Mental Lore, Transference

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Mental Lore, Transference aids in the use of Mental sphere magic involving displacement, teleportation, and supernatural travel.

In future, this lore may play a part in spells in the Major Mental list and Savant Base list.

Empath Base

Allows empaths to TRANSFER scars from others at 50 ranks of Mental Lore, Transference

Allows empaths to transfer wounds and scars from adjacent realm at 35 ranks, near-adjacent at 70 ranks, and far realm at 105 ranks
Grants 3 + (Mental Lore, Transference Bonus / 50) charges and lasts the standard imprint duration. Increases the range of Solace to adjacent realm at 35 ranks, near-adjacent at 70 ranks, and far at 105 ranks.

Minor Mental

The target has a chance of getting a second opportunity to avoid physical or bolt attacks that otherwise would have hit him by teleporting to a short distance away (within in the same room). The percent chance to get a second attack roll is 25 + a transference lore (ranks) bonus using seed 1 of the summation chart.
The warding margins required for higher tier effects occur at base values of 20, 70, and 120. These values are decreased on warding failure by a value of seed 6 with a 2x multipler of the summation chart. 50 ranks yields a bonus of 11, 100 ranks would yield a bonus of 19, etc.