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Finnia is a continent to the southeast of Elanith. It will be a new player experience area, with a city called Phyon, floating over an unusual expanse of glacier with ruins. Finnian saddles are now a broad type of lightweight riding saddle for horses in the mount system.

Finnia may be the continent apparently south from Atan Irith, described by Pla'dushte gno Krol as "the place that reaches out to the frozen lands at the bottom of the world" and "new of memory, but littered with ancient ruins and mountains".


There was a Builder civilization tens of thousands of years ago in Finnia. There were events called the Builder Plagues and Elemancer Wars. In that period many fruitlessly came to what remained of Miirta Jzen, in the Ujheqi region of Finnia, seeking the metal xazkruvrixis. The landscape of that region had been affected by the wars, but much more severely in the Dark Flood of the year -24,525. There was an "essence bomb" that warped the topography and geography of Finnia in general. When the waves of the essence bomb hit the Ujheqi region, it hit the disk of xazkruvrixis in the ruins of Miirta Jzen.

This released its own power of death from the metal itself, causing the extinction of smaller species in the surrounding grasslands and forests. The big cats of Ujheqi underwent rapid evolution following this mass extinction and became the Paerdyne, as witnessed by the nomadic centaur tribes of Ujheqi. This change has passed down by oral tradition, and the catalyst is thought to have been the Dark Flood, with Miirta Jzen as the epicenter.


The ruins of Miirta Jzen are now submerged under water and coral in the Bay of Mos'kayl, and was the discovery place of the lethal xazkruvrixis metal. There is only one known mine with economic amounts of xazkruvrixis, and it takes decades of testing and experience before the Masters of metalworking in Finnia allow mining the metal. Forgers similarly must train for decades or even a century before being allowed to work with it.

  • Bay of Mos'kayl
  • Miirta Jzen (submerged ruins of Builder civilization in Bay of Mos'kayl, Xazkruvrixis first discovered)
  • Ujheqi (region with lost Builder civilization)
  • Cheiva (place with scholars and archaeologists)
  • Phyon (floating city over a glacier and ruins)


Finnia might be the "southern continent" visible from the Sea of Transcendence on the surface of Liabo, in the Rings of Lumnis spiritual puzzle quest area, accessed from the launch disks of the Needle of Pentas on the Isle of Ornath.

[Liabo, Sea of Transcendence]
Bright blue and green, Elanthia sits poised over the northern edge of Liabo's horizon and displays its entire southern continent.  The bright glow of the planet erases all other lights and colors from the area, its luminosity even eclipsing the starlight to the east and west of its swollen form.  Golden tiles imbedded into the dusty white ground take on an azure hue that darkens where they encircle a glass-lined ring.
Obvious exits: south, west

Behind the Scenes

Finnia was the post-ICE Age name of the Shadow World continent of Emer, which was immediately south of Jontara. It is not yet portrayed on any map of Elanthia. It was very rarely referenced as an orphaned term, and is now gaining more modern definition. Aspects of Emer that would originally have been kept there, such as Idolone and the Kannalan Empire, were later changed to be part of the history of Elanith.

Emer was one of the two major continents in the archaic history. It was the center of the resistance faction led by Utha in the Lord of Essaence civil war against the Empress Kadaena. Thousands of years later demi-gods called "Titans" from Orhan (Liabo), offspring of elves and gods, moved to the continent and lorded over it for much of the Second Era. The Dark Gods fought them in the Wars of Dominion --- most notably Scalu (Sheru), Andaras (Andelas), and Kesh'ta'kai (Fash'lo'nae) --- with Andraax almost being slain by Scalu alongside one of the Titans at the Battle of Maegris in 6825 Second Era.

The Library of Nomikos (Biblia) was located in between Emer and our own continent of Jaiman, and the Order of Vult (Voln) was founded in its theocracy of Klysus (Luukos) in its original backstory. Most continents in Shadow World have little or no development. Folenn is still mentioned in the game by an old town NPC, and Mulira is still referenced in another old spot. Gaalt, Thuul, the fortress near the South Pole, and possibly Govon could have implicitly been relevant. It is not yet clear where the Isle of Ornath and Library of Biblia are exactly relative to Elanith and Finnia.

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