Locksmehr River Ferry

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The Locksmehr River Ferry is a toll ferry that runs back and forth across the Locksmehr River. The ferry departs from either side every 2 minutes (1 minute travel time/1 minute docking time). A toll of 10 silvers is collected by a blind ferryman prior to boarding in each direction. The toll can only be paid when the ferryboat and ferryman are present at the dock.

For those waiting, the movement of the ferry is visible from either dock. The ferry crossing itself takes about 2 minutes; and the ferry is docked at each end for about 2 minutes.

The trail leading eastward from the ferry crossing is the Locksmehr Trail, which leads to Wiley Island, the Overland Trail, the Dead Plateau, and Glo'antern Moor before ending at the settlement at Khazar's Hold. This is the western part of the route between the West and lands east of Khazar's Hold, which include Zul Logoth and the Elven Nations).

Magical transport within the areas between the ferry crossing and Khazar's Hold will not take the adventurer to any major town. The trail leading westward from the ferry crossing is part of the realm surrounding Wehnimer's Landing.

While aboard the ferry, the Wehnimer's Landing amunet is audible, but transport to and from the town was not possible.

The ferry can be bypassed with an appropriately set gold ring.

Behind the Scenes

When the Elven Nations were initially added to GemStone, the Locksmehr River Ferry was the first significant "new" location on the route. Locations to the west of the ferry crossing were previously accessible to adventurers, while everything to the east was new territory.

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