Wolifrew lichen

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Wolifrew lichen
Uses Healing, Alchemy
Bounty Points 250
Climate Terrain
 ? Arid
 ? Arid Temperate
✓ Cold Damp
✓ Cold Dry
 ? Freshwater
 ? Hot Damp
 ? Humid
 ? Moist
 ? Saltwater
 ? Snowy Arctic
 ? Temperate
 ? Barren Scrub
✓ Coniferous
 ? Cultivated
✓ Deciduous
✓ Grassland
 ? Hard Flat
 ? Hilly
 ? Mountainous
 ? Muddy Wetlands
✓ Plain Dirt
 ? Riparian
 ? Rough
 ? Sandy
 ? Subterranean
 ? Tropical

Wolifrew Lichen is a herb used to treat minor nervous system wounds. It is sold in herb shops located in or near Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, and River's Rest. It is sold in the form of a tincture in the Elven Nations.

Mechanical Benefit

Wolifrew lichen heals minor nervous system damage (muscle twitching), leaving a minor nervous system scar (slurred speech). It is easily bundled into large multiple bite bundles with a maximum of 50 bites.

Requires 15 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Summoning to be summoned via Herb Production (1118).

Other Remedies

A tincture of wolifrew is currently available for sale in:

Alchemy Recipe

A tincture of wolifrew
  1. Add water
  2. Add ground wolifrew lichen
  3. Simmer

Plant Information


Wolifrew lichen is a yellow-brown fungus.

Foraging Information

Wolifrew lichen can be found in the following climates: Cold Damp and Cold Dry.

It can be found in the following terrains: Coniferous forest, Deciduous forest, Grassland, Plain dirt, and Sandy.

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