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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Elanthian Vogue: Elanthian Vogue 5123

Author: The Looking Glass


Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree

Editor's Thoughts

Editor. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

When we featured Lady Kasendra Malwind elegantly arrayed in blue in the Winter 5122 edition of Elanthian Vogue, little did we know that she would be taken from us shortly afterwards. We wish to pass on the heartfelt condolences of our Editorial Team to the Malwind and Chandrennin families and hope that the person or persons responsible for this appalling act are apprehended as soon as possible. Equally, the tragic loss of Lady Sayilla Javilerre shortly afterwards has been felt deeply by many on both sides of the DragonSpine Mountains, yet hope still remains that she will be found safe and well. A candle burns in our office until such time.

Let us hope that these dark days are behind us though as summer is here and, with it, the promised single edition of Elanthian Vogue for 5123. Going forward, this publication will form an integral part of Elanthian Fashion Week featuring a range of articles relating to the theme of the annual event. The aim is for this new iteration to be bigger and better than any of our previous editions and we hope that you will enjoy it. I am certainly happy to be back working in the Vogue offices again, albeit for just a few weeks; I had forgotten how much fun it was to talk with designers and couturiers alike about this passion that we all share for fashion.

Fashion has long been a powerful vehicle for cultural expression, drawing inspiration from diverse traditions, histories, and identities. This year's FashionCon and Elanthian Vogue embark on a sartorial journey, exploring the rich tapestry of cultural influences that shape the ever-evolving world of fashion. From the bold colours of the Tehir to the understated elegance of Erithian minimalism and stylish practicality of the Kindred wardrobe, we delve into the captivating intersection of culture and style.

We explore the world of fashion designing as a whole with insights from some of Elanthia's visionaries to whom the blank canvas is a fabric simply waiting to be transformed. One has only to mention the names Yfane and Oirisu in society circles to appreciate the influence they have on fashion globally.

Lastly, we also celebrate the creative styles of those in attendance at some of the main society events held so far this year and take a rare peek inside a certain someone's wardrobe. So, in closing, we would like to thank you all for your continued support with this endeavour, whether that has been by contributing to this year's content or simply reading it; we couldn't do this without you!


The Art of Fashion Design: Where Creativity Meets Craftsmanship

By Velique, In House Designer for The Looking Glass

Cobbling Commissions available from Akenna Laeraun-Ranshai.
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Fashion design is an art form that intertwines creativity, innovation and craftsmanship to create outfits that captivate and inspire. It is a means by which a designer can push boundaries, challenge conventions, express their ideas or values, and bring their unique visions to life.

Trends can be inspired by events and have several influences such as cultural changes, and social or political actions. Many of us remember the excitement that came with the launch of a new imaginative line in Veola creations last year and some will recall wearing mourning black for the first few months of this year in line with court edicts and protocol. The outfit you personally design may reflect powerful ideas and opinions and this helps us to keep up with a trend. A good fashion designer or critic should possess the skill to see through the designs and understand the social, political or cultural meaning.

With easier access to travel these days, the "reach" of designers, merchants, tailors and seamstresses is more extensive and comprehensive than ever. This has enabled us to draw inspiration from all corners of the known world and fuse them into a more contemporary design. The importance of fusion designs lies in the fact that it is appropriate for various venues, and hence, influences many outfits and wardrobes.

There are different kinds of cultural influence on a designer; some of them will be covered in greater depth later and during FashionCon in a couple of weeks but the main ones include:

Off-the-shelf culture - This refers to those readily accessible designs that everyone can relate to as they have no boundaries and have a wide reach because of the easy access to town boutiques or ateliers on festival grounds. Therefore, outfits that these garments inspire – known colloquially as off-the-shelf – have mass appeal, a much bigger market, and a wider sphere of influence.

Alteration culture - This is really a subculture or an offshoot of the off-the-shelf culture, but it refers to those who take advantage of the accessible festivals and availability of good quality garments for inspiration. Many designers draw influence from the creativity of the original designs and add personal touches. When a popular merchant or fashionista wears these outfits, these designs become part of a trend or drivers for a new style.

Sculptural or high cultural fashion pertains to specific art forms such as visual arts, auditory arts, contemporary paintings, architectural designs, and artisanal techniques. These are a primary source for the up-and-coming designers to draw inspiration from. They provide new ideas and a fresh perspective for fashion designers who then cut fabrics, mold metals, shape glass, blend colours, and manipulate patterns to form exquisite silhouettes and create outfits and accessories that are visually striking. Many fashionistas collaborate with skilled artisans of different art forms to create such unique and attractive designs. High cultural fashion has a limited target audience, and mostly aims for sophisticated groups but the results can be astonishing. We saw this in evidence at the Fashanos Ta'Illistim Ball, the Cairnfang Art Exhibition in Ivastaen and, more recently, at Revelia Carnivale.

Social trends and diverse cultures are major drivers of fashion design and they reflect a designers' ideas and personalities. Festivals and cultural events worldwide have changed the way we think about shopping and designing. A lot of fashionistas associate themselves with social and cultural "movements," or renowned artisans that have established a name for themselves hence, their outfits and accessories are majorly influenced by them.

I shall let those who truly know the art of fashion design speak for themselves as they share their passion for self-expression and explain how they translate their visions into outfits that inspire and resonate with their admirers.

Light, Shadow, and Form: Cultural Glass in Elanthia

By Missoni Sabretache Faendryl
The past year brought increased imports of several new types of cultural glasswork. Varieties like arathiel, aragless, ithaenil, vergless, glaesineth,glimaergless, skyglass, vaelfyren, zhiqietz, and zelflyr–each with its own unique and beautiful properties–were added to wardrobes and showcased at courts and balls alike. While varieties of glasswork, such as stained glass and sea glass, were already found across Elanthia, the increased availability of specialized glass forms has encouraged the fashion conscious to play with light, shadow, sculpture, and natural textures in new and ingenious ways.

Light and Shadow

Loenthran and Winedotter varieties of glass in particular are known for their constant inner fire. Arathiel, vergless, and aragless can use their striking luminescence to uniquely highlight the features of an outfit or provide their own standout accessories.

In the example below, a lucent arathiel gorget can mimic the light from the heavens and draw attention to the wearer's features:

a multitude of twinkling arathiel beads draped like starlight across the collarbone

But the light of firefly glass can also punctuate the wearer's movement and gestures, a particularly powerful ability as part of a ball or performance, as in the following example:

a quintet of arathiel fingertip talons that trail luminescence with each gesture

No matter how it is used, illuminated glass gives the wearer freedom to enjoy the dichotomy of light and shadow in their ensembles.

Sculptural Form

Two varieties of desert glass, zhiqietz and vaelfyren, are often worked using found pieces, and are perhaps best known for their ability to be sculpted into striking shapes. Forged in balefire by Faendryl sorcerers, vaelfyren can take on the wild texture of smoke and flame, as seen in the below example of an engulfing pectoral:

a breastplate of contorted vaelfyren unfurling smoky tendrils from sternum to earlobe

Sorcerers who work in balegless often wear their own pieces as a means of drawing attention to the wider power of the Art itself:

a gauntlet of viridian vaelfyren flames engulfing the entire forearm

The Tehir take a different approach with zhiqietz, utilizing elaborate and specialized tools to coax the natural shape out of a piece of desert glass; however, the end result, with an emphasis on sculpture, highlights a final quality of cultural glass.

Natural Textures

While all varieties of glass incorporate some element of natural forms, ithaenil, skyglass, and zelflyr are especially notable in their use of shapes from nature. The remarkably clear panels of Erithi skyglass excel in drawing attention to the natural shapes created within the pressed jadewood, as in the example of a traditional Erithi storytelling bracelet:

a lirveil of pellucid skyglass confining jadewood foliate

Likewise, the dense and repeating floral pattern of the Aelotion zelflyr recalls the somehow riotous symmetry of a spring garden.

The Sylvan use of ithaenil, though, which manages to capture the changing nature of the heavens, shows the overlap inherent in the various examples of cultural glass: light, shadow, sculpture, and symmetry each has its own place in nature. The various interpretations of glasswork in Elanthian culture have given the fashion conscious myriad ways to express our relationships to nature in our own wardrobes.

Yfane: The Art

"Fashion is the epitome of living. Without fashion, what are we but naked and vulnerable? It is the coverings of the masses. It is the armor of the elite. It is The Art, plain and simple. The Art is Yfane, and Yfane is The Art." A watercolored sketch below Yfane's elaborate signature depicts a lithe Nalfein elf with violet eyes and ebon hair posing beneath an elaborate pergola covered with lush vines and blossoms, several shaped into vaguely elven figures and dressed in exquisite silk and linen attire. The elf playfully brandishes a carved walking stick while wearing a corsetted jacket of deep plum over a shimmering dark silver shirt left partially unbuttoned. The matching plum trousers are artfully fitted with just a touch of flare at the hips, and polished knee-high boots complete the outfit. Just beneath it is written, "Ta'Nalfein -- Fashion District."

Lady Oirisu Venleth Nalfein: A Visual Love Letter

"Fashion, for me, is artistic expression, a visual love letter of the body to the naked eye. It need not please every eye, but there is a story in every outfit, be it the piece as a whole, or the embellishments, fashion allows one to "speak" without a single word." "I have always had a fascination with coordinating colors and fabrics, my every growing desire to pursue such a calling fueled by my near weekly visits to the fashion district in Ta'Nalfein. I had formed several relationships with modistes by the time I had come of age." "I truly derive the greatest pleasure when a client is satisfied with my design. To be able to translate an idea or concept into something on cloth, wood, or metal is an honor." Beneath is an image of an ivy-inked vert vellum card. Ivy-wrapped trellises border the edges of the card, the malachite-colored leaves blending into a melange of verdant hues as they reach the corners. At the lower edge, a stylized letter "V" is subtly shadowed by an unfurled ashen grey rose, the calligraphy illuminated in pewter-toned ink. Upcoming Season Trends: ~*~ Airy chiffons and shot silks from brunch to late evenings, as long as one transitions with the proper accessories ~*~ ~*~ Chambray and chainsil will also be popular in more fitted cuts ~*~ ~*~ Parasols and canes are beautiful functional accessories, perfect for summer evening strolls ~*~ ~*~ Florals, be it woven or carved, occasionally in conjunction with a preferred insect ~*~ ~*~ The bright colors of flora and foliage stand out, but pastels are also welcome ~*~

Lord Clessar Ryvvuel, Couturier to the Argent Mirror: Humble Beginnings

"Fashion is art. It is the way we can express ourselves. There are those who have the skill for painting, and writing, and metalworking. They are ways that one can move others, show feeling and emotion. But we use fashion: the drape of a silk, the gather of tulle, the intricate weaving and knotting of lace, and the pairing of colors. Fashion is a way to express what we cannot put into word, but we are the canvas and the material the paint. For our beloved Mirror, I paint with the drape and cut, the trim and texture." "I actually began as an apprentice to a merchant and I would see all the wonderful fabrics and trims that would come through the ports. When you have hundreds of different types of fabric before you, you can get lost in their color and texture. Lord Chalat saw a small stand I had at a country festival and he asked me to come on as his apprentice."

When pressed, Lord Ryvvuel also gave a hint at what the Mirror will be wearing this summer:

"Things have been a bit muted lately, with the situation we find ourselves in. And even before, the blues and silvers and whites - iconic and classic - but when we emerge from these times and all is well again, She will represent us all and shine brightly, but perhaps with a bit more flare on the canvas. She has become fond of flower-hues. When appropriate, we will see paler shades in her day dresses. Her natural beauty makes for the perfect base. She will still represent our House with her colors for formal occasions of course, but we will see what magic I can make happen."

Lady Uniana Anduin Nalfein: Classical Beauty

"I adore fashion and cutting-edge couture but I recognize that these are only tools to identify a style. My style tends to rely heavily on classical elven silhouettes, long fluid sleeves, a fitted torso and draping skirts. I believe in the beauty of fabrics crafted by master artisans and that the lapidaries in the City-States have no equal." "Though I do allow for the right foreign pieces to make their way into my collection and chitons embody both the ideal summer garment in both function and fashion." "I know clothes make an impression and I want them to say something about me, I just do not want them to do all the talking." Beneath is the image of an unconcerned female elf wearing a vibrantly rendered outfit in meticulous strokes of color. She has long, silky black cherry-hued hair wound into an upswept plait impaled by a set of gold-wound hairsticks crafted from beveled auroral emeralds. She has a nacreous smoky viridian glaze brushed onto her flawlessly kept fingernails. She is holding a pierced nacre fan enhanced by disir feathers softly luminating the blades in honeyed tones in her left hand. She is wearing a leaf-adorned chain of kelyn vines entwined in lacelike patterns, a pair of chartreuse-lined vert shot silk sleeves hung at the elbows from vermeil coils, an off-shoulder emerald aqilorn bliaut bound down the front-split in gilded closures, a floriated petite lasimor band gracing the left ring finger, and a pair of gilded silk chopines adorned with velvet around the low blond platforms.

Chatelaine Traiva Verethundi: Up Close and Personal

"Fashion is an art form. There is art in how the individual pieces are created - the weaving of the fabric, the design of the garment, the colors used, the metalworking and gemcutting for jewelry. But there is also art in how individual pieces are put together to form the ensemble, and changing out even one individual element can completely change the meaning the artist (wearer, or dresser) sends and the meaning that the viewer receives." "Fashion is also one of the most personal art forms, as it can express everything from the individual's homeland to their socioeconomic status to their profession to their religion to, merely, their personal preference." "I do not feel that I follow seasonal trends, or even yearly ones (though people are welcome to counter, if they disagree). I have enjoyed taking the traditional Aelotian garments and updating them with the fabrics and adornments we have on Elanthia, and I admit to a great joy that the citizens of Mist Harbor embraced the style of saephuas, wraps skirts, and loose pants. I am beyond excited to see our Aelotian crafters debut mervaer and saenira at this year's Dragonfly Festival - I cannot wait to see these materials throughout Elanthia." "Mostly, however, I take my personal style from the Elves, who first welcomed the Aelotoi, and the Humans, near whose lands I made my name. From simple, everyday wear to my gowns for the fanciest Court sessions and Galas, these are a sign of the new life I have been able to create for myself." "Thanks to the various festivals and my travels, I have had the opportunity to learn about and view the attire of Dhe'nar, Tehir, Kindred, and Erithian, and find it quite beautiful. I would very much like to wear these garments, but I also want to respect their creators and the histories, so most often I select small bits to incorporate with my normal wardrobe." "I enjoy using fashion to make a statement, particularly for special events where I try to match garments and accessories to the theme and mood, and sometimes even the location. Even for my everyday wear, I want to show my personality as I fit to the tasks at hand. Part of this personality, as many who have seen me can likely guess, is an appreciation for my body and desire to highlight its finer features." Beneath is the image of an elegantly posed female aelotoi. She is petite in stature and has an hourglass figure. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has smoldering, viridian-flecked dark hazel eyes and rose-tinted ivory skin. She has hip length, softly curled deep cordovan hair swept up into a casual twist secured with a sliver of celadon-hued sea-glass. She has a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones. She has rose-tipped silvery white enamel brushed onto her lengthy fingernails. She has a pair of jade-veined elongated emerald wings. Her right nostril is pierced with a rose-hearted pale violet everine. She has a pair of white diamond studs in the ridges of both her ears, a knotwork and dragonfly tattoo on her neck, and a stalk of blush-hued tuberoses nestled in vivid jade green leaves on her arm. She is wearing a filamentous marbled white butterfly lavaliere, an off-shoulder white cotton blouse with billowy sleeves, a brushed pink gold bangle thinly inlaid with ivory-spotted butterflies, a velvety suede multi-pocketed carryall clasped with a dragon's-tear diamond solitaire, a pale sage linen skirt falling from the high waist in large airy folds, some whisper-thin stockings of perfect cream pearl gossamer, and some ivory antique lace knee-boots.

Town Councillor Kayse Thaellian: Fashionable Firefly

"As someone who came from a slave race that wasn't able to express themselves openly, I find fashion one of my favorite ways to show my personality and convey who I am. Coming from Bre'Naere, I had nothing and I could argue I was nothing. As I began to explore who I truly was and establish a life for myself within Elanthia, I chose fashion to tell the story of who I am." "I am not necessarily one to follow trends. I tend to select items that fit my body and make me feel fantastic in them--utility is also important due to the numerous roles I have. My mood largely affects which outfit I will wear that day unless I have a special event to attend. Color choice, fit, or the inspiration to wear a particular choker or pair of shoes all may be factors in how I dress for the day." "During these warmer months, I am pulled to a traditional garment of my people called the saephua--a chest wrap tied around the neck. Usually flowing, lightweight fabrics are what I am drawn to in designing these. Personally, I prefer a colorful textile in exchange of any adornments or patterns being added. Bold hues like saffron, sienna, and amaranth fill my wardrobe as well as cooler tones of mazarine, plum and deep viridian. I tend to style them differently by using varied lengths of fabrics to change the hem or crop. How they are tied around the neck is another possibility of changing the cut or figure."

She shows me a couple of examples:

a bronze-foiled azalea silk saephua cropped at the bust an infinity knotted gauze saephua dyed in ombre shades of celadon a saffron ridgeweaver silk saephua ruched at the hip a champagne chiffon saephua with cutout panels around the waist
"Flowing layered skirts may be matched with a pair of ankle-wraps or sandals. But if my day is heavier with more physical activity, I prefer pants or trousers--all these pair well with a saephua depending on how you style it and your outfit. Living in a frontier town, I opt for ankle-boots in decorative leather and always, always, heels." "I add the final touches of the outfit--the frosting as I prefer to call it, but adding a matching choker, collar or necklace that will pop against the saephua. Some may not know that many Aelotoi specifically of the Gaeh'dah and Mrae'ni are opposed to adorning themselves with specific gems out of respect for the Aelotoi on Bre'Naere that we lost. My clan the Vaer'sah looks at them as a symbol of our freedom, though many of my chokers have meanings of significance associated with them. One of my prized possessions is my green tourmaline choker that looks similar to the design of a bridge. This is a nod to my home away from home, River's Rest, and the infamous story of Estamil and Tandrik." Strung on thin sand colored silk thread, the beads of the necklace have been polished to perfectly round circles, the stones varying in shades of green, some clear and some darker hued. The top and bottom strands of the choker wrap around the wearer's neck, while various strings are pulled tightly to connect the top and bottom resembling crossbeams of a bridge. "And we cannot forget my favorite accessory of a Veola! From hair combs to headbands to hairpins there is an endless supply of creativity at your fingertips. One object that can be transformed in multiple ways. I opt in the heated months to keep my hair up and out of my face as much as possible." Beneath is the image of an aelotoi with her arms folded across her chest. She is moderately tall and has a curvaceous figure. She appears to be youthful. She has voluminously lashed, viridian-specked pear green eyes and freckle-dusted, smooth olive skin. She has waist-length, lustrous ultramarine hair twisted upwards into two haphazardly arranged buns on top of her head and secured with a quintet of hairpins shaped as molded clay moonlight cactus-blooms. She has strong and toned features, yet still possesses alluring feminine qualities enhanced by her soft full blush-hued lips. She has a pair of oval niveous-veined sparkling champagne wings with each dangling a mistwood lily charm nestled in gold-swept emerald leaves from their lower edges. She is wearing a tripartite choker of baystone reflecting monochromatic cerulean hues against the skin, a shoulder-clasped vanilla leather jacket cropped beneath the bust, a midriff-wrapped mazarine sea silk saephua criss-crossed over the chest, a zydris and sephwir ring, some low-cut sable basilisk scale pants, and a pair of mazarine floriated leather ankle-boots stacked on dark ora-dipped heels.
Fashion is art and you are the canvas.

It is no coincidence that this is the motto of The Looking Glass, a fashion house based in Ta'Illistim that sponsors both FashionCon and this publication. It is a statement that we live by and we encourage everyone to pick up the proverbial brush and start painting. There is an artist in everyone, you just need to find your muse or inspiration and perhaps some of these insights have given you a spark of inspiration.

Sartorial Journeys: Cultural Influences on Fashion

By Vincien Illithien, Academic and Lecturer for Elanthian Elegance

There is a lot of discussion about what fashion is and what it means. Is it just clothes? Are fashion and style different? Is fashion an artform?

Fashion is most often seen as the creative expression of designers through the outfits they wear and the demands they make of merchants, skilful tailors and talented seamstresses. But the word "fashion" also means something popular or in style – something of the moment. What's in fashion at any one time speaks to wider trends in society, politics, and the arts. Trend setters look at what’s happening in general and relate that quite directly to styles; through silhouettes, hem lengths, colours, fabrics, and such like.

The clothes we wear represent who we are or what we want to be. Fashion can speak for us; it's almost like a language with visual cues. Fashion is also art; one has only to visit the Costumery wing of Ta'Illistim's Museum Alerreth to see it on display or to have witnessed the living canvases at this year's Revelia Carnivale Gala!

In our increasingly connected world, cultural boundaries blur, giving rise to a fascinating fusion of styles. Designers are now embracing the richness of Elanthian cultures, blending elements from different traditions to create breathtaking ensembles. Traditional or classic textiles like chainsil, paeline, and silks such as elesine and bourde find themselves reimagined in contemporary silhouettes, breathing new life into age-old craftsmanship.

Tehir sketch. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Every culture has a rich tapestry of history and stories to tell, and fashion becomes a canvas for narrating these tales. Today's designers draw inspiration from cultural heritage, reinterpreting traditional garments to tell a new story. From the opulence of millennia-old Illistim aesthetics to the understated elegance of Vornavian Court fashion, historical influences add a touch of grandeur and timelessness to contemporary couture.

Take the veiled turban from the Tehiri community as an example. While turbans serve a practical purpose, they are also indicative of a shared cultural experience as the centerpiece of a Tehir man's attire. The item of clothing isn't just the fabric it is made of: it has become shorthand for the struggles and triumphs of a particular life experience through its method of wrapping, colour, and decoration.

Thus, the clothes we wear tell stories of our culture and our heritage – things that can't easily be shrugged on and taken off at will. Therefore, one must not fall into the trap of simply adopting a culturally specific style purely because of its pleasing aesthetic. It is possible to show appreciation or be inspired by it but consideration must be given to its symbolism if one wishes to make use of cultural heritage in fashion designing. It is important to know the meaning and context of the elements and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Kindred sketch. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Tradition is also passed down in the creation and construction of clothes. The way things are made, the materials, and the process, are all embedded into our communities and cultures. One only has to look at the The Tartan Cloth of the Kindred clans. The development of its design and the specific colours of the weave have become synonymous with the symbol of clan kinship. These skills are generally passed down from person to person, generation to generation, learned through hands-on apprenticeships.

Clothes are – quite literally – embedded into the fabric of our daily lives but they have a hidden history: a past that goes hand-in-hand with the history of Elanthia itself. There's no doubting that life on Bre'Naere had an initial impact on clothing preferences for the aelotoi. Traditional tailoring of garments tended to be narrow and fitted but adaptations now extend to an endless assortment of flattering cuts and lengths in fine fabrics such as ramie silks or linens and, of course, flyrsilk.

But does culture influence our fashion choices? Absolutely, it does. Cultural changes influence the fashion created by the people in that specific culture or location. Across Elanith, there are various cultures comprising of peoples following different fashion trends and it is dynamic, constantly changing as time passes by. The culture of a people ensures that the accessories and clothes meet certain goals or objectives. Culture also influences design and fabric selection. For example, designers can choose from and make use of indigenous materials abundant in a particular place. This creates a strong identity.

Nalfein sketch. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

There is no better example of this than the Nalfein. With a long-standing reputation for high fashion and cutting-edge couture, the modistes and seamstresses of the Taessaet Terrace - Ta'Nalfein's fashion district - claim clientele across the continent. Well-known for their legendary rosesilk (for which the terrace is named), their mastery over byssus and sea silk, and the rising popularity of nacre velvet, the Nalfein elves continue to dominate the fashion world with their avant-garde and timeless designs for all occasions.

With the increased trade between Elanith and Atan Irith, erithi-woven lotus silk is beginning to make its way into the more forward-thinking designs of the Elanthian fashion scene. As fashion constantly changes, designers keep up with these trends, modify designs and choose fabric, colour and texture to adapt to a certain culture or trend at the same time. And with that particular culture in mind, designers create fashion accessories and clothing. After all, who could fail to admire the elegant cut of a well-made xiala.

Erithi sketch. Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

Cultural influences on fashion also highlight the significance of artisanal craftsmanship. Traditional techniques passed down through generations find their place in the fashion arena, adding depth and authenticity to contemporary designs. Be it intricate embroidery, hand-woven textiles, leather and metalwork, or delicate glass beadwork, the meticulous artistry of different cultures breathes life into garments, transcending mere fashion trends.

At the end of the day, culture influences fashion and vice versa. When culture meets fashion, there is unlimited scope to explore designs and come up with the latest fashion trends. People across Elanith should be encouraged to wear their cultures proudly upon their sleeves. But others should not shy away from opportunities to showcase the brilliant vibrancy of another’s heritage as long as it is done respectfully.

Cultural influences on fashion are a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty of diversity. They remind us that fashion is not merely about trends, but a means of expressing our identities and appreciating the richness of different cultures. Let us celebrate the artisans and designers who draw inspiration from our world's cultural mosaic, creating garments that transcend borders and honour the traditions and stories woven into every thread.

"Fashion is a part of the world and part of our history. It's not a meaningless swirl of meaningless clothes. Our clothing reflects the times we live in."


A glimpse at some of the more memorable outfits seen at events so far this year.

It is always difficult choosing what makes it into Elanthian Vogue or what sadly stays on the workroom table and especially so for this edition. I want to reassure all those that have attended events during the year that you make this Editor's job extremely hard and I hope you agree with me that those chosen are worthy of inclusion.

Ta'Illistim Ball (Fashanos 5123)

The first ball of the season saw representatives from all of the Elven Houses.

Lord Eruien Lithavir Loenthra
He appears to be an Elf.

He is tall and has a lithe body. He appears to be young and robust. He has subtly tilted azure-flecked, sea green eyes and unlined pale skin. He has shoulder-length, silky ginger hair. He has a long, softly angled face, a straight nose and broad shoulders. Silver wire twists into temple coils that frame his face, then climbs along his ears to twine around the slender tips, the complex knots threaded with deep purple arathiel beadwork.

He is wearing a tonal plum brocade cape draped in deep folds over one shoulder, a heathered lavender paeline jacket with arabesqued cutouts on the back, a silver-sheened rich plum satin tunic trimmed in intricate knotwork, a pair of near-black pants just barely tinted purple, and some knee-high ebon leather boots on openworked silver heels.

Lady Naevys Eilstina
She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.

She is taller than average and has a balletic body. She appears to be of full age. She has kohl-outlined pale celadon green eyes and unblemished ivory skin. She has hip-length, lustrous pearlescent white hair twisted back into a pearl-chained plait down to her waist, her crown adorned in a gilt-rayed circlet of pale white arathiel. She has an angular face and a slender torso. Her high cheekbones are traced in metallic-inked rose arabesques, the petals dotted in diminutive pearls.
She is holding a marble-slatted fan of nacre-beaded pale silks in her right hand.

She is wearing a rose-forged necklet of jade-leafed white gold, a cape-sleeved ivory chiffon gown cross-bound across the cut-out abdomen by silken ribbons, and some gilt-toed pale leather shoes vaulted on marbled white heels.

Lady Kasendra Malwind
She appears to be a Human from Aldora.

She is taller than average. She appears to be youthful. She has gold-flecked blue eyes and fair skin. She has long, wavy red hair twisted into elegant curls that are pinned in a pile upon her head by topaz sunflower hairjewels and turquoise beads. She has an aquiline nose and high cheek bones lightly dusted with pale freckles.

She is wearing a silver-strung rising swan pendant, an expose-boned bright turquoise corset painted with sunflowers over a transparent light tangerine gown shoulder-pinned in diaphanous scarves with a dusky blue-green undergown of lustrous silk underneath, a narrow silver ring set with diamond and emerald cabochons, and a pair of Vornavian silk-laced slippers heeled in slate.

Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim
She is an Elf.

She has large, faintly tilted grey eyes and luminous, though pale, skin. She has long, glossy auburn hair overflowing her ornate aureate coronet to tease her neck. Tiny smokey crystal blossoms wink from amidst her tresses. The planes of her cheekbones and the tips of her ears are both sharply slanted, giving her an angular quality.

She is wearing a twisted ebon velvet choker adorned with a grey rutile cabochon, a layered sheer silvery wrap edged in rutile beading, a pewter grey lace gown layered with floral-printed sheer ash tulle, a thick aureate thumb signet, and some pavonated plumed silk slippers beaded with faceted crystals.

Grand Art Exhibition (Ivastaen 5123)

There was plenty of high cultural art to see at this year's Grand Art Exhibition, hosted once again by Cairnfang Manor in the freeport of Solhaven. This year, the annual affair's theme was "After the Storm" and artists from across the continent were invited to submit pieces that focused on seafaring, the metaphorical meaning of a storm and its passing, the need for taking time to reflect in the midst of turmoil, as well as the many traditions to honour Jastev, Charl and those who have been lost.

The Awards night for Best in Show saw attendees dress accordingly and it did not disappoint as a variety cultures were magnificently represented. With colours ranging from canary yellow and lurid pink to the more understated greens, blues and classic black, there was a feast for the eyes wherever you looked.

Missoni Sabretache Faendryl
She appears to be a Dark Elf.

She is shorter than average and has a fragile, slender frame. She appears to have come of age. She has long-lashed chimerical viridian eyes and richly toned, olive brown skin. She has long, glossy black hair smoothly swept to one side by a horn-slatted fan of lacquered pastel-colored feathers and left to drape sleek waves over the right shoulder. She has a pinched face, a sharp and severe nose and a prominent collarbone marked by a tiny mole. Her pointed chin and delicate bone structure contribute to the waifish appearance of her visage.

Languidly resting across her shoulder is a lavender jade teadragon, its tiny body tucked behind its curled tail. She is wearing some dangly gold Aldoran butterfly earrings, a fern-traced silk gauze dress draped from a webwork of arathiel beading front-split over some vivid watercolor silk petticoats, an ebon Vornavian silk armband, a lor signet ring, and a pair of iridescent lotus silk calf-tied sandals set on leaf skeleton heels.

Sir Guarrin Hjeldin
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.

He is of a towering height. He appears to be full grown. He has deeply-set piercing steel grey eyes and pale skin. He has very long, dark blonde hair worn in a trio of thick, interwoven braided twists across the top of his head with the sides shaved close to the scalp. He has a weathered face, a crooked nose and a neatly trimmed, full beard gathered into a single glossy braid with a curled tip. He has a thin, faded scar across the front of his neck, a long diagonal scar running across his left eye from brow to cheek, and broad shoulders.

He is wearing a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a hammered vultite brooch, a fur-lined iron boar hide cloak, a light linen tunic, a leather swordbelt, a lightweight hunter tartan great-kilt with a long swathe pinned at the left shoulder, some pointille steel-plated sabatons, and a pair of golden spurs.

Lady Meliyara the Ascendant
She appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.

She is average height and has a curvy-figured silhouette. She appears to have come of age. She has sultry silver-flecked sapphire blue eyes and petal-soft, tanned skin. She has shoulder length, sleek scarlet red hair woven into a pair of cascading waterfall braids pinned by a su'chao silk fascinator encircled by a ring of enamel blushed amber scorpion. She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a petite, gently sloped button nose and ample hips. A tiny, circular rose-hued beauty mark sits high upon her right cheekbone.

She is wearing a floral brooch splaying ruby-slivered amaranth across the bust, a cross-wrapped tanzanite su'chao silk szi'bai worn snug across the chest, a quintet of alternating copper and shadow amethyst bangles, an elongated silver talon ring studded with ebon-striated vortex stones, a deep onyx woven hemp belt laced through copper triangles, a tri-strand silver waist chain, a mazarine su'chao silk szi'euk wrapped low and tight around the hips, and some scarlet leather thigh-boots lofted on faceted onyx heels.

Town Councilor Kayse Thaellian
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan.

She is moderately tall and has a curvaceous figure. She appears to be youthful. She has voluminously lashed, viridian-specked pear green eyes and freckle-dusted, smooth olive skin. She has waist-length, lustrous ultramarine hair woven into lace braids on each side of her head, the rest of the length spilling a waterfall of blue-sheened curls down her back and held back by a plaited headband of gilt-washed moonlight cactus-blooms. She has strong and toned features, yet still possesses alluring feminine qualities enhanced by her soft full blush-hued lips. She has a pair of oval niveous-veined sparkling champagne wings with each dangling a mistwood lily charm nestled in gold-swept emerald leaves from their lower edges.

She is wearing an opalescent vaalin leaf choker, an onyx chiffon gown with multi-hued aragless sewn into the plunging corset, a woven vine bracelet intertwined with amaranth cymes, a treble of helical zydris branchlets encircling the right index finger, and some blackthorn flora-inked silk open-toed shoes set on vine-wrapped heels.

Revelia Carnivale Gala (Koaratos 5123)

Fashion trends and styles are constantly evolving, and Revelia Carnivale is known for its extravagant and avant-garde fashion choices, with designers and fashion-followers alike showcasing unique and creative outfits that reflected the theme of the event.

Chatelaine Traiva Verethundi
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Mrae'ni Clan.

She is petite in stature and has a curvy-figured silhouette. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has smoldering, viridian-flecked dark hazel eyes and rose-tinted ivory skin. She has hip length, softly curled nightshade purple hair twisted around a spiraling cobalt imflass hairstick cradling an aubergine-flamed lilac arathiel bead. She has a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones. Her lengthy nails are brushed with rose-tipped silvery white enamel spiraled with slivers of jasmine-cut crystal. She has a pair of jade-veined elongated emerald wings adorned with some iris-intaglio trinkets of glimmering plum-hued amethyst.

She is wearing a braided rose gold choker dangling iridescent amethyst droplets, a trilliant-cut amethyst necklace, a strapless corset of ivory silk velvet framing a front panel of dragonfly saewehna beadwork, an emerald talisman etched with a wispy smoke-wrapped woman, an emerald-set lustrous faenor wedding ring, a vivid amethyst satin skirt sweeping into a train of heavily embroidered gold arabesques, and some high heeled sandals strapped with delicate gold chains.

Lady Uniana Anduin
She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.

She is shorter than average. She appears to have come of age. She has a shimmer of turquoise on her eyelids, violet-shadowed, pale lilac eyes and ivory skin. She has long, silky black cherry-hued hair gathered into a mass of voluminous tendrils by a hammered gold-winged headdress trailing hazy gauze lengths that wrap across her eyes. She has an unlined face and subtly arched eyebrows. Her soft lips are tinged with understated carmine. She has a thin scar of delicate intertwined thorns on her neck.
She is holding a cerulean aragless-bladed fan casting a muted blue radiance across the silk webbing in her left hand.
She is wearing a pair of dark gold drop earrings, a structured corset covered in diminutive blue vaalorn nodules amid fleecy velvet over a midnight blue organdy column dress devoid of sleeves, a floriated petite lasimor band gracing the left ring finger, some ombre azure-to-navy folded silk panniers hemmed by floral vermeil, and a pair of navy velvet chopines trapping an opalescent blue moon moth within each high glass wedge.

Pub Proprietor Lithyia Medeea
She appears to be a Human from Allace.

She is shorter than average. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has long-lashed chestnut brown eyes and olive skin. She has upswept, silky snow white hair topped with an abundance of pinned curls. She has an angular face and high cheekbones. Her rounded nails are brushed with shiny coral pink lacquer with minute white opal dots.
She has a tiny pave diamond stud in her right nostril, a trio of small spiral seashells peeking out of the sand tattooed on her ankle, a tattooed symbol of Niima on her wrist, and a trio of walrus ivory rings adorned with intricate scrimshaw in the ridges of both her ears.

She is wearing a silk brocade mask embellished with pearls and crystals, a multi-tiered silver link choker set with a freshwater baroque pearl, an iridescent pink silk gown with ribbon ruching and exuberant lace-ruffled sleeves, a petite silver signet ring, some whisper-thin stockings of white pearl gossamer, and some low-heeled sparkling glass slippers.

Rivienne Mandaire Loenthra
She appears to be an Elf.

She is petite and has a balletic body. She appears to have come of age. She has demure violet eyes and silken alabaster skin. She has long, free-flowing starling black hair held back behind the ears by a half-crescent fan of illuminated vellum pages. She has narrow, delicately pointed ears. Her visage is a subtle mix of raw and refined features, sharp angles, and gentle curves.

She is wearing a slender black linen eye mask, a plum-on-grey corset shaped from frayed strips of storm cloud-painted canvas, a silver band fashioned of braided instrument strings, a night black nebulous tulle skirt trailing a fall of stormcloud diamond stars, and a pair of blackened plum velvet high chopines lofted on sculptured clay heels.

Embracing the Sun-Kissed Splendour: Imperial Summer Fashion Unveiled

Take your irreplaceably different self to the Spiraled Horn and walk out into a dream of your own making with unique shoes and jewelry by Laelithonel.
Located on Incantation Alley in Icemule Trace.
Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

As the golden rays of the sun caress our skin and the air carries a gentle warmth, we find ourselves immersed in the enchanting season of summer. It's a time when fashion blooms, revealing an array of vibrant colours, breezy fabrics, and captivating designs. Elanthian Vogue invites you to embark on a seasonal sartorial journey that celebrates the spirit of summer, embracing the sun-kissed splendour that unfolds with each passing day.

Embracing Effortless Elegance - In the summer months, comfort and style seamlessly merge, creating an ambiance of effortless elegance. Picture flowing gowns adorned with delicate floral prints, billowing in the warm breeze. Light, breathable fabrics like linen and cotton take centre stage, allowing you to move with grace and embrace the carefree nature of the season.

Colour Palette of Joy - Bid farewell to muted tones and embrace the vivacious colour palette that summer demands. This season, bold hues and playful patterns dominate the fashion scene. From vibrant yellows reminiscent of sunflowers to azure blues mirroring the sparkling ocean waves, allow yourself to be enveloped in a kaleidoscope of colours that reflect the exuberance of an imperial summer.

Relaxed Silhouettes - Say goodbye to rigid structures and welcome the art of relaxed silhouettes. Loose-fitting garments take precedence, offering freedom of movement and an easy-going vibe. Flowing pants, oversized shirts, and breezy robes or kaftans are your go-to options for chic yet relaxed ensembles that exude understated sophistication.

Accessories that Make a Splash - No summer fashion story is complete without the perfect accessories that make a splash. Opt for oversized straw hats to shield yourself from the sun's rays while adding a touch of glamour. Stack colorful bangles and layer delicate necklaces for a whimsical touch. Don't forget to slip into strappy sandals to complete your ensemble with an air of laid-back charm.

Summer is a season of endless possibilities, and its fashion offerings are no exception. Whether you're strolling along the sandy beaches around Brisker's Cove, attending picnics in the lush woodlands of Bourth, or wandering around the Solindago Anox Zoo in Solhaven, let your style be a reflection of the vibrant energy that surrounds you. Embrace the sun-kissed splendour with effortless elegance, playful colours, and relaxed silhouettes. Let this summer be a celebration of fashion that radiates joy, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

The Peacock, the Witch and the Wardrobe

By Mirkk Timbertree-Bayvel

Located in Ta'Illistim, the Vogue Studio stocks a variety of fashions for every budget.
Image generated by Rohese's player using MidJourney

A playful reminder to the reader: as the writer, I must be extra careful because my Editor-in-Chief happens to be my wife, meaning I answer to her both professionally and personally. So, let's embark on this delightful journey, knowing my words carry the weight of both an editor's quill and a spouse's discerning gaze.

It all started with a flippant remark one day that planted a seed and here we are. I have managed to persuade the Editor-in-Chief herself to reveal a little of her own fashion journey and how she developed her own sense of style.

As a devoted follower of fashion, Rohese has had quite an impact on others through her work with Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass and, of course, Elanthian Vogue. As her husband, I make no apology for taking advantage of my association by marriage in getting her to open up her wardrobes and share her thoughts.

I do my due diligence by offering a teacup of the Commodore's finest and thanking her for agreeing to this opportunity. She politely accepts my offer, taking a small sip and then resting the teacup at the nearest corner of the table. Emboldened by the warmth of our interaction, I find myself daring to push the boundaries, my suede boot lightly grazing her exposed ankle. Instantly, her composure strengthens, her foot swiftly retracting as she adeptly crosses her ankles, ensuring the atmosphere remains professional. Yet, a subtle hint of amusement dances upon her lips, betraying her.

"My journey into the fashion world has been a fairly unadventurous one. Growing up, I enjoyed my time studying art, literature, music, and poetry in a number of city-states. Being exposed to the creativity and artistic expression of diverse elven cultures, fashion became a natural outlet for me and I started taking an interest in various designers and styles." "I soon realised, however, that fashion was not just about following trends but expressing yourself authentically. I experimented with different looks, played with textures, and combined unexpected elements to create my own style. It's all about having fun and being confident in what you wear. Fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression, and I've always tried to embrace that whenever I can."

Rohese's individuality shines through her fashion choices and I managed to persuade her to talk me through some of her favourite pieces. As she gracefully rises, I eagerly trail behind her, stepping out of the cozy Solar and through a haon door that leads into a room spacious enough to rival a full-sized bedroom or perhaps even a home fit for a halfling. At the heart of the monochromatic room, two cozy lounges rest invitingly around a beautifully adorned rose patterned rug. Casting a gentle glow upon the grey walls are sconces, their light bouncing off full-length mirrors positioned at the far end.

"Welcome to my wardrobe. It's a place where practicality and cultural inspiration collide. Let's start with a few statement pieces. One of my all-time favourites is this - she lifts out a downy feather-ruffed white silk gown with avian blackwork along the sweeping train - it's a classic piece by Nalea that always makes me feel empowered." "Then we have this – she reaches for a glossy black lotus silk xiala silhouetted in gilded scarlet blossoms and holds it against her for a moment with a dreamy expression – I just love how the silk falls naturally for a flattering fit and the cherry blossoms add that perfect pop of colour. Red is not something I can usually wear but this is subtle enough that I can get away with it."

I cheekily make inquiry if this is what one might consider comfortably formal, which she skillfully ignores.

"Moving on, I have a rather large array – she's not joking - of gowns for all occasions. I love experimenting with different styles and patterns, whether it's florals or feathers, cuts or drapes, or even geometric designs. Mixing and matching textures is also something I enjoy, so you'll find a collection of velvet, silk, wool and metallic fabrics." "Fire makes a very bold statement and this piece – she indicates an open-back onyx velvet gown trailing thin-netted lattices of metallic black pearls – is one I cherish for its classically elegant design and ability to shock." Framed in a corset of sculpted leather, the burnt onyx velvet has been cut to expose the back through a lattice of filament-netted pearls, each sphere cradled in an elaborate filigree. Arabesques of faceted jewels engulf the long sweeping train, highlighting the silhouette of the gown as they snake their way around and up towards the tapered dip of the bustline, each piece reacting to the changes of ambient light. The finger-looped sleeves extend beyond the hand, draping down in a fall of opaque lace. "With just a little bit of magic, it is transformed; being engulfed in a torrent of sanguine flames certainly draws attention!" The silhouette of onyx velvet has been traced with a torrent of sanguine flames, the tendrils wending upwards across the arabesques of faceted jewels highlighted in the midst of the fire. Tracing along the bustline are rivulets of golden flame, teasing their way across the sculpted leather corset that frames the gown before melding with their sanguine counterparts. An arcing collar of raven feathers encircles the neck, giving off occasional sparks as the flames continue to bleed across the surface.

At this point, I vaguely remember making another inquiry - something regarding where her husband keeps his clothing. I'm fairly certain she adeptly evaded this question like a butterfly evades the grasp of a small child, but cannot be certain as my thoughts drift back to ideations of seeing her in the aforementioned gown. Upon regaining my faculties, I resolve to cease the banter, at least for now.

"Then we have an example of something that is rarely worn but essential for balls when I know the Aewen Lilta is to be performed. I admit that this – she pulls out a scintillating cloth-of-imflass gown with detached iridescent peacock feather sleeves - is rather cumbersome to wear but needs must when court protocol dictates." "When it comes to everyday wear though, I prefer a simple cotehardie; they are both elegant and comfortable. I spend a lot of my time undertaking research in the Arboretum, the Library Aies, or wandering the woods and forests around Ta'Illistim. Being a Green Witch requires a certain amount of restraint and practicality in my attire; communing with trees, plants and stones tends to mean a lot of time getting close to nature." "This one – she pulls out a cross-shoulder cotehardie of deep fir green wool with open side-laced sleeves - is another favourite of mine as it's easy to slip into for those very early morning starts but a little warm for this time of year. I would prefer something in a lightweight fabric for spring and summer – replacing the wool gown, her hand reaches for a finely woven pale cambric cotehardie showing hints of green in the gossamer sleeves – or perhaps even this – she then produces a longline corset sculpted from cool sage green silk – with a skirt that I can pin up if needed. I do seem to have a thing for green lately!"

I can't help but stifle a mischievous grin as a dainty pink leaf playfully escapes from the midst of two garments, gracefully descending to the ground as she carefully returns the cotehardie to its rightful place on the rack. I wonder if she caught sight of the whimsical leaf, or is she completely enthralled in her lively discourse about clothing? Ah, but who am I kidding? She certainly noticed.

Despite her best efforts to conceal it, I did notice a pentagram-laced sepia lyraigne gown trailing sleeves with slightly ink-stained edges. Testament to the time she spends at her many desks as well as in the woods.

"Of course, no wardrobe is complete without a collection of accessories. I have an assortment of hats, gloves, bags, and statement jewelry pieces that add the perfect finishing touches. I'm not sure I should admit to this but I rarely wore shoes until a few years ago. Being close friends with the Argent Mirror's former cordwainer meant that I really needed to follow the trend and Laphrael Miran'ta was rather persuasive. It was really not a hardship though as her designs were stunning, as are those of Akenna Laeraun-Ranshai who currently supplies our beloved Mirror with the latest styles and whom I am fortunate enough to call a friend too. Shoes are therefore another staple of my wardrobe, although I still try to go barefoot whenever I can."

Time for a serious question! Are there any specific fashion trends or designers that have inspired you?

"Oh my, so many names come to mind. I find inspiration in many different places but who could fail to love the work of designers such as Veola, Ianthra and Yfane! Akenna I have already mentioned and every wardrobe should have some Joola and Zenlia pieces too but, if I had to pick one, it would be Oirisu; her unique vision and attention to detail always captivates me." "In terms of trends, I believe in embracing what resonates personally rather than following everyone else. However, I do have a preference for a softer, feminine style. I love the feel of fine silk and soft wool with fluid lines but I try to incorporate structured pieces into my wardrobe where I can too."

Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion enthusiasts who want to develop their own sense of style?

"My advice would be to stay true to yourself and experiment fearlessly. Fashion is a form of self-expression, so don't be afraid to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Trust your instincts, and don't worry too much about what others think. Confidence is the key to carrying off any outfit." "Also, don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create something unique. Fashion is a constant evolution, so embrace change and adapt your style accordingly. Most importantly, have fun with it! Fashion should be a joyous and creative outlet for self-expression."

Making note of the time, and not wishing to keep her from her evening endeavors, nor I from my own (again, I answer to both a wife and editor), I extend my gratitude to Rohese for her delightful fashion insights. With a mischievous wink and an impish grin, I bid her farewell, fairly certain her well-crafted persona might have cracked just a tad under the weight of our playful exchange.

Elanthia Expose: Peacock Grapevine Edition

By Two Tiaraed Tattlers

In need a finishing touch? Traiva may have the answer! From knitted goods to floral accessories, and jewelry design to footwear, inquire with the Chatelaine to find the perfect piece. Pre-made items are for sale in Traiva's Outfitting on Modwir Way in Wehnimer's Landing.
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I hope, dear readers, you can excuse our absence from handing out the normal colorful commentary and bavardage that we so love to give. As of late it seems our efforts have been usurped by a set of incredulous inquisitors. Who knew that one could earn a position of prestige and power by airing the grimy laundry of others? Nalfein readers, that was not for you. Yet here we are months after the demise of two of the Argent's favorites and we find the Shining City perhaps in the most tumultuous of times since the tragedy of the beloved Mirror's nuptials and all that followed.

Now after the grueling, scandalous and overtly entertaining inquisition sessions have concluded the list of "persons of interest" has become a scant few. The two Nalfein guests, which seems more than convenient. And one of the Queen's own handmaidens, Orelwen Greyvael. We have so infrequently had the pleasure of enjoying the younger Greyvaels' company but were appalled when her disfigured visage was so unseemly moved to emotion during her interrogation. We have to recall with all sorrow how her skin was thusly marred, a tragic event at the Valley of Gold. The same event to which Lady Kasendra and Lady Sayilla were so wholly invested. But that just seems like an odd coincidence. As does her recent odd behavior skulking about the likes of the Pig and Whistle and sharing cloaked murmuring with a rugged figure. Another telltale sign of a house in peril is the frequent sightings of Lady Councilor Ardtin at social functions. The typically conservative matriarch of House Greyvael has been found as both approachable and congenial. It is not unusual to see a puppet master’s hand when they have to reach out and untangle the strings, even when that hand is adorned in glimaerstone jewels.

Still there is no shortage of odd proclivities in Ta'Illistim lately, such as the absence of word from the government about the missing shop owners, the Mirror’s own ward, Gasen Nellereune and perhaps others. Having heard that Commander Murstyr has become reclusive is not unexpected. The lack of protesting in the street over the competency of the Sapphire Guard does give us pause though perhaps common citizens simply feel it is not safe to go moving about the city. Which suits us just fine, the Living Canvas has been doing an impressive job of spreading the delights of Loenthra about those remaining at court. It may be time for a summer sabbatical to the Painted City.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their help in producing this publication:

Yfane "I shall grace you with my thoughts for your fashion house" The Art
Lady Oirisu Venleth Nalfein
Lord Clessar Ryvvuel Illistim
Lady Uniana Anduin Nalfein
Chatelaine Traiva Verethundi
Town Councillor Kayse Thaellian
Lady Missoni Sabretache Faendryl
Vincien Illithien Ardenai
Mirkk Timbertree-Bayvel - yes, I have forgiven you.

My heartfelt thanks to them all and to you, the reader.