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General Information

This year we are introducing the realm of Naidem, the land between where those that have died but are not ready to move on, or the respective deities are not ready to claim them, reside. This will be the new, permanent grounds for the Festival of Ebon Gate.

Evermore Hollow

The village of Evermore Hollow is surrounded by orchards, woods, and a lazy river. The Inner Circle hosts regular town-like shops with everything from an herbalist, an alchemist, a bank, a gemshop, and a pawnshop.

There are five manor houses there:

  • Evermore Hollow Town Hall - This is the seat of government.
  • Gravelsdown Hall - Home of the Trove and much more.
  • Wrencrest Rookery - Home of the Merchant Lounge.
  • Quinton Manse - Home of Unlock Certificates for items not sold at EG.
  • Antiquarian Manor - Home of the Rare Finds.


Evermore Hollow has six neighborhoods that can be visited for ambiance or shopping. They are:

  • Moorlyn - Merchant Shops
  • Winterbriar - Merchant Shops
  • Vigil's End - Merchant Shops
  • Fate's Holding - Merchant Shops
  • Innocent's End - Home of the Live Games
  • Endeltime Estates - Home of Trick-or-Treating

To the North of Evermore Hollow is the Ember Ridge Orchard, which has fruit and nuts that can be harvested from its trees.

To the East of Evermore Hollow is the Bittermere Woods, an enchanted forest of oversized towering mushrooms, and psychedelic wonders, and home to the Herb Hunt where it is rumored that Mandrakes can be found.

To the West of Evermore Hollow is Graveyard Temporalis. Crypts and Mausoleums are surrounded by tombstones, curving pathways, and various haunts. This is also the home of a new quest. Just outside the gates of the graveyard is a portal that leads to the Arena of the Abyss.

Curling along the southern edges of the town, a lazy river called Gleyminn Anni River leads to four different Fishing Areas, where guests can search the haunted waters for the twisted denizens in hopes of winning prizes.

The Breakdown - Games

Trick-or-Treating is returning once again. Entries can be purchased in the Simucoin Store. And the following prizes can be obtained:

  • Candy
  • Invitations to the Eve of Reunion Event (rare)
  • Treasure Trove Tokens
  • Soul Shards
  • Gemstones

Simucoin Cost: 100 per entry

Fishing is returning once again. Entry to the fishing area will be 50 soul shards. The Prizes are:

  • Trinkets and Baubles
  • Gemstones
  • Spell Prep Customizations
  • Spell Customizations
  • NEW Death Announcement Customization
  • Wishing Well Token
  • Soul Shards

Arena of the Abyss is returning once again. Entry will be a Simucoin item. The Prizes are:

  • Green Orbs
  • Bone Rings
  • Fusion Tokens
  • Dried-out Hearts
  • Soul Shards

Simucon Cost: 10 per entry

Herb Hunt is a new game being added. A couple is looking for the rare Toadshade in the Gardens of Bittermere Woods. They are happy to take any herbs that you find there, but the best prizes are the fabled Toadshade, a particularly shy plant that is rumored to be able to get up and walk around. The Prizes are:

  • Gemstones
  • Simucoin Items
  • Soul Shards
  • Mandrake Pet

Simucoin Cost: 100 per entry

Breakdown - Live Services, Merchants, and Games

Once again we will be offering a pass that will give you access to the fun Live Games and all of your favorites are coming back! This year's schedule is:

  • Platinum - Friday, September 30th at 9pm - October 7th at 9pm
  • Prime - Friday October 7th at 9pm - October 14th at 9pm

Look for the Calendar Announcements with greater details on specific times and Game Listing by name, but along with the live games, the Costume Contest will be returning with the addition of a new Cooking Contest.

Raffles and Merchant services will return with the following schedule:

  • Platinum - Friday, October 7th at 9pm - Friday October 14th at 9pm
  • Prime - Friday, October 14th at 9pm - Friday October 21st at 9pm

All Live Games, Raffles, and Merchant Services will be in silvers.

Ghoul will be returning with a special schedule! This, too, will be a silvers purchase only but it will require the Live Games and Services pass.

Here are all of the details for the Ebon Gate Cooking Contest!

Please note: The single service pass gives you access to Live Games, Merchant Services, and Raffles.

Simucoin Cost: 3,000 for the entire event

Back by Popular Demand The Weekend of October 21st, from 9pm on Friday Night through 9am Monday the 24th, no roleplaying events, storylines, games, or merchanting will be taking place.

Eve of Reunion Event

On October 29th, the Eve of Reunion Event returns for Prime, followed by Platinum on October 30th.

Everyone who gets an Invitation will have the opportunity to purchase bone ring charging goo and will get one of the remaining trove items.

Breakdown of Other Offerings

  • The Fusion Shaman will be returning. He may look different, but he will be on the streets of Evermore Hollow.
  • The Enchanter will also be returning to charge your magic items, he too will be wandering the streets of Evermore Hollow.
  • The Return of the Permifier! This will return and will be accepting your soul shards.

And an Old Familiar Face now finds himself haunting Evermore Hollow, offering his unique services for those that can find him wandering the streets.

There will be a means to sell back your various treasure finds (Fusion Tokens, Trove Tokens, Spell Customs, etc) in Gavelsdown Manor. We have moved this to its own room so that guests do not have to go to the Trove and it will always be accessible.

Nestled away in Quinton Manse, the Flarer is back! Flare tokens will now drop in appropriate tiers through Fishing. You can then use your flare token with the Auto Flarer.

Antiquarian Manor will have a unique purchasable item that allows you to house your Rare Materials in it. There will also be an NPC that will turn your unscripted discards into Rare Materials for you.

Offerings at Quinton Manse

Situated in the Inner Ring, Quinton Manse is a multi-floor domicile dedicated to offering a variety of services to visitors.

Western Nook - Auto Flarer - This NPC will be taking your flare tokens and transferring those flares to the item of your choice. The cost is nearly half of what it was on Caligos Isle. He will also have some custom flare certificates on sale at his location.

Eastern Nook - Dabbler - This NPC will be removing properties from your item. Just like the dabbler at Duskruin, this NPC will charge you to have those removed. The cost is the same. He will also have custom flare certificates on sale at his location

Garden - An Old Friend - Without saying too much to ruin the surprise, there is an NPC that will be hanging out in the Quinton Garden that will offer a special service for Soul Shards. This service hasn't been offered in a number of years.

The Parlor - Fusion Shaman - This NPC will accept your fusion tokens and perform the task of creating fusion orbs for you.

The Study - The following unlock certificates will be available off the shelf:

The Sitting Room - The following unlock certificates are available off the shelf:

The Kitchen has

  • Cookies
  • Pastries

Offerings at Antiquary Mansion

Owned by a recluse, Antiquary Mansion is a museum-like abode filled with rare finds. Some of these finds will be available throughout the festival, while others will be rare in nature and have specific opening and closing times for guests to purchase from them.

The Main Halls are filled with curios and display cases. Some of the things you will find there that can be purchased at any time are:

  • Ko'nag
  • Widowwood
  • Storm Agate
  • Dawn Agate
  • Blood Agate
  • Dream Agate
  • Nathala Agate
  • Spectral Agate
  • Sunset Beryl
  • Cinnamon Amber
  • Blue Nathalene
  • Ithaenil
  • Naraina
  • Storm Agita
  • Aura Agita
  • Dusk Agita
  • Dawn Agita
  • Ocean Agita
  • Summit Agita
  • Skyglass
  • Arathiel
  • Vergless
  • Aragless

Down one of the halls, in a special study, An Antiquarian works behind his desk. If you give him your unscripted items that have rare materials in their base description, then he will give you back a piece of rare material.

Example: If you give an unscripted golvern word to the antiquarian, then he will return to you a trade bar of golvern that can only be used as alter fodder.

If you give him a zydris mirror, then he will give you back a branch of zydris.

He also has on his desk a unique item that will let you store up to 20 different types of rare materials and allow them to stack. The Antiquarian's Apparatus is a rare find!

Lastly, there is a sealed room that during certain parts of the festival will be opened so that even rarer materials can be purchased, but they will have limited quantity.

The Garden in Quinton Manse

Hiding away from the prying eyes of Diriko, Sylinaar is the Old Friend that is returning to the scene.

He will be offering the following services:

1. Make an enhancive item that would currently crumble when the last charge is expended not crumble (10,000 soul shards)
2. Increase the total charge pool of an enhancive item by 10 charges or 10%, whichever is greater (4,000 soul shards)
3. Recharge an enhancive item by 10 charges up to the item's maximum (4,000 soul shards)
4. Remove a single enhancive property from an item (10,000 soul shards)
5. Enhancive swapping within these categories: (10,000 soul shards)

A. Strength, Wisdom, or Aura (any one to another)
B. Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, or Discipline (any one to another)
C. Logic, Intuition, or Influence (any one to another)
D. Any Weapons Skill plus Spell Aiming, Except TWC or Multi-Opponent Combat or Combat Maneuvers, (any one to another)
E. Magic Item Use to Arcane Symbols (one to another)
F. Mana Controls - Elemental, Spiritual, Mental (one to another)
G. Any Lores (any one to another)
H. Mana or Stamina Regeneration (any one to another)

Does this service work on Premium Enhancives? Yes

Does this service work for Fusion Orbs? Yes

Does this service allow you to swap Shield or Armor? No

The Bittermere Woods Wishing Well

Tucked away in the Bitteremere Woods, amid the toadstools and flora, is an ancient wishing well. It is rumored to be haunted, but some casually ignore that and toss their special coins into it anyway. Will you dare?

This year, instead of an eel egg being found in Fishing, you will find a ridge-edged painted wooden coin. You can, of course, keep this coin, which can be flipped and spun, gazed at and tickled. But if you dare, you can toss it in the Biteremere Woods wishing well.

Without a doubt you’ll be gifted with a 3x attuned rpa orb. But there is a chance, a pretty good one, that you could become haunted. You have been warned.

Fishing and Attendant Announcement

Attendant at Ebon Gate

Due to the changes in the currency and the sweeping changes I'm about to announce, I need to make sure that everyone is aware that the Attendant that buys back items from fishing will have a price change. This price change is based on multiple factors such as the overall pricing change, the new changes (I'm about to announce) for fishing, and the (new) ease of obtaining these items through fishing, Herb Hunt, and Trick or Treating.


Given the conversation and feedback, we’ve decided to do the following with Fishing:

1) We’ve coded in some checks and balances to reduce fishing weights, drastically, that way everyone can fish.
2) We are not going to sell a Simucoin Pass or ask you to fish for silvers. Instead, we are reverting to 50 soul shards per entry.
3) All spell preps, customs, tokens, etc. can be sold to the Attendant
4) Flare Tokens are moving to the Dungeon Crawl

After a really long discussion, we felt this was the easiest, best way to have fishing work for everyone.

Denizens of Naidem

Join us daily as we reveal more details on the Denizens of Naidem.

Shop List

A. B. Witching
Adorned Endearment
All Dogs Go To Naidem
All Fingers and No Crumbs
Any Way You Wand It
Art of the Drapery, The
Beyond the Graver
Blood Red Hand, The
Both Sides Now
Buckle Up
Burning Desire, A
Cloaked Eclipse, The
Collectors Calamity
Conjured Couture
Cooktop Conundrums (Delayed Opening)
Covert Creatures
Derelict Abbey
Don't Bug Me!
Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shop
Ember Ridge Cider House
Familar Phantom, The (Delayed Opening)
Fiendish Phantomes
Filigree and Whorls
Final Iteration, The
Flasked with a Purpose
Flightless Dragonfly
Four Humours, The
Ghostly Lotus, The
Glisten and Gleam
Gnome Depot, The
Goblin King Dolls
Gouged Heart, The
House of Twilight
Icewild Hall
Illusory Dreams
In the Bag
Innoscents Lost (Delayed Opening)
Ironmonger's Smithy
It's to Pie For
Kreapy's Krawliez
Luck of the Draw
Masqued Intentions
Materials Maketh Man
Moorlyn Cottage
Name of Thrones
Nether and Void
Other Daughter (Delayed Opening)
Pierced Veil
Preserving Breads
Rack 'Em Up
Rodnir's Bait and Tackle
Rub-a-Dub-Dub (Delayed Opening)
Sheets Gone Wild
Smoldereye Lodge
Stay Tuned
Templeton Shor'toes' Sugars
Tippy Toes
Two-Headed Dog, The
Uncouth Wallflower, The
Vamped Vault, The
Wild Flailings
Witch's Garden, The
Witching Flower, The
Witching House, The
Within Harm's Reach

Service Announcement

Services Being Offered

Premade Custom Offerings (50) there is a sign at time of service listing options.
AC Grooming (5 - Delayed Service).
Master Quality Instrument (2).
Custom Bolts (10 - Delayed Service).
Custom Cigar Perfumes (4/2 - Delayed Service).
Custom Illusion Props (TBD - Delayed Service).
Custom Perfumes (6/3 - Delayed Service).
Custom Spirit Servant (5/2 - Delayed Service).
Custom Swears (5 - Delayed Service).
Fusion Safepry (50/25).
Ghostly Instrument Recharging (Unlimited).
Lockpick Repair (50).
Body Parts (I don't want to talk about it).
Player Shop Alterations (3/1 - Delayed Service).
Pocket Adding (TBD).
Premium Home Alterations (3/1 - Delayed Service).
Recharge Damaged/New-Style Fusion Orbs (25/10).
Rune Teaching (TBD).
Signature Verbs (5 - Delayed Service).
Sonic Alterations (5 - Delayed Service).
Spell Customizations (10 - Delayed Service).
Spell Prep Customizations (5 - Delayed Service).
Spike Adding (10).
Wizard Familiar Customizations (3/1 - Delayed Service).

Individual GMs may have personal services being offered in raffle form.

Live Games Information

Spooky Ciphers - Rules & Description
Spooky Ciphers is an anagram game. The hosts will read an anagram, and the first person to solve for the word wins a point. Twenty anagrams will be read, and the two players with the highest scores will be deemed winners.

Chilling Tales - Rules & Description
Chilling Tales is a storytelling contest with a spooky theme. Up to ten individuals can compete. There will be a sign-up list at the event. Contestants will have five minutes to tell an original spooky story. Contestants will be cut off if they go over the time limit. Judging will be based on time, adherence to spooky theme, style, and content. The three players with the highest scores will be deemed winners and receive prizes.

Haunted Spirits: Rules & Description
Haunted Spirits is this year's live games cooking contest, with a twist! Instead of a food dish, you will be created a beverage. One hour before the contest's start, a crate containing six ingredients will be open for viewing. At least four of these ingredients must be used in your liquid concoction.

When the event starts, ten contestants can sign up. Each contestant will be given a sack with a secret ingredient in it. You'll have ten minutes from that point to create your final beverage and then five minutes to make it for everyone. You may also use one ingredient of your own choosing, and water will be considered available for everyone.

During your five minutes, you should prepare your concoction, putting on a show for everyone. At the end, the judges will sample it. Judging will be based on a scale of 1-10 for time management, ingredients used, style and flair of creation, and the creativity of the final product (its name, description, tastes). Top three will be awarded prizes, with the winner getting a special commemorative teabowl as well.

1. DON'T waste precious time actually picking up the supplied ingredients. Just use ACTs and other RP tools to show which ones you are working with. Almost everyone who goes over on time does so because they are trying to pick up and put down every single item whenever they want to do something with it, and that extra time is killer!

2. DO get creative with your style and flair! This is your time to shine and make an impression.

3. DON'T go OOC.

4. DO try to also present your final tastes like actual drink messages. For example, "The refined palate sipping this beverage should notice the notes of winterberry and pickle juice swirled with barbecued rolton." It's not QUITE a drink message, but it's an IC way to get across what one would be if it were a real item.

Lethal Libations: Rules & Description
Lethal Libations is a game of chance, and it may be lethal, so come prepared! When it is your turn, you pick a libation from the basket and drink it. If you are poisoned, you are out! Rounds will continue until we are down to the last man standing! Last two will receive prizes.

Ghastly Guts: Rules & Description
How well can you fling some guts at a target? Come on by and find out! Up to forty contestants can participate. The illustrious judges will provide you with five bits of gut-flinging materials. Scoring is based off where you hit the target. All five attempts will be totaled. Top two high scores will receive prizes.

Otherworldy Omens: Rules & Description
Fancy yourself a master at divination? A purveyor of all things clairvoyant? Well, come show how good you are at Otherworldly Omens! Up to ten contestants can participate. Ten minutes before your turn, you will be given a sack containing the item you are to attempt your reading on. When it is your turn, you will have five minutes to perform the reading. Contestants will be cut off if they go over the time limit. Judging will be based on time, adherence to divination theme (such as incorporating the item given, doing a reading, etc), style, and content. The three players with the highest scores will be deemed winners.

The Enchantment of Naidem

By now, many if you are wondering...

“If the dead are jealous of the living, then what does this mean for me?”

“If only witches and necromancers can wander freely, then how can I move about?”

Well, the answer to this is very, very simple.

Upon passing through the Ebon Gate into Naidem a powerful enchantment will fall upon you that disguises you from the Unliving of Naidem. Every living person that enters Naidem has this enchantment fall upon them, unless they have done the following:

1) Have a title of Witch or Necromancer. The Unliving both revere and fear these individuals, and as such they let htem wander freely.

2) Have a mask on. For some unknown reason, the Unliving are confused by masks and don’t bother with individuals that wear them.

If you do not have these titles and do not take the precaution of wearing a mask, then you will be transformed by the enchantment to hide yourself from the Unliving. What will you be transformed into?

If you are a giantman, then you will wear the visage of a formorian.

If you are an elf', then you will wear the visage of a gjenganger.

Well, you get the idea.

The enchantment only lasts while you are in Naidem.

Voln Armor & Globus Elanthias

Voln Armor and Globus Elanthias Unlocks will be offered Off-the-Shelf at Ebon Gate.

Voln Armor Unlocks

  • T2: 50,000 soul shards
  • T3: 100,000 soul shards
  • T4: 150,000 soul shards

Globus Elanthias Unlocks

  • T2: 500 soul shards
  • T3: 500 soul shards
  • T4: 5,000 soul shards

Both of these are available in the Parlor of Quinton Manse.

The Quest & Contest at Evermore Hollow

Be sure to visit Evermore Hollow’s Town Hall so that you can take part in the two activities there.

Return of the Spook!
Visit the Spectral Waifling in the Spookorium to start playing the unlively Spook Contest! The top five winners at the end of Ebon Gate will receive special titles.

Just ask her about CONTEST to begin your adventure.

The Newly Unliving Registry
Every new person in Evermore Hollow registers with the town hall clerk, who provides you with a Guidebook to the Unliving. This Guidebook starts you on your adventures in Naidem by giving you small tasks to complete. Each task unlocks a new chapter in your Guidebook that is designed to ease your transition into this new realm.

Completing every quest fully unlocks the Guidebook and provides the following:

  • Detailed chapters of about each area in Bittermere Woods, Ember Orchard, Evermore Hollow, Gleyminn Anni River, and Graveyard Temporalis.
  • Your book now becomes a guide to working merchants during Service Week.
  • Your book now tells you what each merchant is working on and when they started.
  • Your book now becomes a guide to all currently running raffles.
  • Your book now teleports you to the shop of a working merchant (PnC only).

That’s not all...
Regardless of if you’ve completed the quest, each portal leading to a merchant’s workroom has been equipped with a Monster Bold display of what the merchant is working on, when they started, and how long they will be working.

Pre-made Customs Offering at Ebon Gate

This year there is a merchant that is offering pre-made customs for those interested. It is a service and you will need a pass to obtain them. They will have a sign and it will give details on what is available. The list is below. The sign can be TURNED to the spell number to see the exact details before selection.

203 Options:
1: Banana walnut bread
2: Tart lemon cake
3: Anise and wheat flatbread
4: Garlic-rubbed bread
5: Crispy cornbread pancake
6: Yellow cornbread loaf

Greater Details can be seen here: Custom Mana Bread

220 Options:
1: Ebon Gate, Carousel
2: Stained Glass Chapel
3: A Gloom-Filled Oubliette
4: A Small Tropical Island
5: Eye of the Storm

511 Options:
1: Diamond-crusted
2: Crocheted with roses
3: Silver and onyx
4: Bronze and malachite
5: Gold and crimson blazestar
6: Silver with deathstones
7: Obsidian-eyed skull
8: Vaalin and opals
9: Blueberry Tart
10: Emerald Drake
11: Lapis beaded lace

Greater Details can be seen here: Custom Floating Disk

615 Options:
1: Hornets
2: Assassin bugs
3: Black flies
4: Paper wasps
5: Robber flies
6: Sand flies
7: Deer flies
8: Mosquitos

709 Options:
1: Assorted tentacles
2: Assorted claws
3: Dark pincers
4: Rotting appendages
5: Awkward limbs
6: Assorted Palpus
7: Rotting Palpi

Greater Details can be found here: Custom Grasp of the Grave

TRANSFER Options (empath only):
1: Pain
2: Clinical
3: Light Touch
4: Mental Energies
5: Spiritual
6: Blood Magic

Greater Details can be found here: Custom Transfer

Off-the Shelf Flares

Quinton Manse now has a corridor connecting the western and eastern nooks, and within this area are common flare tokens for 1,000 soul shards (fire, cold, lightning, impact, and vacuum), uncommon flare tokens for 3,000 soul shards (disintegrate, disruption, unbalance, grapple, acid, plasma, steam, water, air), and rare flare tokens for 5,000 soul shards (slash, puncture, and crush). You can take these tokens to the fuath to have the flares added to your item.

Going forward, Ebon Gate is where you will find the above-mentioned flares as an add-on service. The other flares will remain at Duskruin. To ensure those folks that wish Greater Elemental Flares at Duskruin can get a base flare on their item, we are going to add a surcharge to add that necessary flare for you. This can be further discussed on the Duskruin Channel.

Additionally, at some point tonight, the Trove will open with the following offerings and will run for 7 days.
3 magma
1 blink
1 rot
2 banshee

During service week, I will be running a merchant that will be working on removing the flares that are allowed to be removed from scripted items. This will eventually be something that the korrigan can do but we have to build the appropriate list first. That means two things:

1. The service will be slow as each script has to be researched and recorded
2. It will have the same soul shard cost that the korrigan would have charged for the property removal slip.

Lastly, to prevent an accidental sale, the gjengqnger in Gavelsdown Hall will no longer be buying back flare tokens.

Trove at Naidem

There will be two Trove sessions this year. The first runs from 10/8/2022 through 10/14/2022. They will draw at approximately 9pm EDT.

This first trove houses rare Flare Tokens which can be used at the Autoflarer. You will have to pay him to add your flare.

The Flares for this first session are:

3 Magma
1 Blink
1 Rot
2 Banshee Flares

This will be the last year of Blink Flares as the owner has future plans for them.

Trove Announcement

We will be housing Two Troves starting October 17th, each will run for 10 days. Gavelsdown Hall will be expanded to accommodate a 2nd room (which will be north of the current room). Items for the 1st Trove are:

  • a slim burnt umber codex (Tier 1 Forbidden Knowledge Book)
  • a gilded black garnet intaglio ring (Fully Unlocked Signet Ring, +10 Bonus to Influence, 25 Charges, noncrumbling)
  • a slinky indigo silk hood (Fully Unlocked Adventurer’s Gear, +10 Bonus to Logic, 25 Charges, noncrumbling)
  • a smoky green emerald sliced with a stream of ebon fire (forehead gem)
  • a desiccated crow claw pendant clutching a smoke-swirled phial (Perfume shifter)
  • a five-chained third eye jewel crafted from jade-flamed vert arathiel (Fully Unlocked Veola, +6 Wisdom Bonus, +6 Aura Bonus, +6 Mana Recovery, 50 charges, noncrumbling)
  • an oversize citrine suede tote (Cobbling Tote: Backworn, holds 250lbs, has a full set of completely unlocked hallmark punches including a never sold OTS dagger sheath, and a pair of lace scissors.)
  • a skeletal ivory hand (Major Chrism Holder & Chrism)
  • a layered lariat necklace of wisplike kelyn chains (Spirit Servang Jewelry w. will-o’-wisp runestone. +5 Wisdom Bonus, 10 charges, none crumbling)
  • a long-maned bleached warg skull covered with a bloody handprint (Fully Unlocked Veola, +6 Strength Bonus, +6 Constitution Bonus, +6 Stamina Recovery, 50 charges, noncrumbling)
  • a clearwing butterfly cloak of ombre violet flyrsilk (Fully Unlocked Moth Cloak)
  • a gold-capped white ora chrismarium festooned with strands of arathiel beads (Fully Unlocked Chrismarium)
  • an oaken half-barrel tub (Fully unlocked bathtub, comes in a case, has 2 bars of magic soap (spells 215 and 712), a Special One (restricted) of a kind “Ghost of Naidem” perfume, and 2 Fully Unlocked Towels)
  • a gilt-edged linden stationery box stained dark crimson (Fully Unlocked Stationery Box, 50 sheets)
  >a monagramed grey paper envelope (10)
  >a cloudy glass eyebal inkpot
  >a sleek black widowbird quill
  >an ornate gold skeleton key
  • a charred bone talon ring (Fully Unlocked Talon Jewelry, +2 Max Spirit, 25 Charges, non-crumbling)
  • a pair of ash-framed snowshoes (Fully Unlocked Snowshoes, +10 Survival Bonus, 25 Charges, +nocrumble)
  • a folded ebonwood chair (Fully Unlocked, Completely Customized, Chair, 100 charges of Minor Sanctuary, non crumbling, rechargeable)
  • a shadowglass cenotaph brooch graced with a duo of black opal crows (Cool Down Item, Casts Major Sanctury, 5 charges (recharges every 288 minutes))
  • an auroraline halfmoon ring inset with channels of marcasite (Cool Down Item, Casts Mystic Focus, 5 charges (recharges every 144 minutes))
  • some inky black flyrsilk robes dip-dyed crimson along the hem (Fully Unlocked Upsleeves, +10 Max Stamina, +5 Stamina Recovery, +40 enchant, 25 Charges)
  • a bone-handled eahnor dagger (Fully Unlocked Siolan Dagger, Extra Planar Bane, +48)
  • a grey-striated silvery lor runestaff (Padded Flare Runstaff, +3 Wisdom Base, +15 Damage CER Bubble, 10x, 25 Charges, noncrumbling)
  • a jet-veined asaya capped with a talon-clutched auroraline orb (8x, Dispel Flares)
  • a loose stone grey cowl trailing a long belled liripipe (Fully Unlocked Plague Cowl, +10 Stalking & Hiding Bonus, +5 Stamina Recovery, 25 Charges, noncrumbling)
  • an ebon chainsil houpplelande trailing crimson-lined flame-dagged sleeves (Fully Unlocked, Custom Meditate, Of-the-Cloth, +10 Sorcerous Lore – Necromancy Bonus +5 Mana Recovery, 25 Charges, non-crumbling)
  • an ebon-hafted high steel hatchet with a twilight-hued hairy bush viper wrapped around it (Snake Flares (poison), ExtraPlanar, 8x)
  • a drake-tailed glowbark long bow (Rotating Flares – Grapple, Unbalance, Disruption, 10x)
  • a deeply hooded brick red lamb's wool cloak lined in brindled furs (Fully Unlocked, Meditation Customized, Of-the-Cloth, 20% cold resistance)
  • a sleek wing-forged knuckle-blade (Magma Flaring, 10x, +5 Brawling Ranks, 25 Charges, noncrumbling)
  • an elaborate tri-wood case (Fully Unlocked, All Deity, Arkati Box)

Items for the 2nd Trove (in Prime) are:

  • a lance-shaped faewood staff encircled by a lacquered dark mahogany (+41, Disintegrate Flares, +10 Spell Aim Ranks, +10 Harness Power Ranks, 30 Charges, no crumble)
  • an ocean-carved faewood staff encased in waves of pale blue glass (Caligos Isle Loresong Item, +40, Grapple Flares, +10 Spell Aim Ranks, +10 Harness Power Ranks, 30 Charges, no crumble)
  • a heavy kelyn sledgehammer with a thick linden haft (Extra Planar - AS +10, Named Veiled Justice,
  • a skull-topped ironwood staff banded with a line of vertebrae (+40, Acuity (35/21), +10 Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Bonus, +10 Harness Power Bonus, 50 Charges, no crumble)
  • a polished eahnor framea with a smooth driftwood haft (Krolvin Bane, Crit Damage, +43, named "Call of the Sea")
  • a silk-lined alabaster leather chest wrap with vellum wings (Cloth Armor, +40, +12 TD, +6 Spell Aiming Bonus - 30 Charges)
  • a golvern Niima's-embrace etched with a rolling wave pattern (Caligos Loresong, Disintegrate Flares, +44, Named "Niima's Revenge")
  • a teal-sheened black spidersilk shirt (Fully Unlocked Up Sleeves)
 >a suede-gripped eonake knife (5x)
 >a suede-gripped eonake katar (5x)
  • a fist-shaped crimson vultite tetsubo encased in tendrils of smoky glaes (+40, Unbalance, Named "Quickened Justice", +10 Two-Handed Weapon Bonus, +10 Ambush Bonus, 30 Charges (no crumble)
  • a twisted illthorn runestaff capped with a glowing azure orb (5x, +5 Mana, Orb Staff)
  • some lamellar armor with alternating scales of blue and gold (Zested, +37)
  • an ivory-marbled ashen vultite tetsubo shaped like a headstone (+40, Disintegrate, +10 Two-Handed Weapon Bonus, +10 Ambush, 30 charges, non crumbly)

Items in 2nd Trove (in Platinum) are:

  • a high-collared pewter silk cassock with a lunar-chased hood (Fully unlocked, Meditation Customized, Of-the-Cloth, +5 Mental Lore - Transference Ranks, +5 Mental Mana Control Ranks, +2 Health recovery, 100 charges, no crumble)
  • some layered threadbare storm grey robes worn to near transparency (Fully unlocked, Meditation Customized, Of-the-Cloth, +5 Elemental Lore - Air ranks, +5 Elemental Lore - Water Ranks, +5 Elemental Mana Control Ranks, 100 charges, no crumble)
  • a verdant green watered kimono edged in chocolate brown (Fully unlocked, Meditation Customized, Of-the-Cloth, +5 Spiritual Lore - Blessing Ranks, +5 Spiritual Lore - Summoning Ranks, +2 Mana Recovery, 100 charges, no crumble)
  • a copper and chocolate brown kimono edged in verdigris threads (Fully unlocked, Meditation Customized, Of-the-Cloth, +5 Elemental Mana Control Ranks, +5 Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy Ranks, +2 Mana Recovery, 100 charges, no crumble)
  • a worn raiding axe dangling a scrap of frayed red fabric (+40, 150 CER)
  • a trident-embossed tower shield inlaid with slivers of jade (+25 Grimswarm Bane)
  • a mirrored silvered tower shield adorned with blue diamonds (+40, 20 TD)
  • some midnight blue silk robes aglisten with a constellation of stars (+20, 30 TD)
  • some silk robes with a front panel of silver-threaded sigils (+40, 20 TD)
  • a scaled jade satin halter suspended from a serpentine collar (+40, +6 Spell Aiming, 30 charges)
  • a heavy kelyn sledgehammer with a thick linden haft (Extra Planar - AS +10, Named Veiled Justice)
  • a golvern Niima's-embrace etched with a rolling wave pattern (Caligos Loresong, Disintegrate Flares, +44, Named "Niima's Revenge")
  • a polished eahnor framea with a smooth driftwood haft (Krolvin Bane, Crit Damage, +43, named "Call of the Sea")
  • a fist-shaped crimson vultite tetsubo encased in tendrils of smoky glaes (+40, Unbalance, Named "Quickened Justice", +10 Two-Handed Weapon Bonus, +10 Ambush Bonus, 30 Charges (no crumble)
  • a lance-shaped faewood staff encircled by a lacquered dark mahogany (+41, Disintegrate Flares, +10 Spell Aim Ranks, +10 Harness Power Ranks, 30 Charges, no crumble)
  • a gnarled mossbark runestaff capped with a pitted bronze pyramid (+45, Acuity 40/24)

Both Troves will run from Octobher 17th – 27th. They will draw nightly at or around 9pm.
For those unfamiliar with the Trove, you can drop as many of your tokens into the trove as you desire. You do not need to be logged into the game to win, but you do have 24 hours to collect your item or it is forfeit. If you are not in the lands when you win, then upon log-in you will get a notification that you won. You can collect your prize from the cabinet in the Trove Room.
Five items are always on rotation, the system randomly selects which is currently for sale.

Private Property Shop

At some point this weekend, or very early next week, we will open this shop.

Pre-Made – Herb Boxes – New Item This pre-made box provides you with some fluff interactions and will allow you to collect the herbs within. Each herb will be useable in the cooking system. These herbs are nonmagical in nature. You may customize it, but the base must be a foraged item already in our system. For example: we have some//leeks, but you could have some white-capped leeks. The cost is 10,000 soul shards.

Pre-Made – Ebon Gate Flower Urn This pre-made urn will house several of the Naidem Unique flora, allowing you to PLUCK the blossoms as desired. The cost is 7,000 soul shards.

Inn Fun Windows This certificate lets you put the Innfun script on your already existing window; giving you access to EXHALE, GAZE, LEAN, and TICKLE. You can customize demeanor-based “window drawings” via GALD. Then POINT certificate at a WINDOW noun in your property to update the window. The cost will be 5,000 soul shards.

Custom Foraged Item Prop Lets you obtain a voucher for a custom foraged item prop in the following categories: Tree, Shrub, Ground Cover, Plant (in an urn, vase, flowerbox, planter, barrel), or Vine Tree, Shrub, Ground Cover, and Vine all have restrictions on them that cause them to require being placed outside. Upon obtaining this voucher, you can have it customized by GALD. Once it is completely altered to your satisfaction, you can RAISE it in the room that you desire the item to reside in. The cost will be 25,000 soul shards.

Keyless Entry Once you obtain this voucher, you can WAVE it at the entrance of your property to create a keyless entry. Keyless entry allows you to be holding your key and walk into your property in one typed command. It also allows your guests to leave if you lock the door behind you. The cost is 20,000 soul shards.

Container Expansion You can point this voucher at a container in your property to increase storage capacity. No container may go over 200 lbs of storage. The vouches will come in 10-25 lb increments and in varieties of IN and ON storage. 10lb increments will be 1,000 soul shards, 25lb increments will be 2,500 soul shards.


Ancestral Assistant

Graver/Gouge used to alter the article field (first 15, in the 15/15/15) of weapons that only have a 15/15/15.

  • Will not work on scripted weapons.
  • Gravers work on metal weapons. Gouges work on wood weapons.
  • Unlocks add FLIP (make it wearable on belt) and RAISE (see below).

RAISE allows for the removal of temporary flares, padding, and resistance (and a few other things) on any armor/shield/weapon item as long as it does not have a script and is not restricted to a character/account.

  • Pricing: OTS 500 soul shards, Tier 1 (RAISE 1x/day) 2000 soul shards, Tier 2 (RAISE 5x/day) 2500 soul shards, and Tier 3 (RAISE 10x/day) 2500 soul shards.

The Blood Red Hand

  • New Script The Blood Red Hand and shop of the same name.
  • OTS 250, several verbs.
  • Demeanor Based responses
  • Player-to-Player confirmation for slap and scratch, which leave behind their marks.
  • A total of 4 tiers, with fingernail-type and finger-type customizable
  • The Blood Red Hand is hidden in player inventory for 3rd party viewing

Covert Creatures

  • New script Covert Creatures and shop
  • OTS, 50 soul shards, clothing item that holds 1 costume look created by pushing a bug from Bugs on Parade or a sea creature from Life Aquatic into it
  • Other unlocks include additional fluff verbs + costume slots
  • A total of 4 tiers, with 4 costume slots and the clothing slot (all able to have SHOWs)
  • At Tier 4, you have the option to put a line of illusion above your inventory or over your inventory

Collectors' Calamity

  • New Shop offering Crafter's Caboodle and the Pattern Holder.
  • There are no unlocks for this shop.
  • Crafter's Caboodle allows you to stack and store gemstones weightlessly.
  • Pattern Holder allows you to stack and store gemcutter patterns weightlessly.
  • 575 Soul Shards off-the-shelf

All Fingers and No Crumbs

  • New Script Small Diner's Board will appear in the shop All Fingers and No Crumbs
  • OTS - 500 soul shards, gives you access to a Host Diner Board that can have 3 food items placed on it (6 at Tier 2, 9 at tier 3) and be shared with 4 people (6 at Tier 2, 8 at Tier 3).
  • Each Guest Board can be SPUN to select an eating style (OTS - Plain or Ham-Handed, Tier 2 adds Fussy, Tier 3 adds dainty)
  • OTS it will create a plain board, Tier 2 a plain or tea board, and Tier 3 a Drink Sampler Board or a Blind Drink Sampler Board
  • Each board given to a guest gets a 1-hour timer on it. At the end of the hour, a spectral servant will reclaim the board. If the Guest logs out, then the servant will find them when they log in, but your board will refresh before then so that you do not get punished.
  • Customizations include: Servant, Teacup, Saucer, and Glass
  • Recognizes utensils.


You analyze your white wicker basket and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Welcome to the Basketifier, straight out of the shop Preserving Breads at Evermore Hollow!

This basket is designed to hold food items for you. It will keep them fresh and unlimited until you decide to remove them.
It is currently tier 3 of 4, which means it will house 12 food items.
It can store more food items and unlock more functionality at higher tiers, which can be obtained by purchasing certificates in its shop of origin.
To use the basket, simply follow these steps:
1. PUT - use this to add food items to the basket.
2. RUB - use this to prepare a food item for removal.
3. TURN - Use this to remove a food item from the basket.

To create a picnic, follow these steps:
1. PULL - to pull the blanket out. This will move all food to the blanket, and the basket will be turned into a trashcan.
2. PUSH - to clean up the picnic. This will move all food and the blanket back into the basket and return the basket to its natural state.

To create a table, follow these steps:
1. PROD - to set the table out. This will move all food items onto the table, and the basket will be turned into a trashcan.
2. TINKER - to clean up the table. This will move all food back into the basket and return the basket to its natural state.

The basket may be altered freely, but it must remain a basket. It can have a long or show description.
Basket's Blanket: a fringed red and black cloth
It must maintain a noun of blanket, cloth, tablecloth, or something similar. It may have a long or a show description and must be made of fabric.
Table Base: a rough oak table
The table must keep the noun table. It may have a long or a show description and needs to be made of wood.

Bugs-2-Lures Jig

This tiny wooden jig can turn lengths of fishing line and gemstone bugs caught with The Bugs on Parade Bug Jar into fishing lures with customized articles.

Under absolutely no circumstances can the noun be changed on this jig. These can have a long description, but SHOW/LOOK descriptions are not possible.

It has the following verb options: tinker (selects article), push (makes the lure), poke (checks number of lines stored), wave (removes all line and sets to default)

Comes with 2 default settings (can be customized) and can have up to 10 total customizations added as a merchant service.

PUT lengths of fishing line on it to load it up with charges to make custom lures with "gemstone" style bugs from the jars. Should also work with Life Aquatic devices. WAVE will destroy all line wound around it and reset the jig. Can be used while worn, for hands-free operation. 500 soul shards.

Creepy-Crawly Jar

  • Belt-worn jar that preserves and displays a specimen for your scientific studies and/or companionship.
  • Customize your preservative, specimen, and jar material. Only one merchant session needed to alter the jar and customs! Provide dye additives to make your preservative extra fancy.
  • 30 Soul Shards OTS. 30 Soul Shards Tier 2. 60 Soul Shards Tier 3
  • Tier 1: 4 Fluff Verbs
  • Tier 2: 4 Fluff Verbs
  • Tier 3: Toggle between singular/plural specimens. Use a gem-form Bugs on Parade bug or Life Aquatic sea creature to temporarily replace the custom specimen. 1 Additional Fluff Verb
>turn my tube
You swirl the yellow-tinged preservative in your glass tube, causing the lengthy pallid tapeworm inside to complete a slow rotation.  As it spins, you carefully study the specimen at every angle, squinting thoughtfully.

>shake my tube
You violently shake your glass tube, the yellow-tinged preservative frothing into the empty space at the top.  The lengthy pallid tapeworm bobs wildly before gradually settling back into a serene stillness.

>push my tube
You press your teddy bear bee against your tube.  The clear glass surface ripples like water, slowly absorbing the teddy bear bee.

>kiss my tube
Overcome with sheer love for your chubby teddy bear bee, you lift your tube and plant an adoring kiss on the clear glass surface.  The chubby teddy bear bee does not return your affections, clearly playing coy.

>lean my tube
You tilt your tube, observing the chubby teddy bear bee as it sways in the yellow-tinged preservative inside, bouncing gently off the clear glass sides.

>wear my tube
You attach a slender glass tube preserving a chubby teddy bear bee to your belt.

>lean my tube
You shift your weight to one side, the chubby teddy bear bee swaying in the yellow-tinged preservative inside your glass tube.

Diverse Drapes

  • Gowns and Versatile Drapes that allow you to fashion multiple gown descriptions with just two items.
  • Gowns are limited to 15/15/15 descriptions.
  • Drapes are limited to 15/15/15 descriptions, but only the adjective and noun will show when attached to the gown.
  • Voucher unlocks additional verbs for the base gown (and works with drape attachments).

Dreamfire Panel Bracelets

  • EG will feature a Dreamfire shop: Illusory Dreams
  • New Gestures: sharp, disjointed, angular, careful, wild, sweeping (any existing gesture certificate will immediately have access to the new options)
  • New Illusion Modifiers: wispy, hazy, nebulous, and diaphanous (plus a modifier removal token will be sold at EG that can remove an illusion modifier
  • New Illusion Styles: Vegetable Dance and Apparitions (full messaging available on the wiki page: https://gswiki.play.net/Dreamfire_Panel_Bracelet)
  • New Colors via EG Certificate: citrine-hued, niveous grey, celestial blue, raven black, and pink
  • New Materials via EG Certificate: ethereal flames, feathers, spiders, snowflakes, and flower petals
  • New Dreamfire item for sale
  • I've snuck some precious dreamfire related goodies into the fishing hole

Ear Candy

  • Wearable earcaps/earcuffs that will temporarily alter your unique feature line.
  • Earcaps are restricted to pointy ears.
  • Earcaps/earcuffs are able to be worn with or without a gem PUSHED into the item.
analyze my earcap/earcuff
When worn, your earcap/earcuff will temporarily alter your unique feature.  Earcuffs may be worn by any race, while earcaps are restricted to pointy ears (Elves, Half-elves, Dark Elves and Sylvankind).

You may PUSH a gem into your earcap/earcuff to change its description.  PULL to remove the gem.

A merchant may alter the look of earcap for you, but no long descriptions; it'll just be overridden when a gem is inserted.  You may add a show description.  You may pluralize the earcap.

Currently, your white gold earcap will display a gem in this manner: a branch-like white gold earcap adorned in tiny (gem) blossoms.
A willing merchant can customize that for you.

There is no custom feature set.  The default will be used: He has a branch-like white gold earcap attached to his ear.
A willing merchant can customize that for you.

Flask Belt

Are you a pirate? Are you a drunk? Are you a drunk pirate? Well, have I got the belt for you!

Introducing: The Flask Belt. Wear your flask (or jug or bottle) on your belt and display it with style.

wear my belt
You wrap a tri-looped sable nubuck belt around your waist and buckle it into place.

>ponder flask
You gaze thoughtfully at your flask.

push my belt
You slip your flask into a small pocket on the side of your sable nubuck belt and fasten it into place.

>tap my belt
You tap a tri-looped sable nubuck belt with a flask hanging from a small pouch on the side that you are wearing.

>pull my belt
You unfasten the pocket on the side of your sable nubuck belt and slide a flask out from it.

Flippable Piercing Jewelry Unlock

Flippable Piercing Jewelry will have an unlock available at Ebon Gate this year. When unlocked, it will change its appearance when you attach foraged items, gems, charms, and gem-type bugs and sea creatures. Each side is highly customizable.

Pierced Veil will sell unlocked & pre-designed FPJ items, as well as an unlock certificate for your existing jewelry that will give it the default settings (15/15/15 adorned with [attachment] & 15/15/15 dangling [charm]).

  • Each attachment-type can be customized.
  • Noun must stay the same and material cannot change or be contradicted. Material properties apply (For example, you can't dye silver to a different color, but you can paint wood).
  • Verb traps have been updated to show off your attached item (when applicable). Two new verb traps added.
  • Sold unlocked and predesigned at 150 soul shards. Buy unlock certificates for existing FPJ for 90 soul shards.
  • Customize how much of your jewelry and/or attachment is in the design, and whether or not your attachment is plural.


  • a round silver stud + a flaming crimson crane flower: a flower-etched silver stud
  • a thick oak hoop + a flaming crimson crane flower: an oak hoop painted with crimson crane flowers
  • an enameled stud + a chubby teddy bear bee: an enameled teddy bear bee stud
  • a curved mithril bar + a pale water sapphire: a curved mithril bar capped with a pale water sapphire
  • some etched gold rings + a black rose charm: some etched gold rings dangling a trio of black rose charms
  • a tiny copper anchor + a lilac-speckled bright orange starfish: a tiny anchor with starfish wrapped around its copper arms

Forager's Gloves

Welcome to the Forager's Gloves! Introduced at the Festival of Ebon Gate in 5122, the forager's gloves cannot be customized until they are unlocked to tier 2. At tier 3, there are more customizations available.
As such, the gloves cannot be altered by a merchant.
It has access to the following fluff verbs: dust, eat, wince, shake

  • Players can customize their own gloves using foraged items, ribbons, and gemstones. Aforementioned items will be absorbed by the gloves and will not be retrievable.
  • Off-the-Shelf gloves have full access to the fluff verbs, T2 and T3 unlock the customization options.

Monster-headed Pauldron

  • New Item called the Monster-Headed Pauldron, sold out of the shop The Two-Headed Dog
  • The pauldron is a non-functional item that is shoulder-worn.
  • The pauldron can have 1 - 3 heads, each can be different or the same.
  • Tier 5 - Customizations are unlocked
  • Custom 1 - Feed gemstones to the heads to change their eyes
  • Custom 2 - PINCH curse custom unlocked
  • Custom 3 - POKE curse custom unlocked
  • Custom 4 - PROD curse custom unlocked
  • Any merchant can customize the heads, strap, and buckle

Suddenly coming to life, the dragonsbreath sapphire-eyed, sneering bull mastiff face on your pauldron says to you, "There's no one here but you! And to that, madam, I say that you are a puny, beef-witted jolthead!"

Super-Fish-All Tackle Box

This bone tackle box can store up to 20 types of Fishing Line, Fishing Lures, or Fishing Weights used in the fishing system. They will also stack, but must be identical. Each tray can hold up to 25 of the same item.

It has the following verb options: gaze (lists fishing gear stored), pluck (removes selected fishing gear), tinker (cycle through the trays of fishing gear).

There are some sinewy loops on the side of the bone tackle box, conveniently placed to secure a fishing rod.

The box has not been unlocked to hold any fish.

Altering Instructions:

All rules in ALTER apply. Use the following guidelines and exceptions along with them:

  • 1. You can give a tackle box a long description but never a show.
  • 2. These can not be crafted entirely from rhimar but a lining is allowed in their descriptions. Other flaring materials are NOT allowed.
  • 3. The article must contain the word tackle just prior to the noun field and the noun must be box.
  • 4. It can not be deepened or lightened.
  • 5. An alterer may be able to do Customizations on this for you.


  • Material/Construction - bleached fish bones
  • Clasped/Latched style - skull-clasped
  • Lid (adjective) - iron-framed
  • Trays - carved trays
  • Loops/Straps - sinewy loops
  • Label (adjective) - carved

Unlocks will allow it to store fish like a rhimar-lined chest, and the final tier has an auto-closing feature like mechanical containers. 5 fish with one unlock, 10 fish with the final unlock. OTS is 1000 soul shards, and each unlock tier is 500 soul shards (2 unlocks)

Templeton Shor'toes Sugars

  • Confection Shop at Ebon Gate
  • Seven new Bittle's Frosting options that are exclusive to Ebon Gate
  • New Item the Frosting Bucket
  • New Item the Baker's Case
  • The Frosting Bucket will store Bittle's Frosting, up to 30 types, unlimited.
  • The Baker's Case will store Bittle's Frosting Tips, up to 30 types, unlimited.

The Forager's Vasculum

Introduced at the Ebon Gate Festival in 5122, the vasculum is designed to hold 30 types of a foraged item. They are allowed to stack. It must remain some thin metal tube with a lid.

  • Customizable base paint and design
  • Can also hold the forager's gloves and a pair of snips
  • Foraged items do include wiregrass, bark, and sticks

The Uncouth Wallflower Gown

  • New item called Uncouth Wallflower Gown Item for the unrefined.
  • Has 5 tiers.
  • Tiers 3-5 give extra customizations
  • Can not be altered
  • All Unlock Certificates are Available in Shop

Gold Ring Stamper Boxes

  • Similar to imbue boxes, but designed for gold rings.
  • Will stamp a pre-made alteration onto gold rings.
  • Box and design to be stamped can both be altered.
  • Can be PERM-ified.

Weaving Satchel

  • holds weaving tools
  • holds loose and bundled weavable items
  • holds finished and partially finished projects
  • will auto bundle items that are the same
  • allows you to remove a full bundle or one item from a bundle

Moth Cloaks


Have you ever looked at your cloak and thought, "It just doesn't have enough moths and butterflies?"

Have you ever gone to put something in it and sighed, "Will any butterflies rid me of this bothersome item in my hands?" because you just didn't want to do the work yourself?

And most importantly, do you ever just get tired of how it looks and wish you could make it change?

Fear not, Moth Cloaks come to solve some of these problems!

Wiki page: Moth Cloaks



Ever wanted to be able to load up your pinatas with some of your own items?
Ever wanted to run the risk of accidentally finding a ghost in your pinata?
Well, Wild Flailings may be the shop for you!

The old pinata script has been updated! More information will be housed here: Pinatas

Possessed Masks

This is a Possessed Mask.
The mask can be altered with a long or a show, but the noun should not change from "mask", as it covers the entire face.
It is currently Tier 2 of 2.
The verbs available include:
Tier 1: wear/remove, get/stow, touch, and peer.
Tier 2: prod, poke, listen, and clench.

The first tier includes whispers of a sinister sense. The second tier includes ambient movements.

The mask can be a bit, possessive.


>wear mask
As you place a sparkling blue mask with rose pink blush on your face, the whispers of a thousand voices fill your head, in an ominous warning of the dangers ahead.
>rem mask
As you pry the mask off your face, voices scream at you in agony, as if fighting you.
T1 Ambient sample: Vehemently cursing at you, a female voice cries out, “Bring him to the woods, but keep the knife hidden!”
T2 Ambient samples: Your hand flies up to your face and slaps it, leaving your face stinging with pain.
                    Your arms momentarily twitch and flail outwards.
>poke mask
You jab a finger at your sparkling blue mask, before shuddering in obvious pain.
You are stunned!

Cozy Little Friends

We are attempting something new. It may not stick around. However, there is a new shop that just opened up in the gold-trimmed wagon in the Moorlyn Neighborhood. It will offer five common wood mandrake whistles, one randomly producing dragonfly morning glory, and five unique (never before released) Cat yarn balls.