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King Qalinor Vaalor is the ruler of House Vaalor.


In the spring of 5112 Modern Era, Qalinor Falustro Vaalor, who had been serving abroad as a member of the Golden Hawks bandon of the Crimson Legion, was appointed Lord Legionnaire Commander after the sudden retirement of Godel Urmeil Vaalor.

Qalinor held this post until the assassinaation of the previous king, Tyrnian. As the king died without an heir, stewardship of the kingdom fell to Qalinor. Qalinor reluctantly resigned his commission and took the post of Steward of Ta'Vaalor later that same year.

In 5113 M.E., Qalinor ascended the throne and became King Qalinor Vaalor Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion.

He is addressed by those of House Vaalor as My Sovereign; visitors to the court refer to him as Your Majesty.


"We are all deeply moved by the loss of our King.  The city mourns, yet life cruelly continues without feeling, thought, or regard for our loss.  Vaalor will press forward, Vaalor will recover, and Vaalor will rebuild.   As the Witch has been slain, the gates will remain open again and daily life will return to what passes for normal during such times.  Funeral arrangements for King Tyrnian Vaalor are being made and will be announced when finalized.  To those of you who came to help defend our city I say, for Pride, Honor, and Glory.....words empty of meaning without action.  Many of you have given them meaning by your actions. I give you my humble thanks."

~Qalinor Falustro Vaalor
Steward of Ta'Vaalor (5112 M.E.)
"In light of certain recent events and defections from within the ranks of the Crimson Legion to join the abomination known as Barnom Slim, let it be known that any defecting member will suffer the following consequence. Immediate eviction from the Legion without the possibility of rejoining at a future date. Immediate revocation of citizenship within the Fortress City-State of Ta'Vaalor with no possibility of regaining said citizenship. Last, said individuals will be banished from Ta'Vaalor for a period of no less than six months or until this nasty business is at an end."

Penned by my hand, Qalinor Falustro Vaalor, the Steward of Ta'Vaalor (5113 M.E.)


Leslyn asks, "Qalinor Falustro Vaalor, the Council has chosen you to lead our people, our House. To defend the Fortress with your life, to negotiate new treaties and trade agreements, and to ensure a safe and propsperous life for all House Vaalor. Do you accept these duties?"

Qalinor says, "I will serve as I always have. I humbly accept these duties."

Councilwoman Leslyn turns and gently lifts an electrum circlet from inside a case behind her. She solemly places it upon Qalinor's head.

Leslyn says, "Arise now, no longer as Qalinor Falustro Vaalor, but as King Qalinor Vaalor the Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion."

Qalinor stands up.

(Everyone else kneels, Dhe'nar drink blood wine)

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