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Gender male
Race dwarf
Profession Metalsmith
Service(s) WPS
Venue Wandering
Frontier Days
Town Mist Harbor
Status active

Felthrop is mainly a Premium merchant who does monthly flare and sometimes weighting and padding raffles. After the raffles he will stay and lighten armor and weapons.

Felthrop also frequently attends various festivals and pay events.


You see Metalsmith Felthrop.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He is short and appears to be past his prime.  He has bloodshot stormy grey eyes and ruddy skin.  He has shoulder length, shaggy grey hair.  He has a weathered face and a beak-like nose.
He is wearing a thick gold band, a broken crystal shard pendant, some weathered dark leathers, a copious brown leather satchel, a polished leather scabbard, some patched brown and tan trousers, and some cuffed leather boots with tarnished silver buckles.

The Wagon

[Felthrop's Wagon]
Roughly hewn wooden walls encapsulate the room, their surfaces chipped and scratched from countless impacts with the weapons hanging from the hooks in the sloped ceiling. A curtain of faded red velvet serves to separate the shop from the backroom, its matted surface hanging all the way to the floor. Resting beside the door leading back outside is a low oak table, while a dented footlocker stands opposite.

On the low oak table you see:

a feather-carved ruic long bow with a taut catgut string long bow 40000
a darkly varnished mossbark long bow with carved finger-grooves long bow 25000
a pale yellow ruic short bow carved with several stylized suns short bow 30000
a twisted golden mesille runestaff inlaid with veins of obsidian runestaff 70000
a long silvery faewood runestaff capped with a diamond orb runestaff 125000
a polished dark orase runestaff wrapped with shredded black ribbons runestaff 125000
a set of mottled green full leather tooled with twining ivy AsG: 6 63000
a set of grey full leather accented with amethyst AsG: 6 36000
a set of sturdy double leather tooled with an anvil AsG: 8 46000
a set of dark double leather with burnished brass buckles AsG: 8 81000
a set of coal black brigandine studded with shards of onyx AsG: 12 129000
a dark vultite metal breastplate inlaid with shards of hematite AsG: 17 389000
a polished vultite-link hauberk with silver buckles AsG: 16 357000
some celestial blue vultite full plate incised with stars AsG: 20 1107000
some thick velvet robes with a deep silk-lined hood AsG: 1 26000
a polished dark vultite helm etched with a dragon armor accessory; protects head

On the hooks you see:

a blued steel chakram inlaid with water sapphires quoit 1200
a razor-edged grey steel chakram etched with lightning bolts quoit 1200
a flame red steel chakram studded with chips of fire opal quoit 1200
an ebon-hued vultite morning star etched with crescent moons 4x, lightning morning star 160000
a pair of dark leather handwraps studded with ora 2x, earth UAC gloves 9000
a pair of niveous gauntlets tooled with storm clouds 3x, lightning UAC gloves 23500
a pair of yellow leather gloves clasped with a fire opal 4x, fire UAC gloves 31000

In the footlocker you see:

a sunny yellow vultite troll-claw edged with gold troll-claw 65000
a stylized vultite yierka-spur with needle-sharp tips yierka-spur 45000
a vivid blue vultite knuckle-blade with white finger holes knuckle-blade 54000
a swirled green imflass-studded cestus with a tiny viper clasp cestus 17000
a pair of thick blue leather sandals tooled with snowflakes 4x, ice UAC boots 91500
a pair of tattered green footwraps tooled with dart frogs 2x, acid UAC boots 32500
a pair of rugged leather boots with rawhide laces 3x, vibe UAC boots 52500
[Felthrop's Wagon, Backroom]
The only light in this room emanates from a weak oil lantern resting on a three-legged table near the back corner. The scent of leather, oil, and dust fills the room, along with thousands of dimly illuminated dust motes that hang suspended in the stagnant air, only moving when a breeze sweeps through the room from the faded red velvet curtain that leads back outside. A bedroll rests on the floor to one side, its rumpled surface testament to its frequent use.

Behind the Scenes

Felthrop is run by Gamemaster Jainna.

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