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This Month's Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Now that the celebrations around the Feast of the Immortals and Lornon's Eve are over what better way to start the new year than to focus on rest and recuperation. The first edition of 5120 considers the benefits of getting away from it all to relax and, with that in mind, the team have sourced some of the best places to find suitable attire for such an undertaking. Prepare yourself for another possible onslaught of festivals and events this year by taking a little time out to literally and metaphorically smell the roses.

In this edition, we also present the last in the series of horoscopes for those born under the seven winter constellations but before that, we turn the spotlight on the first personality featured in the 5119 Vogue Gallery announced in last month's special edition. On the 28th day of Eorgaen, many of Elanthia's fashionable elite gathered in the Museum Alerreth to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Elanthian Vogue and to offer one lucky person the chance to win an exclusive presentation of the 12 personalities that make up the Gallery; that winner was the Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein. We hope that she enjoys the portraits and takes full advantage of the journal's additional content.

Over the next few months, we hope to bring you more interesting fashionable content and expand our readership accordingly so, as always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know!


Lifestyle: Changing the Pace

The benefits of getting away from it all by Rohese Bayvel

Sometimes, even when you love what you’re doing – in my case it was quite literally the daily "grind" - you just need a break. For me, travel is an exciting adventure, but returning to Ta'Illistim after months of alchemical research, being away from home just didn’t hold the same allure. In fact, something I enjoyed had become exhausting and difficult. Plus, all that travelling and studying led me to put off other things: designing next season's wardrobe, gardening, painting, and scrapbooking.

When I found myself stuck in an infinite loop of reading-foraging-extracting-boiling, and couldn't stop to enjoy the activities I loved or pursue the other things I was passionate about – I knew I needed a change. So, I finally decided to make some time for myself to tackle my personal projects and to that end, I sought out a "retreat".

For two days, I settled on one of the Eastern Waterway islands. I turned off the amunet, avoided other distractions such as Whispering Willow and the prying of wizard familiars, and just sat on the veranda. More importantly, I worked on my other projects and reflected on my life.

I'll admit, it wasn't easy to take time away – I missed my friends and family – but it was one of the most important things I've done for my well-being. Stepping away helped me to reflect on all the wonderful experiences I've had, renewed my sense of curiosity and wonder about the world, and also made me more focused.

So, whether it's for two days or just two hours, I'd encourage everyone else to try it. With these 5 steps, you can take time for yourself and create your own solo retreat, wherever you happen to be.

First, establish a safe place – create one in your own home, cast a sanctuary, or find another space that makes you feel completely at ease and relaxed. Keep in mind that the environment you create should not only be relaxing, but should also guarantee you have no distractions or obligations. You might want to avoid just sitting at a table in your local Inn. Seek out a quiet spot in a garden, by the water's edge, or in a temple.

Secondly, set a simple schedule – start with little things like meditation, prayer, or tea. Give some thought to what you are aiming to do in the short time available to you and identify what tools might help you to achieve that.

Next, establish a goal – I set loose goals for myself, like writing for at least 20 minutes a day and then I can reward myself with just sitting on the beach or perhaps indulging in a glass of iced lemonade.

Now let your mind rest – It's not until you stop that you realize what you have been missing – like the susurration of the waves or the delicious flavor of that beverage.

Solitude is hard but worthwhile – Let go of the apprehension of being alone and the fear of missing out. Don't worry about whether there's a poor soul in need of healing in the square again or if a merchant is working in some backroom. Instead, try to understand where you have been, what you have done, and consider the impact you want to have in the world. Accept being alone with your thoughts. Take time to regroup and refresh, so that when you head back to town and rejoin your fellow adventurers, you will feel stronger than ever.

Postcards from Elanthia Landscape ~ Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l A myriad grey and green dots fill the small card to form an image. Through an archway of bamboo is a tranquil garden filled with ornamental japonicas and acers. Silver points highlight the darker elements of the composition revealing an arrangement of mica rocks and cascading water. On the backside reads a description: Concealed from view but accessible to all is a Quiet Garden where you can retreat and seek respite from the everyday stresses and strains of life in the Shining City.

On the Spot

Once in a while we take the opportunity to put someone "on the spot" with 5 random questions to gain a quick peek into their lifestyle choices. This month we would like to congratulate the adorable Laelithonel Asterfrost for being our first portrait from the 5119 Vogue Gallery and we were even more delighted to put her "on the spot" as well.

Lormesta Laelithonel Asterfrost Cleverly applied brushstrokes of white paint, with the skillful addition of umber and grey touches, form the image of a petite dark-skinned elven woman in diagonal repose across the page. Slight of build, with long selenite-hued hair and large silver-saturated eyes, she lies in a drift of fresh white snow, her arms and legs outstretched as if caught in the act of making a snow angel. Arching overhead is a cloudless, starry sky depicted in bold sweeps of dark blue with dots of silver marking the constellation of Lorminstra's Gates. Portrait as featured in the 5119 Vogue Gallery

Laelithonel - or simply Laeli to her friends - was chosen because of her love of kittens, penguins, snow, tea, books, and, of course, narwhals. A long-time resident of Icemule, she is known for her bubbly and outgoing personality as well as her skills as a master cobbler. Her impeccable taste in footwear has likely influenced fashion trends on both sides of the Dragonspine Mountains and will continue to do so. If you haven't already made her acquaintance, we recommend that you seek her out to enjoy her charismatic and optimistic outlook.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Ah make shoes! An'love others who do too. Ah like t'collect things. Books, bits of art, fabric, words, teacups, sticks. Ah can make a bread out of pancakes an'ah have three books slowly bein'written, none of which ahm sad t'say are about pancakes or bread. Ahm a believer tha'everyone should be owned by at least one cat, tha'a person's hands tell th'most secrets, an' tha' th'gnomes will be th'first t'reach th'moons with th'right amount of veniom an'grease. Also, ah think souffle needs more recognition even if th'eggs are a bit shady.

What were your first thoughts when you were told you had been selected for the 5119 Vogue Gallery? Tha' it would entirely be an honor t'be a part of this. An' ah also want a tiara now.

What constellation were you born under and how do you think this influences you? Th'Dragonfly - she carries her wings straight alright. Have ya ever stood in a cloud of dragonflies matin'? Is like th'universe gathered t'thrum for a moment an'time was polite about it. T'be certain though, m'not birthday falls under every other constellation in th'sky. An' t'be fair, we're all affected by th'celestial bits up there time an'again, an'when we're not, they watch us anyway.

How do you like to relax? Creatin' things stills th'body an'works th'mind. Keeps th'cobbling knife, th'quill, knittin' needles an' th'mind sharp. Tha' in mind, don'ever forget if ya knittin' needles are in ya socks an' th'knife behind ya ear instead of th'quill. Tea an'a whiskered companion help a bit too.

Hats. Thoughts? Havin' about three, six or nine hats is a good thing at all times. Th'definin' difference between a set of beautiful hairpins an'a beautiful hat is th'hat is already more interestin' cause is basically a fancier pocket.

Off the Shelf: Relaxation

The Style Team at Elanthian Vogue have been busy putting together a couple of comfortable yet stylish outfits for those with limited resources. As before, all the items selected were purchased from established outfits and we hope they go some way to making you feel more "relaxed"!

Nothing is more comfortable than loosely fitting, lightweight fabrics and nothing is simpler than a mix and match wardrobe.


  • a fitted white linen shirt with unbuttoned sleeves
  • a long-sleeved mauve linen shirt
  • an open-necked chamomile silk tunic
  • a semi-sheer white linen tunic
  • a thin ecru woven cotton sweater


  • some sand-colored ramie linen breeches
  • some bloused heather grey raw linen pants
  • some straight pale cotton pants
  • some loose jade watered silk serwals

This collection of impeccably tailored garments is available from just three long-established outlets: Elaraeyn's Boutique in Wehnimer's Landing, the Island Boutique in Mist Harbor, and the Sylvarraend Clothiers.

For the ultimate in relaxation, the discerning shopper might also want to pick up a few bottles of oil – perhaps vanilla or rose scented – and some candles or incense.

Truth Be Told

Tucked away in a corner of the Tumbledown Mews in Solhaven is a peculiar device that allegedly tells the truth. The venerable librarian currently employed by the Great House that owns the Mews has a particular affinity with all-things mechanical – being a burghal gnome with a delight for tinkering - and is a proficient manipulator of the instrument. After much persuasion - and several glasses of the House wine - he kindly agreed to elicit readings for those born under the seven winter constellations of the Northern Sky.

It's twilight on the eve of the New Year and I am watching with scientific curiosity as Medrick Tinkspan squints over the top of his spectacles to calibrate the aforementioned device. He aligns one of the three needle-sized hands with the image of an owl to denote that wisdom is being sought. With an audible click, the hand locks into place and the other two begin to spin wildly in opposing directions.

With a whirr and a click, the second hand comes to rest on the image of a snake while the third continues to rotate slowly counter-clockwise. From Eorgaen 8 to Eorgaen 22, the 4 stars of the Paladin guard the cold winter nights from the colder touch of Undeath. Those born under its influence tend to show traits of nobility, holding fast and true to the ones they love and care for. The third hand then comes to rest on the image of a roa'ter. Expect great and sudden changes about which there is an element of danger; just be sure it's not self-inflicted.

Nudging the second hand to rest over the image of a skull, the third begins to revolve around the opaline face of its own accord. Glimmering in the ebon sky from Eorgaen 23 to Lormesta 6 are eleven stars forming the outline of Lorminstra's Gate. Those born under its influence are mindful of fate and tend to live for the moment, reveling in today. With a decisive tick, the third hand wavers and stops on the image of a fish. You will receive news from distant lands and the possibility of journey; try not to over think it.

Moving the second hand to the image of a candle, the third slowly begins to rotate around the spindle. As Lumnis has a constellation, Fash'lo'nae can hardly be outdone, seeking to know and enlighten. Between Lormesta 7 and Lormesta 20, his slit-pupilled eye watches from high above the planet, formed by seven twinkling stars. To be influenced by the Grandfather's Eye is to be a seeker, almost monomaniacal in pursuit of personal goals, power, knowledge, wealth. After several rotations, the third hand finally comes to rest on the image of a star. Expect security, peace, and honor. With your inherent ambitious nature, you may even attain a high position through your acquaintance with powerful friends.

Uncertain of how to approach the next constellation – perhaps reluctant - Medrick positions the second hand over the image of an anchor but changes his mind and adjusts it to rest over the cauldron. Visible from Lormesta 21 to Fashanos 4, twelve stars make up the distinctive six-fingered talon commonly attributed to the Ur-Daemons. The Ur-Daemon represents destruction. Those guided by the talons cannot seem to help themselves, they always hurt those around them as they pursue their own goals. Yet there is some good to them as well, they are determined, passionate, often intuitive and magnetic. As the third hand slows, it ironically comes to rest on the image of an anchor. It's time for pastures new. You are about to embark on a voyage of discovery.

Moving swiftly on, Medrick aligns the second hand to point to the image of an hourglass. Five oddly red stars shine in the winter sky from Fashanos 5 to Fashanos 18, forming that very same pattern of an hourglass. This is the constellation Arachne, giving us the view of the spider's belly marking as if she hovered over the world, ready to eat us all. Arachne's hourglass represents time, and the forces implicit in history. Those born under Arachne's influence tend to be adaptable and eloquent yet sometimes nervous, inconsistent, and cruel. The third hand spins rapidly around the central spindle and stops abruptly over the image of a skull. It is time to let go and move on. Only then will you feel a sense of release and detachment.

With a gentle nudge, the second hand is adjusted to rest over the next image in the sequence, that of a gem. One of the most brilliant stars in the sky sits at the tip of the Unicorn's horn, guiding Ronan's steed through the darkened sky between Fashanos 19 - Charlatos 5. The Unicorn is the most unworldly of beasts, capricious and elusive; many touched by the 4 stars that make up this constellation have those same qualities. Medrick pushes his spectacles up his nose and tuts under his breath as the third hand slows to point to the image of an owl. An evil omen indeed! One indicative of sickness, poverty or disgrace. Beware, for you are in love, you will be deceived.

Rising through the night sky between Charlatos 6 and Charlatos 20 are the 5 stars that make up the Spire. Legend says that this is where Lumnis goes to think and Fash'lo'nae goes to study. It is no surprise then that Medrick aligns the second hand to rest over the image of a scroll. Those born under this final constellation tend to value family and conformity, never straying far from hearth and home. Rotating just once around the opaline face, the third hand comes to a stop over a rose. A lucky sign! Good fortune and happiness are just around the corner.