Feystone Inn

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Feystone Inn is a tavernin Ta'Illistim. It is located outside the city, along the Sylvarraend Road between Whistler's Pass and the town of Sylvarraend. Unlike the inns inside the city, dark elves are allowed entry. Visitors can CHECK IN at the Front Desk, and there are two rooms upstairs (the Sitting Room [oak door] and the Bedroom [scarred monir door]) with doors that can be closed. There are also tables in the Tavern; the Tavern can be found by entering the Inn and then going through the swinging door.

[The Feystone Inn, Tavern]
The rough-hewn wooden floor is strewn with stale rushes and bits of half-eaten food. The air is thick with the smoke from cigars and pipes. The tavern room is crowded with all manner of rough-looking elves, a few dark elves and dwarves mixed in for good measure. You also see a swinging door, a stained wooden counter with a wooden sign on it and some tables.



Welcome to the Feystone Inn -- Service with a Snarl

1. Roast leg of ursian sandwich -- 85 silvers

Freshly roasted once a month

2. Stein of Feystone Ale -- 180 silvers

The best day-old hops wer could find

3. Glass of blaestonberry wine -- 220 silvers Stolen from a merchant caravan last year

4. Snifter of 75 year old bogjuice -- 350 silvers

An old Feystone Family Recipe

5. Shot of briny swampwater -- 150 silvers Reputed to have medicinal purposes

You may order by number, or by name as in ORDER SANDWICH, or ORDER WINE.