Dock Diving

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Dock Diving is yet another deadly game enjoyed around River's Rest. Similar to Bridge Jumping, no special components or spell casters are required to play this game, unlike Dodge the Void, the Gem of Fate and the Turban of Death. A difference of this game is players take turns and must leap off the dock themselves, providing the illusion of control. This game has become a recent favorite of Beacon Hall Archive since 5119.

How to play

Dock diving is perhaps the simplest of all games, as nothing at all is required (not even the inability to operate the Citadel drawbridge). Players gather on the River Dock in The Warren and, once they are ready, go into the river. Adventurer's often take turns, but this is hardly necessary. Alive or dead, they will end up in the North Fork of the Tempest River. Any survivors should return and leap off the dock again, until there is a single winner.

OOC Warnings

If leading a game of Dock Diving, make certain all participants understand that they may die during the course of game play or you may be in violation of TOS.

In modern times, honest empaths and clerics are allowed to heal and raise players, particularly in the case of scheduled events. This allowance was previously banned from abuse, so please apply your best judgement. Playing this game is not an excuse to maim people nor an excuse to heal them as an "incidental" consequence. However, whether you play or do not play deadly games, it is permitted to help people playing scheduled events to the best of your abilities.


For anyone too meek to try it themselves, below is an example of a less successful dock dive:

[The Warren, River Dock]
Jutting out into the Tempest River, the dock is built of mainly uneven planks of wood. Several kingfishers sits atop mooring posts, watching the expanse of the swiftly moving river for possible meals. Silently, river craft with large white sails proceed past the dock, returning from or setting off on business ventures.
Obvious paths: out
Astru followed.
>go river

You step off the dock, landing in the river with a splash!
[River's Rest, Tempest River]
The violent force of the current carries you forward, as the banks of the river swiftly pass by to the right and left. The cold river water surrounds you with floatsam in the form of leaves, twigs, and the occassional clumsy rolton. You also see some muck.
Obvious paths: none

The banks of the river fly swiftly by as the fast current carries you down river, while objects in the water nearby pass dangerously close.

>go muck

You take a few steps towards some muck.

The banks of the river fly swiftly by as the fast current carries you down river, while objects in the water nearby pass dangerously close.

>swim muck

You swim toward some muck.

>Stationary and slower moving objects fly by you as the current slings you downriver. Up ahead, you notice the river widens and on the left bank, a large stone structure overlooking the river. The ride in the river seems nearly over when you notice a swiftly growing shadow in the corner of the eye. You have only a moment to admire the craftsmanship of the boat as it slams into you, crushing the life from your body!
The deep blue glow leaves you.
Deep blue motes swirl away from you and fade.
You notice your blood flow go back to normal.
The air calms down around you.
You return to normal color.
The bright luminescence fades from around you.
The white light leaves you.
The very powerful look leaves you.
The light blue glow leaves you.
The silvery luminescence fades from around you.
A dark shadow seems to detach itself from your body, swiftly dissipating into the air.
The powerful look leaves you.
The air about you stops shimmering.
The brilliant luminescence fades from around you.
You lose your extra internal fortitude.
The misty halo fades from you.

It seems you have died, my friend. Although you cannot do anything, you are keenly aware of what is going on around you...

You mentally give a sigh of relief as you remember that the Goddess Lorminstra owes you a favor.

...departing in 16 mins...
DEAD>The current of the river slows dramatically as it widens and enters the mouth of a large bay.
[Tempest River, North Fork]
A floating dock on the south bank creates a peaceful eddy between the river current pushing from the west and the current from the waves of Maelstrom Bay to the west. Despite the sunlight winking on the small whitecaps, the sandy bottom of the river is visible. High cliffs line the far bank. The river widens to the west as it moves into the mouth of Maelstrom Bay. To the east the current is too powerful and swift to swim against. The dock leads to the veranda of the Stone Eye Inn.
Obvious paths: west

Though, a proper dock dive is done as follows:

>jump dock
You make a perfect dive into the river, slicing into the water with barely a ripple.