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Cylnthia Kythnis
Cylnthia as Paladin.jpg
Cylnthia as a Paladin
Race Elf
Culture Ardenai
Class Paladin
Profession Paragon of Kuon
Affiliation(s) House Sylvanfair
Disposition Easygoing
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Helpful
Flaw Short on energy
Greatest Strength Helpfulness
Greatest Weakness Low energy, needs lots of sleep
Habits Sleeping, killing bandits, sleeping more
Hobbies Sleeping, foraging, keeping the environs safe
Likes Forests, rolaren, Sylvanfairies
Dislikes Illoke elders, snow
Fears Losing Sylvanfair
Loyalties Ta'Ardenai, River's Rest, House Sylvanfair
Best Friend Mingxia Jayonas

Cylnthia Kythnis is an Ardenai Elf Paladin, who considers River's Rest, Ta'Ardenai, and House Sylvanfair all home.

She is a member, and the Rose Guardian, of the CHE House Sylvanfair.

Cylnthia started her adventuring career as a bard, but shortly there-after left the barding world to be a warrior. She was later called by Kuon to be one of his paladins on Lornon's Eve of 5107. Being a paladin, Cylnthia has been equipped with much better skills to help people, as she's always wanted to do, compared to her days as a warrior.

Cylnthia, while residing in River's Rest, can be found relaxing in the Town Commons, or at a table while checking her eyelids for holes. When outside of River's Rest, she normally resides in Wehnimer's Landing, at Sylvanfair's tree or in Town Square Central. She's always willing to provide paladin services, including providing spells from the Minor Spiritual or Paladin circles, rescuing people from places she can reach safely, or (as a paladin of Kuon should be able to do) forage for things. Having been trained from a young age, she's also a master of fletching, and is willing to barter for those services as need be.

Cylnthia visited her trainer for the one-hundreth, and final, time, on Jastatos 2, 5118.

As of Imaerasta of 5119, Cylnthia has one daughter, who resides with her.


You see Rose Guardian Cylnthia Kythnis Ardenai.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall in stature. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has twinkling, gold-flecked forest green eyes and sun-kissed, unblemished skin. She has long, wavy cherry red hair lifted into a tumble of finger-teased curls set by several dusky rolaren hairpins with clusters of gilt viridian star emerald rose blooms. She has a narrow scar above her right eyebrow. The soft veil of her hair almost obscures her long, graceful ears, which are half-hidden amidst the curls. She has a small emerald green spider on her shoulder.
She has a set of gold rings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a golden leaf tattoo on her neck, and some warmly inked harvest-hued vines on her leg.
She is wearing an intricate rolaren circlet, a cedar-inset gold leaf symbol, a flowing black Ardenai silk cloak, a leaf-crested rolaren weapon harness, a topaz-clasped black leather backsack, a gleaming rolaren cuirass, a gold-braided rolaren bangle, a leaf-etched rolaren bracelet, an etched gold signet ring, a supple chestnut leather skirt, and some black leather boots.

Significant Items

an intricate rolaren circlet
This circlet is a labyrinthine set of multiple veins of variegated rolaren. Set amongst the smaller spaces between the veins are fusions of emeralds and golden topazes, each carved to resemble the various herbs found in the Elven lands. Seated prominently at the center of the circlet is a larger, more orbicular emerald and golden topaz fusion. Within its ovoid walls, a pair of crossed silver falchions sit beneath a gleaming crimson wyvern curling protectively around a resplendent green oak leaf.
In the Elven language, it reads: Our roots run as deep as our honor, pride, and glory.

a gold-braided rolaren bangle
Masterfully wrought, bright white gold is used to fill a loosely braided pattern etched around the rolaren of this bangle. Set prominently into one of the twists is a gleaming golden topaz, surrounded by a shallow circular channel. Engraved within the topaz is a pair of crossed silver falchions sitting below an emerald-hued oak leaf. A short script marked on the inside of the bangle is enclosed on both sides by small crimson wyverns encircling emerald oak leaves. The bangle bears a small circular slot fitted with an enruned gold ring.
In the Elven language, it reads: "Our roots run as deep as our honor, pride, and glory."

a leaf-etched rolaren bracelet
You see your bracelet. Miniature golden herbs sprout from a pair of deep green entwined vines which encircle this bracelet. Each herb has been etched in fine detail, making it possible to recognize a wide variety of flora, many represented in multiple stages of life. Nestled between the vines on one side of the bracelet is a large, sparkling golden topaz engraved with a green oak leaf. A simple golden leaf marks either end of a short elven script written around the inside of the bracelet.
In the Elven language, it reads: "May the gardens always grow."

an etched gold signet ring
Set into a frame of gold, the signet ring has a wide circle that holds half-moon cuts of yellow topaz and crimson blazestar wedded together to form one gem. Engraved into the unified gems, and filled with gold foil, is the design of a tiny-winged wyvern encircling an oak leaf. The phrase "Honor, Pride, and Glory" is engraved upon the outer edge of the blazestar, while upon the outer edge of the topaz is the phrase "Our roots run deep."

a sleek walking stick
Polished to a high sheen, the faewood of this stick is a natural grey. Two opposing spirals hug the length of the wood, one a natural brown and the other an emerald green. Highly detailed golden leaf etchings cascade down the brown, while meticulously etched golden sheaves of grain grow up the green. A bright golden topaz is embraced firmly at the top by the joining of the two spirals. A faint aura of holy light radiates from the stick.