Deathsworn fanatic

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Deathsworn fanatic
Level 98
Family Humanoid family creatures
Body Type Biped
Classification(s) Living
Area(s) Found Sanctum
HP 260-280
Speed ?
Attack Attributes
Bolt Spells
Major Fire 462 AS
Warding Spells
Finger (Pestilence?) 431 CS
Corrupt Essence (703)
Dark Catalyst (719)
Defense Attributes
None ASG 1
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 468-
Ranged 430-441
Bolt ?
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 405
Cleric Base ?
Empath Base ?
Paladin Base ?
Ranger Base 377
Sorcerer Base ?
Wizard Base ?
Minor Elemental ?
Major Elemental ?
Minor Spiritual ?
Major Spiritual ?
Minor Mental ?
Defensive Spells
Cloak of Shadows
Elemental Defense I
Elemental Defense II
Elemental Defense III
Spirit Shield
Spirit Warding I
Spirit Warding II
Elemental Targeting
Elemental Barrier
Other Unique Abilities
Summon shambling lurks
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin None
Other None

Clad in emerald robes of lush velvet that are stitched with tiny scales of clacking bronze, the fanatic is nearly fleshless, his reserves of fat and muscle burned away by a long war with madness. He has, judging from the stink of body odor and filth about him, not washed in weeks, and his gaze is as inconstant as the quickfire succession of random emotions that play across his tanned face.

Hunting Strategies

Deathsworn fanatics can sometimes have Elemental Barrier active (+50 DS/TD), and may receive Focus Barrier from nearby lithe veiled sentinels (+30 DS). Their natural defenses are quite low without these spells.

They can summon shambling lurks:

A deathsworn fanatic jabs a trembling finger at you. His blood inflamed by the pure zealotry, he cries, "To me, my creations! Do not let the infidel escape!" The fanatic lifts his arms toward the heavens and the ground underfoot begins to shake. It buckles and splinters, caving in to several newborn chasms. Ragged arms snatch at the edges, fumbling; seeping blood; searching. Slowly, several lurks crawl forth, letting out ravenous moans!

They will also animate any non-lurk dead body (including adventurers) into a lurk:

A deathsworn fanatic stoops over a pale scaled shaper, murmuring a soft prayer.  Greenish light erupts from her hands, bathing the shaper.  Twitching and popping motions resound from the corpse as she rises anew as a ravenous lurk.
A deathsworn fanatic stoops and places a hand on your chest.  Green-tinged light spews from her hand, suffusing your flesh.  For a moment, you feel nothing but incredible heat and power flowing through you, but something goes terribly wrong, and a cold hand tugs at your soul.  Your last living sight is that of your flesh sloughing away like serpentskin, giving rise to something shambling and heinous.

Other Information

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