Cylnthia (prime)

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Cylnthia Kythnis
Cylnthia as Paladin.jpg
Cylnthia as a Paladin
Race Elf
Culture Ardenai
Profession Inquisitor of Kuon
Disposition Easygoing
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Helpful
Flaw Short on energy
Greatest Strength Helpfulness
Greatest Weakness Felines
Habits Sleeping, killing bandits
Likes Rolaren, cats, Sylvanfairies
Loyalties Ta'Ardenai, River's Rest, Sylvanfair, OSAS
Best Friend Mingxia Jayonas
Spouse Blastro
Children Tinagra
CHE and MHO Membership
CHE House Sylvanfair
CHE Rank Officer
CHE Position Rose Guardian
MHO Officer Order Of The Sphere And Scythe
Officer Title Sentinal Advisor and Seer
MHO Affiliations Order Of The Sphere And Scythe, Ardenai Temple Knights

Cylnthia Kythnis is an Ardenai Elf Paladin, who considers River's Rest, Ta'Ardenai, and House Sylvanfair all home.

She is a member, and the Rose Guardian, of the CHE House Sylvanfair, as well as being a member, Seer, and Sentinal Advisor, of the MHO Order of the Sphere and Scythe.

Cylnthia started her adventuring career as a bard, but shortly there-after left the barding world to be a warrior. She was later called by Kuon to be one of his paladins on Lornon's Eve of 5107. As such, Cylnthia is equipped with better skills to help people, as she's always wanted to do, compared to her days as a warrior.

Cylnthia, when in River's Rest, can be found relaxing in the Town Commons. When outside of River's Rest, she normally resides in Wehnimer's Landing, at Sylvanfair's tree or in Town Square Central. She's always willing to provide paladin services, including providing spells from the Minor Spiritual or Paladin circles, rescuing people from places she can safely reach, or (as a paladin of Kuon should be able to do) forage for things.

Cylnthia visited her trainer for the one-hundreth, and final, time, on Jastatos 2, 5118.

As of Imaerasta of 5119, Cylnthia has one daughter, who resides with her. In Imaerasta of 5120, Cylnthia made good on a family vow when she finally married her long betrothed, Blastro.

Cylnthia's current favorite pasttimes includes hunting bandits (especially in and around the environs of Solhaven), finding/collecting legendary spirit beasts, and sailing the open seas on her sloop, the Faithful Triton.

Heart-ardenai.png Kuon Symbol.png


You see Rose Guardian Cylnthia Kythnis Ardenai the Spiritmaster.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall in stature. She appears to be advanced in years. She has twinkling, gold-flecked forest green eyes and sun-kissed, unblemished skin. She has long, wavy cherry red hair bound into a complex weave of braids and secured by several dusky rolaren hairpins with clusters of gilt celadon star emerald rose blooms. Her long, graceful ears are partially hidden by wayward strands of her hair. She has a small deep green spider on her shoulder.
She has a set of gold rings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a rolaren coil in her right eyebrow, a golden leaf tattoo on her neck, and some warmly inked harvest-hued vines on her leg.
Miniature golden leaves spiral outward from her before fading away.
She is wearing a gold leaf symbol, a floor-length woolen robe, a rustic woolen ruhan, a leaf-etched slender faenor ring traced with copper, some slim black leather trousers, and some black leather boots.

Significant Items

a gold leaf symbol
Delicately encircled with rolaren, the symbol's tiny, intricate engravings depict Kuon kneeling in the midst of a garden, its herbs and plants in various stages of growth.

a rustic woolen ruhan
Fashioned from a single, long length of woodland camouflaged wool, this garment drapes to the knees. A head-sized opening in the center is enveloped with leaf-patterned dark forest green silk, while the wool's edges are hemmed with exquisitely thin threads of rolaren. A small, round patch of deep golden suede sits just below the rear neckline, and is stitched with a a pair of crossed silver falchions beneath a crimson wyvern curled protectively around a an emerald oak leaf.