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Login Rewards Release

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 1882
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 10/27/2015 07:15 PM EDT
Subject: Login Rewards Released!

A new player incentive system has been released: Login Rewards!

Through this system, characters that login every day will receive an escalating series of rewards for each consecutive day that they login, up to a maximum of 30 consecutive logins. If a 30-day login streak is achieved, the character is awarded the capstone reward and restarts a new streak at day 1 on their next login. Rewards are attuned to the character that earned them and cannot be transferred between characters. Rewards can be redeemed in-game at a time of the player's choosing via the new BOOST command. Unredeemed rewards do not expire and can accumulate over time, though characters on F2P accounts have limits on the number of unredeemed awards they can stockpile. Characters on paid subscription accounts do not have any limits on the number unredeemed awards that they can stockpile.

The system works by demarcating each day at 00:00, in-game time (accessible via the TIME command). To be counted as having logged in for any given day, you must login between 00:00 and 23:59 in-game time during that day. You will receive an in-game message when your login streak is incremented and you are awarded the reward for that day. Each consecutive day that you login increments your login streak by 1 day. If you miss logging in on any day, your login streak is set back to day 1. Login streaks are tracked per character. If you have multiple characters that you wish to earn login rewards with, they must all be logged in individually.

If you are a paid subscriber and are logged into the game at 00:00, as a convenience to you, you will be automatically updated as having been logged in for the new login day. F2P characters will have to manually log out and back in order to be counted as having logged in each day. Please note that this is merely a convenience extended to paid subscribers, as we cannot guarantee your permanent connectivity to the game. You are still responsible for checking your character each day, and if you miss out on a login day due to being AFK for an extended period of time and losing your connection unnoticed, your login streak will not be manually restored via GM intervention.

Login bridges are available within the reward system and (soon) from the SimuCoins store. Login bridges allow you miss logging in for one or more days, but still keep your login streak intact. Login bridges are expended upon use at a rate of 1 bridge per missed day. In order to make use of login bridges, you must use the BOOST BRIDGE MIN command to specify the minimum login streak that you are willing to spend a login bridge to maintain, and the BOOST BRIDGE MAX command to specify the maximum number of login bridges you are willing to expend at a single time. Please note that these settings must be set before your login streak is interrupted, not after.

The following is the complete list of daily rewards:

1 500 Fame
2 1 random magical crystal (blue/white/black).
3 2 Minor Loot Boosts (1 for F2P). Small boost on LOOT rolls for 15 minutes.
4 2 Temporary Urchin Guide access (1 for F2P). Access to the URCHIN guides for 15 minutes.
5 2 Bounty Boosts (1 for F2P). Reduces all bounty wait times (to a nominal few seconds) until the character shares a task or successfully completes it. (max 1 hour).
6 2 Enhancive Boosts (1 for F2P). This is the player's choice of either 5 enhancive pauses, or 15 minutes of +5 to all Base Stat Bonuses, or 15 minutes of +15 to Stamina and Mana Regen.
7 2 uses of the Urchin Runners (1 for F2P). Allows characters to use the remote BANK and LOCKER access commands. Comes with a free 15 minutes of LOCKER MANIFEST access.
8 2 Encumbrance Boosts (1 for F2P). Minus 50 lbs to effective encumbrance for 15 minutes.
9 2 Guild Boosts (1 for F2P). This is the player's choice of either doubled TPs earned for each profession guild task or another use of the Bounty Boosts.
10 1 Instant Mind Clearer (60 minute Exp Pass for F2P). Instantly moves 1000 current field exp into their absorbed exp pool. It does not apply any RPA, XXX, or other modifiers to this amount. F2P characters instead get a Lesser Experience Pass.
11 4 hours of Bounty Waivers (2 for F2P). Allows the character to choose one Adventurer Guild task type (Forage Herbs, Escort NPC, etc) that they do not want to get assigned for the duration.
12 2 Major Loot Boosts (1 for F2P). Larger boost on LOOT rolls. Minor and Major Loot Boosts don't stack with one another.
13 1 Login Bridge.
14 3 Minor Loot Boosts (1 for F2P).
15 5 Bounty Boosts (1 for F2P).
16 3 Enhancive Boosts. (1 for F2P)
17 5 uses of the Urchin Runners (2 for F2P).
18 3 Encumbrance Boosts (1 for F2P).
19 3 Guild Boosts (1 for F2P).
20 3 Instant Mind Clearers (1 for F2P).
21 2 Deathsting Reducers (1 for F2P). This reduces deathsting penalties by 1 priestess potion sip per use.
22 8 hours of Bounty Waivers (2 for F2P).
23 3 Major Loot Boosts (1 for F2P).
24 1 Login Bridge
25 5 Item Superchargers (2 for F2P). When activated, any standard flaring gear that the character uses will flare more often, any weighted/padded/sighted gear will gain bonus additional weighting/padding/sighting, and any item's enchantment bonus will provide an extra 50% bonus to AS/DS for 15 minutes.
26 5 Luck Boosters (2 for F2P). When activated, all standard offensive combat rolls made by the character will reroll d100 results of 10 or less (keeping the new number if it is higher) for 15 minutes.
27 1 Realms Booster. This is the player's choice of 1 use of inter-realm BANK TRANSFER or an attuned Chronomage orb. F2P character receive three day society pass instead.
28 6 Major Loot Boosts (2 for F2P).
29 1 Gift of the Gods. F2P characters can only select the Gift of Lorminstra. Characters on paid subscription accounts can select their choice of:
  • Gift of Lumnis - Gain 1 use of LUMNIS SCHEDULE - the ability to schedule a specific time that they'd like their XXX bonus to start on each week.
  • Gift of Oleani - Removes up to 60 converted training points from a player's 30 day skill migration period.
  • Gift of Lorminstra - 10 deeds for subscribers, 5 for F2P.
  • Gift of Eonak - For the next 15 minutes, any skill-based crafting check with a random roll component [forging, enchanting, ensorcelling, resist nature, etc], will have the character roll two d100s, and keep the higher result.
6 Doubled Experience Boosters (1 for F2P). Double experience absorption for 15 minutes.


Lumnis Verb Release

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 1883
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 10/27/2015 07:15 PM EDT
Subject: Gift of Lumnis Updates!

A new command has been released: LUMNIS!

With this command, you will be able to check your current Gift of Lumnis (XXX) status, including whether it is in effect or, if it is not in effect, when it can next start.

Alongside this release, we have also added the ability to schedule when you'd like your Gift of Lumnis to start each week via the LUMNIS SCHEDULE command. You can acquire uses of this command as part of the Login Rewards system or (soon) via purchase from the SimuCoins store.

For example, if you'd prefer your Gift of Lumnis to start each Tuesday at 11:30 (all times are in-game times, accessible via the TIME command), you can set it as such. From then on (until you either clear the schedule or choose another), your Gift of Lumnis will always refresh on Tuesdays at 11:30, meaning that your Gift start time will no longer be in danger of creeping forward, should you miss earning experience on your preferred day!



Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 1951
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 11/01/2015 04:50 PM EST
Subject: Re: Login Rewards Released!

>..any chance of having the Boost for those ranks be given out as the SimuCoin-equivalent item (just like the 'crystal' step is)? That way, we can freely give away/trade/sell those steps that we care nothing about.

Unfortunately, that would just lead to people using throwaway or F2P characters to simply farm rewards on a large scale. One of the reasons we can be generous with the base rewards is that the rewards are meant for one character and one character only.

>When someone resets the gift of lumnis date will they lose part of they ever get the new gift sooner than 7 days or will it always skip at least a week when reset?

You can set/change your Lumnis schedule without losing time once every 6 months. If you change it again within that timeframe, then you can lose time.

>Also, does capstone stack with the gift of lumnis?

It can be used in conjunction with the Gift of Lumnis.

>Gift of Eonak

It applies to crafting skills where the outcome depends on a random roll. Some crafting skills are simply procedural (like sheath making), where if you follow all the same steps, you get the exact same end result each time. Enchanting can result in success or failure, depending on how you roll, so the Gift of Eonak applies to it (including giving you an extra chance not to fumble).


Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 1957
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 11/02/2015 02:41 AM EST
Subject: Re: Login Rewards Released!

>Will the loot boosts affect special cases, like warcamp loot chests?

It will boost warcamp treasure chest contents.


Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 1958
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 11/02/2015 02:43 AM EST
Subject: Re: Login Rewards Released!

>Does Gift of Eonak have any effect on boosting your chances of getting a rank in an Artisan Skill?

Not directly, it simply increases your chance at succeeding on the item creation check.

>Could we please get a list of things for which Gift of Eonak will apply?

The ones listed in the announcement post, plus Cobbling and Fletching.


Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 2032
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 11/21/2015 05:33 PM EST
Subject: Re: Login Rewards Released!

>Can we do something different for the day 27 reward in Plat? The two realm options aren't that appealing and the chronomage orb is completely unusable for us. Perhaps a 30 day portal ticket or even a 30 day wearable pass?

I'll look into some alternate options for Platinum there.

>My question is this, should I reroll a name place holder character (keeping their name) because I am ready to begin roleplaying and hunting them, do I lose all the LogIn rewards that I have accumulated with that character?

You will lose any login rewards upon reroll. This is a consequence of the rewards being character-based (rather than account-based) -- the rewards are attuned to the character and follow them.

>I had 6 urchin runner passes from the loot system, and these worked for the bank deposit and withdrawal, so I'm guessing the Urchin Runner options in the SimuCoins Store work for both the bank and lockers?

Yes, the urchin runners are used for the BANK WITHDRAW, BANK DEPOSIT, LOCKER GET, and LOCKER SEND commands.

>So I'm not sure if this is a sensible question to ask or not, but is the confluence loot affected by the boost? I'm unaware of if it is on it's own custom system or not and I've heard mixed things from other players about how 'elemental' loot works.

The Confluence is on the standard treasure system (it simply drops all its loot in gem form) and is boosted by the Loot Boosts.

>This is something people have requested in the past and it is being offered via login rewards and, we assume at some point, the simucoin store.

It has actually been in the SimuCoins Store for about a year now. ;)

>According to some old post from Warden, alchemy drop rates are neither affected by level nor hunting pressure. Do loot boosts increase their drop rate?

Alchemy drops are not affected by Loot Boosts.

>I assume activating BOOST GIFT OLEANI subtracts up to 60 points from the number of points a character has migrated that month, ideally moving them back to a faster migration rate. In other words, if you had migrated 82 points already and are at the 0.001 rate, activating the Gift would bring you to 22 effective points migrated, and you'd be back to migrating at 0.010 points per pulse. Further, the Gift doesn't offer any instant migration whatsoever. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.

>does this include Ensorcell? otherwise does standard flaring=take up the flaring spot? What about flares that take up both script and flare like greater elemental flare?

It includes Ensorcell flares. The Supercharger will boost the "standard flare" portion of the greater elemental flare, but not the "script" portion.

>How much extra padding/weighting/sighting does it give?

Generally, enough to move up one step (i.e. heavy -> very heavy), though it scales based on the exact amount present.

>My wife paid to move a character from one of her accounts to another of her accounts and when she did this, she lost her streak even though the char was logged in every consecutive day.

I'm not sure why that would happen (it shouldn't), but she assists, a GM can look into it and potentially restore the streak if it turns out she was eligible in the absence of the character transfer.


Update Dec 2015

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 2105
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 12/23/2015 06:18 PM EST
Subject: Re: Login Rewards Released!

>Can we do something different for the day 27 reward in Plat? The two realm options aren't that appealing and the chronomage orb is completely unusable for us. Perhaps a 30 day portal ticket or even a 30 day wearable pass?

>I'll look into some alternate options for Platinum there.

I've rolled in an update to the Chronomage Realm Boost for Platinum. Instead of an orb, you can use a Realms Boost to pass through a Platinum portal without a ticket in hand (or at all) and reach your destination without losing any silvers and/or gems. This isn't something you need to activate; if you have a Realms Boost available and would otherwise get mugged by the Chronomages, you'll instead simply expend a Realms Boost and pass through the portal safely.

>A very minor request: Can BOOST BRIDGE MINIMUM X and MAXIMUM X both also work? I keep typing out the whole word, but it doesn't work; BOOST BRIDGE only wants MIN or MAX.


>Any chance someone can throw the clerics and empaths some love and let them check their Lumnis while meditating? Thanks!


>I'm having a hard time tying BOOST info. and BOOST INFO info. together when trying to use my rewards. Maybe they could reference each other?

I've reorganized BOOST INFO to keep the same order as the help text in BOOST and added clicky links.

>It's one of these things where the defaults don't feel sensible, since you must alter something before it works at all. Why not just make a default option "maximum available" and let people turn the dial down if they need to. I think there are more people likely to have login bridges and have them fail by having done nothing than people up in arms than anyone really complaining that "login bridges were burned for no reason!"

The issue there is that we sell Login Bridges directly in the SimuCoins store. I thought about choosing a default selection, but I'd rather not try to guess what people are willing to spend and wind up costing people money by making them use more than they wanted to. If they didn't have a dollar value, I definitely would have used a default setting other than zero. The remaining option is to more explicitly harass people to change their setting from the default, but I'm not sure that would be any more appreciated?

>A confirmation step might be nice too. The first time I looked at it, I accidentally used one because I assumed I was going to get some information on each type of boost, instead I used a boost.

Players get lots of different boosts, so I assumed the extra clicking/typing wouldn't be appreciated (beyond discovering it for the first time). I can add a toggle for confirmations, though, if that's a desirable thing.