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Multi-target spells and abilities choose targets based on the following criteria, unless specified otherwise:

  • Multi-target spells activated by players via CAST and CHANNEL will not target other players. This includes both grouped and ungrouped players.
  • All multi-target spells offer an option to EVOKE the spell, which will possibly hit other players. This version still prioritizes creatures unless directly targeting another player.
  • All multi-target spells have a starting maximum targets of 3. This is increased by 1 additional target for every 50 Mana Control Skill Bonus associated with the spell circle.

For example, Elemental Wave (410) uses Elemental Mana Control Skill bonus.

Many spells will be reasonably intelligent when choosing targets. Disabler spells like Elemental Wave will not choose targets that are already prone or already affected by Elemental Wave.


The following spells are subject to the standard multi-target criteria. In some cases the spells also have a single-target ("closed") version, in which case the targeting only applies to the "open" cast version of the spell.

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