Nature's Bounty (604)/Foraging (603)

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This spell is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

Nature's Bounty (604)/Foraging (603)
Mnemonic [FORAGE]
Duration 15 sec per level
Span Stackable
Utility Magic - Skill Enhancement  
Subtype Skill Enhancement 
Skill Enhancement Foraging 
Availability Self-cast 
Ranger Base Spells
Natural Colors (601) Defensive
Resist Elements (602) Defensive
Wild Entropy (603) Attack
Nature's Bounty (604) Utility
Barkskin (605) Defensive
Phoen's Strength (606) Offensive
Sounds (607) Attack
Camouflage (608) Offensive
Sun Burst (609) Attack
Tangle Weed (610) Attack
Moonbeam (611) Attack
Breeze (612) Utility
Self Control (613) Defensive
Imbue (614) Utility
Call Swarm (615) Attack
Spike Thorn (616) Attack
Sneaking (617) Utility
Mobility (618) Defensive
Mass Calm (619) Attack
Resist Nature (620) Utility
Nature's Touch (625) Defensive
Animal Companion (630) Utility
Nature's Fury (635) Attack
Wall of Thorns (640) Defensive
Assume Aspect (650) Utility

Foraging allows the caster to acquire a greater heightened sense of awareness when foraging for local herbs and plants in the environs. Dedication to the Ranger Base spell circle increases the bonus to foraging from this spell.

When active on a ranger, Foraging grants bonus of 10 + [(Ranger Base ranks - 3) ÷ 4], up to a maximum of 30. Non-rangers receive of a bonus of level ÷ 4, up to a maximum of 15. Each point of this bonus is worth 3x the bonus received from 1 rank of training in Survival.

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings grants a +1 bonus per rank, up to a maximum lore bonus of 30. A ranger with 30 Blessings Lore ranks and 83 Ranger Base ranks will have a maximum bonus of +60.


Start (outdoors)
You feel more in tune with the natural surroundings.
Start (indoors)
You feel your vision sharpen.
End (outdoors)
You feel less in tune with your natural surroundings.
End (indoors)
You feel your vision return to normal.