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Gor'nustre was a city of the Kannalan Empire that survived its collapse, but was destroyed by the Turamzzyrian Empire in 4287.

The city of Gor'nustre survived the collapse of the Kannalan Empire in 3961, along with the two other cities of Kedshold and Toullaire. In 4281, Gor'nustre was the first city to reject the expansionist actions of the Turamzzyrian Empire under its first empress, Selantha Anodheles. After accusing the Empire of being behind the destruction of one its trade caravans, Gor'nustre essentially began the war of the Kannalan Alliance.

The Kannalan Alliance was an alliance formed by the aforementioned surviving Kannalan cities. The war lasted nine years, but Gor'nustre did not survive the ordeal. Around 4287, Empress Selantha placed the city under a siege for half a year with no success. However, the night she drew back her forces, the city's main gate mysteriously was reduced to rubble which allowed the Imperial forces to enter the city and consequently burn it to ashes.

The city of Immuron was built on the ruins of Gor'nustre by one of the early emperors, Immuros Kestrel, in the area of the Earldom of Honneland.

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