Ephlox moss

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Ephlox moss
Uses Healing, Alchemy
Bounty Points 700
Climate Terrain
? Arid
? Arid Temperate
✓ Cold Damp
✓ Cold Dry
? Freshwater
? Hot Damp
? Humid
? Moist
? Saltwater
? Snowy Arctic
? Temperate
? Barren Scrub
✓ Coniferous
? Cultivated
✓ Deciduous
? Grassland
? Hard Flat
? Hilly
? Mountainous
? Muddy Wetlands
? Plain Dirt
✓ Riparian
? Rough
? Sandy
? Subterranean
? Tropical

Ephlox moss is both a plant and a healing item used to heal serious and critical (major) limb wounds. It can be foraged and is sold in herb shops located in or near Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest, and Mist Harbor. It is turned into a tincture in the places where it is sold in the Elven Nations.


The olive green-hued spiky moss is routinely sold for its medicinal properties and may also be foraged wild.Elanthian Flora Guide



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Climates and Terrains

Grows best in a cold, wet environment with ample sunlight, and tends to grow on tree trunks or beside streams.Elanthian Flora Guide

Ephlox moss can be foraged in the following climates: cold damp and cold dry. It can be found in the following terrains: coniferous, deciduous, and riparian.


Stills the blood flowing from open wounds upon the limbs and repairing the broken bones within.Elanthian Flora Guide

Ephlox moss heals major limb damage (fractured and bleeding, or severed), leaving a major limb scar (mangled or missing). It is easily bundled into large multiple-bite bundles with a maximum of 50 bites.

This plant requires 35 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Summoning to be summoned via Herb Production (1118).

Derivative Items

A tincture of ephlox is currently available for sale in:

Alchemy Recipe

A tincture of ephlox
  1. Add water
  2. Add sea salt
  3. Add ground ephlox moss
  4. Simmer

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