Ebon Gate 2017 Buyer's Guide

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People contributed their favorite finds at Ebon Gate 2017 shops to the TownCrier Buyer's Guide. Here's how the recommendations stacked up:

Label/Tag Shop Review
UAC LOVE Fantabulous The UAC scripts on the flaring or non flaring 4x boots at Fantabulous are incredible. Get them unlocked by Gizwizit during Merchant Week.
SORCERER'S BOON Professional Courtesy Goat recommends the +3 demonology bonus from ebon a serpent skin staff harness -it's on an inventory slot where enhancives are hard to come by. Sorcerers, look at the Professional Courtesy tent for it. (It was sold out quickly.)
A LIL CLIMATE MAGIC Climate Change There's a pin-worn weathered waistcoat trimmed with pelican feathers in Climate Change that Saeverik suggests is worth a look. It'll need unlocking to become fully ... climate-y.
ACUTE AUGURY Third Eye Rovvigen is glad to see that Seers have a new divining method, the Eviscerating Knife, to use as a divination tool. It is an amazing role play prop that brings a whole new twist on the darker side of divination. Seeing it in action and the detail behind the knives is purely creative. Look for it at the Third Eye.
BERRY BERRY SWEET B. Witching You might just get a few extra hugs and kisses if you smell like cake and strawberries--because who doesn't like sweets? Look for a fluted mithglin flask inlaid with bands of aquamarine at B.Witching's perfumery.
FORGING FASHION Broken Forge Leafiara found a blue forging apron embroidered with forging glyphs at the Broken Forge. She likes it because it is lighter than the aprons at your local forge, more stylish, and even has pockets!
PUNCHING POWER Glass Slipper Heads up, cobblers! There's an ivory-inlaid steel punch at The Glass Slipper, and there's nothing like being able to add an extra personal touch to shoes you make. If you can only get one, this is the only punch that will work with every type of shoe, but Leafiara recommends them all! Maybe even a few extras in case your friends take up cobbling between now and next year's Ebon Gate, right?
COVER LESS Island Finery Island finery has a sleeveless grey velvet tunic banded with onyx silk that is an armor concealer. Other armor concealers have been common enough in the past, but torso-only armor concealers seem to be new to this Ebon Gate! Now you can have a sleeveless look while still hiding that armor away.
THE WRITE BOX Signed, Sealed, Delivered There are lovely stationery boxes to help you store more paper so you can write Thrakmas cards in two months while still saving valuable locker space. If you missed these from the Midsummer Festival, don't miss them again!
BLACKSMITH BONANZA Broken Forge Though lances are among the most powerful weapon types in Elanthia, the glyphs for player blacksmiths to forge them are only available at rare events like Ebon Gate. Stock up on the gold lance head-glyphs, gold lance shaft-glyphs, and the maul glyphs at The Broken Forge while you can!
FASHION WRAPS Wrap Yourself The gowns in Wrap Yourself are Bound for Fashion type wraps and seem to work with the corsets, cinchers, and belts sold there to adorn the garments according to your mood. Naamit suggests you read carefully over the syntax to use them at the wiki to save yourself some frustration: Bound for Fashion
HAIR FEATHERS FTW Henphelia's Love Shack Lady Treeva votes these fashion hair accessories at Henphelia's Love Shack (The Ramshackle Hen House) as a MUST BUY. The hair style options are new designs and there is a large assortment of feathery items to tickle your fancy. Plus, I hear chicken feathers are going to be all the rage this season. She'll be around several times for unlocking, or you can win an unlocking certificate in the games, too.
GEM JARS Baubles of the Sea Many of the beautiful sea glass jars at Baubles of the Sea will hold 50 or 100 gems. Look on the pedestal for them. The price tells you which are the largest ones. There aren't many times a year when you can buy these larger jars for your gems. Luxelle says she's stocking up for the year.
STEAMPUNK TECH Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esq The Gem-Eater Eisenrucks at Chisel, Peen, and Chamfer, Esq. are delightful containers even without their amazing extra boons when unlocked. Gem-eater Eisenruck
SHINY! Carved in Stone Qadheon says the Lapidary Boxes at Carved In Stone are "super awesome!" You can customize two settings from a merchant, and they come with two already. Best of all, they don't break things like gemcutters.
HAT BOXES A Head Above Water Qadheon found the wonderful scripty stoarage boxes at A Head Above Water. "Why? Because it's a box in which you can store your hats. I guess you could put anything in it, but it comes from a hat store." The come with padding for protection and shape preservation, too.
MAD ABOUT MHAD Hattery Qadheon had a great time with Mhad. "This isn't about an item, Mhad is a great salesman and knows the power of a fine hat. He is also able to tailor both hats and accessories for them, in addition to selling many in his shop, The Hattery." No buyer's remorse for this!
DAGGER RITUALS Wrong Turn Tavern Goblyn & Ghule, Enterprises is set up in the Old Tavern and is selling the new ritual daggers. Tsioku raves about them, "They are super cool with tons of scripts for rituals, and they even work wonders on "other" converted clerics, which is pretty uncommon seeming."
FOOT FASHION Glass Slipper Nihrvanah gives high reviews to the Cobbling Plate boxes at the Glass slipper, "What better way to further customize you cobbling creations? This gives people so many options."
ONCE A YEAR Broken Forge Vhaentyr writes in with a BUY for the maul and lance forging glyphs at The Broken Forge. "Stock up since this is usually the only time of year to get them."
REPAIR ALL THE THINGS Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esq Don't miss the Gnomish Repair Toolbelt at Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esq. Barthollomew tells us, "It's a great waist-worn container with nifty repair scripts for ranged weapons!"