Relian Degaloth Illistim

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Relian Degaloth Illistim was a respected archaeologist of Ta'Illistim and probably a Loremaster. When he was working under a generous grant from the Library Aies in 4,955 Modern Era, he set out to find a cave rumored to lie in the dense forests east of Old Ta'Faendryl. His fellows searched fruitlessly for years, until he convinced a small group of Sylvans to allow them to stay. The Sylvans turned out to know of an extensive cavern to the east, which turned out to be a vast library of ancient Sylvan lore.

The scrolls were hidden there in approximately -36,567 Modern Era, around the time the sylphs were planning to abandon the city of Ithnishmyn. They were thought to have committed it all to memory and oral tradition in case they never returned. Some of his peers held the scrolls were an obvious forgery, but he maintained for the rest of his life that they were authentic.

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