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Category: Empaths
Topic: Empath Spells
Message #: 3008
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 10/17/2007 9:20:19 PM
Subject: Empath Spell Changes

A number of significant changes have been made to Empaths' spell arsenal.

These changes include the ability to cast Heal (1101) at a target, causing it to become Harm. This should be a boon to starting Empaths and will provide experienced Empaths with a low mana, finishing attack. Like all war spells, you can INCANT to auto-select a target, but this also prevents you from using it to Heal (to restore blood loss). You can still use the spell in a sanctuary, but you must use CAST. There is pending update which once released will mimic the old functionality of incant.

Bone Shatter (1106) has been revised. Lower level Empaths will seen a significant increase in damage, while higher level Empaths will see a significant decrease in criticals. This will bring the spell more in line with its goal of being a low level attack spell. There is also a negative TD modifier when the spell is used against lower level targets.

Wither (1115) has been released. This is a new high level attack spell which replaces much of the lost effectiveness of the old Bone Shatter. It also removes many previous restrictions Empaths had in their hunting variety, as it is able to affect the undead.

More specific details, such as lore impact, of the spells can be read below in their official descriptions. Due to these changes, all Empaths will receive a free FIXSKILLS, which is to follow the normal policy of their application (does not stack with existing, unused FIXSKILLS, must be used before the next festival, etc).

Lastly, a huge thanks to: the Cleric/Empath team (GameMaster Warden, GameMaster Nilven, and GameMaster Oscuro) for their work in design, GameMaster Oscuro's work to convert beetles to BCS which were used in this release event and GameMaster Mestys for his quick review of the code, GameMaster Gyres for her awesome messaging of Harm (1101) and Wither (1115), GameMaster Thandiwe for her messaging work in the release event (you can thank her for the riddle!), and the players for their ideas and patience.

GameMaster Estild

Heal/Harm (1101)

Type: Utility/Attack

Through a feat of pure mental concentration, an Empath is able to heal their wounds, ranging from minor scratches to complete limb regeneration. This skill set begins with Heal, which restores lost blood. The amount of blood restored is subject to the Empath's First Aid skill, Empath spell ranks, and their level.

With the aid of an artifact that was recently uncovered, Empaths have divined how to reverse this process, causing blood loss in their targets. Training in Mental Lore, Manipulation increases the amount of damage. Due to the nature of this attack, Harm only affects targets that are living and have blood. The duality of this spell is represented by its name - Heal/Harm.

[NOTE: Using the CURE command after preparing this spell will restore more Health Points than using the CAST command, but at a higher Mana Point cost.]

Bone Shatter (1106)

Type: Attack

Study of anatomy reveals the importance of bone structure. By utilizing this knowledge and the perceived state of need from such a mechanism for a number of living beings, Empaths manipulate the bones in their target causing them to instantly, and painfully, shatter. The power of the attack is enhanced upon a successful cast on a target with ranks of Mental Mana Control. Training in Mental Lore, Manipulation provides for a chance to completely abolish the target's bone structure, resulting in instant death.

Bone Shatter will only work on targets that have bones. Less experienced targets have a more difficult time resisting this spell.

[NOTE: Increased damage is possible when CHANNELing the spell from a higher stance and having an open hand.]

Wither (1115)

Type: Attack

Drawing upon their spiritual connection, an Empath is able to summon the stray spirits within an area. These spirits will surround the Empath's target, causing it to wither. The spirits focus their strength upon a specific body part of the target, until it is no more or the target dies. If the former is reached first, the spirits will attack the next closest location. Training in Mental Lore, Manipulation allows an Empath to assist the spirits in an attempt to completely wither the target, resulting in its death.

Skilled Empaths are able to summon additional spirits for an extra damage cycle, determined by ranks in Spiritual Lore, Summoning. The percentage chance is ranks / 1.5.

[NOTE: Increased damage is possible when CHANNELing the spell from a higher stance and having an open hand.]