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2011 OOC Meeting

Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #: 1305
Date: 10/03/2011 11:13 PM CDT
Subject: OOC Meeting log, LONG 10-3-11
Please note, I neglected to turn off showdeath. Sorry! Some light spell drops as well.

>Alyias says, "Ok. Let's lay this out."
>Kakoon wiggles his eyebrows at Perie.
>Nouvard agrees with Menos.
>Tinagra hums quietly to herself.
>Menos nods at Aize.
>Ihlamur takes a drink from her cold golden ale.
Ihlamur looks rather relaxed.
>Ethrianelle agrees with Alighieran.
>Alyias says, "First, welcome my enofrcer, GM Sirina."
>Hanshayr just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias glances at Sirina as he folds his arms expectantly across his chest.
>Ihlamur nods in greeting at Sirina.
>You notice Menos slip into a hiding place.
>Alyias says, "Enforcer."
>Perseval just closed a bristly boarhide pack.
>Nouvard raises his cold golden ale in a toast!
>Ethrianelle says, "Hi."
>Sirina chuckles.
>Perseval put a battle axe in his leather sheath.
>Nouvard takes a drink from his cold golden ale.
>Tinagra takes a drink from her cold strawberry punch.
Tinagra looks rather relaxed.
>Menos comes out of hiding.
>Ethrianelle waves to Sirina.
>Speaking to Sirina, Nihrvanah asks, "When do the beatings start?"
>Ihlamur takes a drink from her cold golden ale.
Ihlamur looks rather relaxed.
>Tinagra takes a drink from her cold strawberry punch.
Tinagra looks rather relaxed.
>Ihlamur takes a drink from her cold golden ale.
Ihlamur looks rather relaxed.
>Alyias says, "SOon."
>Tinagra hums quietly to herself.
>Alyias nods at Nihrvanah.
>Ihlamur takes a drink from her cold golden ale.
Ihlamur looks rather relaxed.
>Estrellaj takes a drink from her pink mushroom punch.
>Erosophe takes a drink from her nut and berry liqueur.
Erosophe looks rather relaxed.
>Tinagra takes a drink from her cold strawberry punch.
Tinagra looks rather relaxed.
>Perie wiggles her nose at Kakoon.
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "Good to know."
>Gellert says, "When people do dumb stuff, presumably."
>Vilorcasdra leans to her left slightly.
>Sirina says, "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise."
>Alyias says, "Next, let me lay out what's going down tonight."
>Ethrianelle wiggles his nose a bit, causing his sharp silver spike to rock back and forth.
>Erosophe tilts her head toward Alyias, and as their eyes meet, the point of one of Erosophe's ears twitches slightly in time with Alyias's breathing.
>Alyias says, "This is an OOC meeting to discuss Ta'Vaalor and the Legion."
>Alyias says, "I'm going to have the floor and talk until question time."
>Alyias says, "Please don't make me silence the room."
>Squire Legionnaire Glimfeather just marched stiffly through a shimmering portal.
>Glimfeather makes a nearly imperceptible motion while whispering a soft phrase...
>Glimfeather gestures.
Glimfeather is surrounded by an aura of natural confidence.
>Erosophe waves to Glimfeather.
>Glimfeather waves to Erosophe.
>Glimfeather nods at Menos.
>Alyias says, "Most of you know me somewhat already...everyone will get their chance to speak."
>Atail says, "Bind and silence everyone so we can actualy see whats going on."
>Alyias exclaims, "So...first sign of figeting, down comes the gauntlet!"
>Zenaxa begins to twitch.
>Alyias says, "Ok. Thanks for coming, and all that other jazz."
>Alyias says, "I'm going to get straight to the nitty-gritty."
>Glimfeather becomes solid again.
>Alyias says, "Despite all rumors, falsehoods, and heresay from people who have zero idea what actually happened..."
>Wolfloner glances around, looking a bit less confident.
>The tingling sensation and sense of security leaves Wolfloner.
>Wolfloner loses some awareness.
>Alyias says, "Our prior elf guru, Itzel, chose to step down from being a GameMaster."
>The light blue glow leaves Perseval.
>Alyias says, "I happen to know this first hand, considering GM Itzel and myself are her direct supervisors."
>Nouvard appears less battle-ready as a soft glow dissipates from around his form.
>Alyias says, "Erg...Izzea."
>Alyias stares off into space.
>Nihrvanah's spirit appears to be lifted by the singing.
The mirror images surrounding Nihrvanah undulate and grow stronger.
Nihrvanah renews her songs.
>Nihrvanah's sonic barrier dissipates.
Nihrvanah stops singing.
>Alyias says, "No player was directly responsible for her doing this."
>Alyias says, "It was, simply put, her choice."
>Alyias says, "And that shall be the end of that. GM Itzel gave the EN some good, and we'll work with what she did as we move the EN forward."
>The shimmering multicolored sphere fades from around Isco.
>Alyias says, "As you're no doubt aware, we have GM Valyrka set in Itzel's old role..."
>The light blue glow leaves Aize.
>Isco applauds.
>The dim aura fades from around Ethrianelle.
>Alyias says, "Which is great, because she was helping Itzel with the storylines going on, so Valyrka has some intimate knowledge on the plans."
>The deep blue glow leaves Aize.
>Lady Lysistrata just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "So it should be pretty seamless."
>Lysistrata mumbles something under her breath.
>Alyias says, "Just Illistim and elves."
>Alyias says, "And Gnomes."
>Alyias ponders.
>Alyias says, "And maybe something else I forgot."
>Alyias shrugs.
>Chira leans softly against Zenaxa.
>Alyias says, "The Vaalor position will be filled post-haste."
>Raneng just came through a shimmering portal, dragging the body of Ahdnon with him.
>Estrellaj glances at Ahdnon.
>Raneng just went through a shimmering portal, dragging the body of Ahdnon with him.
>Raneng just came through a shimmering portal, dragging the body of Ahdnon with him.
>Chira just went through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "And I will be intimately involved in helping this new guru get up to speed, stay active, and fulfill the goal of Ta'Vaalor."
>Raneng just went through a shimmering portal, dragging the body of Ahdnon with him.
>Alyias says, "So, am I coming back? No. Will I be involved heavily? Yes."
>Hanshayr appears less confident.
>Alyias says, "So think of me as a Ta'Vaalor guru overlord."
>Alyias ponders.
>Alyias says, "I like that."
>Estrellaj chuckles.
>Isco chuckles.
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Now...I know there's been some issues regarding documentation that I released vs. where Vaalor and the Legion was going under Itzel."
> * Enivor just bit the dust!
>Alyias says, "Specifically, with the idea that the Legion is a "police force" of some sorts."
>Alyias says, "Let me disabuse everyone of that notion."
>Isco lets out a cheer!
>Alyias says, "When I coded up the Legion and came up with the idea, it was meant to be along the lines of something like the national guard."
>Alyias says, "As in - calamity strikes - here comes the legion."
> * Dreaer just bit the dust!
>Perseval adopts an agreeable expression.
>Nihrvanah appears to be less protected.
>The mirror images surrounding Nihrvanah undulate and fade away.
>Nihrvanah appears to lose some confidence.
>Nihrvanah's spirits are no longer lifted.
>The air stops shimmering around Nihrvanah.
>Gellert returns to normal color.
>Alyias says, "Now, this counts with people INSIDE the legion as well."
>Alyias says, "Under no circumstance is one player the boss of someone else, even if they are a higher rank."
> * Sydiel just bit the dust!
>Alyias says, "For those of you that are military, none of your ranks come close to NCO's."
>Alyias winks.
>Pereus smirks.
>Chira just came through a shimmering portal.
>Chira joins Kakoon's group.
>Hanshayr just left.
>Hanshayr just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "So, I'll be frank, here. Under no circumstance is any member of the legion to have "power" or "command", officially, over any other legion member."
>Alyias says, "Period."
>Alyias says, "NPC's have that command."
>Alyias says, "And, they'll be out a bit more often from here on out."
>Alyias asks, "Now, what's the point of having ranks?"
>Alyias says, "Roleplay."
>Alyias says, "OMG...that wierd thing that we do."
>Perie shakes her head, totally at a loss.
>Gellert works his fingers under his felt cavalier hat and scratches his head.
>Erosophe sighs.
>Chira gives Kakoon a friendly hug.
>Chira just went through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "The legion was, and will be, a tool for roleplay."
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Perseval.
>Alyias says, "As will the demeanor of Vaalor, the xenophobia, and the loveliness of Tyrnian in all his psychoness."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Naitalya suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Naitalya seems a bit less imposing.
>Alyias says, "You can easily roleplay a higher rank without being a commanding, forceful, jackass. You roleplay with people who want to roleplay with you, not boss people around just because you can."
>The air calms down around Estrellaj.
>Nihrvanah grins slowly.
>Alyias says, "I hope everyone understands the point I'm trying to make here."
>Nihrvanah nods enthusiastically at Alyias!
>Alyias says, "And on the flip side..."
>Gellert says, "The people who you're not yelling at sure do."
>Erosophe frowns.
>Alyias says, "People who dig and nag and rail on people to get them upset so that they are acting out of bounds..."
>Isco seems a bit less imposing.
>Atail says, "Not really... it seams to me like yer just scrapping everything I've known about the legion sence I joined."
>Alyias says, "Not so."
>Perie nods in agreement at Atail.
>Alyias says, "I'll get to that."
>Perseval turns an inquisitive ear towards Alyias.
>A tiny spider lurking just inside a fold of Ethrianelle's spidersilk cloak skitters out of view.
>Atail nods.
>Isco appears somehow different.
>Alyias says, "Basically, this is the "everyone needs to play nice, respect other people's roleplay, and not be pulling people into taunting situations, and not taunt in return." speech."
>Isco applauds.
>Speaking in Elven to Alyias, Perie says, "Good luck with that."
>Alyias says, "Both sides are happening on that argument, and it needs to stop. On both sides."
>Speaking to Alyias, Erosophe says, "Good luck."
>Alyias says, "Nuff said there."
>Alyias waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.
>Lysistrata raises an eyebrow.
>Pereus says, "Why are people piping up, let him finish, damn."
>Isco lets out a cheer!
>Alyias says, "Now - regarding roleplaying in the Legion..."
>Perseval adopts an agreeable expression.
>Alyias says, "It is a military society that I want to focus on roleplay."
>Alyias says, "And the legion is a military body..."
>Gellert raises an eyebrow.
>Alyias says, "Which comes with alot of what you folks are already digging into..."
>Alyias says, "Which can be quite...nitty-gritty and strongly themed."
>Alyias stares off into space.
>Alyias says, "That, I have no problem with."
>Gellert says, "Except nobody has any power and we're all supposed to be nice..."
>Alyias says, "No."
>Erosophe takes a drink from her nut and berry liqueur.
>Alyias says, "You're supposed to ROLEPLAY WITH OTHERS under the realm of the Legion."
>Alyias says, "I have no problem with one member of the legion running drills with the others under them."
>Alyias says, "As long as all are consenting."
>Alyias says, "I have no problem with one ripping another down for a horrible looking uniform."
>Alyias says, "As long as all are consenting."
>Alyias says, "I have no problem with a reenactment of full metal jacket boot camp."
>Alyias winks.
>Alyias says, "Well, in genre, anyways..."
>Tinagra snickers.
>Alyias says, "As long as all are consenting."
>Zenaxa asks, "Is consent assumed when one signs up for the Legion?"
>Alyias says, "No."
>Alyias says, "Consent is assumed just like in CvC issues."
>Speaking in Elven, Glimfeather asks, "Why not?"
>Katrynne asks, "And if you don't consent, you ignore the rest of the Legion?"
>Nouvard says, "I would love to give input but he asked we wait for questions."
>Alyias says, "That's your call."
>Alyias says, "And yes, please wait."
>Perseval agrees with Nouvard.
>Alyias says, "Now, this may lead to legion members not "performing like legion members"."
>Gellert asks, "And you can go, "Gosh gee, I want to kill the King!" and we're supposed to consider treason as your own unique and special snowflake which the real live officers will do nothing about?"
>Alyias glances at Gellert.
>Speaking in Elven, Glimfeather says, "Every rank in the military is designed to give order and structure. Even a non-NCO E4 outranks an E3-1."
>Speaking to Gellert, Alyias says, "Again, hold the comments until I'm done."
>Gellert shrugs.
>Ahdnon just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "As I said, since we're looking for roleplay concent and being respectful of others roleplay choices and making sure they want to be included..."
>Alyias says, "This could lead to someone in the legion that doesn't pull their end of the bargain."
>Atail says, "But doing all this rollplay will have no effect on rank? because if people are not consenting then they are missing out on rank opertunitys but everything is buddy buddy and nothing is real so that wouldn't befair to deny people rank just cause they want to be in the legion with out acting like they are in the same military force as the others."
>Alyias says, "Ok."
>Squire Legionnaire Darvas just came through a shimmering portal.
>Vilorcasdra agrees with Hanshayr.
>Nihrvanah joins Vilorcasdra's group.
>Hanshayr just went through a shimmering portal.
A pall of silence settles on the area.
>Alyias nods.
>Zenaxa sits down.
>Alyias says, "Now, as I said, this could lead to someone in the legion that doesn't pull their end of the bargain."
>Alyias says, "And is traitorous, continuously balks at orders, and isn't really being a legionaire."
>Ethrianelle sits down.
>Alyias says, "For that, I highly encourage legionaires to tell your NCO's - aka the NPCs."
>Alyias says, "This includes anything you think should be out of bounds - murder of other legionaires, continuous balking of legion roleplay, and the like."
>Alyias says, "The big difference here is that no player is in a position to dictate policy to another player - that is the sole pervue of GMs/NPCs."
>Alyias says, "NPCs do have the authority to expell people from the legion..."
>Naitalya becomes solid again.
>Alyias says, "And, if the need presents itself, they will."
>Ethrianelle appears somehow different.
>Alyias says, "So...to sum up on this topic..."
>Pereus appears less battle-ready as a soft glow dissipates from around his form.
>Ahdnon just went through a shimmering portal.
>The dim aura fades from around Atail.
>Alyias says, "Ranks are there for roleplay purposes. No player has authority to enforce policy on another player. I encourage people to roleplay their ranks out as appropriate, and be respectful of the idea of the legion. If someone has rank over you, roleplay with them appropriately - even if you're getting dressed down."
>Estrellaj becomes solid again.
> * Maerit just bit the dust!
>Alyias says, "If someone consistently isn't holding their end of the bargain, let a NCO know. This can be done by emailing me or Izzea (and the future Vaalor guru), posting something on the boards, or talking to a NPC when they're about."
>The deep blue glow leaves Perseval.
>Ethrianelle is no longer protected by the shimmering field of energy.
>Alyias says, "Let us handle problems."
>The light blue glow leaves Laermeluion.
>Alyias says, "This is the same policy that we preach for PvP issues."
>Alyias says, "Because I will not have the Legion a big PvP party."
>Ethrianelle no longer bristles with energy.
>The deep blue glow leaves Laermeluion.
Deep blue motes swirl away from Laermeluion and fade.
>Alyias says, "Now, we'll open it up to questions one at a time."
>Alyias says, "One sec while I open this up."
>Alyias points at Sirina.
>You notice Alyias move his lips, but hear nothing.
>The shimmering multicolored sphere fades from around Ethrianelle.
The pall of silence leaves the area.
>Perseval raises his hand.
>Nihrvanah raises her hand.
>Vilorcasdra raises her hand.
>The powerful look leaves Pereus.
>Gellert raises his hand.
>Nouvard raises his hand.
>Isco holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.
>Pereus asks, "Are we only addressing the Legion stuff or Ta'Vaalor as well?"
>Laermeluion raises his hand.
>Alyias says, "One sec more...sorry."
A pall of silence settles on the area.
>The powerful look leaves Wolfloner.
>Alyias says, "Whisper to Sirina if you want to join the list, and I'll open it up to the floor one at a time."
>Sirina says, "ONLY if you didn't already raise your hand."
>Alyias nods at Perseval.
>Speaking to Perseval, Alyias exclaims, "You're up!"
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "So after listening to what youve said."
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "Ive read your documents and watched a great deal of whats happened, it seems now that its a small point that causes alot of the problems."
>Alyias nods.
> * Khandundael just bit the dust!
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "As I see it, its the difference between being on duty and not, like you said the national guard. That one weekend a month is when it counts, the rest of the time your no one better then the rest."
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "An I think thats not been clear before."
>Alyias says, "Well, yes, if you're roleplaying that you're off-duty..."
>Alyias says, "Unless creatures are swarming over the walls..."
>Alyias says, "I think that's perfectly valid."
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "Maybe someone wishes to wear the uniform or improve themself , but the bottom line being your a reservist, and you are only expected to perform as one at drills or in emergencies."
>Alyias nods at Pereus.
>Alyias says, "Exactly."
>Alyias coughs.
>Alyias nods at Perseval.
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "Day to day life your no one other then the rest."
>Speaking to Pereus, Alyias says, "Sorry."
>Alyias nods at Perseval.
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "An your saying just because you choose to wear your uniform all the time is fine, but it doesnt make you on duty all the time."
>Alyias nods at Perseval.
>Perseval nods at Alyias.
>Perseval agrees with Alyias.
>Alyias says, "Though, if you are wearing your uniform, and critters are attacking, don't be surprised if someone tries to call you active."
>Alyias shrugs.
>Perseval says, "But doing so can improve your status through your roleplay."
>Perseval nods.
>Alyias nods at Perseval.
>The powerful look leaves Aize.
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "I think thats simple and clear enough."
>Perseval nods.
>Alyias says, "Spoken more clearly than I, I think."
> * Asmyr just bit the dust!
>Alyias asks, "Was that your sole comment?"
>Alyias peers quizzically at Perseval.
>Speaking to Alyias, Perseval says, "Not really as I could never write all those documents."
>Perseval nods.
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Thanks."
>Speaking to Nihrvanah, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Nihrvanah says, "In regards to the legion itself, are those enlisted able to resign their position if they so choose? I know myself and at least a few others who wished to, but I was told first hand that I had no choice and was not allowed to quit, though at this point, I am reconsidering it slightly."
> * The death cry of Doakes echoes in your mind!
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "As in both emails, and IG, I was told there would be repercussions to my quitting."
>Alyias asks, "By a staff member, or by a player?"
>Alyias peers quizzically at Nihrvanah.
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "Itzel herself."
>Alyias says, "100% incorrect."
>Alyias says, "We are not in the business of forcing you to roleplay according to our wishes."
>Nihrvanah slowly empties her lungs.
>Alyias says, "Will there be roleplayed out repercussions? Probably."
>Alyias says, "Will it be dire to the point you can't play? No."
>Estrellaj loses her focused look.
>Alyias asks, "But cannot?"
>Alyias says, "No."
>Alyias says, "As far as resigning, I thought you could talk to the recruiter to do that."
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "Oh, good, because to be honest, I've kinda dropped off playing this character because of what I was told. I mean... you can't punish a character who is never logged in."
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "I didn't know that. Now I do."
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "Thank you."
>Alyias says, "The exact mechanics fail me - it's been like 2 years since I coded that."
>The powerful look leaves Kakoon.
>Alyias asks, "Anthing further?"
>Alyias peers quizzically at Nihrvanah.
>Nihrvanah shakes her head.
>Speaking to Vilorcasdra, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Speaking to Alyias, Vilorcasdra asks, "Concerning the storylines, after two years of development concerning this character with the Legion in one single night it was told that nothing we had been doing for the last two years meant anything. The stories would be scratched and something new starting again. Will the Storylines be continuing once again or have they just been murdered. In short, storyline wise were are we?"
>Vilorcasdra corrects, "Where."
>Alyias nods.
>Speaking to Vilorcasdra, Alyias says, "I don't have a solid answer on that. I don't like dropping storylines, but I'm still getting caught up in where everything was."
>Hanshayr just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "There aren't alot of notes for me to work with, but we'll do the best we can."
>Alyias says, "Nothing is more jarring to roleplay than "reboots"."
>Alyias shudders.
>Speaking to Alyias, Vilorcasdra says, "Exactly, sadly, where you left it. The pools were removed and that was all when the statement made about the storylines being dismissed."
>Vilorcasdra continues, "And secondly. We were told we are not to wear the uniform outside of Ta Vaalor but to be in uniform while in Ta Vaalor. From your latter statements, this is now no longer the case?"
>Alyias asks, "Told that from a staff member or a player?"
>Vilorcasdra says, "Staff."
>Vilorcasdra says, "OOC meeting in Ta'Illistim."
>Glimfeather seems a bit less imposing.
>Alyias says, "That's odd. That stinks again of staff dictating your roleplaying, which is very much frowned upon."
>Vilorcasdra adopts an agreeable expression.
>Vilorcasdra says, "Which is why I now ask at this OOC meeting."
>Alyias says, "YOU dictate your roleplay, as long as it falls within POLICY."
>Alyias says, "When it flirts with or breaks policy or the TOS is where staff steps in."
>Alyias asks, "Any other questions?"
>Vilorcasdra says, "I've other questions but I will now allow the others their moment as well."
>Vilorcasdra folds her arms over her chest.
>Vilorcasdra leans to her right slightly.
>Estrellaj loses an aura of resolve.
>Speaking to Gellert, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Gellert grins.
>Gellert says, "So now that none of us have any power, you've effectively re-rebooted the entire thing."
>Alyias says, "I think perhaps the whole idea of "power" is being misconstrued."
>Gellert asks, "Will there be any storylines at all?"
>Alyias says, "Do you have the power to force another player to do what you want them do, even if they don't want to? No. No player ever did."
>Alyias says, "That's not roleplay - that's puppetry."
>Alyias says, "But you do have the power to craft stories via roleplay with people who want to join in on those stories with you."
>Alyias says, "By using your rank as a roleplay tool to tell those stories."
>Gellert asks, "So what seperates it from a MHO?"
>Alyias says, "MHO is player run. The Legion is GM run."
>Gellert says, "You seem to be aiming for a sort of Disney chatroom."
>Gellert says, "With no repurcussions."
>Alyias says, "If that's your understanding, then you missed my entire point, unfortunately."
>Gellert says, "Are you going to decide, "Oh no, those people, I don't want to do anything for them."
>Gellert asks, "And then if somebody went to ask for more, that's the sort of thing that'd get yanked off the boards?"
>Alyias says, "Again, if you feel people aren't holding their end of the bargain regarding being in the legion, report them to your NCO's."
>Gellert says, "So far people have."
>Gellert says, "The message back was "Let's not have a witch hunt!"."
>Gellert says, "Which seems the exact opposite of Ta'Vaalor."
>Sirina says, "You're mixing OOC and IC - a lot."
>Gellert says, "From my understanding, it was an IC communiction."
>Sirina says, "The "witch hunt" comment was made in regards to people overreacting to completely inaccurate information about the reasons for Itzel's departure."
>Sirina says, "And I believe it was done via an email."
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Aize.
>The bright luminescence fades from around Aize.
>The brilliant luminescence fades from around Aize.
>Alyias says, "Despite what happened before, I'm letting you know how you should handle such issues from here on out."
>Alyias says, "I understand NPC interaction was...weak."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Aize suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Gellert asks, "Will we be seeing more invasions? More storylines at all?"
>Alyias says, "Yes, I plan on it."
>Gellert says, "Because if we don't see any."
>Gellert says, "And it's tacit neglect."
>Aize seems a bit less imposing.
>Gellert says, "With a "Everybody be nice."."
>Alyias says, "Your point is that we have to hold our end of the bargain."
>Alyias says, "I understand and agree with you in that regard."
>Gellert nods at Alyias.
>Alyias says, "NPC's will be around to provide leadership, and once I get my guru in place, I'll make sure we're more active."
>Gellert says, "And we don't have a Guru."
>Alyias says, "Now."
>Alyias says, "As I said at the top of the broadcast..."
>Gellert says, "And your "Nobody has any power over anybody else."."
>Alyias says, "I plan on having one put in post-haste."
>Gellert says, "Undercuts the player driven actions, pretty extremely."
>Alyias says, "It shouldn't."
>Alyias asks, "Any other questions?"
>Alyias peers quizzically at Gellert.
>Gellert says, "I love the possibility of the Legion. I really think it has an incredible amount of promise. I'm just left very worried that it will pretty much just fade."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "And I understand that. Let it be known I don't wish that to happen, and will do what I can to prevent it. Thus this meeting, for example."
>Alyias asks, "Any other questions?"
> * Foryg just bit the dust!
>The powerful look leaves Atail.
>Gellert shakes his head.
>Gellert says, "Not for know."
>Alyias nods at Gellert.
>Gellert says, "Now."
>Vilorcasdra just left.
>High Lady Vilorcasdra just strode purposefully through a shimmering portal.
>Speaking to Nouvard, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Nouvard says, "Hey thanks."
>Nouvard says, "I think we are all here to have fun. Players and GMs alike."
>Alyias adopts an agreeable expression.
>Nouvard says, "I hope."
>Nouvard grins.
>Alyias says, "I hope as well."
>Nouvard says, "When I started there was no Legion. That there even is a legion is beyond my expectations."
>Nouvard says, "Vaalor is a great place for roleplay."
>Nouvard says, "And everyone I have roleplayed with are consistant, and fun, and I think we have a great time with it for the most part."
>Alyias says, "Thanks. I think so myself - the xenophobic and diametrically opposed sides makes for interesting roleplay."
>Nouvard agrees with Alyias.
>Alyias says, "Or can, at any rate."
>Alyias says, "It's part of why I love Vaalor so much."
>Nouvard says, "You spoke of consent and I see it every day."
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Erosophe.
>Nouvard asks, "Do I have to skin rats because Isco said left and I went right?"
>The bright luminescence fades from around Erosophe.
>Nouvard says, "No, but I do because I like the roleplay."
>The shimmering multicolored sphere fades from around Erosophe.
>Nouvard says, "Do I stand down when Kakoon says not to cause trouble at the Dreadnaught festival? Yes."
>Nouvard says, "Out of consent."
>Alyias nods.
>Nouvard says, "I think the players who play in Vaalor all get it."
>Erosophe becomes solid again.
>Alyias says, "Good."
>The brilliant luminescence fades from around Erosophe.
>Alyias says, "Because that's how I want it to be...and how it was intended when I created the legion after torching Vaalor."
>Nouvard says, "From what I see. People who do not want to be Legion do not try to be."
>Nouvard says, "People who are not into the atmosphere of Vaalor don't play in Vaalor."
>Nouvard says, "Documentation however kind of dictates a style."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Erosophe suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Alyias asks, "Any other comments or questions?"
>Alyias peers quizzically at Nouvard.
>Nouvard says, "But it is in our hands to an extent how we play it. A vaalorian might take offense to a half elf being rude or a Legionnaire might look at another funny if they wanted to marry a halfling."
>Alyias nods.
>Nouvard says, "The framework is set for us to have fun in and I do with everyone else who does."
>Ethrianelle stands up.
>Alyias nods.
>Nouvard says, "This kind of meeting is really the solvent for some of the past drama."
>Nouvard asks, "And I don't really have any question other than where did the Obelisks go?"
> * Kelrich just bit the dust!
>Alyias grins.
>Alyias says, "Poofed in a ball-o-flame."
>Alyias winks.
>Alyias nods.
>Isco becomes solid again.
>Erosophe appears somehow different.
>Speaking to Laermeluion, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Ihlamur stands up.
>Tinagra stands up.
>Laermeluion says, "Well."
>Laermeluion says, "I'm not sure where to begin."
>Laermeluion says, "I too started playing GS before the legion."
>Ihlamur just went through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "Let's keep it brief and pointed so that others have a chance as well, please."
>Laermeluion says, "But I created this character specifically for the legion."
>Laermeluion says, "Because I believed it was going to be fun to play in a military styled organization, with rank, order and structure."
>Alyias nods.
>Laermeluion says, "But now I can't help but feel like none of that matters now'."
>Alyias says, "And you can still do that - with willing participants."
>Lady Tinagra just went through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "You just can't FORCE players who don't want to do it to join you."
>Alyias says, "Although you can report those people to your NCO's."
>Alyias says, "And let the NCO's interactions resolve anything that needs resolving."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Wolfloner suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Alyias says, "Instead of trying to do it yourself."
>Erosophe is no longer protected by the shimmering field of energy.
>Laermeluion says, "To me the legion seems a vestigial body now, like the bard's guild, just a place to go and dress up and dance around."
>Laermeluion says, "But besides that point."
>Laermeluion asks, "Since rank really doesn't matter other than for RP purposes, will you be unlocking all of the ranks for everyone in the legion?"
>Wolfloner becomes solid again.
>Laermeluion asks, "Or removing all but the first rank?"
>Alyias says, "No, I will not be abolishing the first four ranks. Those are roleplay tools that I can use to reward people in storylines."
>Erosophe seems a bit less imposing.
>Laermeluion says, "But they have no real meaning."
>Alyias says, "And, as far as telling NCO's of people who aren't pulling there end of the bargain, if that's what was done in the past, and it wasn't followed through with it, I unfortunately can't do anything about that."
>Alyias says, "What I can do is deal with here on out."
>Laermeluion asks, "Why doesn't the act of joining the legion count as consent?"
>Alyias says, "They may have no meaning to you, and if that's so, it's unfortunate, because you don't get what I'm preaching."
>Alyias says, "The way the legion is now and when it was formed seems to be quite different."
>Erosophe no longer bristles with energy.
>Siadreth just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "I'm merely explaining how it needs to be from here on out."
>Laermeluion asks, "Will you be changing the enforcement of laws within the town?"
>Alyias says, "If that's for you, great. If not, I'm sorry."
>Laermeluion says, "As far as I'm concerned you shouldn't be able to throw my character in jail unless I consent to it."
>Siadreth appears calmer.
>Alyias says, "Justice is out of the scope of this conversation."
>Alyias asks, "Any other questions?"
>Gellert becomes solid again.
>Laermeluion says, "None that can be answered."
>Alyias nods.
>Laermeluion folds his hands behind his back.
>Speaking to Erosophe, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Erosophe says, "Okay mine's two just town questions."
>Alyias nods.
>Erosophe asks, "Is there still a chance we can get a cobbling warehouse?"
>Alyias says, "And please, do have your questions ready to speed this along for others."
>Alyias says, "Something I can certainly look at."
>Alyias nods.
>Speaking to Alyias, Erosophe says, "And the other was can the bench be looked at again? It says nothing can fit on top and you can only put new stuff under it. Which is kinda wonky."
>Alyias says, "Post on the boards about it...that'll remind me to look into it."
>Alyias asks, "Izzea tweaked the bench...is it still funky?"
>Speaking to Alyias, Erosophe says, "Very."
>Alyias nods.
>Erosophe says, "Tons of room under, no room on top even though there's barely anything on it."
>Alyias says, "I'll look at making it the way it was."
>Erosophe says, "Thanks. That was it."
>Rhavnos just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "And someone just whispered a question to me regarding getting citizenship pins tonight. I beleive Lesser Actuary Thaon will be about after the meeting."
>Alyias says, "Hint-freakin'-hint."
>Speaking to Glimfeather, Alyias says, "You're up."
> * Jandria just bit the dust!
>Glimfeather says, "Sorry..."
>Glimfeather says, "MOst of what Gellert covered answered alot of my questions."
>Siadreth just went through a shimmering portal.
>Siadreth just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias nods.
>Glimfeather says, "I'd like to add that as a Legion member I prize chain of command."
>Alyias nods.
>Glimfeather says, "Most of us do."
>Siadreth just went through a shimmering portal.
>Glimfeather says, "More than anything else I'd like to see that handeled much better by NPC's. We posted on boards and made a great deal of noise and then our Guru 'stepped down'."
>Glimfeather says, "Right in the middle of what was happening."
>Alyias agrees with Glimfeather.
>Alyias says, "I agree."
> * Zeillachil just bit the dust!
>Glimfeather says, "Most of us follow Kakoon because of his position and determination."
>Glimfeather says, "And we're determined so far to do the same."
>Alyias says, "It was handled poorly by NPC's - and some not handled at all."
>Alyias says, "I plan to fix that."
>Glimfeather says, "There were/are still dealing with the repercussions of that outstanding work."
>Glimfeather says, "I want Vaalor to be as spartan as its designed to be."
>Alyias adopts an agreeable expression.
>Glimfeather says, "As of right now Crimson Legion holds the political weight via sheer numbers and devotion."
>Alyias says, "And like I said, part of the bargain is that us as a staff uphold those idea through NPC play - and if we don't do that, we're not holding our end of the bargain."
>Alyias says, "And that's ceratinly not fair to you all."
>Glimfeather says, "That's why I'm here."
>Glimfeather says, "I'm here because certain characters who claim/have legion status are and have been so over bearing and undealt with."
>Alyias says, "I understand that frustration."
>Glimfeather says, "The particular one being between all of us behind Kakoon... who issues orders we follow... and Vliorcasdra's character and 'helpmeet'."
>Alyias says, "Though, what's past is past, and I've laid out how it should be handled from here on out."
>Alyias shrugs.
>Glimfeather says, "It was infuriating for most of us not have that dealt with..considering her Legion status."
>Alyias says, "I'm not intersted in dissecting the past and determining fault."
>The white light leaves Aize.
The very powerful look leaves Aize.
>Alyias says, "It's not fun for anyone."
>Glimfeather says, "I'm not asking for fault dissection at all."
> * Vender just bit the dust!
>Glimfeather says, "I'm simply venting and begging you all to help us deal with it."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "That's the plan."
>Alyias winks.
>Glimfeather says, "And I still think...in game... there should be public flogging."
>Glimfeather says, "An act that plays out the end of the RP that took place."
>Glimfeather says, "We need closure... all of us."
>Alyias says, "And, to reinforce, roleplay can involve command between ranks..."
>Glimfeather says, "I'm asking for closure."
>Alyias nods at Glimfeather.
>Glimfeather says, "Its a certainty that all have to consent."
>Glimfeather says, "I want to see something more of a consent to live here and call yourself Vaalor."
>Glimfeather says, "Vaalor exists based on military, rank and structure."
>Alyias says, "Auto-concent isn't going to happen."
>Glimfeather says, "When a member of said community is found in kahootz with a subversion..."
>Glimfeather says, "Help us play out the story is what I'm asking."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Again, that's my plan."
>Glimfeather says, "Trial, argument, judgement."
>Alyias asks, "Any further questions?"
>Glimfeather says, "Can we see that sooner than later."
>Glimfeather says, "Please."
>Alyias says, "I'll certainly try. I'd like to get the Vaalor guru in place first."
>Glimfeather says, "Understandably. But we lose the strain of RP that has been here for weeks."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias asks, "Anything further before we move to the next?"
>Glimfeather says, "I like the subversion and all."
>Alyias says, "Sorry, but I do want to make sure we hit everyone who wants to speak."
>Glimfeather nods.
> * Niqk just bit the dust!
>Glimfeather says, "Moving on."
>Speaking to Menos, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Menos nods.
>Menos says, "One quick legion question, then a couple of generals."
>Alyias nods.
>Menos asks, "Would NPCs from the legion also extend into other punishments for those betraying their oaths to the legion, such as jail time and banishments?"
> * Grolschin just bit the dust!
>Alyias says, "Yes, that was always the idea from creation."
>Menos nods.
>Menos says, "Ok, general stuff."
>Menos asks, "Is there any chance of seeing some non crimson-legion related military NPCs showing up for general interactions?"
>Alyias says, "Yes. That happened alot when I was guru."
>Alyias says, "And it's something that I want to get active again."
>Menos says, "I remember the gate guards talking to folks."
>Menos nods.
>Menos says, "Excellent to hear."
>Menos asks, "With respect to past lost stories that might get concluded up now, are we going to see VC get its name back now?"
>Alyias grins.
>Alyias says, "Well, I think it does have it's name..."
>Alyias stares off into space.
>Alyias says, "But we'll see."
>Menos nods.
>Menos says, "A small comment, please invade Ravelin, preferably when Aize is there."
>Menos points at Aize.
>Alyias adopts an agreeable expression.
>Alyias says, "Kill Aize, check."
>Speaking to Ethrianelle, Alyias says, "You're up."
>The light blue glow leaves Ethrianelle.
>Ethrianelle asks, "Hiya, I am a rather new player and I was just wondering as i do not see a lot of other players my level about whether or not there are plans to get that going?"
>Deep blue motes swirl away from Ethrianelle and fade.
>The deep blue glow leaves Ethrianelle.
>Ethrianelle says, "It would be nice to have other players my level about."
>Alyias says, "I agree. Storylines and NPC interactions will help that."
>Alyias says, "Tell a friend to come try the game."
>Alyias winks.
>Ethrianelle asks, "And on another thing are there going to be any non-legion related storylines in the area?"
>Alyias says, "Again, my plan is more storylines."
>Alyias says, "Details, I do not have at this moment."
>Ethrianelle says, "Alrighty, that is about it for me then."
>Alyias nods at Ethrianelle.
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Pereus suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Speaking to Pereus, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Pereus says, "First off thank you for having this meeting, I think it has been long overdue. I wanted to pick your brain a bit about your documents you released and perhaps offer up a solution for the drama that has been long persisitng."
>Pereus seems a bit less imposing.
>Pereus says, "I myself was part in the drama for a while, but saw it as nothing more than negative roleplaying and took my player out of everything, the Legion, drama, all of it. About the documents, I noticed there are different structures you setup such as Airship Legions, Thaumature Legions, and the Barbed Phoenix. I assume these are intended to mimic the Navy, Army, Air Force, etc."
>Pereus says, "Could some of this animosity be resolved through roleplay supported by staff that the different factions just delve into seperate Legions within the Crimson Legion foregoing any in-fighting that seems to persist? I know personally the only reason I really joined the Legion was for the SEAL version of the Legion, the Barbed Phoenix."
>Alyias says, "Ah, gotcha."
>Alyias ponders.
>Alyias says, "While there's no official way to display that - if that's where your roleplay lies, have at it."
>Alyias says, "Although putting that in officially might be nifty-neat."
> * Sulros just bit the dust!
>Alyias says, "Airship reserves, thaumaturge reserves, etc."
>Alyias nods.
>Pereus says, "No rush or anything, I just really like the original documentation you wrote and noticed the way the Legion was going was away from that."
>Alyias says, "Let me put that on my list."
>Alyias nods at Pereus.
>Pereus asks, "Sweet, secondly, the things discussed here tonight regarding Legion policy changes, should we all RP that your answers and such came from a superior officer if the instance should come up?"
>Alyias says, "Up to you."
>Alyias says, "NPCs will be about from here on out, at least weekly."
> * Verisma just bit the dust!
>Alyias says, "So if you want to hear it from them, fine."
>Pereus nods.
>Perseval just went through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "If you want to hear it from some unnamed source, great."
>Alyias says, "Your RP - your call."
>Pereus says, "Lastly can we get the damned transport restrictions taken off the fortress! No rings, Paladin sending, rifting, its driving me bonkers."
>Pereus smirks.
>Alyias starts chortling.
>Alyias says, "Tell Tyrnian."
>Alyias winks.
>Pereus says, "Last time he just wondered off, but noted."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Anything else."
>Alyias peers quizzically at Pereus.
>Pereus shakes his head.
>Speaking to Atail, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Atail says, "Ok."
>Atail says, "I got a few questions..."
>Alyias nods.
>Atail says, "I try and be quick. this concent thing. I think joining the legion should count as concenting to be treated like your in the legion."
>Atail says, "But it seams like you refuse to do that."
>Alyias says, "I appreciate your position, but I've said that won't be so."
>Atail asks, "So how are we to handle our RP beign disrupted by legionares refusing to act like legionares?"
>Alyias says, "I stated that a few times."
>Atail says, "Yea tell you."
>Atail says, "Tell the guru."
>Alyias says, "Report it to the NPC officers via email to me, Vaalor guru, Izzea, or boards."
>Atail says, "But that does not stop the RP from beign disrupted or how we are to handle it at the time."
>Alyias says, "And I will ensure NPC interaction takes place, in some form."
>Atail says, "Say kakoon runs one of his drills."
>Alyias says, "If you're asking how to avoid the immediate disruption, the same way you would avoid a PvP incident - walk away, use WARN INTERACT, etc."
>Atail says, "And someoen shows up just to bust his balls and refuses to treat him like he outranks them."
>Alyias nods.
>Atail asks, "Warn interact them and ignore them?"
>Alyias says, "You can do that to any player."
>Atail says, "And report them to you or the guru."
>Atail says, "Ok."
>Alyias says, "Though, as I said, if you're excessively acting out of bounds for th legion, you could find yourself reported, and NPC interaction could come."
>Alyias asks, "Anything further?"
>Atail says, "Second question... since the legion has just been changed from military force that had order and structure and we were working on getting it more structured. will there ever be a true military force option to join? one where joining means assumed concent."
>Alyias says, "Likely not."
>Atail says, "Alright.. last question that I have for now."
>Alyias says, "You can always form an MHO and do that. You just won't ever have a group that has someone have GM-sanctioned powers over another."
>Alyias nods.
>Speaking to Katrynne, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Katrynne smiles.
>Katrynne says, "Two quick things."
>Alyias nods at Katrynne.
>Katrynne asks, "From what I understood of what you said, the Legion ranks have honorary meaning and are a basis for roleplay and rewarding roleplay, though the ranks in themselves give one player no power over another. Characters can roleplay as a team within the Legion, but the real power and ability to dictate Legion policy/resolution of disputes rests with the NPCs. Is this understanding correct?"
>Alyias says, "Yes, with one exception."
>Alyias says, "I don't like the phrase "the ranks have honorary meaning"."
>Alyias says, "Because that's not my vision."
>Katrynne nods.
>Alyias says, "They have true meaning - someone does outrank you if they do."
>Pereus returns to normal color.
>Alyias says, "But concent for roleplay takes priority."
>Katrynne asks, "Right, but if one character of lower rank doesn't show the character of higher rank the appropriate level of respect, the appropriate recourse would be to take the dispute to the NPCs?"
>Alyias says, "100% correct."
>Eilaerys just came through a shimmering portal.
>Katrynne says, "Okay."
>Katrynne says, "Secondly."
>Katrynne says, "My actual question is not so much about the Legion as about the direction of Ta'Vaalor and the EN in general. I have concerns about the tolerance of xenophobia and the promotion of such as the basis for roleplay."
>Katrynne says, "In my opinion there is a clear distinction between roleplaying cultural pride and roleplaying elitist discrimination against others, and again in my opinion, I don't think there is a place for the latter in either the game or in the real world."
>Katrynne says, "I'm actually surprised to see that the latter is promoted/tolerated in a gaming environment that is meant to be inclusive of all age groups. I know a lot of people feel the same way, which is why many avoid the Elven Nations entirely because they disagree with this whole roleplaying of xenophobia/discrimination concept."
>Katrynne asks, "Now, I'm not suggesting that all roleplay be devoid of conflict and divisiveness, but in the past, storylines were largely focused on player vs. NPC conflict, instead of further dividing the player population. Adventurers vs. a common foe. What are your thoughts on this?"
>Alyias says, "I think a melding of the two is possible - and in fact was done with my Aelotoi storyline before I left."
>Alyias says, "Which very much increased xenophobia and racial boundaries...but was PC vs. NPC."
>Alyias says, "How players take those boundaries and xenophobic feeling is up to them."
>Alyias says, "As long as POLICy isn't broken."
>Katrynne asks, "Is it breaking policy when one player takes their pure elf status as license to display outright rudeness and intolerance of anyone not of pure blood, including to other PCs and merchants?"
>Sirina says, "There is nothing in policy that requires people to be nice to each other."
>Sirina says, "And there won't be."
>Sirina says, "Rudeness can be a roleplay choice - it can also just be your nature."
>Sirina says, "That's not against the rules."
>Alyias says, "Same from NPC's."
>Speaking to Katrynne, Alyias asks, "Any other questions?"
>Katrynne says, "I understand that. I do think it would make the EN a more welcoming and inclusive place if the leadership from NPCs encouraged cultural pride rather than outright xenophobia or discrimination, but that's just food for thought."
>Alyias nods.
>Katrynne says, "I don't have any other questions."
>Speaking to Atail, Alyias asks, "One more question?"
>Atail nods at Alyias.
>Alyias says, "Apparently I cut you off."
>Alyias stares off into space.
>You notice Alyias move his lips, but hear nothing.
>Atail says, "You are trying to promote RP... alot of us that joined the legion are lookingfor somethign more structured and ordered then what it seams you are offering. like someone said earlier kakoon sends us to skin rats and we go."
>Alyias nods.
>Atail says, "Can we set up groups inside the letion that are more strictly run."
>Alyias says, "If everyone is in agreeance in the group and consent throughout."
>Atail says, "Kakoon is a high legionare... my paper says that he can lead a troup."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "If you all want to follow his lead and you agree to - that's roleplaying."
>Alyias says, "That you're consenting to."
>Atail asks, "Can he have his troup where he has the power to disaplin people he allows in?"
>Alyias says, "If everyone is consenting, yes."
>The light blue glow leaves Gellert.
>Alyias says, "Consenting roleplay - that's the key."
>The deep blue glow leaves Gellert.
>Atail says, "Alright that was my last question."
>Speaking to Zenaxa, Alyias says, "Yer up."
>Zenaxa nods.
>Zenaxa says, "Thanks."
>Zenaxa says, "Only a few things."
>Zenaxa says, "Will there ve a published code of conduct, or is there one already, and also a list of resulting punishments? So that definable acceptable "good guy" and "bad guy" are known? Perhaps this is in the intro docs when you join... Apparantly you must be "this tall" to get in, so I dunno about it."
>Pereus becomes solid again.
>Alyias says, "There is not a published code of conduce."
>Alyias says, "Conduct."
>Zenaxa asks, "May there be?"
>Zenaxa asks, "Once the new guru in in?"
>Alyias says, "And curretnly none in the works, though it's a good idea. A Ta'Vaalor UCMJ, as it were."
>The light blue glow leaves Kakoon.
>You hear very soft footsteps.
>Alyias says, "For you non-military people - Uniform Code of Military Justice."
> * Kiretta just bit the dust!
>Kakoon appears to lose some internal strength.
>Zenaxa asks, "Another question, will there be a published code of conduct, or is there one already, and also a list of resulting punishments? So that definable acceptable "good guy" and "bad guy" are known?"
>Kakoon becomes unbalanced for a second, then recovers.
>Zenaxa says, "You beat me to that one."
>Zenaxa stares at Alyias.
>Alyias starts chortling.
>Alyias says, "Quick like ninja."
>The deep blue glow leaves Kakoon.
>The brilliant luminescence fades from around Pereus.
>Zenaxa asks, "The other part of the question then, a listing of punishments?"
>The misty halo fades from Kakoon.
>Zenaxa says, "Or reward."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Kakoon suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Alyias says, "Again, there is none - such would be included in that documentation, if persued."
>The white light leaves Kakoon.
The very powerful look leaves Kakoon.
>You hear very soft footsteps.
>Zenaxa nods.
> * Saidear just bit the dust!
>Alyias asks, "Anything further?"
>Zenaxa says, "In line kinda with the details of "I want my Old Victory Court back.."."
>Alyias grins.
>Zenaxa says, "Id like to say that the elven laundress is 100 times more affable than that damned bard,."
>Zenaxa asks, "When will she be returning?"
>Alyias starts chortling.
>Alyias says, "Noted."
>Zenaxa says, "She's excellent for morale."
>Zenaxa says, "Which this place needs."
>Zenaxa exclaims, "Thank you, that's it!"
>Alyias asks, "Who knew the powers of a laundress??"
>Alyias's jaw drops.
>Ethrianelle sits down.
>Speaking to Hanshayr, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Hanshayr says, "Regarding the Legion: There will be differences, there will be rivalry, there will even be animosity, to at least some level. These things exist, and have existed within military organizations, from time immemorial. The challenge is to make service to the Fortress the primary goal, and to use that service as the way to maneuver in the internal struggles. That is how armies BUILD upon rivalries, rather than being torn apart by them- I would encourage all to go forward with that in mind. The fact that not all have the same views on how service works does not need to mean that we are not under the same banner, or that the rivalry should ever overshadow service."
>Alyias says, "Well said."
>Hanshayr says, "More comment than question, but, I think we need to focus on what can be shared, more than fought over."
>Alyias says, "Very well said."
>Hanshayr sits down.
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Pereus.
>The bright luminescence fades from around Pereus.
>Speaking to Gellert, Alyias says, "Yer up."
>Alyias says, "Again."
>Gellert says, "One moment."
>Alyias winks at Gellert.
>Gellert grins.
> * Rysolee just bit the dust!
>Alyias whistles tunelessly to himself.
>Gellert says, "I guess, it comes down to this."
>Gellert says, "I know some people want the happy go lucky legion."
>Gellert says, "With no consequences."
>Gellert says, "And no repurcussions."
>Gellert grins.
>Alyias says, "They won't get it."
>Alyias says, "Because consequences and repercussions will come from NPC's...just not PC's unless consented on from both sides."
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Ethrianelle.
>Gellert says, "I was wondering if you could take more seriously the suggestion that there be multiple divisions."
>Gellert says, "I know some people want player rank to have some degree of meaning."
>The bright luminescence fades from around Ethrianelle.
>Alyias says, "I don't take suggestions unseriously..."
>Gellert says, "Rather that it just be a player defined thing."
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Naitalya.
>The bright luminescence fades from around Naitalya.
>Gellert says, "I think if people felt they were in seperate."
>The brilliant luminescence fades from around Naitalya.
> * Ship just bit the dust!
>Gellert says, "Maybe even rival companies."
>Gellert says, "It might bring things together."
>Gellert says, "And I know Atail and Pereus both said something of the like."
>Gellert says, "But I just wanted to echo that."
>Sirina says, "Do you honestly think if rival companies were formed, there wouldn't be just as much GM time consumed in PvP assists and complaints? I don't think that's realistic at all."
>Alyias nods.
>Sirina says, "Which does not mean that separate companies won't be considered. But let's not pretend it will solve these conflicts."
>The light blue glow leaves Nihrvanah.
>The deep blue glow leaves Nihrvanah.
>Alyias says, "Still a good idea."
>Alyias shrugs.
> * Refrain just bit the dust!
>Speaking to Sirina, Gellert says, "I think the elephant not in the room is the OOC harassment some people conducted, but I still don't think that...or the endrun of the PVP mechanics because people were complaining about ranks."
>Speaking to Sirina, Gellert says, "Is within the bounds of this meeting."
>Speaking to Gellert, Alyias asks, "Anything further?"
>Gellert says, "I feel like in the process of asking for everybody to respect everybody, you're offering people the ability to completely ignore player structure. All I was asking was for some sort of structure where people could be seperate, if they wanted to be."
>Gellert shrugs.
>Sirina says, "I think that there is an assumption that everything that has happened has been broadly documented in official channels, and that is not true at all."
>Gellert nods at Glimfeather.
>Gellert says, "I'd even like to see competitions, potentially."
>Gellert says, "Drill wise."
>Alyias nods.
>Gellert says, "I think it'd add to things."
>Sirina says, "I'm just saying the two things are completely separate."
>Speaking to Sirina, Gellert asks, "Isn't that kind of what I said?"
> * Xandros just bit the dust!
>Rhavnos just went through a shimmering portal.
> * Barzillia just bit the dust!
> * Norathar just bit the dust!
>Gellert says, "I'd like to see people both have the non structured and the structured."
>Sirina says, "You indicated rival companies would solve the problems, and I'm saying that considering additional companies is a good idea with its own merits, but still won't solve the problem."
>Gellert says, "It could be a choice."
>Sirina says, "Elephant in or out of the room."
>Speaking to Gellert, Alyias asks, "Point taken. Anything further?"
>Speaking to Sirina, Gellert says, "I know, trust me, from personal experience and the dissolution of my marriage, that PVP annoys you."
>The light blue glow leaves Vilorcasdra.
>The deep blue glow leaves Vilorcasdra.
>Speaking to Sirina, Gellert says, "I'd actually like to see this stuff addressed, and I think maybe competition might help, rather than hurt."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Ok, moving along."
>The bright luminescence fades from around Sovine.
>Speaking to Aize, Alyias says, "You're up."
>Aize says, "I only have one statement and one question consisting of three unrelated parts."
>Sovine appears less powerful.
>Aize says, "My statement...Pony."
>Aize says, "Now for my question."
>Sovine seems a bit less imposing.
>Aize says, "First, can we remove the sanctuary at Ravelin? Second, what's up with that jail bug? Third, can I have a boat or maybe a cool title? Because that would be all sorts of awesome."
>Alyias says, "My counter statement - BBQ pony."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Sovine suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>The brilliant luminescence fades from around Ethrianelle.
>Alyias says, "Sanctuary, I'll look at. Jail bug, not sure what it is - please email me with details or post on the boards. Boat - only if it has a hole in it that suddenly appears when you're in the middle of the river so drowning ensues."
>Speaking to Aize, Alyias asks, "Anything further?"
>Aize asks, "Cool title?"
>Alyias asks, "How's meanie-head poo-poo face?"
>Alyias peers quizzically at Aize.
>Alyias says, "I think it's kinda cool."
>Speaking to Alyias, Aize asks, "Can you make it more evil?"
>Alyias says, "I'll try."
>experAlyias winks at Aize.
>Aize says, "Deal."
>Vilorcasdra becomes solid again.
>Speaking to Nihrvanah, Alyias says, "You're up."
>The light blue glow leaves Naitalya.
>Nihrvanah asks, "Okay, in trying not to beat a dead horse with the structures and such... several months ago, the NPC commanders came in, held a drill and divided the legion into the three parts based on character surname, will that still be followed or are we to make the bandons ourselves?"
>Naitalya appears to lose some internal strength.
> * Tenses just bit the dust!
>Naitalya becomes unbalanced for a second, then recovers.
>The deep blue glow leaves Naitalya.
>The misty halo fades from Naitalya.
>The air about Naitalya stops shimmering.
>Naitalya seems to lose some dexterity.
>Alyias asks, "I'm not familiar with the details of that. Can you recap on the boards for people to chime in on so I can get the information on it?"
>Speaking to Nihrvanah, Alyias says, "I can't give you an answer until I know the details of what was agreed upon."
>Alyias says, "Detailed ftw."
>Nihrvanah says, "I will have to go through my logs (sheer torture), but there were three group, Golvern, Vaalorn and Eahnor and each were to report to a specific Lord Legionnaire commander."
>Alyias nods.
>Speaking to Alyias, Nihrvanah says, "If I can locate and clean up the log, I will post it and email you as well."
>Vilorcasdra seems a bit less imposing.
>Alyias says, "Thanks."
>Alyias asks, "Anything further?"
>Nihrvanah says, "Nope, that was it."
>Alyias asks, "Anyone else?"
>Ambassador Japhrimel just came through a shimmering portal.
>Alyias says, "Chime in to sirina for whispers if there are any questions, otherwise I have a quick closing statement."
>Ethrianelle stands up.
>Ambassador Japhrimel just went through a shimmering portal.
>Nouvard raises his hand.
> * Allanano just bit the dust!
>Nouvard says, "Maybe a resign verb for people who got into legion but decide they don't want to play that way anymore for whatever reason."
>Alyias nods.
>Nouvard says, "Thats it."
>Alyias says, "I'll look into that, I think the NPC does it, but I'll make sure."
>Isco smiles.
>Isco raises his hand.
>Speaking to Isco, Alyias says, "Go ahead."
>Isco says, "Thank you."
> * Ayvah just bit the dust!
>The silvery luminescence fades from around Vilorcasdra.
>The bright luminescence fades from around Vilorcasdra.
>Isco says, "I am here to rp with everyone and hope to make it fun."
>The glowing specks of energy surrounding Vilorcasdra suddenly shoot off in all directions, then quickly fade away.
>Alyias says, "That's the hope."
>Isco says, "I shared with others of a bandon contest to show our pride and see what learned and can be made better."
>Isco says, "And think they all would like to see it happen for rping."
>Alyias nods.
>Isco says, "I joined both drills held by each party as well and enjoyed them both before and after."
>Isco says, "I and Nouvard like to hold some as well to help better new or one that can not make it in time."
>Alyias nods.
>Isco no longer bristles with energy.
>Alyias says, "Good. That's the consented roleplay that I was preaching about - if people join you, great."
>The light blue glow leaves Wolfloner.
>Isco says, "I think it great we all can rp and hold drills and events that others can join or not it there choose."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Agreed."
>Wolfloner appears to lose some internal strength.
>Wolfloner becomes unbalanced for a second, then recovers.
>Speaking to Isco, Alyias asks, "Any other questions?"
>Isco says, "And if one does not then have there always someone they may wish to rp with at there drill of there liking."
>The deep blue glow leaves Wolfloner.
>Alyias nods.
>Isco says, "I like to see areas not hunting start to coem to life and invade other areas."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Noted."
>Isco says, "I can not learn from hunting in vaalor but for them camps and i disliek them."
>Isco says, "But i here for rping and aid ones for soem fu n."
> * Jessta just bit the dust!
>Alyias nods.
> * Anddraax just bit the dust!
>Isco says, "It hard to rp with ones if they no where to be found of hiding on you but hack i take what i can get."
>Sovine loses a thorny barrier.
>Isco says, "If you wish to rp with me and want to pvp hey i am up for it i don't mind just be sure you know who got my back the legion."
>Isco winks.
>Alyias nods.
>Isco says, "Thank you for your time and hope we get soem rping fun going."
>Deep blue motes swirl away from Atail and fade.
>The deep blue glow leaves Atail.
>Alyias says, "Ok, last for the night - two and a half hours is long enough."
>Isco bows.
>Alyias nods at Isco.
>Eilaerys just went through a shimmering portal.
>Vilorcasdra says, "Last question."
>Alyias nods.
>Vilorcasdra says, "Will works/actions being done during other storylines be taken into consideration for Ta'Vaalor events. Example. Assisting defenders in the Landings and Teras Island."
>Vilorcasdra says, "Your documents speak we should be doing these things to degree's."
>Alyias says, "I need to get everyting settled before we approach that."
>Alyias says, "Not the answer you wanted, but the only one I can give at the time."
>Vilorcasdra says, "An answer is better then no answer."
>Alyias nods.
>Alyias says, "Ok - in closing before we end this. Please remember the overarcing theme here - consented roleplay ftw."
>Hanshayr just left.
>Alyias says, "Thanks for coming, have a wonderful evening."
The pall of silence leaves the area.

A black-billed nightingale examines you carefully then says, "With all the vicious creatures we've got threatening the city, I would think that a person with your skills could find plenty to do."

2009 Update

For storyline information, see here.

Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #: 11427
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 8/29/2009 11:04:04 AM
Subject: Alyias' book

Ok, I'm going to try to answer as many questions here as I can, in a flurry of posts.

Player Shops:

With the stripping of citizenship, if you owned a shop, usage is going to be slightly limited. YOU WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY LOSE YOUR SHOP. If someone tells you this, they are not correct and may be trying to scam your shop from you for a low, low price. The following is a list of things you will not be able to do: Claim a new shop, extend your shop size, modify partners in your shop, ban a person from your shop, or set haggling biases. You WILL be able to do everything else, including sell items.

That being said, if you fall into this category, and would like assistance moving your shop to another location, I will work with the other gurus to get that to happen. Please email me at [REDACTED], and CC [REDACTED]. Those that have already done this, please be patient. I will get to the requests as quickly as possible.


You do NOT have to have papers to get through the gates. The only people that will be turned away from the gates will be banished individuals. People without papers will be stopped at the gates and told to go get papers at Wyvern Keep. Then you can go through the gates. Thus, if you do own a shop, you don't need to spend papers fees to get to your shop.


Either papers or a worn citizenship badge is required to do any purchasing or selling at any town shops. This includes the Ravelin. That is the only mechanical reason that papers are needed. You will NOT get banished, kicked out of town, lose your gear, or any of the other wild and fantastical claims I've heard over the last few days. You just can't use services. This may expand a bit in the future, depending on how well this system works after the initial shock is over.


Some have said that this was too sudden of changes and should have been rolled in slowly. This is exactly what I did not want to do. Tyrnian's response was supposed to be a SHOCKER, and his response certainly was (as some have posted), a violent swing in the other direction. Even monarchs are prone to illogical responses. That being said, this isn't over. Chapter 1 is over...Chapter 2 is in the planning process.


Yes, there are a few bugs. As much as we test, QC, retest, and test some more (and I'm a big stickler on proper testing), players are always going to find one thing or another. I know of the citizenship bug (Full being set to Partial), as well as a few others like Tsalim's Terrific Timestamp (tm). I'll work to fix those up and post about them as soon as I can...likely after the weekend.

Now, on to responding specifically to player posts that haven't been answered above:

>>I used to enjoy the roleplay of the Vaalor elves even if I was on the receiving end, but now that is has become a mechanic it is not so fun.

I would respectfully disagree with you here. Vaalorian roleplay has not become a mechanic. You don't even need papers unless you want to use town shops. Will some vaalorians (as well as NPCs) come around and badger you for your papers and stuff? Sure. That's expanding the roleplaying aspects, not making them mechanical.

>>I, too, am a big fan of this move. I'm just surprised it was approved, because as far as I can tell it doesn't encourage hugs, kissies, or any care bearishness.

As Scribes said, I enjoy storylines with HARD choices for your PC. It's then when you can really dive into the meat of your character and truly learn who and what they are about. Hard choices don't involve hugs, kisses, or care bearishness.

>>So, it's not really fair of you to say "Well, the log of the meeting I had 8 months ago where 10 people attended and I explained all of these plans to them was posted in the forums, why didn't you all know about this?". In fact, you have to dig through archives to find that log. I would say that you could have probably found more creative ways to implement this change, instead of a one time blow that really and honestly shocked and angered alot of people.

As I said, the intent WAS to shock players. As far as angering them, that wasn't intended. I liken this to a book that you're deeply engrossed in, you think you know how the story is progressing, and then BAM...total change of direction. By NO MEANS was this a personal attack on anyone, meant to be an insult towards anyone, or meant to bow down to the whims of the players who play Vaalorians. I'm not trying to force the non-vaalorian races out...in fact, I'd love to keep them here as the antagonist. (Or is it Tyrnian that's the antagonist?!?) I've attempted to give out all my information in OOC town meetings, many board postings, many news announcements, and any form I possibly can. If people do not pick up on the information past that, unfortunately, I have little recourse past game-wide announcements, which wouldn't work, of course. I can only do so much.

>>I guess mostly for me I saw Vaalor as an opportunity for the races to get along, ie the King opened the gates and offered people a chance to come in. So I saw it more as a place to try and foster people getting along of different races. So to have this swing in the opposite way went against what I had been doing there.

My sincere and full apologies on that. I did know that I would no doubt disrupt someone's plans and storyline. I would hope that we might be able to work together to adapt a bit, but we shall see. I'm still a very open and transparent guru, and I plan to continue to be that way. Shoot me an email, get me involved, I'll do what I can.

>>Different note. How are measure being handled to prevent others from entering the city not via the gate.

Town mages are working on this problem as we speak...and the solution will likely be implemented early next week.

>> When is that random citizen badge hander outer going to be about again?

As soon as I get a handle on (or need a break from) getting these bugs under wraps. I'll be bringing Thaon out alot over the next few weeks.

>> PS: This was done with tongue in cheek humor and is a variation of the French Castle Scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


>> It might be noce to have a bandits lair or some other seedy provider somewhere where 'papers' could be forged (with risk of detection). That might be fun for the less honorable who still feel a need to visit Vaalor.

Excellent idea. I'll put that on my LIST.

>> I also wonder what of those coming back to Vaalor, how do they get in to get papers? Or those wishing to buy from our shops? How will they get papaers, and who wants to spend 10k to get papers to buy a sword that is 15k? I hope some system has been set up for this, or else we are going to be some poor shop keepers here.

As mentioned above, you do NOT need to get papers to go through the gates...you'll only get stopped once and reminded. Plus, papers are not required to purchase from player shops. Thus, that 15k sword will simply cost 15k.

>> Question: Can you still get into town from the catacombs and then go buy papers, thus bypassing the gate? The game's down and I can't check it right now, but that would be one way to enable people to come in and get them.

Yes. And that was by design as well.

>>But the main problem is there is no place for the non elven races who lived, died, and bled for this fortress they called home, some even helped the Fortress through all this mess, and got slapped in the face.

Again, this was nowhere close to the intention. As far as opening up Ravelin, I'm going to debate that a bit and get back to you...there's issues from a coding standpoint as well as a historical one I need to ponder.

>> Who checks to see if non Vaalorians are carrying papers?

Town shops and GM run NPCs.

>> Does that mean that strangers can enter the city and the guards/secret police don't do anything about it?

Yes, besides come around and harass you.

>>Sunfist outpost going to be pulling up stakes in response to these changes? Doesn't make much sense for it to stay in light of the change of heart by the Vaalorians against dwarves and giants.

Sunfist outpost will not be moving.

>> Once again - game mechanics have become so restrictive that the fun and joy of role-playing has utterly disappeared.

I'm confused as to what is restrictive. You simply buy the papers or you do not. You can still wander around town. If you do not buy papers, you have to either sell your junk across the ferry, or in Mist Harbor if you are a premium member. This is not restrictive at all. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. This actually RAISES role-play opportunity, because if you choose NOT to get the papers, there will be roleplay around that. If you choose to get them, then there will be other roleplay surrounding that. I'm really very confused about this viewpoint.

>>Surely you GM's can see how this would upset players.

I can certainly see how this would shock players (intended), and I can certainly see and empathize with players who have lost Ta'Vaalor citizenship. I'll do my best to work with those people (see player shop issue above). For the rest, give the changes a chance, remember it's a game, and go along for the ride. I try to make it as fun as I can.

>> But does this mean that as long as I have my papers on my person I can use my normal travel scripts to zip back and forth between the inn & my hunting areas (past gates and guards) without any interruption?

Yes, that was my intention. If you find areas where that doesn't happen, please let me know, and I'll fix that.

>> Oh yeah and Alyias, please announce the next time badges will be passed out. Salim and I always miss out whenever he/she is around.

Good idea. I'll post calendar announcements the next few times Thaon comes out.

>>Can we get some official word on Ravelin please?

What Meg said. She pretty much got it spot on. I'd like to eventually get a full document on Ravelin, and that's in my longer-term goals.

>> It should be noted, however, that non-elven types (excluding dwarves) should probably not be able to spawn there during new character creation. I am thinking though, this may already be the case.

This is correct. Currently, only elves spawn in Ta'Vaalor for new accounts. Premium accounts can choose Ta'Vaalor as a staring point as well (as they can choose any city.) We moved Ta'Vaalor away from a newbie drop point for just this reason.

Once I get the rest of the bugs and tweaks fixed, I'll post as such. Please continue to give me your ideas and feedback in a constructive way, and as said, I'll work with you in regards to my vision as best I can.


Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #: 11523
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 8/31/2009 4:28:30 PM
Subject: Alyias' torn-out page from a book

>>Can I send in an assist request on the jacket cause well... work has me tied up the next few weeks and tracking me down will be damn near impossible.

Yes. Anyone wishing to do an ASSIST REQUEST to get this handled can.

>>I realize there's a lot going on right now, but when are the reserves going to start drilling/patrolling?

Once I get a majority of the bugs and tweaks worked out, or if I happen to be stressed over bugs and tweaks and notice a good amount of reservists online. ;-)

>>I think Revalin would be a great place for Non Vaalorians to call their home even if it is temporary.

I have adjusted Ravelin so that papers are not needed.

>>I tried to purchase a white flask with a note but it proved impossible to handle the note, ID papers, and the flask all at once.

I have adjusted this so that you "flash" your papers and stuff them back away, so no need to have them in your hand.

>>The Gem shop and Furrier both asked for the papers the pawn shop did not.

Currently, only the pawn shop does not ask for papers. This is NOT by design. The pawn shop code is being tweaked otherwise as well, and once those tweaks are complete, the papers system for them will be rolled live as well.

>>That room seems wonky in general, PCs no longer show up in the room window in stormfront.

That rooms wonkiness has been fixed.

>>I have plans for an abbreviated storyline over there, and am aiming for a post-EG implementation.

Please note that my plat version is going to have a different premise, and be much shorter in duration. This is not to slight the Plat community...but is merely a byproduct of my limited time combined with upcoming EG and the holiday season (which is horribly rough at work for me)

>>Sorry Alyias, but your epic storyline just isn't the best compared to Auchand's. I mean, he destroyed his whole town! ;)

I do not subscribe to the theory that I've been outdone. The Master has carved his canvas with a scalpel, displaying precision and exact strokes to arrive at a majestic end result. The apprentice has utilized a LARGE SLEDGEHAMMER, and pounded his canvas flat before dumping a bucket of water on it. I so win. :-D

>> looking forward to more of this story.

Let me also be clear that Chapter 2 will take some time. I started planning for this storyline in June of LAST YEAR. It took me about 6 months of straight coding and painting before I could even feel comfortable ramping up on it, and I was also coding throughout the entire storyline. I have fantastic plans for Chapter 2, but implementation isn't going to be quick. That being said, hints and ideas will be thrown out (as they have already been, in fact). I also have a number of smaller side storylines I'm going to be playing out as well in the interim.

>> Selling citizenship pins via NPC's

That was never meant to be the purpose of the pins...they were always meant to be handed out by hand. Making them into a NPC-format would require a fair bit of coding that I really don't want to focus on right now (because I'd much rather work on tweaks and fixes). That being said, I'll ceratinly bring him out alot, as well as posting on the calendar when he will come around as well.