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A thorny pale amber sprite with braided hair flutters up to you and hovers in front of your face.

The sprite says, "Hello there! I'm a forest sprite, and my name is Ridijy. If you like, I can show you around town, teach you a thing or two, and maybe even find a way to get us into a bit of trouble!"

The sprite says, "So how does that sound? Would you like to go on some adventures with me?"

The Sprite Quest

When you first create your character and step out into one of the bustling towns of Elanthia, a friendly sprite will come by offering help. The quests you go on with the sprite are designed to let you become acquainted with the basics of how to play GemStone IV, as well as give you some valuable experience and treasure.

To start the quest, simply type ACCEPT.


The Follower of Luukos

The first scenario you come across will be an emaciated man on the run. He is a follower of Luukos, the God of Undeath. When a townswoman tries to track him down, you will have to make a moral choice.

During this quest, you will learn how to use the commands SAY, ASK, SEARCH, and ACCEPT. You will also learn some background about the religious conflict between Lorminstra and Luukos and their followers.

Once you have successfully resolved the scenario, NOD SPRITE to continue.

The Depressed Young Warrior

In this scenario, you find a young warrior who has lost his sword, and you can offer to help him purchase a new one.

During this quest, you will learn how to use the commands SHEATHE and UNSHEATHE to manage weapons, DIRECTION to find places in town, ORDER to purchase items from a shop, and GIVE to hand an item to someone else.

The Smuggler Rendezvous

In this scenario, a guard will ask you to spy on a smuggling ring inside the city.

During this quest, you will learn how to use the commands HIDE, UNHIDE, STEAL, and SHOW, as well as some other actions depending on your choices. You can also acquire a large amount of silver coins (for a new character, at least).

The Wounded Child

In this scenario, a young girl is trying to find a healer for her wounded sister. Even if you are a healer yourself, the injuries are too severe for someone of your limited experience, so you will have to learn to TEND bleeding wounds, or FORAGE or purchase herbs. If you choose to forage, you will have to venture out of town into the wilderness. Don't worry about your possible lack of foraging skills, since the sprite will be happy to help you out as long as you are in the right place. Once you have found the herb, head back into town. The girl and her sister may not be in the same place when you get back, but as long as you are in town they will eventually find you.

Sadly, you will not be able to save the child in time, but you will learn how to use a white flask to preserve a body while waiting for an experienced cleric to arrive. Make sure to GIVE the cleric some silver coins in appreciation. The gods smile on generosity and may grant you a deed for your efforts (provided you tip well enough).

The Terrible Beast

In this scenario, a terrible beast lurks in a cave outside town.

During this quest, you will learn the basics of combat: how to hold a weapon, how to use the STANCE command, how to ATTACK, and (if you are a spellcaster) how to INCANT your magic. If you don't feel perfectly confident before taking on the beast, you can also ask other players in town if they would be willing to cast some defensive spells on you.


The rewards for completing the sprite quests depend on your choices, but in general you will receive some silvers, a couple magic items, and a fair amount of experience, usually enough to take you from Level 0 to Level 1, sometimes even Level 2 if you managed to visit enough important places in town. You will also get a little round mirror as a souvenir.