Timeline - Imperial Northern Aggression

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Imperial Northern Aggresion Timeline

Author: Dendum

"The Empire's greatest lie is that the north needs it for protection. What in all the north presents a sliver of the danger that empire has posed over the years? When darkness does come, in the form of Krolvin, where is the empire? Truly the only thing the empire needs to do to protect the north...is go away and keep its wayward kind down south with it."

Dendum (5123)

A timeline of imperial aggression in the north. Compiled and presented by the Black Thorns.

A True and Accurate History of the Northern Aggresions by the Turamzyrr Empire

From the death of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles to the present day

Legend Notes: An event is considered related to the Turamzyrr government if they directly ordered it, trained the individual responsible, or it was done using empire equipment.

The Coming of the Arcane Eye to formation of the Hendoran Outpost

Date Government Related Event Destruction
5102-5103 Y Siege of Wehnimer's Landing by Baron Hochstib. Vornavis, having been at war with Baron Hoschtib for six years at this points, sends forces north and assists the Landing.
Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles is killed
The leaders of the Parkshnuum Clan issued a statement regarding the death of the Empress Mynal'lyanna. The statement condemned regicide as a whole, but condemned the choices of Mynal'lyanna's rule as well. In part, the statement read, "While the murder of any legitimate ruler is an undeniable crime, the legitimacy of a ruler who permits and encourages the enslavement, degradation, and murder of a free people must be questioned. Her successor should learn from this example and be more intelligent in his actions. When no mercy has been offered, no mercy can be expected. We do not condone regicide, but Mynal'lyanna's death can only serve as a lesson to the rest of the world." The Parkshnuum dwarves are known to be particularly bitter toward the Turamzzyrian Empire due to the actions of Baron Hochstib of Jantalar, who enslaved the dwarves living in the province of Talador and killed hundreds of their number in 5094 as a show of his power
5110 Y A Former Ivory Thorn, Assassins from the Turamzyrr Empire, arrives in the landing and slaughters the militia who try and arrest him. The Assassin, Thrayzar, escapes A small group of militia members
5110 N A Rogue faction of mages from the empire, the Arcane Eye, begin to attack the landing. Property Destruction
5110-10 N Red Portals are opened above the city releasing golemns onto the town Property Destruction
5110-11 Y Former Magistar Raznel, now with the Arcane Eye, begins to attack the landing. Using plague magic she infects much of the town until it develops counter measures Disease, Death, Property Destruction
5111-3 N The Arcane Eye is having a civil war as two mages within the organization use the landing to wage war against each other. One faction sends a woman to attack the town, the woman kills a good number of the militia.
Despite dealing with their own attacks the landing offered aid to Mestanir and defended it from attacks
Dead militia
5111-5 Y Dragnell, a former imperial assasin and member of the Ivory Thorns, is freed and begins attacking the landing.
The Arcane Eye launches attacks killing council members and dozens and dozens of militia members
Later in the month Dragnell would use catapults and gryphons to murder landing citizens
Dead Militia, Dead Citizens
5111-6 Y Dragnell continues to attack the landing but is captured late in the month
The Arcane Eye summons Vathors killing many civilians
Dead Citizens
5111-12 N The Mayor of the landing is given a cursed piece of armor by a member of the Arcane Eye.
The Arcane Eye continues its civil war in the town of the landing
Property Destruction, Civilian Death
5113 Y The Brotherhood of Rooks formed, they seek their leader the Imperial Assasin Dragnell.
5113-12 Both Adventurer's from the landing are tricked into attacking a fort filled with innocent goblins who were landing allies, This attack was orchestrated by the Arcane Eye
The Rooks, under the command of former Imperial Assasin Dragnell attack a shipment of weapons being moved from the Landing to Icemule
The empire dispatches an inquisitor with a harsh reputation to the landing to investigate arms shipments to the Krolvin
Death of Allies
Property Destruction
Civilian Death
5114-1 Y Lord Inquisitor Rinhale captures, questions, and torturers a local adventurer for information
Rinhale is later killed while investigating two imperials from Idolone the De'archons.
Imperial Knights from Iodolone threaten the town but withdraw under superior numbers
5114-2 N The Landing is invited to the coronation of the Baron of Talador
The Mayor of the landing, under the influence of a mage from Mestanir by way of magical armor, learns of the death of the Baron and replaces him with a shapeshifter
The shapeshifter is killed during the coronation and Talador lays blame on the landing. Estoria, still angry over the death of the Inquisitor, declares it will aid Talador in its quest for vengeance
Peace with Neighbors
5114-3 Y The Landing prepares for an invasion from Talador
Baron Malwind Vornavis refuses to aid the landing during the invasion
Emperor Aurmont Anodheles of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Ruler of the Sun Throne, commanded Estoria to refocus their naval efforts on the growing krolvin threat in the western sea, but as a matter of appeasement approved of a small detachment of ships to remain on course for Wehnimer's Landing.
Earl Jovery refuses to stop Talador from invading
Two hundred civilians were evacuated to Icemule to avoid the coming Imperial invasion
The kobolds agreed to join with the landing defense against Talador
5114-4 Y The Taladorian army launched a major offensive against Wehnimer's Landing, hurling boulders and arrow volleys into the town, slaughtering adventurers and townspeople alike
One evening Taladorian forces rushed the gates with ballistae and rams, and Sir Davard set upon the orchard behind Moot Hall, where he cut down dozens of clerics and priests and the recently resurrected.
Sir Davard launched a massive attack on Wehnimer's Landing and setup a blockade on the Glatoph, preventing those in Icemule from easily returning to defend. Wehnimer's suffered great causalities
Massive Civilian Deaths
Massive Property Destruction
5114-5 Y Minions of the witch Raznel begin to attack Wehnimer's Landing. Deathworms and maggots burrow up from the ground, while the Landing's dead militiamen rise up and attack adventurers. Ghost wolves and other undead assault the town as well, and on numerous occasions magic is temporarily nullified in the streets of the town, making fighting off the invaders incredibly challenging.
Sir Davard launches a massive attack on Wehnimer's Landing, with Taladorian forces hitting hard and driving deep into the town. The Taladorians forces are split, dividing their attacks against the House of Phoenix, where innocent town refugees hid, and at the Wellington Home, the town's orphanage. Groups of adventurers rally at each location, sweating, bleeding and dying as they fight to defend the town and its innocent people. During the hours of battle, the Taladorians get the upper hand a few times, once even invading House Phoenix and setting it on fire, killing a number of the townspeople who were hidden inside.
The Owl Companion of Dendum is killed by one of the Taladorian Siege Weapons
Davard is captured by the landing
The Massive blood, by landing adventurers, civilians, and Taladorians is used to fuel the transformation of Walkar into a walking abomination...the true plan of the Arcane Eye
Massive Civilian Death
Massive Property Destruction
One Owl.
5114-7 NA Despite the massive damage they have suffered at the hands of the empire the landing votes to provide aid to the besieged regions and adventurers pour south to defend critical areas in the DragonSpine Mountains, Mestanir, Idolone and the Demonwall.
Elithain Cross, a mage from Mestanir arrived in Wehnimer's Landing and admitted that he was the force behind uniting the enemies of the Turamzzyrian Empire, such as the krolvin, monster hordes, demons and undead and launching a massive war against the human lands in an attempt to overthrow the rulers and reform the nation. He claimed he would do away with the restrictions in place by the Hall of Mages and abolish Chaston's Edict, which places humans higher than non-humans. He said in the coming says he would return and accept any and all to his case, to his war for a better future.
Elithain Cross returned to Wehnimer's Landing to hear the town's answer to his invitation. A majority of the adventurers and townspeople openly opposed Cross. Upon his rejection, Cross lashed out at Wehnimer's Landing. Townspeople became possessed and turned on each other, as commoners were cut down in the streets, and even krolvin appeared on Darkstone Bay and attacked the town.
5114-8 N Stephos De'Archon, a merchant from Iodolone, is found to have been arming the Krolvin and helping Dragnell, former Imperial Assassin, by funding the Rooks
5115 - later months Y Despite the unrest being caused almost entirely by elements from the empire, or officials and former officials from within the Empire. Sir Thadston is sent to the Landing to form an outpost filled with Hendoran soldiers to keep an eye on the Landing
Elements of the Empire attack the Rooks under the landing. It did not take long before the fighting spilled out into the streets and environs, with thugs and bandits attacking the town gates and even the Hendoran outpost. Additional accounts soon trickled in during the fighting, that imperial elements had killed young children inside of the Rook nests, some arguing it away as the Rooks using children as shields and propaganda, and others insisting it is just more evidence of imperials and their allies overstepping reach and butcher way
The following night, the gypsy fortuneteller shared visions of dozens of homes in North Hendor being ransacked, the women and children inside being bound and burned alive. These attacks occurred in various locations in the farmlands outside of Lolle, and inside the very city itself. The fortuneteller’s visions claimed the attackers were as dark as shadows, their coin-shaped eyes like moonlight. It was learned that the victims in North Hendor were the families of dozens of soldiers stationed at the imperial outpost outside of Wehnimer’s Landing.
Property Damage

After the Outpost & The Coming of Chaston

Date Government Related Event Destruction
5116-6 Y Prelate Chaston celebrated the completion of a new temple to Koar in Talador.
5116-7 Y Prelate Chaston Griffin forced 8 sisters of Ivas to confess against their will and then assassinated them in Chaston's temple in Talador on Feastday evening. Many followers of Ivas beheld the terrifying scene in visions. The Ivasian women were terrorized and slaughtered at the altar in Chaston's Temple by Disean with Chaston in attendance. Word reaches the Landing
The altar at Ronan's Shrine of Dreams was destroyed and replaced by Blood Marble by a company of white-robed individuals...later learned to be in the employ of the imperial prelate and called The Blameless
One Shrine
5116-8 Y The Prelate brings chained captives to his temple in Talador again. Those present Friday night at the Shrine of Heroes watched the visions of faithful believers and servants of Kai and V'Tull tortured and then forced to kill themselves.
The Blameless march toward the landing, a standoff is ended when one side fires on the other. Eventually the Rooks join in the defense of the North and the Blameless are killed, some retreat
Chaston speaks in front of the landing: "We have been tasked by the King of the Arkati to restore glory to our Empire and purity to our people. Darkness grows rampant in the pockets of our lands, and many walk among us as abominations. Half-elves, half-krolvin, they are atrocities to the righteous bloodline, blessed by Koar."
"Those who pray to the black spirits of Lornon are our enemies. Those who taint the blood of Koar's children are our enemies. This is a matter of both the heart, and the flesh. We cannot be strong in one, and weak in the other. We must see both purified and made whole. The alternative is weakness, and falling short of the grace of Koar."
"So you see, throughout history Koar has guided our great Church, Empire, and People. Our future shall be no different."

Bloodied Crusaders spotted slinking out of the Landing near River's Ramble. At the end of the trail of blood, bloody half-elf corpses found in the wine shop cellar.
Multiple Half-Elves and an Eorgina follower murdered in the Landing
The Landing offers refuge to Half-Elves in the empire as they start to be threatened by the Prelate and his forces and the large number they have influenced.
Chaston's Forces attack Ivas Temple in Vipershroud. Adventurers help Ivasian priestesses defend their home|| Half-Elves

5116-9 Y Members of the Imperial Inquisition show up at the landing demanding entrance. They are denied
The Inquisition continues its work and there are some number of dead bodies found in the landing
A disease is released on any half-blooded human
Some Rooks
5116-10 Y Dragnell, former Imperial Assasin, and the Blameless attack the landing. The battle is fierce and that imperial attackers manage to barricade themselves in a portion of the town.
Emperor Aurmont Anodheles of the Turamzzyrian Empire finally condemns the actions of the Prelate and claims authority over the church.
"Cleaning Camps" are built inside areas of the landing held by the Prelate's forces.
Half-Elven prisoners are brought to the landing and the "Cleaning Camps". It would later be learned these were Death Camps. The half-elves were bled to death and the bodies burned.
The Landing invaded the Death Camps in their city and burned them to the ground
Half Elves
Property Damage
Citizens Killed
5116-11 Y Empire wars with itself
Despite the damage to their own town the landing lends aid in attacking Talador and bringing an end to the madness of Prelate Chaston
The Empire's Internal War ended with the death of Dragnell and Chaston and the destruction of Talador
The landing avoided most of the destruction this month
5117-1 Y Grand Magister Dennet arrives in the landing
5117-6 Y The Rooks blame the Grand Magistar for missing citizens and attack the Hendoran Outpost he used as a base.
Strange magical creations are released on the Rook and follow them as they flee back into town.
Propert Damage
Dead Citizens
5117-11 Y Word comes from another Magistar with the Hall of Mages that Dennet is an outcast and demands he be turned over
Dennet denies this and says the other Magistar, Octavean, is the rogue.
The Landing prepares for more attacks involving the Empire
5117-12 Y Magistar Octavean attacks the outpost to retrieve Dennet and stop his experiments
Portals open all throughout and outside of the Landing, besieging the town with--among other things--steam elementals, water elementals, fire elementals, lightning elementals, frost arachnids, hawk-owls, frost golems, steel golems, blue crystal golems, vapor hounds, constructs, and fire beings. Octaven's attack intensifies with patches of darkness around town and a slowing effect that makes movement difficult. Battle continues throughout the entire night to close the portals.
Octaven's forces make their way to the outpost as icy fog rolls in, discharging lightning. Initial lightning strikes are deflected by Dennet's wards, but eventually the lightning begins piercing the shields--with a bolt hitting Sir Thadston, whose skin melts away to reveal a now-defunct black mein golem. Seeing this, many Hendorans march back, angry at Dennet.
Dennet seals off the outpost sanctuary with Landing townspeople and Bristenn buried inside
It is revealed that Dennet was trying to restore his wife and start over with her by means of magic rituals.
Dennet is killed and Grand Magister Octaven contacts the Landing to extend gratitude for thwarting Dennet Kestrel. She says the conflict between them and the Hall of Mages need not continue, as they'll allow Rodnay to remain within the region and offer financial reparations for damages caused by either of the two Grand Magisters.
Property Damage
Injured Civilians
5119-11 Y Former Magistar and long time landing foe Raznel attacks the landing
Magistar Octavean sends aid to the landing in the form of Golemns
The landing eventually kills Razenl after enduring a number of magical attacks
Property Damage
Civilian Damage
5120-5 Y Magistar Vlashandra comes to the landing asking for aid in recovering the spirit of an old ally of the landing from the Bleaklands
Fleshwork Golemsn Attack the City
It is revealed that Vlashandra tricked the landing, was behind the Flesh Golemns, and her primary mission was the resurrection of Barnon Slim a Lich
Citizen Death
Property Destruction
5121-8 N A group of mercenaries set out from Brisker's Cove and attack the landing
Rooks join the town defense
Citizen Deaths
Property Destruction
Several Trees
Several Rooks killed
Several Ships
Half the Docks

The Dark Stone Barony Invasion

Date Government Related Event Destruction
5122-11 Y The Turamzyr Empire declared that it will form a new Barony of Darkstone "The new lands will reach to many edges of the Locksmehr River, and far west to Darkstone Bay. Such landmarks included within the new region will be the Graendlor Pasture, the mountainous ranges of Wehntoph, Sentoph, Zelatoph, and Thanatoph along with Melgorehn's Reach and Darkstone Castle." there is some confusion in the north about the extent of this new Barony but later clarifications says it comes all the way up to the Locksmehr River.
Some locals express concern
Elidal Dhenin is declared the new Baron and ruler of the Barony of Darkstone. He has no known qualifications
Colonist begin to arrive in the north.
Loss of land
5122 -12 Y Local tribes rise up against the Empire's perceived invasion
A large number of attacks are directed at the landing
The landing suffers attacks from siege weapons, some fires are started, some screaming balls of living humans are also launched into the town
At the same time Captain Bodohal of the Bluewater Bridage, who is running criminal activities on the side, fires on several boats near the landing killing many
Dozens of Dead Fishermen
Property Damage
Loss of Land
5123 -01 Y The Empire starts construction of another fortification near the landing.
Local forces continue to attack the Landing out of anger
Dhenin demands that the landing tap down on resistance talk
Northern Sentinel Jovery releases the most constrictive interpretation of the Landing's Status in the eyes of the human empire to date.
Property Damage
Civilian Death
Loss of trading Autonomy
Loss of internal regulation autonomy
Loss of foreign relations autonomy
Loss of protection from extradition
5123 - 05 Y Sir Thadston, current mayor and former Knight, is given information from Elidal and attacks a meeting of the Rooks with the aid of imperial soldiers...hanging all in attendance
A broken door
Injured Citizens
5123 - 06 Y The empire attacks during a parley between the several members of the landing government and a local tribe of humans.
Local adventurer's try and stop Sablo, the leader of the local armies and a man known as The Monster by his own troops, from kidnapping the representative of the local human tribe.
5123 - 09 Y A member of an imperial criminal organization attacks the landing with an advanced imperial warship he purchased from Amos, a merchant from the empire.
The ship is equiped with Pylons and Golemns to fire the Pylons
The Rooks attempt to slow the ship and adventurers board it and sink it but not before it kills civilians, burns part of the city, and turns a mother holding her son to ash in front of the child
Property Damage
Dead Civilians
5123 -11 Y A member of the local imperial warlord's family is charged with the firing of a magical super weapon into a northern village, leading to its complete annihilation
In a stunning example of imperial nepotism and justice the punishment for the crime of mass murder is community service.
Some argue the imperial use of weapons of mass destruction is the most effective means of dealing with populations that threaten the empire.
One Village
5124-04 Y A local village of Krolvin, having been offered sanctuary by the government of the Landing after their homeland fell, is destroyed by a rogue magistar.
The Empire garrisons more troops in and around the Landing
During a series of attacks a local imperial outpost redirects enemies from their own walls towards the landing.
One Village
Property Damage.