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Irar Snickers is the Deacon of the Church of Koar in Wehnimer's Landing and a news correspondent for the TownCrier. He came to be known as a devoted paladin of Koar during Prelate Chaston Griffin’s bloody pogrom, and afterwards a spiritual leader of the Koarite faithful in the Landing.

Irar Snickers
Race Human
Profession Paladin
Religion Follower of Koar


You see Irar Snickers the Deacon of the Church of Koar.

He appears to be a Human.

He is tall.  He appears to be young.  He has piercing crystal blue eyes and pale skin.  He has short, fine jet black hair.  He has a square-jawed face, an aquiline nose and a neatly-trimmed beard.  He has a polished fake gold tooth barely visible in his mouth.

He has a grinning roa'ter tattoo on the side of his neck.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a blackened roa'ter skin hood, a grinning roa'ter maw mask, a radiant golden crown symbol bedizened with white opal drakes, a crude roa'ter-toothed necklace, a crimson-shot jet chaplet, a rich golden topaz crown talisman, a cobweb-covered jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim, a sigil-etched wide silver armband, a ruby lute symbol capped by a gleaming golden crown, an acid burned roa'ter skin pack, a roa'ter buttoned black vest, an exquisitely tailored white brushed silk shirt with roa'ter teeth cufflinks, some expertly fitted black platemail with matching white shield etched pauldrons, a pair of leather-lined polished golden gauntlets, a silver and agate bracer, a pair of black leather gloves with golden roa'ters sewn into the fingers, a white Koar ring, a jet black roa'ter skin swordbelt inlaid with black deathstones, an orange silk drawstring gem pouch, a supple roa'ter-shaped satchel, a talon-trimmed vruul skin bag, an alum-studded leather frog with a bent mithril roa'ter axe hanging from it, some dark roa'ter-studded trousers, some buckled roa'ter skin boots, and a polished spiked rolaren greatshield.


Early Life

Irar was born of unknown parents sometime in 5085 and left as an infant to be fostered at a farm outside Wehnimer’s Landing. Upon reaching adulthood Irar departed the life of a farmhand and struck out as an adventurer, but found little love in pursuing riches and fame.

Having established himself as a citizen in the Landing, Irar found purpose and meaning following a near-death experience with a fearsome Roa'ter. The giant worm had attacked and swallowed him whole as he was escorting a dignitary to Solhaven, and he beseeched all the gods who would listen for salvation. Desperate, despairing, and slowly dissolving in the creature’s belly, he looked down to a golden ring in his pocket and slipped the trinket onto his finger. Suddenly, he found himself at the Fane of the God-King, Koar’s shrine in Solhaven, and took it as a sign. He swore his life and service to Koar to the end of all things, and thereafter began his life as a paladin.

Chaston and Deaconship

Shortly after becoming a fervent devotee of Koar, Prelate Chaston Griffin of the Church of Koar would come to Irar’s attention. Irar developed a deep-seated distrust of the Prelate as well as Chaston’s fanatical followers, the Blameless. Attending Chaston’s rallies and sermons, Irar repeatedly rebuked the Prelate’s bigotry towards elves and his proclamations as to being the voice of Koar.

Irar would come to name Chaston an apostate and false prophet, declaring his opposition to Griffin as an imposter, and would aid adventurers from the Landing in fighting the invasion of the Blameless, eventually burying his blade in the Prelate’s spine.

Irar remained distrustful of the Church of Koar, yet maintained a great respect for the Church’s Second Watcher, Lheren Hochstib. After Lheren was named Prelate in Chaston’s stead, he appointed Irar as Deacon of the Church of Koar in Wenhimer’s Landing. The new Deacon was tasked with restoring faith and trust in the Church and Koar with the people of the Landing, regardless of race or religion.

The Kestrels And Confessions

Irar largely abstained from taking part in the machinations of Grand Magister Dennet Kestrel of the Hall of Mages when he took up residence in the Hendoran Outpost outside of the Landing, voicing grave reservations about Dennet’s motives. He would further recuse himself after witnessing a ritual in which the Grand Magister would transfer the soul of his son to a corpse, something Irar considered to be tantamount to necromancy.

He did, however, hold a prayer session with Naimorai Kestrel, the Grand Magister’s daughter, who revealed her true purpose was to offer a confession. Irar would not disclose the contents of this confession to any who asked, even Naimorai’s mother, Reannah. After a mental breakdown under suspicious circumstances, Irar passed on a vial given to him by Naimorai to Leafiara, later confirmed to be a potent and deadly poison. Shortly after this incident and Naimorai voicing deep displeasure at the Deacon for this seeming revelation, Irar was murdered by a shade in Koar’s shrine at the Hendoran outpost, then banned from the outpost and shrine entirely by the garrison commander.

The Deacon would later take part in the defense of the Landing as it was assaulted by Grand Magisters Dennet and Octaven, eventually discovering that Naimorai was not only his assailant, but would become the witch Raznel.

On Roa'ters

Irar has a curious obsession and reverence for roa’ters, despite their deadly history. He garbs himself in roa’ter skins and considers himself to be one of the foremost experts on the monstrous worms in all Elanthia though this claim is dubious, to say the least.


Deacon of the Church of Koar

News Correspondent of the TownCrier

Master in the Order of Voln

Citizen of Wehnimer's Landing

Member of House Brigatta