Imaera's Bounty Herbalist

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Imaera's Bounty Herbalist is the herb shop in Northern Caravansary. It is located on East Row north of Weapons With a History‎.

[Imaera's Bounty Herbalist Tent]
Hanging bunches of drying herbs force all but the shortest customers to stoop. Appearing quite at home among the dangling obstacles, Marijon Pestlethwaite hums quietly as she works her way through the tent, checking the bundles, taking some down and hanging others up to dry. You also see the herbalist Marisol and a wooden sign.


Welcome to Imaera's Bounty Herbalist!

Herbalist Marisol offers her catalog to browse.
Marisol exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. some acantha leaf      11. some basal moss
  2. some wolifrew lichen   12. some pothinir grass
  3. some torban leaf       13. some sovyn clove
  4. some woth flower       14. a bolmara potion
  5. some ambrominas leaf   15. a rose-marrow potion
  6. some ephlox moss       16. a brostheras potion
  7. some cactacae spine    17. a talneo potion
  8. some calamia fruit     18. a wingstem potion
  9. some aloeas stem       19. a bur-clover potion
  10. some haphip root