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Sylvarraend map by Tsoran

The small hamlet of Sylvarraend lies a midpoint between Ta'Illistim to the west and Ta'Vaalor to the east. Simpler but no less magical than any elven demesne, Sylvarraend is a cultural wonderland. Anyone travelling the Sylvarraend road will want to plan a visit or extended stay.


The name Sylvarraend comes from an elven word for forest or woodland. The town has no special relationship to the sylvan race, who are known as sylvisterai in an archaic elven dialect.



Sylvarraend is part of the realm of Ta'Illistim and has easy access to any of the hunting areas therein.

Some of the areas closest to Sylvarraend:

Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Town Commons (with barrel) Super node 13050008 10068 10068


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