Clentaran's Clerical Supply

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Clentaran's Clerical Supply is the cleric shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located outside the Garden of Ancients in a limestone-clad cottage on Shimaerslin Wey. Clentaran's Clerical Supply takes the trading skill into account when determining prices.

[Clentaran's Clerical Supply]
The golden statue of a stately drake dominates the room. Crouched on all fours, the drake's long neck curves like a wave to leave the beast's head looking down over the room. Elaborately formed candlestick holders rise up to each side of the drake's head, their candles burning near the eyes. A tall counter runs the length of the room opposite the statue. You also see the merchant Clentaran and a sign.


Item Price Information
a candle votive 20 Used in a quest for the Order of Voln
a crystal drake pendant 1000 2 lbs, neck worn
a string of meditation beads 350 2 lbs, neck worn
a red-tipped white candle 3500
a rough grey crystal 10000 Contains Bless (304)
a white-striped green candle 3500
a black-striped white candle 3500
some pure-white incense 3500
a white flask 1500 Contains Preservation (305)
a gleaming steel troll-claw 1200 3 lbs, brawling weapon
a red-tinged polished steel flamberge 1600 10 lbs, THW
a drake-etched steel voulge 1600 9 lbs, polearm; modified jeddart-axe
a bright steel holy water sprinkler 1400 7 lbs, blunt; modified morning star
a white-tipped sarissa 1400 14 lbs, polearm; modified lance
a highly polished longsword 1400 5 lbs, OHE
a bundle of bone-shafted arrows 50 arrows
a bundle of slender ivory bolts 45 light crossbow bolts
Backroom inventory
Item Price Information
a white ora tiger-claw 10750 <2 lbs, brawling weapon
a white ora doloire 39000 10 lbs, THW: modified battle axe
a white ora binnol 26500 10 lbs, blunt; modified ball and chain
a gold-pommeled white ora broadsword 26500 5 lbs, OHE
a glaes-studded white ora mace 24250 8 lbs, blunt
a white ora spetum 44500 9 lbs, polearm; modified awl-pike
a white ora dagger 5000 <2 lbs, OHE
a white ora tabar 50000 8 lbs, THW; modified battle axe
a pure potion 12500 Blesses weapons or casts Bravery (211) or Heroism (215)


He looks as though business has been prosperous for him.

Ta'Vaalor New Player Jobs

Clentaran will purchase lockpicks from low-level characters, giving them both experience and silvers. He will take both copper and steel lockpicks, broken or non broken.