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Mnemonic [divert]
Activating Verb CMAN
Category Rogue Guild
Type Setup
Roundtime 2s
Stamina Cost 7
Attributes Hostile
Available To Rogues
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 6


From hiding, you attempt to divert your foe's attention, luring them to an adjacent room.


CMAN DIVERT {creature} - Lure a foe to a random adjacent room.
CMAN DIVERT {creature} [direction] - Lure a foe to {direction}.
  • [direction] may be omitted to attempt to divert to a room with no other targets.
  • SNEAK may also be specified to attempt to sneak after the target.
Applies Staggered for (3 + (Success Margin / 15)) seconds.

Additional Information

Divert is a combat maneuver available to rogues that allows the user to cause a diversion while hidden or invisible, tricking a creature opponent into leaving the room. The user can either divert the opponent in a specific direction, or lure the opponent to a random adjacent room.

An Influence (INF) bonus is directly added to the attack roll and both forest and burghal gnomes receive a bonus for being good ventriloquists. For example, an INF bonus of 10 and an endroll of 135 means that 10 of that endroll was from INF. If INF bonus was 15, all-else-equal, that endroll would be 140.

A 101 endroll will send the target away. Higher endrolls result in longer roundtime.

If the rogue fails the maneuver badly, they may fall out of hiding. Failing by a typical margin will not drop hiding, but it will make successive attempts to Divert the same target harder for a period of time (since it's just not buying the ruse).

Divert will not work against other player characters. Divert is not stance dependent.

Divert is granted to Rogues for free upon mastering Rogue Gambits through the Rogue Guild.


H>cman divert magus
[Roll result: 167 (open d100: 39) Bonus: 21]
You throw your voice behind a triton magus and the magus's attention is diverted by the noise!
A triton magus strides southeast, a wary look on its face.
Roundtime: 2 sec.
H>cman div diss st
[Roll result: 171 (open d100: 70) Penalties: 2]
You throw your voice behind a triton dissembler and the dissembler's attention is diverted by the noise!
A triton dissembler just went down a carved marble staircase leading to the submerged dais.
Roundtime: 2 sec.

When attempting to Divert a player character (this is a creature-only maneuver):

Maybe you should try to divert SomeRanger in a different fashion.