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(At Feet) Inventory Update

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Game Systems
Message #: 901
Author: GS4-NAIKEN
Date: 12/01/2021 09:57 AM CST
Subject: Alongside (At Feet) Inventory Update on

We are excited to announce the Alongside (At Feet) inventory system update! It is now live in Platinum and should go live in Prime in the next day or two.

The PLACE verb has been updated with additional options (the existing usage is still intact). By using PLACE FEET, you can place an item you’re holding alongside you (at your feet). This frees your hand while the item remains in your inventory. It does not put the item on the ground in the room, so it cannot be swiped by the janitor.

The Alongside slot is limited to one item, though it can be a container that's usable as if you were holding or wearing it. Warriors and those casting Call Lightning (at their own peril) may exceed this limit by destroying boxes placed alongside them, as the box contents will also be At Feet instead of spilled onto the ground.

By default, having an item placed alongside you will block you from moving rooms and using BERSERK, though you may DRAG an At Feet item in order to move with it. In addition, all teleportation methods will work, and At Feet items will travel with you.

The INVENTORY and LOOK verbs have been updated to display At Feet items below the worn inventory. Many other verbs have been updated as well, including EMPTY, STOW, and LOOT.

The Alongside slot does not reduce encumbrance or affect the 500-item limit, and it has no impact on disarm mechanics and the RECOVER system.

As always, please BUG or BUGITEM if you encounter issues, especially with item scripts, and be patient while we continue to find and update item scripts as needed.

Cheat sheet:


Tuck, Untuck, Leggings

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Game Systems
Message #: 918
Author: GS4-NAIKEN
Date: 12/03/2021 12:50 PM CST
Subject: TUCK, UNTUCK, and Leggings

We are excited to announce two new verbs, TUCK and UNTUCK, as well as the new Leggings worn inventory slot! All three updates are live in Platinum and Test and should go live in Prime this weekend.

The Leggings slot is in addition to the two existing leg slots (pants and leg greaves), and all three can be used simultaneously. You don’t need to fuss with removing pants and greaves before wearing leggings or vice versa. Only one Leggings item can be worn at a time, but it can be functional. The Leggings slot is currently restricted to these nouns: leggings, stockings, petticoat(s), underskirt(s), and hosen.

The TUCK verb has specific functionality for held and worn items, as well as roleplay messaging for other situations. For worn items, it attempts to “hide” an item beneath another worn item so others won’t see it when LOOKing at you. With the exception of pinworn items, in order to tuck an item, you must be wearing something in a different location that the item can be tucked under. Not all worn location combinations are eligible (see chart below).

Tucked items don’t go anywhere, and you can still interact with them normally. When using INVENTORY, a “(tucked)” label will appear next to the item’s description.

When used on a held item, TUCK’s default ability is to toggle an item property. Outside of item scripts, this verb currently supports toggling the worn location of Legs (pants) and Leggings garments. This is a two-way toggle, so you can freely switch back and forth. Any Leggings item can be toggled to the pants slot, and pants items with a permitted Leggings noun can be toggled to the Leggings slot. Nothing changes with the noun. The pants-worn garment must already have a permitted Leggings noun. Support for additional default toggles may be added in the future.


>wear shield You sling an imflass shield over your shoulder.

>tuck shield You tuck your imflass shield underneath your large cloak.

>inv You are wearing an imflass shield (tucked), some leather slippers, a large cloak, a decorative pin (tucked)...

>remove leg Removing your canvas trousers for a moment, you slip out of some cotton leggings.

>tuck leg You arrange your cotton leggings to be pulled on over your legs.

>tuck leg You arrange your cotton leggings for your legs to slip into.

Using UNTUCK on a tucked item will, you guessed it, untuck the item so others can see it using LOOK.

Given the complexity of items in the game, some items/nouns may seem odd for certain combinations. We didn’t want to add more layers of validation and restriction, so try to exercise some latitude. However, you may BUG/BUGITEM particularly strange situations for us to review.

Current eligible combinations:

PIN Always TUCKable Imagination not recommended
BACK Shoulders (cloak)
WAIST Cannot be TUCKed
HEAD Cannot be TUCKed
SHOULDER (shield) Shoulders (cloak)
SHOULDERS (cloak) Cannot be TUCKed
LEGS (pants) Cannot be TUCKed
TORSO (armor) Cannot be TUCKed
WRIST Arms, Hands
FEET (shoes) Cannot be TUCKed
NECK Shoulders (cloak), Torso, Front, Undershirt
BELT Cannot be TUCKed
ARMS Cannot be TUCKed
LEGS (greaves) Cannot be TUCKed
EARLOBE(S) Head (armor)
ANKLE Feet (shoes), Feet (socks)
FRONT Cannot be TUCKed
HANDS Cannot be TUCKed
FEET (socks) Feet (shoes) LayerClothing must be off
UNDERSHIRT Shoulders (cloak), Torso (armor)
LEGGINGS Legs (pants) LayerClothing must be off

Hidden Items Jan 2015

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 1510
Author: GS4-VANAH
Date: 01/15/2015 07:27 AM EST
Subject: Hidden Inventory Items Update

The INVENTORY verb has been updated so that certain items that were hidden from your inventory will now show up in the first-person view. The third-person view is still available if you use a mirror.

We would receive a lot of referrals about "I had a hidey sheath and I can't find it!" "It's on your back." or "I can't wear a whisper mask!" "You're already wearing a mask." so this update now gives you the player the ability to see the items that you are wearing but that may not show up to others.

Right now I believe the list of affected scripted items are hair baubles, petticoats, and enhancive items hidden by the Sylinar's Spire griffin pin gift. Other scripted items will be added as the scripts for each are updated.


2008 Clothing Update

Original Release

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #:
Author: GS4-BERNT
Date: 6/5/2008 11:02:49 PM
Subject: Clothing Update

It's not layered clothing, but the clothing system has received a substantial update. The primary goal of this update is to allow characters to wear more fluff items without greatly increasing the total maximum worn items or the number of functional items worn.

1. Worn items are now considered either "functional" or "fluff". All weapons, containers, magical, and enhancive items are functional; fluff items are those that convey no mechanical benefits. Scripted items are, by default, considered functional, but those scripts that only "zest" the item -- that is, add messaging but not function -- are exempted.

2. Four new 'slots' have been added: over the front, as an apron; on the hands, as gloves; inner footwear, as socks; and in the hair, as a barrette.

3. The number of items that may be worn in each 'slot' has been modified. Generally, a smaller number of functional items may be worn, with (usually) some additional fluff items:

Functional Total Location
8 20 Generally (used when others don't apply)
1 1 On back (backpack)
1 3 Around waist (belt)
1 2 Head (helm)
2 2 Slung on back and shoulder (a slung shield)
1 2 On shoulders (cape)
1 1 On legs (pants)
1 3 On torso (shirt, dress, armor)
2 4 On wrist (bracelet)
2 6 On finger (ring)
1 1 On feet (shoe)
3 6 Around neck (amulet, necklace)
3 4 Attached to belt (belt assumed)
1 1 Over arms (arm greaves)
1 1 Over legs (leg greaves)
1 3 Hanging from ear (earring)
1 3 Hanging from ears (plural, earrings)
1 3 On ankle (anklet)
1 1 Over front (e.g. apron)
1 1 On hands (e.g. gloves)
1 3 Inner footwear (e.g. socks)
1 2 In hair (e.g. barrette)

NOTE You may find that your characters are wearing MORE than the allowed number of functional items -- particularly pinworn items. See the note below about how some items may be eligible to change slots. However, you may need to choose which 8 functional pinworns (or some other slot) you want to wear.

4. If items are ordered in your inventory in the same way SORT AUTO HEAD places them, some items will be shown layered with other items when you are LOOKed at.

5. The slot used by existing items is not changed by this update. In each major town, however, you will find in the clothier or general shop a mist-filled silver bowl. Placing a wearable item into the bowl will reveal some information about how the item is classified under the new system and, if it is eligible to change slots, will allow you to update its slot.

Although GM Lusus and I have reviewed each of the thousands of scripts in the game, we may have overlooked something. If you believe that an item you own has been misclassified as functional or fluff, or if you believe it should be considered in a different slot, please place an ASSIST so that a GM may review your request.

GM Bernt


Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 1056
Author: GS4-SIRINA
Date: 6/7/2008 1:38:50 AM
Subject: Re: Clothing Update

>>>a cloak, pack, pouch, belt, thigh-quiver, satchel, harness and locksmith toolkit. How many functional items is that? It's eight. That's our limit. That doesn't include armor or worn shield. That includes no enhancives.

Here's a link to Bernt's original post with the chart of how many items can be worn in each slot. The "general" spot (first line) is "pinworn" items.

It's not 8 per slot, but it's at least one per slot, plus 8 pinworn, for a total of 36 functional items (if my counting skills are not severely degraded at 2:30 in the morning).


SORT (verb)

Category: General Roleplaying
Topic: Elanthian Fashion
Message #: 3399
Author: GS4-ILDRAN
Date: 5/26/2008 2:23:04 PM

IOI: 5

Why? Because from now on, inventories will be re-reversed (versed?) as part of the login process, resulting in your inventory on login being in the same order as it was when you logged out. It took years of research and indescribable peril, but we have indeed introduced revolutionary technology that enables us to load a list of things in the same order as it was saved in!

Truly, the mind reels.

4 realz.

Peace out, yo.

- Ildran

Layered Clothing

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #:
Author: GS4-BERNT
Date: on 6/6/2008 10:24:10 AM
Subject: A new LOOK

You may have noticed a few things are changed in both LOOK and INVENTORY:

You are wearing a silver earring, a vultite shield slung over your shoulder, an ipantor long bow slung over your other shoulder, a leather backpack, a pale green linen apron over a cotton shirt, some double leather, some canvas trousers, and a pair of wool socks under a pair of leather boots.

Note that this messaging is very order dependent: if socks are not 'above' boots, you won't get the linking messaging. If I were to sort my leathers UP, I would get: "... a pale green linen apron over some double leather, a cotton shirt, ..." If the apron-slot item does not directly precede a chest-worn slot item, then the "over a" messaging does not occur.

And have you notice what happens when you try to wear or remove socks when you have shoes on?

 GM Bernt

Functional Items

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #:
Author: GS4-BERNT
Date: 6/6/2008 2:14:13 PM
Subject: Re: Clothing Update

>That's just general rules, and there are tons of items that don't follow the rules.

Actually, the rules are very specific:


all containers
all enhancives
all weapons
all armor and shields
all musical instruments
anything hurlable
anything with RestrictedUse
all lockpicks
anything with a script, unless that script is explicitly exempted

I have been discussing with APM Sirina some possible modification of these rules, but we're going to listen for a while before making any substantive changes.

GM Bernt

Round Two

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 1522
Author: GS4-LUSUS
Date: 11/5/2008 2:11:53 PM
Subject: Clothing Updates, Round Two

In response to various feedback and re-thinking in the weeks since the new clothing upgrades were released, the following new changes have been made:

1. Four Winds teleport items will no longer be counted as functional items.

2. Items that hold 2 pounds or less and 2 items or less (such as most bodices, shirts, dresses, pants) will no longer be counted as functional items. This applies to items that are worn on the back, shoulders, legs, torso, around the neck, attached to a belt, or over the front. Merchants who offer lightening and deepening services may also now be able to offer to make item pockets smaller (within reason) so that they would fall under this new rule.

3. A new 'under-armor' slot has been created for a single non-functional item. An example of an item in this slot would be a gambeson.

4. The number of items that can be worn over the legs, over the arms or over the front has been increased to 2. This allows for up to one functional item and one fluff item or two fluff items in these positions.

5. A number of other minor bugs have also been resolved.

As with the previous round of updates, if you encounter an item that you believe should be 'fluff' but is showing up as functional, please place an ASSIST so that a GM may review your request.


Legging and Undershirt Conversion

Category: General GemStone IV Discussion
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 4068
Author: GS4-VANAH
Date: May 6th, 2022
Subject: Legging and Undershirt Conversion

Items appropriate for inventory locations for leggings and gambesons can now be converted to the dedicated inventory slots.

Leggings, stockings, hosen, petticoat(s), and underskirt(s) can be converted to the legging slot.

Gambeson, undershirt, chemise, and shift can be converted to the gambeson slot.

In each major town, you will find in the clothier or general shop a mist-filled silver bowl. Placing a wearable item into the bowl will reveal some information about how the item is classified under the new system and, if it is eligible to change slots, will allow you to update its slot.