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Realms are typically set up around the major towns (Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace, Pinefar, Solhaven, Teras Isle, Zul Logoth, Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor) or hunting grounds (The Rift, Old Ta'Faendryl, The Moon/Sheru Monastery). There are about twenty realms typically accessible in Elanith, as seen in Kastrel's Planar Shifting guide, although special merchants or storyline areas may be treated as their own realms, as well.

The concept of realms is important for transportation means (e.g., spells such as Spirit Guide (130) and items such as gold rings) and for the spell Locate Person (116).

Within realms, each individual room possesses a unique flow pattern which appears in a rune book as a series of archaic runes, these can be detected by sorcerers using SENSE PATTERN. Flows from the same general vicinities possess similar traits, expressed by a particular color. Generally, each town and its surrounding environs are considered a single "realm," as the individual patterns found in the area all share the same color. Oftentimes the areas between major towns consist of multiple realms, or the patterns are unrecognizable altogether.

Teleportation Zones

The 2016 Teleportation Review divided the lands into two distinctive local travel zones where gold rings could be used between the listed locations within each zone, regardless of traditional realm borders. Isolated realms remain subject to the same rules as previously applied.

Zone 1:

Zone 2: