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A perky bearded dabbler premiered through the curtain of the High End Scrip Shop at the February 2021 run of Duskruin Arena. The service only takes bloodscrip (bs), and costs 5000 bs to remove properties of mechanical value, but only 1000 bs to remove fluff properties. The dabbler does not work on items with temporary properties.

Unrelatedly, the dabbler will buy Treasure Trove raffle tokens for 125 bs.

Elegantly barrel-chested and graced with a flowing mane of flaxen tresses, a perky bearded dabbler is short of stature and nimble.  Her eyes reflect a good-natured flirtatiousness that is expressed in her ready smile and the gentle sway of her hips.  A plethora of bejeweled braids adorns her chin, though they have been parted into two groups to better show off her barely buttoned shirt, which is tucked into a pair of form-fitting leather trousers.
Ask dabbler about service
A perky bearded dabbler straightens herself as if preparing for a meaningful encounter, and with a practiced smile, says, "My skill lies in the removal of special properties from your most valued possessions.  I am able to REMOVE a wide variety of properties, including things such as WEIGHTING, PADDING, SIGHTING, SANCTIFICATION, FLARES, DEFENDER or AS bonus, TD, BANE, RESISTANCE, and some SCRIPTs.  I deal only in bloodscrip, and the cost for my service, regardless of which property I remove, is 5000."  She turns her head to the side, covers her mouth, and clears her throat, directing her attention back to you.

"There is one exception to that cost, though.  Scripts that carry no mechanical benefit whatsoever will only cost 1000.  If you are interested in securing any of my services, ASK me ABOUT REMOVE <PROPERTY>.  Be specific about which property you want me to remove, or I might just remove everything!"  A mischievous grin forms across her lips.  "You can also ask me about the individual property, but I don't guarantee that I'll have an answer for you."
Item with temporary property (regardless of if the property is temporary or permanent)
A perky bearded dabbler sighs and says, "I'm afraid I can't touch that kelyn hook-knife, even with a ten-foot wand.  Those temporary properties always catch me off-guard, and I'm not about to voluntarily step into THAT sticky wicket!"  She shakes her head furiously while waving her hands back and forth in an anxious, negative gesture.

List of Approved Scripts


Auto Closing Bag
Buckling boots
Elven Armor
Fancy Armor (Pauldrons)
Gifts of Atan Irith (surita fluff)
Jackal Ring
Lesser Moods
Greater Moods
Xojium Robes


Banshee Flares
Knockout Flares
Rotflares (primary)

List of Denied Scripts

Feras Script
Fluff script for long/show descriptions
Morphing Runestaves
The Old One Two UAC gear

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