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This article is about gemstones in general. For items with the noun "gem", see Gem (noun).

Gems are a major source of GemStone IV's treasure system. More often than not, the value of the gems found will exceed the silver found in a given hunt. The value of gems can range from 5 silver coins to more than 10,000. The variety of gems in Elanthia, as most any fantasy world, exceed that of the real world. Many new types of gems are related to locations, events in history, or to the unique metals found on Elanthia. Location example: a Selanthan bloodjewel can only be found in the areas around River's Rest and Solhaven. Some gems, however, are created magically and the effects of such are visibly notable, such as in the firestone and many of the gems available through The Rift. Also like the firestone, many gems are related to an element.

Gems can be appraised using the APPRAISE verb. The value and quality of a gem can be also determined by a Bard using loresing, and can be increased by using the bard song Purification Song (1004). Some gems (commonly known as "orb gems"; this status can also be determined by a bard using loresing) can be prepared to hold spells to be released at a later date, such as through the spells Magic Item Create (420) and Holy Receptacle (325), or can be used to recharge other items containing spells via the use of a grot t'kel potion and the Charge Item (517) spell.

Every gem found through the treasure system has a show description. Some gems, such as those found in Zul Logoth's caves (not those found on the creatures), do not have a show attached to them.

Certain containers (known as gem bags) store only gems.


The rarity of a specific type of gem in the treasure system generally correlates with its value, but depends as well on the creature being looted. Lower-level creatures tend to have less valuable gems. A "common" gem such as the zircon may easily be found on kobolds but will practically never be looted in high-level hunting areas.

For very high level areas, gems up to the value of uncut diamonds and emeralds (3750-5500 silvers without further purification) can be considered fairly common. Anything valued above is very rarely found.

While on a gem-finding task for the Adventurer's Guild, there is an increased chance of finding the required type of gem, and it is even possible to find it outside of the normal geographical region (for example, Rift gems may appear outside of the Rift).


When appraising, if the player receives the following, the appraisal has failed.

R>app opa
You peer intently at the fire opal as you turn it in your fingers, meticulously inspecting for flaws.  As best you can tell, the fire opal is of average quality.
Roundtime: 3 sec.