Revenge of the Kiramon

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The Revenge of the Kiramon was an elaborate quest for the release of Alchemy, on August 30th, 2007.


The following is the timeline of various significant happenings during this quest.

August 22nd, 2007

A group of Aelotoi were reportedly looking for a specific group of Rosengift gnomes (Burs & Eriot) for trading purposes. The Aelotoi were very vague with what they're trading, but they seemed confident that it was worth waiting to find the gnomes for! In addition, the Aelotoi showed various levels of anger when the gnomes did not meet at the specified location for the trade.

August 28th, 2007

The same group of Aelotoi, that were looking for a specific group of Rosengift gnomes, begin selling a 'hazy violet potion' that promised to boost certain statistics based on your profession.

August 30th, 2007

The specific group of Rosengift gnomes go missing. It was first thought that they were either kidnapped or killed, due to the volatile activity during the Neartofar Orc attack on The Ravelin.

September 4th, 2007

The 'hazy purple potions' have now been sold in massive quantities in Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor. A few scholars and adventurer's raised a slight ruckus in Ta'Illistim, stating that the potion will only offer ill-effects. However, these warnings fall upon deaf ears.

September 4th, 2007

Several personal items of the missing two Rosengift gnomes, Eriot and Burs, are found far to the southwest of Ta'Vaalor, well past Yander's farmland. The state of their items point to some sort of explosion or fatal alchemic reaction. Many adventurer's who were assisting in the search for these gnomes have a gut feeling that the group of Aelotoi are responsible for their deaths.

September 7th, 2007

Nesser, A Gazette Reporter, visits Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim to interview various adventurers to gather information regarding the Aelotoi and Rosengift gnomes. This article was the start of a major attitude shift on the possible ill-effects of the 'hazy violet potions'.

September 7th, 2007

Ta'Illistim scholars with expertise in alchemy and magic state that the 'hazy violet potion' also known as "The Miracle Potion' and "Purple Nectar" are a disaster waiting to happen. The scholar's became angry that Queen Myasara was not listening, which forced the scholars to shout threats and accusations at the judges present, as well as at Queen Myasara, for conspiring to kill their own kind. Given the serious nature of such accusations, each of the scholars were held in separate oubliettes at the Hall of Justice.

September 10th, 2007

A few reports of an illness are noted within Ta'Vaalor's newspaper, "The Voice of Vaalor"; however, the small number of illness are categorized as a small outbreak that will go away within time.

September 12th, 2007

The illness begins to infect all major cities within Elanthia. There are reports that people are feeling dizzy and stumbling. The same scholars that were arrested are now actively seeking for a cure.

September 13th, 2007

The disease has now spread from major cities to the Sylvankind woods.

September 14th, 2007

The group of Aelotoi go missing; however their wagons remain in Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim, but they are locked.

September 15th, 2007

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles officially states that "...a potion originating in the Elven Nations brings disease and possible death to any who taste it. Given that open trading with individuals in the Elven Nations has allowed for this devastating potion to filter into the Empire's borders, it is hereby declared that the imported potion trade is to be discontinued until such time as a cure is discovered. Additionally, any potions that are thought to carry the disease will be destroyed."

September 16th, 2007

Scholars in Ta'Illistim have found the potion's ingredients! The scholars now know how to make it, but they aren't letting anyone else taste it! The scholars state that, "...the next step is to find what counteracts the potions ingredients, so that the cure may be mixed together!"

September 20th, 2007

As tensions increase, adventurer's attack the Aelotoi wagons in Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor, effectively burning them down.

September 21st, 2007

Rumors spread that a kiramon influence in the City-States has surfaced. A few reports filtered through regarding the location of one Rizbran, an Aelotoi who sold the potions filled with disease. Rizbran reportedly spoke of orders given by Aelotoi elders, and made reference to some sort of control by the kiramon, though the wording in reports received varies vastly. What is clear, however, is that the Aelotoi abruptly died in the middle of inquiry due to circumstances that are not entirely clear.

September 21st, 2007

A meeting with the Ta'Illistim scholars occurs at the Ta'Illistim Amphitheatre, to discuss how to create a cure. In addition, plans of revenge against the kiramon is also discussed.

September 22nd, 2007

It's official! The potions that have been long blamed on the Aelotoi were actually made at kiramon bidding! The kiramon were able to do through a unique amulet worn by each of the Aelotoi.

September 24th, 2007

Any elven citizens afflicted by the disease caused by the kiramon potion are encouraged to brew the cure, as discovered by the scholars and citizens in Ta'Illistim.

September 25th, 2007

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, extends thanks to the Imperial citizens in their efforts to discover a cure for the disease-ridden potion.

September 26th, 2007

Success! On all fronts! The kiramon camp is destroyed! The cure for the potion is here! The surviving Aelotoi are sent back to their homes! All is well!

Potions? Potions! Potions?!?

Posted by Webstaff 28 August 2007

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Potions? Potions! Potions?!?
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Tilamaires, Phoenatos the 28th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- The newest craze to hit the streets is a potion that is said to boost certain personal qualities! These potions are available only in a few wagons in Ta'Illistim, Ta'Loenthra, Ta'Nalfein, and Ta'Vaalor.

If you're a sorcerer, watch your wisdom and aura soar to new heights! A warrior, you say? Well, how about a way to easily increase your strength and constitution! And for you bards, your influence and aura will surely change, as well. There's something for everyone, but they're selling faster than the eye can keep up with!

If you haven't gotten your potion today, get it now, before it's all gone!

Urgent Bulletin!

Posted by Webstaff 30 August 2007

~*Heart of the City-States*~

Urgent Bulletin!

Two gnomes are currently missing. They are described as followed: Have you seen our friends?

Name: Burs
Description: Silver-tufted grey hair, blue-black eyes, and has an aged appearance.

Name: Eriot
Description: Silver-tufted auburn hair, blue-black eyes, and has a somewhat aged appearance.

Both are of the Rosengift bloodline.

Due to the volatile activity that occurred at Ravelin over the past few weeks, there is concern that the gnomes were waylaid at some point on their way home, as several Aelotoi traders in Ta'Vaalor claim to have last seen them alive after meeting with them for economic reasons. Given the mysterious circumstances of the disappearance, search parties will be sent out to locate the missing gnomes.

Potions Sweep The City-States

Posted by Webstaff 4 September 2007

~*The Elven Herald*~

Potions Sweep the City-States
By: Petratho, Herald Reporter

Tilamaires, Imaerasta the 4th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Quality-enhancing potions developed by a group of enterprising Aelotoi have sold in massive quantities over the past week in Ta'Nalfein, Ta'Loenthra, Ta'Illistim, and the fortress city of Ta'Vaalor.

Hordes of individuals of all races report the benefits of the potions as being life-changing, swearing by the positive effects that the potions impart.

A small group of scholars in Ta'Illistim have raised a slight ruckus about the potion, however, in saying that the potion will only offer ill-effects. As there have been no sign of this being the case, the scholars appear to be mistaken.

Urgent Bulletin Followup!

Posted by Webstaff 4 September 2007

~*Heart of the City-States*~

In less significant news, this publication reported the missing status of two Rosengift gnomes, Eriot and Burs, almost a week ago. Unfortunately, several of their personal items were found far to the southwest of Ta'Vaalor, well past Yander's farmland.

The state of their items point to some sort of explosion or fatal alchemic reaction. Information from gnomes searching for them confirms that at least one of the goods they were trading for in their travels was dangerous in nature, prone to volatile and violent activity.

Several forest gnomes who were acting as seekers for their lost kin issued a public and formal apology to the aelotoi who were harassed concerning this issue, as it is now clear that they were not at fault in this matter.

Nesser's Query

Posted by Webstaff 7 September 2007

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Nesser's Query
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 7th, 5107

TA'VAALOR -- Connections Uncovered! Truths Revealed!

Most of our readers are likely as yet unaware of the connection between our potion-selling Aelotoi and the missing gnomes that this publication and several others have been so forthcoming about. While thus far our news has reported on them as separate occurrences, this publication recently was made aware of the fact that the two are, in fact, related!

In order to accurately shed as much light on this as possible, and in order to help our readers answer the questions we pose, I, Nesser, have taken it upon myself to scour the city of Ta'Vaalor, for starters, and interview citizens and officials in order to gain a better perspective on what has, thus far, occurred, and how these events are all linked! I know that you will all be grateful for this, and I am honored that I was able to assign this task to myself, the best one for the job!Be on the look out for Aelotoi traders...

But now, I must start at the beginning!

Several weeks ago, several Aelotoi, some by the names of Sikka, Rizbran, Erioni, Lauth, Caiyen, and Amallia, arrived in Ta'Vaalor to trade with some Rosengift gnomes. According to one of the dock foremen, Aelotoi and gnome trades had occurred in the past, so apparently this was not an unusual occurrence. Then again -- gnomes and Aelotoi? What could they want from each other? While we all know what Rosengift gnomes are known for dabbling in, what could the Aelotoi want from the gnomes?! (This is but one of my questions!)

The Aelotoi were apparently unable to find the gnomes and were worried that the gnomes got caught up in the Ravelin conflict. This was obviously a real threat, which is why the Aelotoi and others who helped them went up into the conflict area to search, but found nothing. The Aelotoi opted to stay in Ta'Vaalor and wait for the gnome traders to arrive. According to Kezhia, whose eyes are like pinpricks of the purest emeralds, "They the Aelotoi like to sleep in cheap inns." Perhaps next time we can help them with nicer accommodations!

The Aelotoi continued to search for the gnomes for several days, until they received a message telling of the gnomes' delay due to the Ravelin conflict interfering with their other trade routes! Maybe the goods they needed to trade were delayed? Or was there another reason they were late, just using Ravelin as an excuse? Whatever the case may be, the Aelotoi decided to stay in their cheap inn once more.

Following this, the gnomes did finally arrive, their names -- Eriot and Burs -- who would have thought!! The very same gnomes who were later missing and then found dead! Before they were missing, they met with the Aelotoi, to make some sort of trade. When asked what goods were being traded, they were reportedly very secretive. The Aelotoi had something the gnomes "found valuable", and the gnomes had something the Aelotoi "needed". The trading itself appears to have been very secretive, and Skyshock, one of the individuals I queried, spoke of "following Burs and Erioni while they tried to make a trade," but that the gnome and Aelotoi made a run for it, out Victory Gate. Skyshock states that after seeing them just outside of Victory Gate, separately, he has not seen either since. Zodijackyl, another individual I spoke with in Ta'Vaalor, confirms that Erioni has been seen since that time. Burs, as we well know, fell to tragedy.

With the missing gnomes, one would have thought the Aelotoi would be searching for them. But no! Skyshock reports that he was in Ta'Illistim when the Aelotoi first started selling the potions, just days after the gnomes went missing. Kezhia, she of those beautiful locks of auburn hair, also reports that she has an acquaintance who saw them there, as well. And, as those in Ta'Vaalor well know, several days later, the Aelotoi returned to Ta'Vaalor to peddle the potions in the Fortress City.

Part of a vaporized gnome? Maaaybe...

There was reportedly some animosity between the Aelotoi and the gnomes who came to search for Burs and Eriot in Ta'Vaalor. The gnomes apparently accused the Aelotoi of some nasty business having to do with their kin. The Aelotoi reportedly ignored the accusations and did not show very much in the way of sympathy for the missing Burs and Eriot, as they were more interested in selling their potion than searching for the missing gnomes. When the evidence was found, however, that Burs and Eriot were killed, vaporized by some sort of explosive substance, the gnomes apologized to the Aelotoi and lifted all suspicion off of them. The inference is that the gnomes knew there was some sort of volatile material being traded, one of a nature that could vaporize.

Suspicion of the Aelotoi having a hand in the death of Burs and Eriot, however, still resides in parts of Ta'Vaalor; as the beautiful Kezhia postulated, "Maybe they got what they needed and had no use for the gnomes now." Others, however, disagree and are focused more on the potions and the Aelotoi.

What of these potions? I have already reported on their fantastic qualities. Suspicions have been raised concerning their long term effects, of course. Palec, for example, says that even though he's tried one, "haven't used it much though since the night I first bought em". For others, however, hording has been the goal of the day. Reportedly, the silvers exchanged in purchase for these potions has been massive in quantity. I have also heard of traders moving outside of the City-States to try and sell the potions for larger profit before the Aelotoi can move their wagons.

And the Aelotoi? I have yet to see one myself. In asking questions, however, I have uncovered that they should be easy to identify, as each of them wears a pale yellow headband and a thin silver amulet shaped into a splay of fingers! While I have heard reports that the amulets act strange, I can only surmise that this is a trick of the mind. Individuals in Ta'Vaalor were not more forthcoming with specific details, though some expressed concern that the Aelotoi seem more bent on selling the potion itself rather than making money. I do offer the counter that cheaper potion means more sales in the long run. Why they are priced as they are is not for me to say. I do plan to ask one of the Aelotoi when I manage to catch one, however.

For the time-being, it seems that the Aelotoi are peddling potions in the City-States. Other traders, unaffiliated with the Aelotoi, have bought the potions and plan to sell it over the Dragonspine for their own chunk of profit. The gnomes have left Ta'Vaalor, convinced that the death of Burs and Eriot was accidental, a result of the materials they were trading. Scholars are raising questions in Ta'Illistim as to the long-term effects of the potion.

I have quite a list of names recommended to me to interview when I manage to find them, and I plan to continue this investigation until all of my questions are answered, regardless of whether I need travel to Ta'Illistim, Ta'Nalfein, or beyond the City-States! I will find the answers for our readers! After all, who better to do it than me?!

If anyone has information that is pertinent to the origins and motivations of the Aelotoi, the sales of the potions, the goods the Aelotoi and gnomes were trading, what exactly is in the potions, or where to find better accommodations for the Aelotoi in the future, I ask that you seek me out!

Scholars in Court Uproar, Purple Nectar a Threat?

Posted by Webstaff 7 September 2007

~*The Elven Herald*~

Scholars in Court Uproar, Purple Nectar a Threat?
By: Petratho, Herald Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 7th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Quite a scene at the Hall of Justice yesterday!

Several Illistim scholars quickly came to the public's attention yesterday. All have thus far enjoyed successful careers in the area of researching alchemy and magic, and each of them is highly respected within the scholarly world, considering their flawless reputations and highly prized skills and discoveries.

At a private meeting with the court held yesterday at the request of these scholars, however, their reputations may have been tarnished for some time to come.

Reportedly, the scholars vehemently claim that the potions sold by the aelotoi, dubbed the "Miracle Potion", "Purple Nectar", and various other names, are a disaster waiting to happen, and that they bode ill for the elven race as a whole. When the judges present responded that the matter would be looked into, the scholars apparently become heated in their requests, and when asked to calm themselves, they "turned as red as blood in the face and started to shout threats and accusations at the judges present, as well as at Queen Myasara, for conspiring to kill their own kind," claims one bystander.

Given the serious nature of such accusations, it is no surprise that each of the scholars were being held in separate oubliettes at the Hall of Justice yesterday. They are set for release sometime today. When queried as to the short holding period, the court merely stated that the scholars were emotionally distraught but posed no real threat to the court, the Queen, or any of the citizens of Ta'Illistim.

The News of the Day

Posted by Webstaff 12 September 2007

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Scholars Seeking Help with "Cure"
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Tilamaires, Imaerasta the 11th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- A report has come in that a group of individuals in Ta'Illistim is actively looking for a cure to the illness that has suddenly been caught by so many! Those same scholars that were in trouble in Ta'Illistim! These individuals are first gathering a list of what ingredients went into the potion, and they need help doing this to later find a cure!

I must be brief, but I plan to get the public more information as soon as I can! Until I do, start looking! A cure is on its way! Help is needed!

~^Today in Icemule~^

Front Page News

Today, the local government has asked us to print a warning to all Truefolk and other citizenry in the Icemule Trace region. Any potions that were bought recently from Aelotoi and traded all the way into the town's borders should be thrown away or destroyed.

Skilled Brughan healers from the Khesta 'Dahl region have determined that side-effects from the potions are dangerous to Truefolk. The Brughans have dispatched runners to the Malghava community, but they have asked our help in ensuring that the Mhorgian halflings are apprised of the dangers, as well.

The Brughan healers affirm that any who have tasted of the potion need to immediately see a healer. If you feel dizzy, or if you start to stumble without reason, you may be afflicted! Finding a bed, food, and rest, is what they prescribe at this time, before you are too ill to move to safety.

~*Heart of the City-States*~

Aelotoi Traders Being Sought For Questioning
By: Ivre, Heart of the City-States Reporter

Tilamaires, Imaerasta the 11th, 5107

ELVEN CITY-STATES -- As a slight sickness spreads across the population of the City-States, it comes in tandem with the sudden disappearance of the Aelotoi who originally sold the potions that are being named as the culprit. Their shops remain, though the traders themselves do not. Any news of their whereabouts is being sought by several City-State governments at this time.

The Disease Spreads, So Too the News

Posted by Webstaff 13 September 2007

-~#Woodland Tribune#~-

Disease Spreads Among the Forest
By: Melhia, Tribune Reporter

Niiman, Imaerastra the 13th, 5107

Whispered rumors running among the western forests have fallen way to worthy discussions between Councilors concerning a dire disease spreading within the sylvankind woods. The root of this disease is not known, though messengers have been hastily dispatched to contact communities on the eastern end of the Dragonspine. Their journey is for the purpose of determining if they, too, are diseased and where this derives from. Healers within the Fresiawn D'ahranal in countless communities are asked to work with one another in finding an healing elixir, as, so far, there is none known.

~^v^Commoner's Concerns^v^~

Seems to me a thing or two fishy's gone on round here. We got elves who got sick. We got humans who got sick. Ain't a normal thing that makes them both get sick at the same time. Even the short ones with the hair on their feet got it sick! And it weren't so normal to be drinking all that potion stuff that them wing-eyed buggy things sold. Why everyone trusted that, I sure done know. Takes a real fool, but then, we all fools about some things. I got this lady came to me today. She's asked for help, for getting all them sick ones all better. I tole her I'd be the first to help. Can't have the sick ones in our streets. Can't have the babies getting all not well. Can't have us not going to the tavern at night cause we don't feel good, cause we feel it in our bones, deep down, that something ain't right. So's I told this lady that we'd help out real good. Finding some things that went into the potion, like something that accounts for them symptoms and stuff. Gonna help this here lady by searching for the right things to make the potion. She's real smart, says that'll help her find how to cure us all. If you see her, her name's Altanya, and she's gonna need your help.

From City-States to Dwarven Clans

Posted by Webstaff 14 September 2007

A brief look at some articles from the Elanthian Gazette and the Heart of the City-States publication. Plus, an announcement following that is being spread by word of mouth among the dwarven clans.

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Aelotoi Traders Gone
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 14th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Where have they gone? Where? Those Aelotoi who sold the potions have run away! Did they know what they were doing? Maybe not. But they need to take the blame for it! They need to stand up and take responsibility for what they did!

~*Heart of the City-States*~

Scholars Plan Meeting, Discussion
By: Ivre, Heart of the City-States Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 14th, 5107

ELVEN CITY-STATES -- Scholars from Ta'Illistim who have been researching the seemingly adverse side-effects of the Aelotoi-sold potion are calling for a meeting on day 15 of the month of Imaerasta in the evening near the clock's time of eight to discuss finding a cure. They state that due to past lack of consideration within the city limits of Ta'Illistim, they will be gathering along Sylvarraend Road, atop the boulder that is well-known in that area as supplying a breathtaking view of the city.

Dwarves of all clans:

The Krenlumtrek and Roramnoak clans report grave danger linked to a potion sold in the Elven City-States. Messages to the Elven City-States and the Giantman Clans confirm. Dwarves journeying through the City-States have fallen ill from the potion after drinking it. The ill continue to grow more ill, some almost dead.

More than several dwarves and other races passing through Zhindel Post had potions intended for trade. The potion offers great benefit to certain attributes before the disease infects.

The leaders of all of the dwarven clans are agreed that if any unknown potions come into any dwarven cities at this time, especially those that promise great benefits with no consequence, they will be immediately destroyed. Diseased dwarves will be banished from the populations, as what happened before will not happen again.

Potion Ingredients Discovered

Posted by Webstaff 16 September 2007

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Purple Nectar Ingredients Discovered
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Restday, Imaerasta the 16th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- The individuals in Ta'Illistim have found the potion's ingredients! They now know how to make it, but they aren't letting anyone else taste it! The next step is to find what counteracts the potions ingredients, so that the cure may be mixed together!

The ingredients were a strange mixture, if ever there was one: tuberoses, cuctucae berries, wolfsbane, blue trafel mushrooms, black illusion roses, firemote orbs, and, that secret ingredient -- aelotoi saliva. But not just any aelotoi saliva -- it had rum in it! A butterfly wing was used to stir the mix, and Siledryn supplied a spark of energy to activate the mixture. Looks like they were on the sauce while they were mixing and matching! It's time to find what opposes the effects these ingredients cause, so start thinking, start searching, and get in on the cure!

Keep looking! A cure is on it's way! Help is needed!

~~*~~ Special Announcement ~~*~~
~~*~~Concerning all elven citizens ~~*~~

Following discussions between the Elven Houses, it has been found to be within the best interest of all to declare an emergency situation. Potions recently sold in the cities of Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Loenthra, Ta'Illistim, and Ta'Nalfein have been found to cause disease that afflicts all races, but that is especially harmful to those of elven descent.

Citizens who have tasted the potion should be aware that the potion can cause dizziness, nausea, and even death. It is recommended to all citizens to see a healer, and that rest and comfortable surroundings are important at this time.

The Ta'Illistim government has agreed to entreat scholars and academics knowledgeable of the potion's effects to work in finding a cure as quickly as possible.

~~*~~ ~~*~~

Wagons Burn, Kiramon Involvement Rumored

Posted by Webstaff 21 September 2007

~*Heart of the City-States*~

Front Page News

Wagons Burn, Kiramon Involvement Rumored
By: Ivre, Heart of the City-States Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 21st, 5107

ELVEN CITY-STATES -- Fear laces the hearts of many as whispers of a kiramon influence in the City-States has surfaced. Dozens of reports have filtered through this office since late last evening regarding the location of one Rizbran, an Aelotoi who sold the potions filled with disease. Rizbran reportedly spoke of orders given by Aelotoi elders, and made reference to some sort of control by the kiramon, though the wording in reports received varies vastly. What is clear, however, is that the Aelotoi abruptly died in the middle of inquiry due to circumstances that are not entirely clear. Some attribute it to the potions, though many others believe some sort of destructive mind control was involved, due to the presence of several winged kiramon.

In close relation to the news on the Aelotoi, wagons throughout the City-States that were responsible for housing the Aelotoi-sold potions have been destroyed or gone missing in all areas. In Ta'Illistim, Ta'Loenthra, and Ta'Vaalor, fire and mob destruction account for the fate of the wagons. Ta'Nalfein is the only city in which reports have remained quiet in nature, with no reference to fire, though it has been confirmed that the wagons there no longer stand on city streets. What is for certain in all of this is that an animosity has developed toward the Aelotoi who sold the potions.

The Kiramon Hidden in the Grass

Posted by Webstaff 22 September 2007

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Front Page News

Purple Nectar from the Kiramon!
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Feastday, Imaerasta the 22nd, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Ruination may be upon us if action is not quickly taken!

The potions that we have long blamed the Aelotoi for were actually made at kiramon bidding! Kiramon, yes, kiramon, have taken control of a small population of the Aelotoi. Those big kiramon bugs forced the small and weak Aelotoi to make the potions, all to, for some reason, target the City-States!

We know what must be done. You know what must be done. Destroy the kiramon! Free the Aelotoi! Gain back our hope!

~*The Elven Herald*~

Front Page News

Kiramon Attack, Mind Controlled Aelotoi Safe
By: Petratho, Herald Reporter

Feastday, Imaerasta the 22nd, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Kiramon have invaded the protected space of Ta'Illistim!

The generous city of Ta'Illistim welcomed Amallia into her arms yesterday evening. Amallia is an Aelotoi who sold the potions that have inflicted so many with disease, but she has assured us that it was against her own will. She does not remember brewing the potion, nor much of anything else, though she is sure she was under kiramon influence.

As Amallia recovers under the care of the city, she has promised to disclose as much as she can remember later in the evening. After she does, citizens should be fully prepared to invade the camp where the potions were first made. Fully acknowledging and destroying the threat, and the cause, is the only way that the city can keep itself safe from future threats.

Amallia will be held, of course, for further questioning.

Nesser's Perspective

Posted by Webstaff 26 September 2007

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Nesser's Perspective
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Leyan, Imaerasta the 26th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Success! On all fronts! The kiramon camp is destroyed! The cure for the potion is here! The Aelotoi are being sent back to their homes! All is well!

Most of our readers are likely aware of the connection between our potion-selling aelotoi, the Purple Nectar, and the influence of the kiramon. While I have done my best to bring information to the public in all avenues concerning the above, this publication was made aware that some questions are still in need of answering.

In order to accurately shed as much light on this as possible, and in order to best serve our readers, I, Nesser, have taken it upon myself to scour the city of Ta'Illistim in order to gain a better perspective on what has occurred and why the events that have come to pass ended in the way they did. As always, I know that you will all be grateful for the assistance that I can lend!

To clarify events for some, the potion-selling aelotoi were not acting of their own accord!. They were under the influence of a kiramon hive, a hive which for reasons unknown to many, deigned to set the Aelotoi to producing and distributing the Purple Nectar, a potion I personally believe was designed to destroy the elves. Those who saw the camp describe it as designed specifically to enslave others, a hub of rot and death, a dark cavern lacking light from the day and from hope! They saw how the mind-controlling powers of the kiramon killed Rizbran, one of the Aelotoi, in a painful and grotesque manner!

I spoke with Amallia, asking her to shed some light on everything that happened to her:

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  How did you get to the camp to begin with?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  Some Elders from the city told us we could come with them and explore.  I thought it would be fun, something to do to increase my rangerly skills.  Silly me, silly me.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  Did you know what you were doing?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  At first, there was only darkness.  Like my mind was wrapped in feathers.  I couldn't make sense of anything.  It was just making potions, all day and all night long.  When we finally left the camp and set out for the cities to sell the potions, I started remembering who I was.  But it was such a small part of me, the kiramon were so strong.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  Why did you let it happen?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  If I could take it all back I would.  I would have stopped those Elders from recruiting from Cysaegir.  I would have done anything in my power to stop it.  But once the kiramon had me under their power, I was lost for so long.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  Could you help yourself?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  At first, not at all. It was mindless and I can barely remember what I did. We lived and breathed potions.  But later when I started to come back to myself... well, it was a long and painful process.  Those who were there with me will know, it was a fight to the finish.  But I won.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  How do you feel about your role in everything that has happened?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  I'm so sorry for the people I hurt.  I'm sorry for the confusion and the pain.  But I'm glad I could help in the end when it was needed.  I'm glad I could bring people in to the slave camp and help free my friends.  I'm glad the kiramon suffered.  I hope they never come back.

In speaking with citizens around the city, there are mixed reactions to what has occurred. Some express disbelief, some ignorance, and yet others, anger. The cities of Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor have given little commentary outside of the announcement that the City-States released in regards to the cure to the Purple Nectar.

Speaking of the cure, the scholars in Ta'Illistim were officially recognized in the announcement that the City-States put forth. Several components for the cure, namely the Aelotoi tears that Nerriys, a scholar who researches moonlight and its effects, has supplied to the cities (with some help in terms of compensation from said governments), are available to the public. Of the government's response to the entire ordeal, Nerriys quietly remarks, "I hold the highest of faith in the Ta'Illistim government and the governments of the City-States. When presented with a true threat, they responded and did all possible to assist in finding a solution to the problem."

Some of the scholars, on the other hand, feel that they were not properly apologized to or acknowledged for their initial warnings of the Purple Nectar's effects. Ismariel, for example, states, "I plan to go back to my other studies, but my faith in the Ta'Illistim government will forever be altered by their ignorance in the matter." The scholars as a whole have announced their intention to return to their appointed areas of research in Ta'Illistim. It holds that they deserve some congratulating, though -- as Ismariel observes, "Knowledge should always be revered and appreciated, even in hindsight." How true, how true! Know that I appreciate you, Ismariel!

The one question that remains, then, is why were the kiramon doing what they were doing?!?

Some feel that, "The kiramon has always been a species filled with hate. And in this case, when the Elders Aelotoi found their hive, it was just the thing to spark the plan." Others say, "The kiramon wanted to get back at the elves for stealing their slaves in the first place. They've held the grudge all this time!" Yet others feel that the kiramon were simply doing what they do, and have no regard for life other than their own, that this was their opportunity to wipe Elanthia clear of what they hated, to make life bend to their will. And yet others feel it was an accident, a mistake, and not intentional at all.

So why did the kiramon do this?

My answer to you, my dear readers, is that there is no one answer to this. None that I, Nesser, with as much insight as I do have, am able to give you. The mysteries of the kiramon mind are too filled with darkness for me to try and delve into. When I think of what they did to the Aelotoi, tears come to my eyes and heart! When I think of what they almost did to the City-States, I can only sob with grief, with the tragedy of it all! When I think of the reasons behind it all, it leaves me feeling hollow, for I can find none!

Luckily, they did not succeed. Luckily, we are whole, left to heal together! And with those facts in my hands, I must leave my faithful readers with the knowledge that the kiramon threat is gone for now. We have survived this ordeal together, and we elves will continue to thrive into the future!