.

The current leader (as of 5120) is a masked woman whose identity is not known but who calls herself "Mother." It is presumed that Mother is well-known in and around the Landing and would be recognized if her face was seen. Many adventurers believe her to be Alendrial DeArchon, but so far there is no evidence to prove or disprove this theory.

Their symbol is of a red outline of a rook.