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Graison Derges
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Portrait Created by Divone
Race Human
Culture Aldora
Class Paladin
Profession Holy Warrior
Religion Follower of Voln
Affiliation(s) Order of Voln, The Militia
In-a-Word Knightly
Disposition Stoic
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Divine
Flaw Obsession with Voln
Greatest Strength Nobility
Greatest Weakness Lawful Good
Dislikes Undead, Ghezresh
Loyalties Order of Voln, The Shield and the Sickle
Loved One Sayakah (sister)


Name: Lord Urchin Graison Derges
Title: Alpha Among the Ferocious Pack
Race: Human       Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Day 15 of the month Ivastaen in the year of 5095
Clan: Aldora
He is statuesque and has a muscular, able-bodied physique. He appears to be very young.
He has intense sapphire eyes and deeply tanned, scar-riddled skin.
He has short, coarse black hair with a hint of white.
He has a number of deformed fingers with swollen knuckles on his right hand.

Graison Derges
Portrait Created by Divone


Full citizen of Wehnimer's Landing
Member of The Militia
Member of the Order of Voln
Follower of Voln


Strongest foe vanquished: a towering oozing zombie spider


He is wearing a little round mirror, some metallic black pearl prayer beads, some jet prayer beads with a white shield pendant, a wispy onyx flyrsilk shroud pinned with an ivory cameo, a layered black wool cloak, a square obsidian pendant inset with a white marble shield, a large-eyed purple dove charm, a golden feather charm, a gold-plated Militia insignia, a sailcloth haversack slung over his shoulder, an onyx rolaren pavis etched with an image of a puma in gold slung over his other shoulder, a white spidersilk surcoat over a gilt-accented onyx jazerant hauberk, a pair of articulated black gauntlets with gold accents, a gold-framed band centered with a white sunstone shield, a black-striated belt, a laje-buckled leather swordbelt with a gold-edged white ora sidesword hanging from it, an onyx leather pouch with mesh inserts, a sword-etched sleek silver case, a pair of loose stygian black leather trousers, some gleaming golden spurs embossed with argent roses, and some onyx-hued leather riding boots with rounded ora buckles.

Growing Up Graison

Graison Derges was born the 15th of Ivastaen in the year 5095 in a dukedom of the Turamzzyrian Empire known as Aldora. Baby Graison was born with blue-grey eyes and black hair. Graison’s father was a brave Paladin who traveled the country while his mother stayed at home taking care of their goats and sheep...and little Graison. She would use the wool from the sheep to make cloth for sale.

As Graison grew into his teenage years, he followed in his mother’s footsteps and tended their goats and sheep. He would go to the shanties outside the walls of Elstreth to sell what he could. He also wanted to be like his father and become a Paladin. He would listen to stories by his father for years.

When he turned 18, Graison was brought to the House of the Paladin by his father. His father didn’t follow the same deity as he and his mother, which was Kai. His father followed Lord Voln. Graison had heard about him. He also knew that his father was constantly out fighting beasts and other creatures that were killed but rose again. They called them the undead.

Graison started training as a Paladin at this time. He learned Paladins were fierce warriors with much spirituality as a cleric. The more he trained, the more he would learn how the spiritual magic works. He was taught that he could use these spells to help defend himself and offensively use against others in battle. He received a weapon as a gift from his father after joining the Paladin rankings. It was a sidesword made out of white ora. The white ora from the sword is a special metal that will react to the aura of a Paladin and allow them to fight the undead with weapon in hand without having to have it sanctified.

He fought many undead alongside his father for a year. The party he was with would always go out looking for the undead. There were many beasts that were harmful along the way, but their focus was to find any undead walking amongst the living. Alone, Graison would fight any beast that would try and hurt him, living or not. A few plants even got a whiff of his sword.

One evening when Graison was asleep, he had a peculiar dream. A man in full armor of black chainmail topped by a white surcoat and carrying a white shield was fighting alongside him. Graison had no idea who this man was. Something was different when they slain the undead. He could hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separated itself from the body of the undead as it would rise, disappearing into the heavens. The man would watch and smile contently as he stared at Graison. Then the dream was over and Graison woke up. He told his father about what happened in his dream and was told that Lord Voln had visited him and showed him the purpose behind defeating the undead.

Graison then started studying and learning more about Lord Voln and his mission. He heard about a band of folks living underground who were followers of Luukos, but never understood why until now. He even made friends who would worship Luukos, always keeping it a secret and never knowing the whole reason about it. He knew there were of Gods out there, but never really took any of it to the heart as to why. Until now.

At the age of 21, Graison joined the Southern Order of Voln in Aldora. He would meet up with monks who would guide him and lay symbols upon which he would learn new spiritual magic alongside the ones he was learning as a Paladin. He had a tattoo imprinted on his wrist of a white shield on a field of black to represent his devotion to the Lord Voln.

His father and mother grew too ill that the stone-tenders were no longer able to assist. They passed away and Graison knew this was his time to adventure outside of the Turamzzyrian Empire and begin a new chapter in his life while completing the works and studies of the Order of Voln.

Itzy Bitzy Spider

It was the Hour of Tonis in Wehnimer’s Landing on the 19th of Koaratos in the year 5119. Graison stood outside the North Gate with others who would defend the town from an onslaught of undead creatures and beasts. What seemed like a simple task would soon turn into something more. He was ready for this. He trained for this. Graison could see the swarm of undead heading towards the gate. He drew his sword, put a fist to his chest and murmured a small prayer to Lord Voln to guide him.

The battle lasted for what seemed all night, but probably only lasted a half hour or so. There was a call from the West Gate that the undead forces have overrun the guards and entered the town. Jaynon summoned for a group of defenders to stand alongside him and help the citizens of Wehnimer’s Landing. Graison volunteered and joined up.

Graison helped the defenders fight off the undead within the town and escort citizens and visitors to safety. As he was moving forward through the streets, Graison couldn’t believe what he saw next. A few feet in front of him, Graison notices a pocket realm form and larger creatures and beasts come forth. These ones were not the typical undead that Graison has fought. These ones were oozing from every pore and orifice.

A towering spider that clearly was zombified noticed Graison and used its eight legs to quickly rush him. Graison followed lead and ran at the spider as well as yelling. The spider was almost as big as him. Every stab he performed on the spider would result in more ooze. Graison was tired and getting injured. Tiny little spiders started crawling from the bigger spider and now he was stepping on these as well as fighting off the zombified spider. Other defenders joined Graison and the towering oozing zombie spider was eventually defeated. So was Graison and he needed to find shelter and get help.

A triage was set up at the Raging Thrak Inn where defenders were going to get healed. Graison was helped getting there. As his wounds were being tended by an empath, Graison noticed one of the tiny spiders had found its way onto him. He quickly grabbed the spider and tossed it away. The spider quickly crawled instantly back onto Graison. Using the palm of his hand, he covered the spider and pressed down to squish it. As he released, the spider was still there. As Graison tried to grab the spider again, it dug its legs into his armor and was unmovable. As much as he tried, there was nothing he could do. The spider was not harmful.

As days went on, others around town grew concerned that Graison was infested with a spider, Jaynon in particular since he had his own concerns with a spider-person taunting him. The spider soon became part of Graison’s life and he treated it more as a pet. Whenever he is asked about why he has a spider that lives on him, he shares his story of the fight against the undead and the towering oozing zombie spider.

(Credit: Fallen from Faith)

Teasingly Torturous

This short story contains violence that may not be suitable for everyone. Read at your own discretion.

It was during the Hour of Tonis on Tilamaires, the 1st of Jastatos in the year 5119 when Graison was approached and given a poster. The poster had a picture of a young boy who went missing on Caligos Isle. Graison had heard of this island before. Many attend to celebrate the Eve of the Reunion. Merchants stop by during the month selling their wares and those who live on the isle set up games to play. It was supposed to be a fun place to visit. But there seemed to be trouble on the isle. Others around the town of Wehnimer’s Landing were also given posters. Their presence was requested on the isle.

As Graison arrived on Caligos Isle, there were many others he recognized from Wehnimer’s Landing and surrounding towns. A mystery was afoot. Those who had already gathered learned information that they were sharing. Ghost children were wandering the isle. They were stuck there and not able to pass into Lorminstra's Gate. Graison teamed up with some of what he now considered friends to figure what to do for these ghostly children who seem to be the ones missing on the posters hanging up around the isle. After time of investigating and research, everyone headed for the Whip and Wight Inn for the night.

When the Hour of Tonis arrived the next day, Graison was out and about with Rouste when Rouste all of a sudden asks, "Hear that?" Graison had no clue what Rouste heard and replied, "I didn't." Rouste scratches his beard and continues, "Dinna hear laughin'?" A silvery mist suddenly shrouds the area, obscuring Graison's vision. He feels something cover his face and the world goes completely dark. Graison awakens somewhere underground.

[Underground, Sacrificial Altar]
The rough dimensions of this chamber suggest it was formed by some manner of calamity, with its rocky floor spanning only two-thirds of the depth from one wall to another before dropping off into a sheer chasm that echoes with the flow of water from somewhere below. Near the edge is an elaborate altar of stone and ghezyte, and before it stands a raised stone slab and an imposing crossed timber rack, the stone around each stained ruddy and dark. At the rear of the chamber is a heavily warded doorway that leads up a set of steps, and on the far end, imbedded in the wall, is a discolored section of stone.
Obvious exits: none
Graison says, "Oh, this can't be good."
Graison gazes in wonder at his surroundings.
Graison glances at Khlast.
Graison deftly removes the white ora sidesword from his swordbelt.
Khlast grins.
Speaking to Khlast, Graison asks, "Who are you?"
Khlast cocks her head.
Khlast says, "You may... call me Khlast."
Khlast glances up.
Khlast asks, "Are you paying attention out there?"
Speaking to Khlast, Graison asks, "And why am I here?"
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "Conversion."
Graison asks, "To you?"
Graison says, "I don't think so."
Khlast says, "To me? No...."
Khlast carefully intones, "Ghez... Resh."
Graison says, "Never heard of this one."
Graison says, "And I don't think I want to."
Khlast says, "We'll see if you continue that method of thought...."
Graison says, "If I can only get myself to move."
Khlast stalks towards Graison and jabs the haft of her cleaver into his gut, doubling him over!
Graison exclaims, "Stop! I don't approve of this....whatever you are!"
Khlast picks up a two-pronged silver fork.
Khlast grins at Graison.
Graison says, "Keep that away from me."
Khlast smiles towards him and stabs the fork into his leg!
Graison says, "If I could only.....move."
Graison yells, "I need help!"
Khlast trails the blade along the thigh of him and then slams the hilt of it against his fingers.
Graison yells, "Owww! Stop!"
Khlast says, "Allow Him in. Seek his salvation. Convert to him."
Khlast leans forward.
Graison says, "No! I won't."
Khlast leans close to him, and carefully whispers, "Ghez....Resh..."
Graison asks loudly, "Somebody up there has got to hear me! Anyone?"
Khlast looks up towards the window, then back down to Graison. With a quick flick of her ghezyte cleaver, removes a finger from his left hand.
Graison yells, "Ahh! Stop!"
Khlast glances up.
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "They like it when your fingers are removed. I think they're foolish... but... may as well."
Khlast trails the tip of her cleaver down Graison's finger before flicking the blade three quick times. Each time the blade moves, another knuckle of his third finger is removed.
Graison says, "You are a coward. Let me free."
Graison says, "I can resist. I must resist."
Khlast using her fork, quickly spears the three finger knuckles.
Khlast licks a two-pronged silver fork in her hand.
Khlast taps a two-pronged silver fork, which is in her left hand.
Khlast shows Graison a two-pronged silver fork spearing three meaty finger knuckles, which she is holding in her left hand.
Speaking to Graison, Khlast asks, "Care for a bite?"
Graison exclaims, "You're disgusting. Let me go!"
Khlast shrugs.
Khlast put a two-pronged silver fork spearing three meaty finger knuckles in her green leather pouch.
Graison says, "My friends are going to come for me."
Speaking to him, Khlast says, "You seem keen on being heard....."
Khlast quickly slashes the blade towards his head, lopping off his left ear.
Khlast says, "Your friends appear to be suggesting other methods of torture...."
Graison exclaims, "I swear....let me go and fight me! You coward!"
Khlast says, "No."
Khlast shakes her head.
Khlast says, "No...."
Khlast says, "There will be no fighting. You have been chosen."
Khlast says, "Accept it."
Graison shouts, "I accept nothing from you!"
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "You accept one of two things: The salvation of Ghez... Resh. Or death."
Khlast reaches out and cradles Graison's hand in her own. She smiles warmly down to him and presses the hand, palm down against the altar.
Khlast glances inquiringly around the room.
Graison painfully says, "At this point.....I would rather die."
Khlast says, "Perhaps... but not yet."
Graison says, "I will not pray to whomever this Ghez thing is."
Graison continues, "Or worship."
Khlast stabs her cleaver through the back of his hand, piercing the flesh and bone and hitting the alter with a loud scrape and sparks of metal.
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "Your audience up there...."
Khlast grins.
Graison cries out, "If I have to die, I will be with my loved ones. Not your kind."
Khlast says, "Confident...."
Khlast shoves her forefinger into his right eye and plucks the orb from its socket. With a wet sloshing sound, she flings his eye across the room.
Graison exclaims, "Blind me! At least I won't be able to see you anymore!"
Khlast places her blade over the top of his right shoulder. Placing a hand at either end of the cleaver, she slowly presses down on his flesh. Finding resistance momentarily as the edge meets bone, it suddenly thunks against the alter with a sickening crunch.
Khlast just nudged Graison.
Khlast says, "Don't fade yet."
Graison cries, "I will not convert."
Khlast slides one of riding boots off Graison's foot, setting it aside. She then places a finger on his large toe. Graison says, "I know I am going to a better place."
Khlast says, "This little piggy...."
Khlast inclines her ear, listening intently.
Khlast nods approvingly.
Khlast flicks the blade against his large toe before it plummets to the ground in a red spray.
Khlast slides the blade to his next toe and continues, "And this little piggy...."
Khlast nods once, the blade giving a soft *snick* as his second toe flips through the air and lands nearby.
Khlast slowly drags the blade along his foot as it moves towards the third toe. "And this little piggy?"
Khlast smirks as she quickly amputates the middle toe.
Khlast whispers softly to Graison, "Still with us?" as she moves the blade against is fourth toe. "This little piggy?"
Khlast glances up.
Khlast nods once.
Graison cries, "Do what you want now. My mind is clear and I will be with Voln."
Khlast clips off his fourth toe in a slow slide of the blade through flesh and bone.
Khlast asks, "And the last little piggy?"
Khlast slams the blade against his ankle, severing his entire foot!
Khlast shakes her head, clucking her tongue.
Khlast says, "They wish you to be symmetrical again."
Khlast quickly lops off his second foot, which sprays a crimson arc across the room.
Khlast moves around towards his head.
Khlast says, "This can all end..."
Khlast says, "Convert."
Khlast says, "Your companions, they advise to embrace him."
Khlast carefully intones, "Embrace Ghez... Resh."
Khlast says, "You can nod if you wish to submit."
Graison quietly shouts, "Never! Those companions you talk about are not my friends."
Graison continues, "I will not!"
Khlast quickly reaches into Graison's open mouth and pinches his tongue. Not giving him a chance to react, the tongue is quickly removed with the blade.
Khlast leans towards Graison, whispering softly into his good ear. "Remember to nod if you wish to embrace Him."
Graison shakes his head.
Khlast says, "This will... hurt you more than it hurts me."
Khlast presses the blade against his thigh, leaning heavily upon it until the familiar *KARUNCH!* of bone echoes in the small chamber.
Graison falls silently screaming to the ground with his mangled right leg!
Khlast shakes her head, clucking her tongue.
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "Your companions wish you, once again, to be symmetrical."
Khlast presses the blade against his other leg, pressing until the crunching sound reverbrates once more.
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "You are not long for this world... convert. He will welcome you."
Graison senses that his spirit has a slight attunement to the minds of others in the area, though it will quickly fade.

  • Graison is now fish food for the fauna of Caligos Isle!

Khlast shakes her head, clucking her tongue.
Khlast says, "A pity."
Speaking to Graison, Khlast says, "You have one last chance...."
Khlast picks up the corpse of Graison and carries him to a discolored section of stone, perfunctorily shoving him in. Graison feels himself being pulled away...
[Underground, Cistern]
The dimensions of this chamber are breathtaking, such that it could only have been naturally wrought, and it echoes with the sound of water lapping against stone. Evidenced by the scent of the sea, the cistern is fed from an underground channel, and its waters break in shallow waves chased by the cyan glow emitted by the crystals dappled across the arching ceiling and convex walls. The effect is otherwordly and seems in sharp contrast to the mundanity of the furnishings haphazardly arranged throughout. You also see an uneven aperture. Obvious exits: south

Graison's spirit was still with his body, but fading fairly quickly. He could hear voices coming from afar and some people to his location. He saw these people before, but wasn't sure who they were. They started dragging his body away from where he was. He wasn't exactly sure what they were doing with his body. Graison started to get concerned. But he finally saw two familiar faces. Jourwen and Ravenfritha were walking along and immediately speaking to Ravenfritha, Delieta says, "We found him in our walking path."

Raven, for short, placed her hands on Graison and started making some small prayers and his limbs begin reforming onto his body as well as his tongue. Jourwen cracks open a gem and scatters it all over Graison's body and chants a prayer. Graison's spirit and body becomes one again.

Graison remembers clearly what had happened to him and shares his story with his two friends. He tells them he thinks this is what happened to the missing children. As Graison was walking away with his group, a silver voice slithers across his ear, "Rest.... I will decide if we try again tomorrow."

(Credit: Ebon Gate 2019)

Into The Unknown

It was during the Hour of Lumnis on Tilamaires, the 3rd of Eorgaen in the year 5119 and Graison was in the Meditation Chamber within the Order of Voln located just outside Wehnimer's Landing. He was doing his daily prayers to Lord Voln. There was a soft knock on the plain wooden door that separated him and the Hall of Brotherhood. A monk that is dressed in simple black robes that seem to swallow up the details of his form enters with a chest.

The monk quietly tells Graison that the chest he is holding contains items belonging to Sir Jackson Derges. That was his father's name. The monk continued that it arrived from the Southern Order of Voln in Aldora. Graison was confused. His father and mother had passed away four years ago. Why would his father's belongings make it here now? Graison nods to the monk and takes the chest. The monk slowly leaves closing the door behind him.

Graison sits on the ground, setting his back to the altar that is tall and cylindrical. He opens the chest wondering what will be inside. Much of what was inside looked liked found treasures on his father's adventures. There was also a beat up folio.

Opening the folio to a random page, Graison found a date written in ink at the top. He turned more pages seeing different days written. Did his father write his adventures down? He flipped through more pages. He stopped when he came to a page with sketchings trapped in between the crease. He pulled them out. They were drawings of a girl. She had long hair down to her waist and looked like it was braided. Her face had a delicate feature to it. Graison began to read the page the sketches were stuck in.

Niiman, the 6th of Lumnea in the year 5113

I can't believe Saya is thirteen years old now. Today is the last day I will be seeing her. Her mother is taking her to the Isle of Four Winds. There is too much danger here in Aldora. I hope one day when she is older I meet paths with her again.

Today I am also taking Graison to the House of the Paladin. My hopes are he grows up to be a great Paladin. He is always eager to hear my stories when I come home. This will give me my distraction of not being able to see my little girl anymore.

"Wait! What?" Graison said aloud. "My little girl?" Graison's emotions took a turn. Did he just find out his father was cheating on his mother? "This can't be possible!" He continued talking to himself. His father always showed compassion and love for his mother. Why would he have someone else on the side? Graison flipped further back scanning for the name Saya.

Tilamaires, the 1st of Olaesta in the year 5108

I travelled back to the woods to see her again. Little Saya looks so much like her mother with a touch of myself. She has my black hair and blue-grey eyes. She loves the animals and the animals love her. It's cute to watch her run around with the little creatures.

Graison flips the pages seeking more.

Feastday, the 14th of Eorgaen in the year 5102

I went back to the woods to thank the woman who saved my life. It was last winter I fell ill and collapsed on my way home. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for her. I wouldn't be with my lovely Alyce and little Graison if it weren't for her.

She had a precious baby when I visited. She was so cute. I thought maybe the man of the home was out hunting food for them. I didn't want to stay long. But this woman asked me to sit and wanted to tell me something. She told me this little child she was holding, for which she named Sayakah, was mine. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could this precious young one be mine? She continued to explain that when I fell ill, I had a bad fever and as I was recovering, I called her Alyce. Because I was still not well, she didn't want me to relapse and get worse. So she played along.

I was furious. How could this woman do this to me? But as I looked at the sweet little child with those eyes, I couldn't stay mad. But I had to keep this a secret from Alyce. From Alyce and Graison. This is one adventure I must not tell either of them. I hope one day I can share this story to them. But for now, it must remain unknown.

Graison shuts the folio and stuffs the sketches of this girl in his hauberk. He has a sibling somewhere out there. Somewhere on the Isle of Four Winds. Should he seek her out? She should be nineteen or twenty of age by now. Something brought this folio to him for a reason. Do the monks know something he doesn't? Graison tucks the folio into his haversack and closes the chest. He finds another monk and tells him that he wishes to donate the items in the chest to the Order. The monk smiles graciously.

As Graison makes his way to the Courtyard of the Order, he takes out the sketches of this girl named Sayakah and stares at them for a few minutes before placing them back in his hauberk. Graison finally walks back to Wehnimer's Landing with a determined look.

Feeling Wanted

It was the Hour of Tonis on Day of the Huntress, the 21st of Eorgaen in the year 5119 when Graison was summoned to the Raging Thrak Inn by Jaired. They greet each other and Graison was told they would be waiting on Ravenfritha, who went by Raven to most others. When Graison heard this, he had an idea what was about to go down.

A few days prior on Leyan, Whick pulled a group together to scout outside the Gates of Landing. Jaecee, who was now the leader of The Fallen, a group casted out by The Order of Voln, planned to attack Wehnimer's Landing in the winter season. It was that time, so all within the town was on guard and preparing. It didn’t take long before they were approached by a young female. She said her name was Nibani and she was there on behalf of the fallen who didn't approve of what Jaecee was planning. She shared a lot of information with the group before being pulled away by an armored guard. Graison leaned in close to Jaired and said, "I wonder if Raven can get more information through her rather than trying to with Jaecee. Get in this young soldier's head instead." Glancing at Graison, Jaired whispers back, "That is a real good idea." Graison suggested that Jaired talk it over with Leiana before they actually plan anything and he agreed.

When Raven arrives, she was closely followed by Vyrshkana. Both of them were not fully in the loop for what Graison and Jaired had talked about. They had an idea that Nibani was taken into custody and where she came from, but that was about it.

Jaired starts to go into detail about the plan he was thinking of. The four of them would go seek an audience with Nibani to see of her well-being and to try and get more information about what Jaecee is up to or they could break Nibani out of her cell and bring her somewhere else where they could do the same. He even suggested they could put both into motion. Try to ask an audience first and if declined, do a jailbreak. Graison was unsure about the jailbreak idea. But he did want answers. Graison notices that Raven and Vyrshkana were also uneasy about what they were going to do. But no one argues with Jaired. He knew what he was doing. Or did he?

Jaired suggests that he and Vyrshkana take to under Moot Hall where they are holding Nibani. Jaired has supplies to do what is needed to break her out. Graison and Raven were to see if they could seek an audience with Nibani. There, Raven would go ahead and try and seek more information in regards to Jaecee. If they were not able to, that is when Jaired and Vyrshkana would free Nibani and take her to safety. The plan was set.

Graison and Raven head to Moot Hall. There, they were confronted by two guards. Speaking quietly to one of the armored guards, Graison says, "We seek an audience with the prisoner on behalf of the Order of Voln, please." "Isn't it a tad late to be visiting the Hall?", the guard asks while eyeing the two of them. "We would like to see to her health and ask some questions." Graison responds. The two guards smile at each other, then turn to look at Graison in unison. "That's not going to be possible, sir." Speaking softly, Raven asks, "And why exactly would that be?" Graison nods and adds, "I would like to know why." The night watchman casually wanders in looking at the present company. The guard turns to Raven and says, "Prisoner of the Fallen type, so the lady's ordered no visitors. Understand?" and he glances at the watchman, nodding in recognition. The other guard chuckles and says, "We ain't gonna be having yet another one break out. Not on Oreena's watch." to which his companion agrees. Graison firmly stand his ground. "We are here on representation from the Order. She is here to also see to her health and make sure she is okay." Graison says while staring at the guard who was chuckling. The guards look at one another and smirk. "And you're here at half past the ninth hour why? Isn't it unusual to do that?" Raven softly replies, "Not really, I do most of my healing in the evening hours, as my mornings are occupied by my studies." The watchman nods as one of the guards consults him quietly. After a moment, the guard glances back and says, "Oh alright. Go to the Chamber of Justice and down the passage. Make it quick."

During the conversations with the guards, Jaired was using magic to telepathically connect with Graison. He asked if things were going as planned. Using his mind, Graison had responded that it was not and that the guards were persistent on not letting him and Raven see Nibani. Because of this, Jaired was putting the alternative plan into motion. Jaired telepathically warns Graison that he is about to blow the cell where Nibani is being held at to immediately get to the Militia Keep. Graison quickly tried to tell him to wait and that they were able to go see her. But it's too late. The ground beneath everyone present violently shakes and rumbles causing them all to fall down!

Graison miserably tries to fake what happened as he pulls Raven to her feet. He even tries to act confused. From somewhere nearby, a male voice splutters through the clouds of dust, coughing twice before yelling, "Breach! We've a breach in the jail!" The two guards begin to get up with eager looks on their face to grab Graison and Raven. The first reaction from Graison was to grab Raven's hand and run. He races out of Moot Hall with Raven in tow. The two of them race out of Wehnimer's Landing gates and to the Militia Keep. There, they see Jaired, Vyrshkana, and the young soldier they had just freed.

At the Keep, Graison was relieved it was over. He was happy he was going to get more answers. He would find out why Jaecee was doing what he was doing. The talk was long. Nibani was grateful, but also weary about what the intentions were of Raven. Graison got a few questions in and learned about what Jaecee's own intentions were that he was wanting to be the King Lich of an alternate Wehnimer's Landing connected to the one he lives in now. But Jaecee wanted control of both.

Within the time frame of them all talking, a member of the Militia comes in with a poster and sets it down. At the top in bold, it read "WANTED". They all stare at the poster.

One Male: Human with blue-grey eyes, short and frizzy black hair, last seen with a small black spider on his head.
One Female: Sylvankind, sparkling blue-grey eyes, blonde hair held with gold combs and parrot feathers. Possible tattoo of a raven on her arm.
Both figures claim to represent the Order of Voln.
Suspected in aiding a prisoner escape from jail.

Graison looks at Raven and vice-versa. It was them. Graison was at a loss. He had never done anything in his life to the point of being wanted by town officials. Nibani had eventually left to her quarters in the Keep for the evening in a not so good of a mood after Raven had tried to reach into her mind. But Graison was more focused on the poster now. It was late and Vyrshkana had already taken her leave. It was now Jaired's turn. Graison was left alone with Raven. Before he makes his departure, speaking warmly to Raven, he says, "Going to find a cot here to sleep for the night. Stay safe, Raven."

Graison tossed and turned that evening. He dreamed of being locked up. He kept waking up from nightmares. The cot wasn't helping either as it was uncomfortable.

The Hour of Lumnis of the next day, Feastday, Graison quietly makes his way back into town. He was afraid of being noticed. It was over a month since he was captured on Caligos Isle and tortured. He wondered if he was going to go through that all over again. He did nothing wrong. It was only a few days ago, he finally became a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing and made it official within the books. Now he is a wanted person within the town he calls home. Graison snuck into Moot Hall, the very place where all the wanted posters were plastered and found his storage locker that visitors and citizens alike could use during their stay. He removed all his clothing that he hadn't already taken off while in the Militia Keep and found a new outfit he had received when visiting Caligos Isle. It was more of a formal attire, but would work in this instance for now.

When the town shops began to open, he made his way to the squalid canvas pavillion where the town barber was working. He was hoping the barber hadn't noticed the wanted posters or wasn't paying attention, period. The barber motioned him to have a seat. "What can I do for you, today?" He asked. Graison responded, "I'd like to add a bit of dye color to my hair. Do you recommend anything?" The barber looked Graison over. "Maybe a shade of blue to match the eyes?" "Perfect!" Graison smiled. Graison also asked the barber if he could make the style a bit more unkempt. When the work was done, Graison was pleased with the outcome. He then walked further into the pavillion. A wild-eyed man is clothed in drab clothing covered with a long splotched-white apron, and a pair of dull grey moccasins. The rivulets of blood trickling down the legs of a crude operating table near this man give some indication of the unpleasantness of whatever this person does. Thick glass jars are stacked three deep, each one packed full of preserved eyes with their optic nerves still attached. A very sharp-looking scalpel has been left at the foot of the table. The man smiles at Graison. "You needing some new eyes, young fella?" Graison was taken aback. "If you don't like the ones you have, I can give you new ones." How odd, Graison thought and approached the table. This didn't look safe at all. But if he is disguising himself, a new eye color would be acceptable. He followed the man's instructions. When it was all over, he was blind. His eyes were covered. A few hours later, Graison was removing cloth from his eyes and was able to see like normal. He approached the man, who wanted to be known as a surgeon, and paid him. He also was shown his eyes he used to have.

Graison didn't feel like himself anymore. He was not happy with any of this. He went to the Thrak Inn for a drink. There, he found Raven. She had already changed some of her looks as well. They had small talk about what happened the day before. He showed Raven his new blue-black unkempt hair and grey-green eyes. Raven could see he was unhappy. Raven mentioned that The Order of Voln needs to get involved in what is happening. Graison couldn't have agreed more and thought perhaps even the Winter's Keeper Vernin could vouch for what he and Raven were trying to accomplish. But right now, Graison wanted to go home. He had built a chateau just outside the Graveyard. For some reason, being near there brought him comfort. Whenever he was around the undead, he knew Lord Voln was watching over him. Raven offers him homage at her Villa on the Isle of Four Winds. He was gracious to accept since they became good friends. That evening he would sleep much better. He slept in a cushioned chair which was more comfortable than a cot.

On Restday, the 22nd, Graison spent most of his day gathering his thoughts of what to write to the Winter's Keeper. Graison was a devout follower of Voln and very much dedicated to The Order of Voln as well as to the Shield and Sickle. He wanted to make sure his intentions were clear and also make sure when this war happens that Nibani and her friends would be safe or have a fair trial. When the Hour of Tonis arrived, Graison travelled back to Wehnimer's Landing. He first made a stop at the Order northward of Wehnimer's Landing and asked the monks there to deliver his message to the Winter's Keeper as quickly as possible.

As Graison was riding his stallion back to Wehnimer's Landing, he came back to destruction. Graison could only stare at the outside walls. The North Gate had collapsed. There was still smoke rising within the crumbled walls. He went to the West Gate and saw the same thing. The town guard was still manning the west side. The town guard said that this was the outcome of Jaecee and Leiana. The town guard inspected Graison up and down and explained there was no way in or out right now. Graison knew this was not true. But he also knew that the town guard was only protecting the town from further threats and most likely did not recognize him. Graison made his way to the Wayside Inn. He tied up his stallion and let him know he'd be back for him. Graison found the secret entry from the fireplace and made his way into town.

Inside the town, the locals were very talkative when Graison started asking questions. He heard that the fire witch was captured. He heard from Nibani calling Leiana a fire witch. Graison thought to himself. He had to dig deeper into this. So he mentioned and asked one of the locals, "Leiana has been taken into custody?" "The fire witch will be put on trial this feastday for all the destruction she did to this town!" A man spoke up. Graison was saddened once again. This was the time they were to be celebrating the winter solstice. One woman stares at him. Graison then asks another question. "And Jaecee? Is he is custody, too?" "No, that beast was eaten by some siren named Tanailiestra!"

When Volnes, the 23rd arrived, Graison spent most of his time in the Order praying. Not just to Voln. To any of the Gods that would listen. Graison was mad. This was a time they were all supposed to be celebrating and everyone around him was suffering. Even himself. He wanted to know what he should do. During the Hour of Tonis, Graison made his way back to Wehnimer's Landing once more. He sat down on the bench of Town Center.

A young woman wanders through and sits on the ground. Glancing over at one of the wanted posters laying on the ground as well, she picks it up. "Ya know, I think they would have done better to use sketches." She looked deep in thought. "That could be any number of men I saw just in the past few days alone. The female...she's ringing a bell though." Nodding, she continued, "Definitely shoulda done sketches." She then looks up at Graison sitting on the bench. "Heard any rumors as to why they're wanted?" Graison was a bit worried. Did she already know who he was and playing a game for him to reveal himself? Speaking quietly to her, Graison says, "I have not. Been indoors most this winter. I heard about some bad people on their way. Haven't been out much. I finally came out after I heard the gates fell. Someone gave the all clear that citizens could come out of their homes." Graison thought to himself that was a ridiculous answer. But he was caught off guard. The woman amusedly says, "I bet the spider made a web in his hair and that's why it's frizzy." Standing up, the woman approaches Graison and offers a handshake. "I can't remember if we've met, but you don't look familiar so I guess not." Graison sighed a bit of relief inside and offered his hand in return with a smile. Graison responds, "Nice to meet you. I don't get around much. I tend to stay inside. But I wanted to catch a breather tonight outside." The two continue a bit of pleasantries before she wanders off.

Graison gazes up into the heavens. "Enough of this hiding", he thought out loud. "I am here to be there for my friends. And they need me right now." The shops are currently closed as the Hour of Ronan approaches. Graison makes his way to the Wayside Inn, grabs his stallion and rides home to his chateau.

(Credit: Fallen from Faith)