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The Sanctum of Scales belonged to the Sand Snakes, a Luukosian order under the Arch-Lich Tseleth from the Ride of the Red Dreamer storyline years earlier. It was corrupted by the power of an Ur-Daemon artifact known as the Eye of Goseth, led by his former disciple Azradim. Tseleth had intended on burying it in Bir Mahallah, but ended up banishing both of them to mawfire in the Maw of Luukos.


Release Events

The release event for the Sanctum of Scales took place over a couple of nights in Solhaven. There is only a summary of the second night at the moment.

8th Phoenatos, 5116 Modern Era

This is a log of the night before the actual release event. There may be missing lines.

An old man in Wehnimerian colors hobbles by, muttering about tonight's cloud display. "They say Charl's Quay is going to be a good place to watch the clouds from. Chaaaaarl's Quaaaay," he says, drawing out the last words for no particular reason other than, perhaps, advanced age."

A flock of humans arrives, chattering among one another about the coming cloud display. Not a one of them appears to be under seven decades of age.

Primayanathangi dully says, "There are crowds of old men in the Landing shouting about this."

Shinara slings a blackened eahnor shield over her shoulder.

Ordim waves an elongated dark blue-hulled toy airship with canvas sails at a brow-furrowed sylvan cleric doll.

Several puffy white clouds drift along the horizon, heading languorously toward Solhaven. They are very typical clouds.

Ordim taps an elongated dark blue-hulled toy airship with canvas sails, which is in his right hand.

Ordim points up.

Speaking to Bristenn, Dirra says, "I returned early, I saw an explosion of light in the skies on the other side of the Spine this morning."

More elderly people arrive. All of them seem extremely excited to be watching clouds.

The puffs of white in the sky drift closer to the town. They are, again, just cumulus clouds. There are quite a few of them, though.

The cumulus puffs in the sky are blown together by air currents. They form a large conglomeration overhead that could be a sheep or a half-melted marshmallow. Still, they are just clouds.

Several of the exceptionally elderly people in attendance chatter among each other. One of them says the cloud formation looks like her daughter. Another replies, "Your daughter must not be much of a looker."

Using a clean cloth, Barthollomew rubs at his telescope's delicate glass with gentle, circular motions.

The cumulus clouds continue to pile atop one another. They are quite a sight against the dark curtain of night."

Barthollomew exclaims, "You should see the clouds from above! Take an airship ride! Very rare and breathtaking!"

The clouds begin breaking apart, several drifting over the town and into the skies over Vornavis."

A tiny pinpoint of light winks on the distant horizon, far off to the southeast.v

A slight breeze causes the tiny pink threads dangling from a floating malachite green eye to flutter softly while hovering in mid air.

The point of burning light blazes brighter, now clearly moving across the skies. As it nears, there is a distinct greenish hue to its radiance.

The careening light streaks toward Solhaven, wobbling drunkenly on its course. Now within range of Vornavis, it is clearly a sphere of streaking flame with the hue of a cut emerald in sunlight."

A floating malachite green eye enters the area.

Aydan slowly says, "I'm suddenly not liking this at all."

Mynalia bites her lip.

Areigha faces a floating malachite green eye and shrieks at the top of her lungs.

A floating malachite green eye floats over towards Aydan and stares straight into his eyes.

Aydan pushes on the crossguard of his steel bastard sword with the thumb of his opposite hand, loosening it in the ebonwood scabbard. With a flourish, he draws the steel bastard sword forth!

Aydan slides a malachite-enameled golvern kite shield blazoned with a rising argent swan off his shoulder, gripping it in one hand.

Ordim's jaw drops.

Nolofinwe put a jagged-edged crimson drakar warblade streaked with gold flecks in his weapon harness.

The voice of Areigha softly says, "I said the same thingftell eye to stare at alis."

A high-pitched keening shriek fills the air as the sphere of fire closes in on Solhaven. Now, it is near enough to make out a skeletal form wreathed in the flames.

Ordim exclaims, "Thats not the D'awyn Rose at all!"

A shadowy patch of ether rises up through the ground to encompass Nolofinwe, swiftly sinking into his skin.

The green and gold energy fades from around Alisaire.

The skeletal figure crashes down into the town, sending up a cloud of virdian flame to the south.

Everyone is suddenly knocked to the ground.

Roblar rolls forward, then springs to his feet, ready again for action!

Squire Legionnaire Menos just went east.

Reawing pulls you to your feet.
Hazado pulls Beloran to his feet.

Bristenn abruptly shouts, "Form on Sir Aydan!"

Nolofinwe moves into a defensive stance, ready to fend off an attack.

A floating malachite green eye flies over to Sertao for a few moments.

[Solhaven, Beacon Ring]
The steep incline of the circling roadways from the north and south meet here, level with the rooftops of the buildings directly north, east, and south. Rising to the west is a ramp that leads through the opening at the tower's base. Noticeable repair is evident where white limestones replace the old, darker stones around a fitted steel portcullis. Paired torches in polished brass brackets flank the refurbished tower entrance and illuminate the ramp's summit. You also see a nebulous lightning wyrdling, the Primayanathangi disk, the Menos disk, the Hazado disk, the Ruthgard disk, the Reawing disk, a light tan snow-owl that is flying around, a golden brown wolfhound and a dwarven recruiter.

Tseleth reaches toward Menos with one crooked talon, his bony claw grasping Menos's skull and slicing his scalp to bloody ribbons. That is merely the indignity before Menos's true fate: the air around him warps with heat as emerald flames gout from his pores!
...39973 damage! Utter destruction.
Menos's eyes pop, fire gouting from the empty sockets and leaving blackened chasms behind.
* Menos drops dead at your feet!
Menos seems to lose some focus as his eyes narrow and shift momentarily to one side.

Athinial glances at Menos.
Wadsworth just slipped quietly down a steep ramp, his group following closely.
Ordim glances at Menos.
Sertao yells, "We have seen better than the likes of you. I am not impressed!"

Primayanathangi gazes up into the heavens.

Beldannon quietly asks, "Didn't menos attack him first?"

Raelee tensely asks, "Can we at least find out what this is regarding before we launch another hold war?"

Bristenn glowers darkly at Tseleth.

Speaking angrily to Tseleth, Reawing asks, "What do you want?"

Gailiana says, "Tseleth killed him."
Sertao smirks at Tseleth.

Riixae softly says, "Menos is ready for life."
Raincail turns an inquisitive ear toward Tseleth.
A web of glimmering light lifts out of Menos's dead body. Thread by thread, it unravels and dissolves into pale dust. As the dust blows away, nothing remains but a cold, still corpse.
Menos's body decays into compost.
Mikalmas loosens the drawstrings of his white silk pouch, opening it.

Mikalmas rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Pushing his citrine-tinted glasses with a single index finger, Hazado slides them back up his nose.
Mikalmas pulls on the drawstrings of his white silk pouch, closing it tightly.

Tseleth begins, haltingly at first and obviously still weak. "I require... the assistance of this town's populace."

Ordim turns an inquisitive ear toward Tseleth.
Dirra glances at Tseleth.
Sorvey raises an eyebrow in Tseleth's direction.
Divone glances between Bristenn and Aydan.

Speaking to Tseleth, Reawing says, "This is not the best way to get it."

Speaking to Tseleth, Gailiana asks, "Why would we help you?"
Speaking to Tseleth, Raelee asks, "To what end?"

Tseleth holds up one of his talons and stares at it with eyes of green flame.

Tseleth says, "I am betrayed."

Bristenn angrily adds, "What you did to our comrades. To Ardence and the Dreamwalkers."

Aydan asks, "Again? You didn't learn from your mistakes the last time?"

Cleodelia asks, "Betrayed?"
Tseleth says, "My Sanctum, taken from me. My priesthood corrupted."

Speaking to Tseleth, Shannivar says, "Oh, you poor thing. A Luukosian betrayed, what a shocking occurance."

Mikalmas says, "It is a Lich, after all people. I'm sure diplomacy is not his strong suit."
Tuilinneth patiently asks, "By whom?"

Speaking to Mikalmas, Shannivar says, "He was like this even before he was a lich."
Speaking to Tseleth, Oeath asks, "Oh thats interesting what priesthood?"
Speaking to Tseleth, Aydan says, "One would think you would have realized you had an issue enforcing loyalty from your subordinates the last time one betrayed you."

Speaking to Shannivar, Tseleth says, "I am all that there is between you and the powers of the Ur."

Cleodelia says, "Diplomacy maybe not, but at least don't kill everyone before getting some answers."

Ordim says, "Languishing Liches lean ludicreasly loud lamenting "little left living lasts long"."
Ordim twitches, trying to control a vocal outburst, before settling into a disdained grumble while regaining composure.
Beldannon quietly asks, "The UR?"

Tseleth crumples into a crouching position.

In a lightning-swift blur of movement, Tseleth's blurs back into a standing position.

Divone says, "The fact this creature is afraid of something does pique my interest on what."

Speaking to Cleodelia, Tseleth says, "The darkness has consumed my flock."

Speaking flatly to Tseleth, Aydan asks, "All right, what's the deal with the arrow? I thought you were supposed to be utterly invincible?"

Speaking hesitantly to Tseleth, Tuilinneth asks, "Where did the darkness come from?"

Speaking to Tseleth, Oeath asks, "Or what flock? what is it that these people can do for you?"

Bristenn briskly remarks, "I would assume it'd take a bit more than that to wound you, than just a stick and iron bodkin."

Sertao says, "If there was an Ur-Daemon, think we would have noticed... Generally aren't those supposed to be like quaking and such? The only thing that doesn't seem to belong is this bag of bones..."

Speaking to Aydan, Tseleth says, "It has... infected me. The Skin."

Speaking deeply to Tseleth, Hazado asks, "Infection?"

Speaking to Tseleth, Aydan says, "I'm assuming a topical ointment isn't going to suffice, if that's the case."

Mikalmas asks, "So this...thing...was known to people before he became a lich?"

Alisaire says, "Tseleth is well known to those of this region."

Speaking to Mikalmas, Aydan says, "Yes, and I'll explain that afterward to anyone who wants to know."

Mikalmas says, "Tseleth is warning people that he is the only thing that stands between us and the Ur-Daemons."

Speaking to Mikalmas, Divone says, "For It to asked assistance and be a little jarring."

Cleodelia says, "Depends on who's skeleton that is flaming."
Speaking softly to Tseleth, Aurach says, "'I trust there is purpose in your arrival..."

Speaking to Alisaire, Tseleth asks, "The Order. What has happened to the Order? Why do they not answer the call?"

Speaking simply to Tseleth, Alisaire says, "They have withdrawn from this region save for two."

Tseleth stumbles to the edge of the ramp, supporting himself on the base of the tower. His talons dig into the stone.

Speaking carefully to Tseleth, Aydan says, "I'm not sure how up to date you've been on matters, but the Empire isn't exactly tolerant of them lately. Even more than usual."

Speaking to Cleodelia, Tseleth says, "He does not answer, the one our master held most dear. I hear that he perished in the white fires of his foes."

Speaking to Tseleth, Alisaire repeats, "Do you have it?"

Speaking hurriedly to Tseleth, Bristenn continues, "The High Priest is no more?"

Speaking to Bristenn, Tseleth says, "So I have heard. So I have heard that his Order was in disarray."

Githros softly says, "I must talk to the order for I do not see any undead with my symbol."

Tseleth says, "So it was that my Sand Snakes rose to primacy, for we were safe and protected by the Master."

Speaking to Tseleth, Cleodelia says, "There is much in disarray at this point."

Speaking softly to himself, Githros says, "One wonders why a lich is standing amongst us as though it is ok."

Tseleth quietly says, "But there are things that even the Master fears. A matter I was once sent here to prevent."

Tseleth glances at Githros.

Speaking to Githros, Tseleth says, "If you seek to challenge me, stay your hand or have it removed."
Githros moves into a defensive stance, ready to fend off an attack.

Speaking to Githros, Shannivar says, "Because he annihilated Menos and used his corpse to partially heal himself."
Speaking to Aydan, Tseleth says, "No, the Skin is safely entombed for ever more with its mad wearer."

Speaking quietly to Tseleth, Beldannon says, "You need our help, the hostility isn't needed."

Speaking to Tseleth, Aydan asks, "But you mentioned an Eye?"
Tseleth says, "But the Eye of Goseth... it has been found."

Alisaire asks, "Who has it?"

Speaking to Tseleth, Bristenn demands, "You'll have to elaborate on that bit of lore, Cold."

Speaking to Cleodelia, Tseleth says, "The Blameless wage a war against the children of the Serpent."

Speaking to Tseleth, Mikalmas says, "I never imagined we would agree on anything. But of that, you are correct."

Tseleth says, "A piece of an Ur-Daemon never dies."

Wadsworth asks, "What do you want? Why should we care?"

Tseleth says, "It is full and brimming with the power of its originator."

Mikalmas says, "Perhaps, at the moment, we have a common enemy. Chaston."

Speaking to Tseleth, Amerek asks, "Do you know who has the eye?"

Tseleth says, "Each artifact of the Ur has a power that the Arkati cannot touch, cannot penetrate."

Several of the bones along Tseleth's ribs snap as they realign and repair themselves.

Speaking to Bristenn, Tseleth says, "One of my flock has found the Eye and brought it to the Sanctum."

Tseleth says, "My Sanctum."

Speaking to Tseleth, Alisaire asks, "And what has happened there?"

Tseleth ignores the insult, tottering across the way and leaving a trail of green flames.

Tseleth says, "I did not know until it was too late that a mutiny brewed within our ranks."

Aydan asks, "All right, then. So what happens with this so-called Eye, and why is it a bad thing that he brought it to your sanctum? And why should we help you about it?"

Speaking to Tseleth, Aydan says, "Because frankly, after the trouble you've caused us in the past, I'm still leaning toward the verdict that anything causing you consternation is a good thing."

Speaking to Aydan, Tseleth says, "A human hand holds an artifact of the Ur. Such a thing is of grave import to the Arkati. You, of all people, should know what comes next."

Speaking dryly to Tseleth, Aydan says, "Yes, you show up, throw some threats around, rip some soul fragments out of people, and tell us you're the only one that can fix it if only you have our cooperation."
Speaking to Wadsworth, Tseleth says, "The Eye must be sealed away. Buried."

Speaking quietly to Tseleth, Beldannon exclaims, "In this world things being burried doesn't seem to stay!"

Speaking mildly to Tseleth, Alisaire asks, "What do you need for us to do to help, then?"

Cleodelia says, "If Tseleth says it must be sealed away for no one to use, not even himself. That is serious indeed."

Mikalmas says, "I doubt he would have came to us if he was not concerned with his fate as well as ours."

Speaking to Githros, Tseleth says, "It must go to Bir Mahallah. The place where none can enter and leave."

Tseleth says, "They have raised wards against me."

Speaking to Aydan, Tseleth says, "There is... a place here that I thinned long ago. Scratched at the walls of the world so that I might forever join its space with that of the Sanctum."

Speaking to Tseleth, Raelee asks, "... there?"

Oeath peers quizzically at Tseleth.
Speaking to Tseleth, Raelee says, "It has not changed."

Speaking to Raelee, Tseleth says, "Below."

Tseleth says, "With enough power, I could open the way."

Speaking to Tseleth, Carellus asks, "And what do you plan to do once you have 'opened the way', monster?"

Tseleth says, "Soulstones. I am too weak to accomplish this rite without their power."

Speaking to Tseleth, Cleodelia says, "If it requires draining others for more power you may have an issue."

Tseleth says, "I can barely travel by fire, so drained am I."

Speaking caustically to Tseleth, Bristenn asks, "Once this 'way' is opened, you intend to tuck talon and scuttle off over the horizon, like when you battled Indhis?"

Speaking to Bristenn, Tseleth says, "I am the Chosen of the Master. I will do as he commands, as always I have."

Speaking to Tseleth, Oeath asks, "How many would you require?"

Speaking to Githros, Cleodelia says, "Trusting one such as Tseleth is a leap of faith. You take it with a grain of salt and hope for the best... but know it will mostly be the worst."

Mikalmas says, "Could very well end badly either way."

Tseleth places a hand on Bristenn's skull in an almost paternal gesture.

A wave of power flows out of Shannivar and toward Tseleth. Suddenly, Tseleth is surrounded by a white light revealing a shadow underneath.

Shannivar says, "Get away from him."

Speaking to Bristenn, Tseleth says, "You were always one of my favorite experim--oh. Not Athamael."

Areigha moves to stand in front of Tseleth.
Bristenn deadpans, "Verily."

Mikalmas looks thoughtfully at Tseleth.

Tseleth lets out a rumble of almost-mirth, the flames in his belly flickering wildly.

Tseleth says, "I will need time to recover. A day. And then... soulstones."

Speaking softly to Tseleth, Areigha asks, "Can you answer one question?"

Speaking to Tseleth, Amerek asks, "How many soulstones do you require? Several? Several hundred?"

Speaking to Amerek, Tseleth says, "As many as can be found in the passing of a day."
Oeath asks, "Full of elemental energy or empty?"

Speaking to Tseleth, Raelee reminds, "'Soulstone' is actually a bit vague. Quality, source, and what not..."
Aydan tiredly asks, "And what sort of soulstones? The sort from the Luukosian temple?"

Tseleth says, "Full of power and energy."
The powerful look leaves Oeath.

Pale, swirling mist begins to billow out from nothingness before you, and quickly coalesces into a small orb of shifting essence. Suddenly, the orb expands and forms an elliptical portal of swirling blues and blacks, its edges shrouded in dancing blue-white mist.
Speaking to Raelee, Tseleth says, "It is the Grey Lady's duty to sort such things. I care only for the power."

Speaking to Tseleth, Raelee says, "Noted."

Menos looks quite relaxed.
Speaking to Areigha, Tseleth says, "...I am, and always have been, an honorable being."

Tseleth says, "I shall prove my good will."
Cleodelia appears to lose some internal strength.

Speaking to Tseleth, Reawing says, "That would be a better start."
Speaking softly to himself, Githros says, "Sounds like honor amongst thieves to me."

Menos pets a short-haired ginger cat.
A single flickering ember drifts free from Tseleth's belly, writhing like a tortured man.

Aydan stares at Tseleth.

Speaking to Aydan, Tseleth asks, "A kindness. You see?"

Sertao says, "Bottom line, what do you need Lich, and when do you need it. For better or worse I'll come tomorrow after you've recharged, but when, where and what. No riddles, speak plainly."

Speaking quietly to Tseleth, Hadya says, "I will aid you."

Speaking softly to Tseleth, Areigha says, "I am weary of you...but if they will not help I surely will."

Speaking softly to Hadya, Areigha says, "I will aid you."
Aydan growls, "Fine, I'm slightly less disposed to trying to throw you into the bay and see if that puts out the flames."

Tseleth throws his skeletal head back and stares upward with eyes of virescent fire. His wings unfurl to their full, impressive width. He crouches, then launches himself skyward, trailed by greenish-white flames.

Mikalmas says, "I guess one must rely on their gut to tell them which is the right choice."

9th Phoenatos, 5116 Modern Era

A Report on the Resurgence of Arch-Lich Tseleth and Fate of Azradim

10 Phoenatos, 5116

Those of the Order of the Azure Sun set forth to further explore the newly discovered fell temple within the Sea of Fire, the so named Sanctum of Scales and former abode of the Arch-Lich Tseleth of the Luukosian Order and combat its vile denizens. It was here, within the Oculus of such an unholy place, we encountered Azradim, the Death-Priest, the one claimed to hold the Eye of Goseth, an artifact of unknown quantities.

This man was piteous, and we assume already deceased, animated only by the artifact he possessed and the madness it bequeathed. He fled the Sanctum through an aperture constructed by the orb, one that lead out of the Sea of Fire and into the heart of North Solhaven. We gave pursuit, accompanied by Tuilinneth and Risanya, into the underdark below, leading to the now abandoned holdings of the diminished Luukosian order. It was here that the Arch-Lich emerged once more and confronted his former disciple.

In the end, the Arch-Lich cast both his betrayer and the artifact into the Maw of Luukos via yet another aperture, this one opened through a dark statue, to be consumed by mawfire. After a short tussle, the Arch-Lich then took his leave of us, threatening that while the Luukosian cults have waned significantly with the advance of the Church of Koar's Taladorian prelature and its crusade, the pressure placed pons them by the Holy Order of Voln and the attrition caused by the loss of his sect, other dark forces would seek to fill the void.

The fate of the so-named Eye of Goseth, an artifact of the Ur, may not yet be fully revealed- such is another case of future struggles, whether they be within months, years, or generations ahead.

Sir Bristenn Colfren Mires
Imperial Knight of Vornavis
Standard Bearer of the Order of the Azure Sun
Bannerman of the White Shield