Shieltine Huranya Faendryl

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Shieltine Huranya Faendryl was a sorcerer of particular repute during the era of Unsenis Ignaas Faendryl, Patriarch XXXIV of House Faendryl. He worked at the Basilica as one of Unsenis' most trusted sorcerers, and when travel to the valence Lorae'tyr was outlawed, he was tasked with leading a group of sorcerers in creating a powerful interplanar ward. This ward would allow monitoring of travel to and from Lorae'tyr, and made piercing the veil for travel to Lorae'tyr more difficult in the vicinity of Ta'Faendryl. This ward later became known as Shieltine's Ward. Shieltine and the sorcerers that he led were given full authority by Unsenis to enforce the law forbidding travel to Lorae'tyr, by force if necessary.