Elanthian Vogue: Eorgaen 5119

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This Month's Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l
Contributions by: Avawren Fiora Nalfein and Leafiara Autumnwind

Editor's Thoughts

Another year over and what a year it has been! Filled with fashion, fanfare, and festivals, Elanthian Vogue endeavored to cover it all. We were not only fortunate enough to interview some fascinating personalities – who can forget the glimpse we had into the life of Land Pirate Maylan, or that of the Mirror's Handmaidens, the Ladies Amalexia Amalathia and Silima Oneriel, as well as the intrepid aeronaut, Captain Nuadjha - but we also tried to give you, our wonderful readers, hints and tips on how to identify with their varying lifestyles, pointers on places to shop, and, more importantly, encouragement to make your own mark on the world.

As we wrap up 5119 with this final gold-spangled edition, and enter our third year of publication, we reflect on the past 12 months, consider the present, and look to the future.

This time last year, we introduced "Vogue Gallery" in which we acknowledge and commend those among us who live up to a certain ideal. Last year's Gallery was very well received and we are excited to reveal another for 5119. We hope you agree with this year's selection and appreciate the unusual way in which we have chosen to present it.

Our Year in Review will hopefully remind you about the fun you experienced with friends and family but also give you pause for thought over some of its less pleasant aspects. With such a busy year of events and celebrations, you can be forgiven for overlooking those who are less fortunate: those that have suffered at the hands of others, those that are lost to us through misadventure or calamity, or those that have simply wandered away. So, as we approach the Feast of the Immortals and Lornon's Eve, why not reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and make a pledge to be there for them more next year.

Year in Review

I'm sure, like many of us, you are suffering from a serious case of festival fatigue. 5119 was a whirlwind of events and social gatherings with the return of the Duskruin Arena – twice - and the reopening of the five "rings" and archways in the Needle of Pentas on the Isle of Ornath. The Summit Academy also reopened its doors along with the surrounding Rumor Woods and its jousting tournaments.

History was made in the Valley of Gold when Elanthians from both sides of the Dragonspine gathered in the Lumnea sunshine to witness an auspicious treaty signing between Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles and the Argent Mirror, Myasara Illistim. Then in late Phoenatos, Rorthen Windfellow unwittingly hosted us at his Keep off the coast of Four Winds Isle, thanks largely to the efforts of his endearing gargoyles.

The mists of Caligos Isle then parted once more for the usual month-long Ebon Gate festival during Jastatos followed by Ta'Vaalor hosting the return of the biennial Festival of the Fallen that saw Melivn defeat all combatants in the arena.

And, of course, there was FashionCon 5119! The Looking Glass opened the doors of Ailanthus Manor to conference goers and presenters from other Great Houses and Meeting Hall Organizations for a weekend of lectures, presentations, workshops and parties. The closing of the conference saw this year's Chalat Greyvael Illistim Award being awarded to not one but two distinguished couturiers, High Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein and Lord Daevian Corwyth Vaalor. The bar has certainly been set high for next year's contenders!

As far as general world affairs went, Lylia Rashere was returned as the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing in a well-fought campaign against Maylan, Neopuron, and Vicimer. The 14th annual Frontier Days event was held under a cloud of controversy but no doubt the Town Council was simply endeavoring to keep spirits high among its long-suffering residents.

Pursuing atonement and revenge against Raznel, the Landing's time-traveling mage Pylasar led adventurers to eliminate the source of the witch's immortality: the paragons he had helped her create, people abducted from the past and imbued with the witch's essence. Raznel retaliated with famine, plague, scarabs, antimagic, and invasions in a physical, mental, and emotional war, but the frontier rallied as Pylasar and Marshals Thadston and Thrayzar gathered an array of allies including Chronomage Chrysamber Epoch, new Rook leader Mother, the Hall of Mages, the Eloth Dai, and even the Dissembler Quinshon! Adventurers ended Raznel at last, but not without sacrifice as Pylasar and the Marshals are still missing in action. Some believe them to be dead while others await their return one day, but either way they will be remembered.

Beyond the glacier and formidable Glatoph Mountain, the northern hamlet of Icemule Trace also experienced a mixture of celebration and strife with its Faire of the North being held under the cloud of persecution. After a well-fought battle over many months, the residents, with the guiding hand of their Mayor, Tawariell Andrenae, finally overcame the threat of the self-proclaimed Queen Daukhera Darkflorr and her Minions. Her crown of bones is no more.

Across the Dragonspine, in the Elven Nations, life was comparatively quiet. A spate of poisonings in the Ta'Illistim court following the Valley of Gold led to the trial and execution of the Loenthran artist, Master Paerys Velethuil. In better news, residents more recently celebrated the opening of a new fashion wing in the Museum Alerreth. Elanthian Vogue was there for its inaugural event and released an EXTRA! publication last month to cover it.

The year was also a tumultuous one in the usually quiet and peaceful Mist Harbor. It began with strange lapses in memory for some of the residents, a cold-blooded murder in the center of town, and local and adventurer alike being assaulted by visions. Extra-dimensional guardians, attacks from demonic creatures and mortals alike, a spiteful merchant and his krolvin friends, unrest among the natives, a man - former Gallery winner Nehor no less! - beaten to death with his own arm, all culminating in a battle in the skies over the island with the fate of Elanthia in the balance. Through it all the resilience and strength of the people of Mist Harbor shone through; the willingness of adventurers from every corner of the world, and every background imaginable, to work together for the common good was an inspiration.

All in all, it’s been quite a year!

Here and Now!

The month of Eorgaen, and the year's final edition of Elanthian Vogue, is traditionally when we reveal the Vogue Gallery in all its splendor. Last year, in the 5118 Vogue Gallery, we recognized 10 individuals who embodied the "spirit of community" and we chose to present it in a special full color spread. This year, we have decided that the presentation of the Gallery will be more restricted for reasons that will become obvious.


We are excited to announce that the 5119 Vogue Gallery recognizes "charisma" in all its manifestations; from the raw aggression of a sociopath and the sensuality of an elegant socialite to the naivety of a privileged courtier and innocent mischief of a young cobbler.

The 12 nominated personalities this year include (in no particular order): Jossarian Silithyr, Laelithonel Asterfrost, Commander Roblar, Rohese Bayvel, Vincien, Ysharra Nagorn, Dreaer Idrilain, Kizalia, Socius Leiffen, Corlyne Lancre, Captain of the Falcon Nuadjha kis'Anthri, and the twins Oirisu and Airisu. Technically that’s 13 but I defy anyone to choose between the last two delightful ladies and rather than revealing them in all their charismatic glory in this edition, our aim is to share them with our readers throughout 5120.

However, at a special upcoming event, we will be auctioning off ONE very special journal complete with portraits of all the chosen individuals – one for each month of the year – along with space for your own calendar reminders or diary entries. This unique journal will be the only opportunity to see the portraits in advance and all together. As an added incentive, it will also include vouchers for free gifts to be collected throughout the year.

As for the event itself, our aim is to thank all our readers for helping to make Elanthian Vogue a success and to celebrate its two-year anniversary. You are all invited to a champagne reception where we will hold the auction and raise a toast to 5120. We hope you will come and share what your favorite theme or interviews have been or what you would like to see in future editions. Perhaps you will also get a chance to meet one or two of our Gallery entries in person!

What Next?

We'll kickstart 5120 early by congratulating all of this year's Vogue Gallery nominees. The first edition of the new year will feature a young elf who is renowned for her fun-loving personality and keen eye for fashionable footwear. A trend setter in the cobbling world – not just in Icemule where she tends to spend most of her time - she will no doubt continue to impress us all with her skills and amuse us with her antics. Have you guessed who it is yet?

Speaking of fashion trends, I have one word for you: hats! 5120 is going to be all about headwear from ostentatious fascinators or high combs with mantillas to the more understated elegance of a hennin or crespina. Wear them with formal gowns or sharply tailored pants and longcoats or simply add one to an everyday outfit of cotehardies or breeches and tunics. The addition of feathers, flowers, lace ruffles or bejeweled pins and brooches takes an everyday hat to new fashionable heights. Wear them with confidence and know that you are making a statement when you enter a room.

As for what else to expect next year, well, that's up to you! If you are one for making resolutions, might I suggest you think about how you can make our world a better place: one in which we all make room and respect one another. Perhaps you will also be invited to feature in one of next year's editions of Elanthian Vogue or even make the 5120 Vogue Gallery.

With Thanks

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us during the year: from writers and readers to artists and those who kindly agreed to be interviewed; this publication wouldn't be possible without your contributions and continued support. We are looking forward to many more collaborations in 5120 and hope to expand our readership accordingly. As always, I welcome feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions. These can be submitted using a SUBMISSION FORM.